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  1. Omg, signing in was hard!! And I never signed out either. Glad SY drama is good and she is very active now, liking the photoshoot as well. WY appeared, and doing a great deed.
  2. Finally able to log back in, had probs. Anyway, been a month...are there any updatres specially on he drama front? Best regards YY chinggus.
  3. I hope it isn’t too late to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year, and best regards to all! Been travelling with family. Now back home for a short weekend rest and sleep recovery. Thank you for the updates chinggus. Yup she gained weight but am glad to read that she was presentor in a year-end ceremony. Great news that SY is considering a drama and hope she accepts. Also happy WY is still seen around often.
  4. Actually the longest wait was two years for 2 very popular actors who are now starring together. Not military for the man (but he should have if he waited that long). Although there were a few CFs, hosting in between. Let it not be the same for SY. Impossible that she has no offers, she is a steady actress who performs well and is nominated for awards and won some. I do not even mind a M-F or weekend makjang. Those kinds of shows rate tremendously. She has had a good career with dramas, both long ones and the 16-20 ep types. That said, I think her reasons for absence could be personal.
  5. Look how happy ChanSung is. What a smile! This is high accolades! Now WY’s 2PM bros who act, all have recognition for acting. I hope it opens many doors for him. I hope the fact that SY was nominated, plus previous wins, puts her at top of mind among producers, directors, casting directors. Been soo long without a public appearance.
  6. SY! Nice girlfriend get-together. The 1st set of pix, she did look chubby, and the latter set, less so. I guess she is the kind who seriously works out for roles, and during breaks, she relaxes. Yep she cut her hair, but it becomes her! She signed with a new agency, so I do think she will eventually come back as an actress, sooner than later hopefully? But I am also glad she is enjoying private time with friends. So nice to see WY. So manly!!
  7. Twiddling thumbs. I understand why there is no WY citing, being in his assignment now. Maybe when he takes a short break. As for SY, wae? Why is there nothing other than her insurance CF? I feel the shooting of this was done after MF but it took the company and ad agency a while before airing. As new/prosepective dramas are being casted I look and she is not showing up, neither drama specials(I like KBS drama specials), nor variety. While I am wishing for a drama for her, could it be that she is absent coz she is picking good dramas? I hope our Seyoungie finds a record breaking drama that will be remembered for a really long time.
  8. Finally, SY shows herself, yes! CF.... drama and variety next? Cross my fingers. I like the photoshoot, and there should be a a TV CF next considering her in the car, in the rain. Dblent seem like the ad company doing the campaign. I also wish we get even just another pic of WY in his formal assignment. Or maybe during a leave.
  9. Thank u for the IG. Then found a soompi article of the actor/IG owner just this aug 11 saying School 2013 still meet. So nice to have friends that stick long long after a drama project. https://www.soompi.com/article/1213663wpp/kwak-jung-wook-shares-school-2013-cast-stayed-close-years Also very cool of 2AM Changmin and WY hugging. The brotherhood is strong and I believe One Day still all keep in touch, despite 2AM dispersing to other agencies.
  10. WJ is in military and we get pics. Don’t get me wrong, am really happy about this, yes. He looks good and seems adjusted by now to training center. But it highlights the fact that SY has disappeared for 5 months and counting (since end of MF and Knowing Brothers ). C&L when is the photoshoot coming to include SY in the roster for your official website? More importantly, I hope she gets a good project soon. In the meantime, to get her out there, I do not even mind if she guests in famous varieties first, and there are a few with wide viewership.
  11. Thanks all! Wow. Been a beautiful ride, this drama. Gorgeous ending, that wedding. And I am also glad that there are 3 couples...most of all PYS and ex-wife & their parody, and of course our two office couples. Loving the team, and shout out to “hero” Yang Cheol, whom I find a lovable character. Will hang around here some more, we are not done yet until every one of us sees the subs tomorrow. But for those who will exit early, see you in other dramas!
  12. Junho impressed me in Manager Kim, he was co-lead for the first time. Glad he picked that role. Taecyeon in his roles in Assembly, Let’s Fight Ghost, and Dream High, are my faves. Dream High, is that going to be WY’s one and only drama? Lol. I think he did ok, the scenes with IU were directed well, considering they were both newby actors then. I thought he would act again. He said no, but....never say never , even if it is a cameo.
  13. Thank you all for the recaps, screencaps and vids. It was a beautiful proposal! Plus PSJ singing gets me every time. His voiceover is just so perfect on the flip board, and it was “classic” YJ combined with YJ in love. Just wanna say everything is about timing. It took 9 whole years for YJ to get to this point where he was proposing marriage to Miso, with a ring, and full of love for each other. It was so touching when he was drunk and told her he started liking her 9 years back. On the opposite. GN was just not financially ready for any sort of relationship, he hasn’t saved enough for his long term goals. She drinks caramel macchiato and he drinks vending machine coffee, to save money. It would be terribly unfair to her and thus GN, tbh, is right to have turned her down. I think “some” friendship as neighbors and officemates is a better option for now.
  14. @Gerry58 I don’t think there should be a contract dispute, I remember she joined Hunus before her birhday too, so the contract should be done. Taecyeon left JYP, I think to focus on his long term trajectory—acting. He is still in military so his acting career still has to wait another year. I think he comes out June 2019. The new agency said he is still going to be part of 2PM, but even the entire group together is in hiatus until the last man returns from military. In the meantime, am hoping the last two go in for conscription this year too so the wait will not be way too long. Jun K went in May, WY just went in. Incidentally 51K is small. Wonder if it was created first for SJS. Wait....aren’t small firms where everyone is given attention, also SY’s cup of tea?
  15. The novel would be getting her pregnant but, I dunno, this is TV, wondering if they will go that route? They got flak for that sexy-sweet scene, i just hope they won’t in case they will follow the premise of the book. After watching the end of ep 13, then i am suddenly conservative? Lol. I will miss this feel-good drama. There is magic, everything fell into place. Really enjoyable.
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