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  1. 4:07 The make out session from this angle looks so much hotter than in the episode. 4:14 PMY wiping the lipstick off KJW is just aww-worthy. 3:24 Wow, I thought her hairstylist did her bun. I didn't expect PMY to do it herself without a mirror because it looks perfect. 3:33: Awww... PMY showing how to draw like an artist. 2:15 So playful! Too bad they didn't show the part where they got caught sleeping by their co-workers .
  2. Why are their kisses behind the scenes waaayyy HOTTER than what actually aired? It's probably why they couldn't show the BTS for their makeout session in the workshop.
  3. Seriously though, one of the things that boggles my mind as a PMY fan is that she doesn't have a shampoo endorsement (especially after wwwsk). She has the most gorgeous hair. I'm growing out my hair because of her, haha!
  4. Considering that HPL is on Cable TV, and the other dramas on BIGGER networks don't have high ratings either, I'd say the ratings are fairly decent. Plus, it has always been on top of the Good Data rankings.
  5. TVN posted this OST MV for the song Smile Again, which is basically our favorite couple smiling and laughing:
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