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  1. it's been a long time❤️! CLOY make me in here again and I'm count on you EPS 16!!
  2. Finally after a long long time! i come back again to this soompi forum 'cause of this drama can't wait to see Ji Chang Wook's new drama and their chemistry with Wo Jin Ah
  3. The END !! the sweet ending ! Until the end the chemistry between them is so storng thanks to Her Private Life's drama bringing me back again to this forum thanks to everyone for sharing anything relate to this drama
  4. one more eps! i will miss them I will miss their chemistry. I need more than 16 eps
  5. RYAN IS GOLD! i'm speechless. KJW and PMY chemistry ALWAYS make my heart flutter. for me, so far in half year 2019 they're the best couple indeed. their acting its so damn good. so much thank you to whoever cast them as pairing. they really make this drama so much worth to wait every week. can't believe next week already ended. I hope the ending will be a good one.
  6. wowwww!! really love this drama! its romantic comedy that I waiting for and tonight in ep 10 aaaaaaaahh why Kim Jae Wook can be HOT and CUTE at the same time ??!! i'm really loving it. ohmyheart please be still and prepare until eps 16! HAHAHAHA and I just want to say again that Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young chemistry is so damn much good on and off screen. neomuuuu chuaa
  7. wowwwww!!! thats happened !! from the moment they announced the cast PMY and KJW and its rom-com. I know they will nailed it i need the behind the scene HAHAHA and prepare tomorrow still will be on fire
  8. even in imagination, Deok Mi has a wild imagination HAHAHA seriously RYAN GOLD SO DAMN SWEET AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME WHEN HE KISS DEOK MI aaaaahhhh seriously finally I'm found the hype to watch the drama on going again! can't wait to next eps!
  9. don't know why watched this drama gave me butterfly feel when KJW and PMY stare each other HAHAHA and today's episode at that bathroom scene even no OST it's so damn good that feel. I can't deny that chemistry between them is the good one can't wait for eps 6.
  10. it's been a long time finally I'm back in soompi HEHEHE and 'her private life's drama drag me to watch drama on going again
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