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  1. I actually sort of agree with the reviewer's comment about how KJW somehow "steadied" PMY's acting, although it's not exactly the term I would use. I remember thinking at one moment, although I can't remember which moment it was, in the latter half of the drama that PMY's acting somehow felt different, and I felt like it sort of had a KJW ~influence. Someone on another forum commented that KJW's acting had a similarity to Mads Mikkelsen in their "stillness", which I agree with (even the way they talk, a bit!) and I think that's what I felt at that moment in PMY's acting as the show progressed, and which I appreciated. It's hard to explain, haha. I think what KJW learned a lot from PMY was the comedy side of it. I disagree with the reviewer about PMY being uneven at the start; I somehow felt that it was KJW sort of finding his footing with the character and the comedy in the first couple or so episodes. I don't think the writing helped him either, but I think that's partly why I felt like RG had a personality transplant (a 90% transplant maybe) after that. In one of the pre-show interviews KJW praised PMY's comedic ability and how he thought that with rom com you needed to have a lot of expression, and that she could go through several expressions in the space of a second. So that seemed to be something he was trying to learn from watching her. (Btw I love the way he praises her acting in detail, like it's coming from someone who really wants to excel in their craft and appreciates the excellence in other actors.) So I think they both learned from each other, and isn't that the best kind of partnership, when you make each other better? Even when you're already good, there's always room to grow. And better yet, it looked like they had a lot of fun in the process.
  2. Yoo Jae Suk's food support truck to PMY during HPL filming was brought up in the recent running man ep, with some interesting info on PMY: Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1332413wpp/lee-kwang-soo-and-yoo-jae-suk-find-themselves-in-hot-waters-with-song-ji-hyo-over-coffee-trucks PMY does seem to like giving food and such; she brought food that she made herself for the Busted cast in season 1, and didn't she make something (was it jam? I forget) for her fans at her fanmeeting.
  3. I'm not currently watching any, but I have my eye on IU's upcoming "Hotel del Luna" (although I hear the correct phrase should be Hotel de Luna if it's Spanish?). I'll definitely give that a look come July 13th. Yes, I think some people can be intentionally cruel at certain moments to people they care for. I know it happens even between lovingly married people, family members, etc. When some people are hit in the deepest part of themselves that hurts the most, they can lash out in that moment and want to hurt the other person as much as they are hurting. Of course it's not a good thing, but I think it's a human thing. Looking back at that moment after having finished the drama, I actually appreciate it because at least there was a time that Ryan had understandable human faults. He was way too perfect after that, although I'll definitely take it as a counterbalance to how trashy 90% of K-drama male leads are (the figure is probably an exaggeration, but the point stands). I saw the subbed Life Bar video where KJW talked about playing a murderer in Voice. (I love his interviews, even in print; he gives interesting answers.) I thought it was interesting, when he talked about how it took a toll on him and his "energy level" even when he wasn't on set. I wonder how he would describe filming HPL in a similar manner, like did it affect his energy level to play someone who was so in love? Finally, here's a cute comparison of Seon Joo's fake-dating photo inspiration vs Ryan and Deokmi's eventual versions.
  4. Is that...KJW taking a pic with fans with his face mask on? This ahjussi.
  5. Seems like Seo Ye Hwa is part of the musical? I just Google-translated the caption, dunno if I got it right.
  6. Awww, cast friendship goals! Edit: @luvcrabbieshinhwa I just checked Jung Jae Won's insta and he doesn't post a lot either, and it's mostly music-related. ABH has a photo of just him and KJW on his insta, but it's a paid partnership post. Maybe he'll post if he meets up with KJW, maybe they'll go to a sports event together since they both love sports? Wishful thinking. Also I love how PMY has commented on several of ABH's posts. I expect this to be a coffee truck-sending friendship!
  7. One of the things I like about Ryan is that he's not aggressive or "macho" like a lot of the usual male leads I've seen. He's pretty laid-back but he's no pushover; like when he fights with Director Eom he delivers his threats very calmly. He has a quiet but strong sort of confidence about him; big d*ck energy as the kids say these days.
  8. Heheh, I like this meme. I'm not holding my breath though...seems like he can go a month without updating his IG when he's in between projects.
  9. Another translation of Ahn Bo Hyun's interviews mentioning KJW (I hope we get translations of the other bits as well). Even ABH acknowledges KJW's sexiness. On another note, yikes @ tagging the actors' accounts in that screencap above this post.
