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  1. I am speechless. So many feelings that I can't really describe in words for words fail me today. I AM SO HAPPY. It was so beautiful, so perfect. Such a satisfying end Thank you writer nim for giving us such a wonderful drama ( this goes in the list of my all time favorites). Thank you and love to all the amazing actors who made us cry, laugh, and feel elated, such was the portrayal of every emotion Thanks a lot to all the friends who did the live recapping and sharing these wonderful gifs I am never going to forget this drama, like never ever
  2. I really hope the preview is indeed misleading and Songah said the 'friend' line before Joonyoung performed his piece, and while leaving the place after wishing him, she is moved by JY playing something from his heart again. Just like she said the way his music consoled her that day, she gets reminded of the fact that she will keep loving even after getting hurt. May be his music consoled and assured her once again. But again, this might turn out to be my wishful thinking. Aaaah, I can't stop thinking about what is going to happen Talking of wishful thinking, I would love to see a ki
  3. @rafeusjanela, @Jillia Songah and Joonyoung's different interpretations somehow remind me of how it was applicable for both of them, not just in terms of relationships but way they were approaching playing their instruments as well. For songah it was not about her unattainable/unrequited love for violin but a friendship between her dream, herself and what she is really skilled at. Whereas in case of Joonyoung after a point of time playing piano with the same passion became sort of a love that was unattainable (like JK) . May be in the course of events that transpired later, SA lost her w
  4. Hello everyone!!! I would like to give a virtual group hug to this amazing family here. Though it might be a drama but it feels like we have gone through so much together Really hoping to see our OTP being all happy and together in last two episodes. Finally got to watch the episode with subtitles and there is something I noticed. I have no doubts about JY's feelings for SA, and him being finally over JK. It might sound strange, but JY really is uncomfortable with giving space to people, even if they are the ones he care about. He prefers being the giver, may be to avoid
  5. Isn't it the same thing she is saying indirectly?? Whenever she confronts him about JK all he has to say is a sorry. Why can't he just share all the things going wrong in his life with her. He loves her, but his hesitation in sharing things shows he is not ready to fight. I would have preferred him telling her how he wants to lean on her too, why is she misunderstanding when he is actually concerned about her. This breakup was tough ( my mind is all messed up) but I don't know if there was any other way looking at them. I preferred the JY who said he wants to come to her but how can he w
  6. Sorry to cut your post. I posted similar thoughts before reading this post of yours And I totally agree...
  7. May be I am hell bent on finding every positive thing I can hold on to till the next episode but a thought came to my mind when Joonyoung played Traumerei again. Didn't Songah tell him that it was just a piece and how it feels for everyone who listens to it may be different, it doesn't need to be associated with a person. Joonyoung played this before JK came in his life, and it moved her without JY's intention. It was only later that he always played it for her. Just like this was the piece that moved Songah, and she said it reminded her of all the dreams she had. May be
  8. I tried my best to understand JK and her situation, but not anymore. I simply HATE her ( and many more people in this show )
  9. Hello everyone... It must have been really tough for everyone who loves the show and our OTP to watch episode 12. Though I understand about harsh reality of music world Songah is facing at the moment, I also believe she was never unaware of it. She is a woman who despite of her shy and introverted nature, decided to be in the moment and follow her heart. She is a decisive woman. She chose violin knowing all the adversities she is going to face. From what I can observe, she never really thought of making a career in the field, (playing violin professionally like JY, JK or HH). She ju
  10. @Jillia True that. I really like how Songah talks to herself about her struggles. That makes her more aware of what she wants in her life. JY rarely expresses what he thinks, even to himself, let alone other people. But I have noticed he is really making efforts to get closer to SA. He just needs to realize that only knowing about her, listening to her struggles won't do the job, he needs to share as well. He needs to be vulnerable as well. Then, everything is still new to them. They may struggle but both are mature enough to give some time and space to each other without breaking up. I love h
  11. I agree about JK being more of a habit than love for him. Another thing that I noticed after the ice cream scene, when Song ah asked JY if there is any space for her in those 15 years between him and JK. JY didn't answer her then, I felt it was more like he was asking himself the same question in that moment. Later when JK came asking him to be her accompanist, he realized and said it to her that he likes SA a lot. JY has always been a man of few words, and I think the question SA asks about her place in JY's life, he already answered it in a way, because he answered to himself Th
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