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  1. I should've to ask other opinions' faster hehe. Because I just realized that I alone literally can't decide. I gave it a lot of thoughts but still didn't have any idea what should i choose. Btw, I also hope that it will be available for the purchase tho Btw, thanks for liking it!
  2. Please don't mind, I was just a bit confused whether I should drop something or not. I'll stick with the three I nominated
  3. Btw @Lmanglachingu, I'm actually a little bit confused about these two pictures. I equally love both of them, even though I didn't design the main materials. I think I would love to hear your opinion and if its still possible to change the nominations. I actually have a license for the cartoon pictures I used for my design and allowed to modify them. Just to let you know, because that was the only thing which made me had a conflict with myself. Since the competition is made for fun and we are allowed to use google for reference and sources. But I was thinking, whether we b
  4. He's Kim Dae Myung. One of the squad members of Hospital Playlist Here is the larger art of him.
  5. I think this is my last badge Another vector art of an HP actor. hihi. And I nominate the badge above If I am right, this makes badges I submitted become seven. But I'm really confused to choose other badges I would like to nominate. hihi. After I gave it a lot of thoughts--I think I'll go with these two Okay then, that's all from me. Btw special thanks @Lmanglafor this opportunity and @Lawyerh and @snowlou for recommended me this competition!! I think I've learned a new skill in the past three d
  6. So this is my first-ever vector art. Totally a beginner But I would learn anything for Jo Jung Suk And I have another idea for oppa is rock Even though I created this to take some rest after finished the badge above, hihihi This sounds silly, but here is the concept I am not sure which one I should register for the competition, with Jo Jung Suk's face or not. So I put both of them here. Hahaha, ok, bye~ Oh, I forgot. The last one for today, this is also my first-ever doodle effect. Haha. So please bear
  7. So I just created some of them, hahaha—IkSun in the military uniform and (in the alternate universe) when the boys of 99s are also in the army. And this one is a bonus I think it's enough for today. The last picture is so random, but I think I'll post more of him in the future
  8. Actually I'm not really good in photoshop, I only mastered how to make stickers. But I am still thinking to join the competition anyway, even though I also have no idea
  9. Let's collect crumbs as much as we can guys Iksong have been staring at each other :D And when I close the book.. i think they just did...
  10. Hahaha, me too. I rarely go to the main thread now, idk why. This thread will make me survive for the next seven months. I think I will trash a lot of IkSong contents without getting worried. Btw big thanks for @Lawyerhfor creating this thread
  11. Oh yesss... this is the thread I need the most. Thank youu!!! -------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: And still can't move on from this scene that healed me the most. Especially this is after ep11 when Ikjun was forced and pressured in a hot seat to confess. After all these years he hid his feelings! I was scared because that would be his last confession in the first season. So I didn't expect they would give us this one and the proper confession instantly becomes so precious in my heart
  12. I just want to share it here. I haven't published this sticker, but I can't help. Shin Hyun Bin is so lovely omg
  13. I had this feeling before that Jeong Won run after Gyeoul when she was chasing the abuser dad. Especially because it seemed that in the next episode we would get some flashback of his POV.
  14. Hi everyone, it's been a long time here. Didn't have time to visit Soompi and read lengthy analysis since I was on my finals week. Anyway, I think I will be able to visit this thread more often in the future because I don't have anything to do for the next 3 months. Lol. And I just created Hospital Playlist stickers. You can print them literally as stickers or make it as WhatsApp stickers (using a third-party app like Top Stickers, etc) and add text without removing background. Feel free to share & use them https://bit.ly/2Tp1J4x Probably I will
  15. The best part Why so cuteeee~~ And this one hahhaha... Imagining myself is the one he's talking to, LOL, butterflies fluttering in my stomach omg~ And what's up with those sharp eyes? In the video, he was asked to pretend talking to a baby, literally a baby. But he sure knows how to make girls fainting. Lol.
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