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  1. this is my opinion, I think she’s looking for a red spot. Maybe she was dreaming about doing it with Cheoljong.
  2. The producer actually mentioned in the press conference, they will adjust the sexual scenes (or 18+ scenes in Go Princess Go, I watched the original as well) so that it could fit with the audience from the age of 13 years old. Also, in many sageuk dramas, after a couple spent a night together, mostly they woke up in dress since people in Joseon uphold politeness and modesty. After the king covered himself when the guards came, there is still a long night to spend together tho. And he confessed to his brother that he has wavered by the queen. He also was running like a mad when the
  3. I get why some of you perhaps unhappy with the last scene/preview because the king maybe did it while he was sober and the queen was drunk. However, I thought rather than he took advantage of the queen, I think both of them are sober and they actually did it. Or at least the king believed 100% the queen was conscious and they had a great time together. While the queen thought it was only a dream & her subconscious mind is Soyong, so it's very possible she gave him a permission 'in her dream' lol. I made a whole thread about it
  4. couldn't agree more. I watched Oh My Ghost, but it doesn't feel right. Sun woo fell for the ghost, not the body. Even though eventually he falls for Bong Sun too, the one who made him loves her is the ghost at the first time. and there are too many memories of them being together. But it ends up with a handshake? Or a goodbye? I don't remember. I just remember that Sun woo looks scared when he realized all this time he's interacted with a ghost. I am a fan of Jo Jung Suk tho Anyway, I dont think I would like this route to happen in Mr. queen.
  5. DC Inside Gallery, a South Korean Internet Forum. https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/lists/?id=dramaqueencheorin
  6. There is an interesting theory /rumor in DC Gall. About the book in episode 7. As you can see, little Soyong is hugging a book and it's the same as what HJ kept. The book is wet and HJ said she has a secret (in the preview). So the book maybe was there when SY helping CJ, who was trapped in the well. But HJ wrote her name on it.
  7. My heart can't take it omg, it leaves me so much emotion Original video, pre-release of episode 7 https://tv.naver.com/v/17634844
  8. Yes, it's episode 5 of Go Princess Go. Major spoiler alert (for those who haven't watched the original, I advise you not to reveal the hidden content until episode 7, unless you don't mind with potential major spoilers) The kdrama has so many similarities in its storyline. It's just a little bit different in its execution. For example, the convenience and delivery service idea by the queen. Or about the king who did flashbacks before he dives into the water when the queen is in real danger. After that, he's more attentive towards her. And I believe they w
  9. It's more likely an unmarried woman needs to braid and lower down their hair. Also, the article above mentioned it is after the queen regains consciousness.
  10. I don't know guys, but she looks definitely Sobong in my eyes. Rather than look soft and calm, her smile smirks to one side and her posture isn't upright. If it was Soyong, I would imagine she would stand up straight and her head bowed a little bit without tilting to one side and her smile would softer, instead of looks like a grin. She was educated to be polite and humble since she was born. But in the still cuts, rather than humble, she looks sassier .
  11. Have you guys seen this? Omg I am so excited because I think the scene will be so cute lol. This is a thread, there are some explanations about the still cuts too. Btw I don't think it's real Soyong inside her, because she looks sassy. Soyong has more calm vibes. It's probably Sobong, she realizes she couldn't do anything with her/his life in the modern era, accepts reality and therefore tries into survive by acting more feminine. It's not a flashback of Soyong either because her hair isn't loose. Indiciating she's a married woman.
  12. I know right! Even Cheoljong in this drama is about 50 times better than the Chinese drama version (Qi Sheng in Go Princess Go). My honest thoughts on Qi Sheng: _____________________________________ If you referred to this sentence: I think it means the current queen (Sobong) who lost unconsciousness in the palace. Not the previous/real Soyong in Bong Hwan's body. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think we have any clues about where is the real Soyong yet. _____________________________________ I watched the original
  13. I was thinking the same. Soyong won't come back and the chef will be in the body of Soyong until he dies as the queen. Probably after years of his life spent in the Joseon era. When he comes back to his original body in the modern world, he will visit the lake again and probably sees his writing on the stone. But I'm also not sure about this, because it would change the history of Hangul letters and they acknowledge the concept of parallel worlds. However, I have a feeling this writing will appear in the last episode/a moment in a modern world to show what the chef experienced wasn't just a dr
  14. I am writing this down so that I won't write something vaguely in the future. Some friends DM-ed me on Twitter about the spoilers are. So I think some of you also don't mind or want to discuss. Anyway, this is probably not an unwanted spoiler, also leads to our preferred romance. We already discussed the possible endings here, either from the series or from the novel. So I think this is this is only one piece of puzzle in the near end of the series. I may be totally wrong about it, but it's just too similar with the original series. And, I considered it a major spoiler since the pictures have
  15. I had a discussion on Twitter with someone who lurked around in Korean resources. There are some pictures that contain major spoilers (and I think everyone has seen it). One staff constantly leaking pictures and other staffs clear the mess. That's why the original post of the pics has been deleted. I thought it was fine since everyone talking about it. Until staff pointed out that the pics contain major spoiler. Especially, it seems like people who watched the original series spoiled a lot by those pics alone . These are the pics: Anyway it seems like the pics support
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