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  1. mmac80

    Ailee (에일리)

    YAASSS!!! It seems she's really back on TV. Ailee, Lee Seok Hoon, And More Join As Judges In Audition Program
  2. mmac80

    Ailee (에일리)

    It's so good to see her back on public TV. Performing Room Shaker at the Seoul International Drama Awards: Though the Fan cam has a better audio:
  3. It's amazing that the scarf scene was an ad-lib. It was so good. Is it true that PMY is deleting 'Labit" posts on her instagram? If true, then well that's... disappointing.
  4. I hope she does attend AAA, as well as JCW, and they sit on the same table, hee! I still think Healer is her best drama.
  5. Niiice! I can't wait! It might not be the action/thriller romance that I was hoping for, but at least it's not another rom-com. I like Seo Kang-Joon. He's an okay enough actor, and he's really an eye-candy, hee! Now, where can I find an english translation of that novel? I found this about the drama. Translation please?
  6. mmac80

    Ailee (에일리)

    Ailee Returns to World Albums Chart After Nearly Three Years With her "Butterfly" comeback, the singer further solidifies her place as one of K-pop's leading solo females on the charts. Even after three years away, Ailee proves she's still a chart force with her latest album release. The solo superstar sees her new full-length effort Butterfly debut at No. 13 on Billboard's World Albums chart dated July 13, 2019, marking her first entry on the chart since 2016. The singer now has scored four entries total: In 2014, her Magazine EP landed her first World Albums entry (when it peaked at No. 10), the next year her Vivid album earned her highest position yet (at No. 6), then in 2016 Ailee bowed with A New Empire (which hit No. 9), before Butterfly this past week. With four entries on the tally, Ailee now jumps in her ranking of solo female K-pop acts with the most entries on World Albums. She now ties the likes of BoA, HyunAand Lee Hi (all with four each), and is only behind Taeyeon (who has six) and IU(five). While Ailee broke out onto the K-pop scene with her Beyoncé-like vocals, soul-pop style and knack for beautiful ballads, and Butterfly shows her continuing the musical growth and genre exploration seen in A New Empire. While the 2016 EP saw the star embracing more hip-hop and modern R&B styles, Butterfly also dives deeper into this with lead single "Room Shaker" bringing a blend of big vocal moments blended with a chant-like anthemic chrous, dance hook, and moments of rap-like deliveries from Ailee. But the LP shows a slew of different sounds and styles as the starlet soars through euphoric electronic-pop (on the surging album opener "Midnight" and the sassy "Fire"), powerful ballads ("You Are Precious Because of Who You Are"), snappy electro-R&B ("Love," "Heartcrusher") and, of course, some of her signature brassy soul pop (like on "Want It" and "Headlock"). Following her official 2012 debut on the K-pop scene with "Heaven," this year marks the end of Ailee's seven-year contract with her initial agency YMC Entertainment and Butterfly as her final work with the K-pop superlabel. Following this release, it will be interesting to see the direction the Korean-American takes in her music and sound as an independent artist, and the subsequent chart performance from it.
  7. mmac80

    Ailee (에일리)

    Ailee is being blacklisted by her former, evil agency. Here's hoping we can be her marketing team of some sort. #justiceForAilee ********** Industry Representatives Raise Questions About Ailee’s Absence In Music Shows For Latest Comeback Industry representatives have commented on Ailee’s cancelled broadcast activities. Recently, Ailee made a comeback for the first time in two years and eight months with her second album “butterFLY.” However, despite her long-awaited comeback, she has not been present in any official music show stages. On July 2, Ailee held her comeback showcase in which she talked about participating in the songwriting, choreographing, recording, and overall producing of the album. She shared, “While working on the album for two and a half years, I put so much attention [into the album] that I was switching the title track once a month.” In particular, she wanted to showcase a new side of herself, focusing on performance rather than just singing high notes. Before her comeback, she explained in various V LIVES that due to the intensity of the choreography, she would be using a pin microphone for the first time rather than a hand microphone. However, since her showcase, she has yet to perform her title track “Room Shaker” at any official music show broadcasts despite having performed her previous title tracks on music broadcast shows. One industry representative shared with fn star, “While it can’t be said that music show broadcast activities are a necessity with a comeback, it differs depending on the singer’s concept and strategy. For ballads, one can showcase the song through social media content outside of TV broadcasts. However, in the case of dance music, it’s common to fundamentally do music show broadcasts. This is because appearing in TV broadcasts is the best method besides music videos to showcase a performance full of movement. There’s a limit to showcasing a singer’s vivid stage through social media content.” READ HERE FOR MORE
  8. mmac80

    Ailee (에일리)

    Welcome to the thread of the Supremely Talented, AILEE! 3rd image credit to souheima Ailee's official Social Media links Instagram Twitter Youtube Please stream her latest single, Room Shaker, from her latest album, Butterfly... And her latest OST for the Kdrama, Arthdal Chronicles: more to come...
  9. Is there a thread for Ailee? The one I found is closed/archived. Thank you.
  10. 10 K-Drama Actresses Who Have Magical Chemistry With Any Male Lead Park Min Young Park Min Young is also known as the queen of chemistry, so obviously she must be included on this list! Ever since she appeared opposite Ji Chang Wook in “Healer,” she’s wowed audiences with her uncanny ability to get sparks flying with any of her male co-stars. It’s well-known that pretty much any K-drama she stars in is guaranteed to be a hit. Some co-stars who she’s had some intense chemistry with are: Ji Chang Wook in “Healer“ Park Seo Joon in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim“ Yeon Woo Jin in “Queen For 7 Days“ Kim Jae Wook in “Her Private Life“ See “Her Private Life” for more! WATCH NOW
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