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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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While MS's father and YJ are drinking.


MS is at home pacing around. They are both not picking out their phone, MS thinks YJ is getting yelled at.


MS's father and YJ have drank 5 bottles of alcohol already.

They are both drunk and are talking to each other in a drunk manner.



YJ - Yes!

MS's father - Will your heart not change

YJ - Never! My heart for Miso will never change

MS's father - YOU PASS! I grant you as my son in law (like Jesus or a priest)

YJ- Thank you! (he stands to bow)

MS's father - But – you have to have a proper proposal.

YJ - Of course! (he bows deeply)

MS's father - You can sit, sit, sit.




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YJ – I…….really really love you a lot…..well actually……9 years ago when I saw you again…..I was reaaaaaaaally happy……you didn’t recognize me…..I was really happy…….maybe that is where it started…..when I started to love you.

YJ – I will make you happy forever……I will…..be happy forever because of you. I love you Kim Miso.


YJ passes out on MS's shoulder :P




So everyone thought that it was MS's last day at work.
But MS announces that she is not leaving.
Everyone cheered because they were afraid of who could handle the VP.
They plan to go out for dinner after work,
YJ enters work and heads straight to his office.
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11 minutes ago, jeonghyang said:

@Kasmic 27.gif My link sucks! 36.gif

Mine too but in YT theres over 22K people viewing it so I think my link will die pretty soon


She tells the officemates that she didnt quit and they r happy for her



YS and YJ is discussing ways for a romantic proposal




His thinking on his own and I hear him say Las Vegas....omo is he planning on eloping HAHAHA!



Failed she says they cant go to LAS vegas





Girls night out as in preview



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YJ is still facing a bit of stomach problems because of last night's drinking.

MS is like angry cat :P


She brought him some hangover soup/medicine?

YJ ask after her father and she looks back at him angrily saying that he is in the exact state as YJ now.


YJ – Sometimes I was not comfortable with my own perfect self, I thought it would affect other people. I could make a mistake. that is good, I am also human.

MS - Are you talking about your drunk talk?

YJ – It was all calculated. I wanted to show you my human side.

MS – You should control yourself. You should not drink that much to pass out. You are the owner of this company.

Yj – Before the owner of this company, I am the fiancée of a woman, I should listen to father (MS's father).

MS – You should control things a little bit. What happened between you two. Yyou didn’t come in for a long time.

YJ – it is a secret.



So YJ is trying to rank his brain to think of a proposal for MS.


this two are seriously hilarious as a couple!!



Sadly I think there is a huge problem with streaming today - so I am a little slow, apologise.

I think tomorrow is going to be horrible :P

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26 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

My feed isn’t good chingu and thanks to everyone else for recap , pictures and GIFS

@jeonghyang @Kasmic @kaoriharang 


Yes, appreciate it very much.  I'm not watching the drama on live but listening to it ha ha ha... The video froze but not the audio, after a while... too lazy to refresh it again and again ;)

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MS having a drinking party with JA and Ms Bong (:

SR:  When did you start dating? Who liked who first?

MS – Maybe VP.

JA – Who held the hand first?

SR/JA – Maybe VP

SR - Who said to kiss first

JA – Maybe….VP

MS – Can you just stop.



YJ is brainstorming a proposal plan.

The girls are all rather drunk, MS goes to the toilet and YJ called at that time.

JA and SB pick up.



YJ comes to their drinking session.


They are treating YJ has MS's boyfriend and not their boss.

YJ -  Well, okay.

JA/SR- What do you like the most about Kim Miso?!?!

YJ – I like….that she is pretty.


YJ – Secretary Kim, should we wrap things up now?

JA – You should not leave now! You will have to write your name with your butt!

YJ – I have to write my name with my what?



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I'm literally dieing!!!


The girls answered the Miso's cellphone when the VC called wondering how she was when he hadn't heard from her all night, The VC came after hearing just how drunk they all were. He came by and their drunken mess is me! HAHAHA Miso is so drunk she keeps hitting VC, specifically after she hears him say things about her. Now the girls spilled about how a proposal should be but Miso didn't agree. Now hes trying to help her walk back to her place. She was so cute drunk, I couldnt hear it all because the LAG is unreal.

Morning after she is completely embarassed! 

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YJ is hm goggling ways of how to propose and thinking why MS hasnt called him. HE calls and JA and BR picks up and tells him to come over













They were talking about how to propose



he takes he hm...love how his hands always around her waist






Hangover MS and apolgetic JA and BR






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It is cute YJ has MS's bag sling over his shoulder :wub:

MS explains that she could never really drink before because she was always afraid that YJ would suddenly call her and she needed to get ready. YJ made her drive him after he drunk instead.

YJ - So…you don’t like me?

MS - No, I like you. Thank you for coming to pick me up. I am so moved.

YJ - The most moving thing is my face.

MS- Yes yes, you are handsome and you can sing, my secret! When you sang the lullaby, I was so moved, I slept well

MS - My boyfriend is the best!

She gives him a thumbs up and smiles. He smiles as well.


So at work, YJ also prepared hangover soup for MS.

He leaned in and looked at her as if he was saying to her "I told you so."


Poor JA she got rejected :(



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There is a cute scene of MS when she goes to work and she feels embarrassed in front of YJ

because the situation has been reversed.


MS – I was sometimes uncomfortable that I am so perfect. So I was worried that it would not make you feel relaxed. As you said, making mistakes and showing a little room is an okay thing right?

YJ – from now on you should control yourself.

MS – Okay, because I am the boss’ secretary.

YJ – No – because you are my woman. I am worried that you will hurt your health. Eat first please.

Yj – One more thing…..MS, you were so cute drunk, I will never forget it.


JA and Mr Ko are talking, she expresses her feelings sadly or not she got rejected.


We are heading towards the proposal scene!



here we are people the proposal scene!

get ready your tissues!

@lolly84 @attriste @dramaninja @triplem @vangsweetie637 @YourHighness . @bebebisous33 @evie7 @nonski @jeonghyang @Kasmic @Yongzura

I definitely missed people sorry!



Will you marry me?






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