  10. A translation of parts of Ahn Bo Hyun's interview mentioning KJW. He seems to be really fond of KJW.
  11. Super cute drawing by remy1030 of episode 2 Ryan who needs a car.
  12. I see. Maybe KJW is still recovering from his one-beer hangover from the wrap party.
  13. Wasn't the WWWSK post-drama media day organized by TVN? Perhaps they're more to blame than the reporters, as it seems like they didn't organize one for HPL. Even in KJW's wrap party speech, he called her Deokmi.
  14. He arranged it and left his own shoes next to it. I forget which members here said it, but they've seen it done in a few other dramas to signify/fool outsiders into thinking that a man is staying in the house with the woman, to deter any unscrupulous men from trying things. (So unfair that this is what women live with...) Maybe those wrap party pics of him looking sloshed was him after one bottle of beer. Kidding (kinda).
  15. This also brings to my mind how actors (and directors) usually call each other by their character names instead of their actual names while on set, even when the cameras aren't rolling. Here are a couple of tidbits from ABH's Vlive yesterday translated from The Kdramaholic (they said they're going to translate more upon rewatch). If you thought Geun Woo couldn't be any cuter... Edit: Dramabeans featured KJW in their Actor Spotlight article: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/actor-spotlight-kim-jae-wook/
  16. @mushforbrains & @jd50, thanks for your inputs. I tried to read up on what method acting was on the internets and I don't get it, haha. Wikipedia did say that "A widespread misconception about method acting—particularly in the popular media—equates method actors with actors who choose to remain in character even offstage or off-camera for the duration of a project. [citation needed]" It doesn't seem like he stays in character off-camera at least. And yes, I think it's best to keep in mind that we'll never know what they really feel, and that our interpretations are based on our own experiences, which may not be the same for them. ETA: Timely article from Soompi on suggestions for what to watch after HPL: Park Min Young, Perfect Boyfriends, And More: What To Watch After “Her Private Life”
  17. I've seen it mentioned several times here, about KJW being a "method actor." Is this something he said so himself fairly recently? Does anyone have a link to such an interview? Google isn't turning anything up. I also would like to record my dissenting opinion on men being more practical and logical than women as a generalization. I think it is better to judge these things on an individual basis rather than generalizing it to the whole.
  18. If I remember correctly, @luvcrabbieshinhwa said that the way he spoke of his adoptive parents in past tense (in Korean obvs) implied that they were deceased.
  19. @Oksana Sutra She had a longer video and still posted a goodbye photo on IG with WWWSK. I know, I'm quibbling over something so trivial. Just thought it was curious, but it's really whatever. On another note, I found the first two episodes more fun upon rewatch. But Ryan really was such an a**hole. Glad he got a personality transplant.
  20. That's certainly possible. I guess only time will tell.
  21. The latest Buzzworthy List from Gooddata Corp: https://www.soompi.com/article/1329752wpp/song-joong-ki-and-arthdal-chronicles-top-rankings-for-most-buzzworthy-actors-and-dramas Arthdal Chronicles was in first place, HPL in second. The actors: 1. Song Joong Ki (“Arthdal Chronicles”) 2. Jung Hae In (“One Spring Night”) 3. Han Ji Min (“One Spring Night”) 4. Park Min Young (“Her Private Life”) 5. Kim Jae Wook (“Her Private Life”)
  22. I find it strange that she hasn't even acknowledged the end of the show on her own social media. I think from a PR/business perspective it should be a standard move; it's a way to project yourself as gracious and grateful for your projects. But then again, it's her account; she can do (or not do) what she wants.
  23. The final recap from Dramas with a Side of Kimchi: https://dramaswithasideofkimchi.com/2019/06/03/her-private-life-episodes-1516-a-chatty-recap/ My favorite bits:
  24. My interpretation is that he aimed for her cheek but she thought he was aiming for her mouth, so she turned her head to meet his mouth. I'm doubtful there'd still be an exclusively HPL interview day like that...it'd be over a week since it ended, it's old news by then. I hope KJW gets a photo shoot at least too. Would love to read more of their thoughts about doing HPL and their plans for future projects. Thanks, that was a good read, and the comments underneath were good too.
  25. @sillygal I don't remember ever tearing up over a film or TV proposal before HPL. When Ryan suddenly started speaking seriously, I may have started screaming "ohmygod!" (Eom. So. Hye. style of course) several times. For someone who has never seen or done a proposal before and has only killed people, KJW did such an excellent job I thought ---so excellent he made himself cry in the process too, hehe. On another note, The Kdramaholic subbed one of Soop Management's videos of KJW behind the scenes at Ryan's home that they posted before. Edit: Oops, @luvcrabbieshinhwa already posted this in the previous page, sorry I missed it.
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