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  1. @MillyR thanks for sharing Interviews on PSJ. I am a fan of PMY and got to really know and like PSJ now based on all the sharing here. https://www.dramamilk.com/interview-park-seo-joon-grazia-2014-you-are-warm/ From above interview on PSJ, noted he is a very deep and thoughtful person. He knows what he wants in life and has a lot of similarities with MY. I hope both can have the best of friendship in WWWSK; which can turn to a closer relationship leading to ending like SongSong couple.
  2. Time flies when we are enjoying and so immersed with this drama especially our lead couple. PMY and PSY, you have both done well. Keep up the good work till the end. Pursue your dreams of having your own family. Both of you deserve it. Start a new life journey, not only in your career as Best Actor and Best Actress.
  3. My last shipping was SongSong couple. Can't help myself to join our ParkPark couple here. @minseojoon thank you so much for starting this ship. Love all the sharings here. I am a fan of Park Min Young. She is a great actress. Awaits patiently for our ParkPark Couple love journey sharing from everyone.
  4. http://azvideo.net/embed/udXJ3qdlvqfl5NVg38-p4qSI3ZfU0tzLprCVgN_jnHeYnmPn5mk Above link is for Ep 8 where subbing is correctly done. Enjoy.
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