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  1. High five @mademoisellesia ! I'm also convinced that the Head Nurse killed her, after she fully used her to harm MY. Maybe Park OH-Ran was just as the hospital saw her, someone who wanted to act again, and the Head Nurse gave her that opportunity. These papers that were found in that closet, could even be her "script", written by the Head Nurse... Quote from GT, ep 13: "I didn't find a blank notepad withe the same design anywhere which means she didn't write these. She probably received them from someone." That fits..
  2. @Helena thank you for putting here K-Netizens comments!! I'm always waiting for these
  3. Theory mode ON : Hummm... in that ep, her mom "told her" that she was her "best creation", that she was "her other self". Maybeee mother and daughter looked alike...and that the dad got confused seeing her daughter, thinking she was his wife! Who knows ! He might as well be the one who trapped his own wife, killed her ! And seeing his daughter/wife at the hospital he said "why are you still alive"... ? ... .... I need to watch everything again .... my poor mind and heart...
  4. 2nd scene is the insect! While she was sitting aside the road, that insect crawling towards her : camera shot on it, then on her... she grabbed her shoes ! Well... we 're talking about MY...the one we see crushing butterflies since ep 1.... But, she "saved" it instead... That was beautifully unpredictable.... and meant a lot. Off to watch ep 4 again , with subs now!^^
  5. Two scenes shocked me this last episode... Both with MY. The first one is with her father... That acting!!! that lonely tear .... that "smile"...
  6. test https://giphy.com/gifs/dVcdi9DsnJQ5jvJtnq
  7. Not in my countryyyyy Edit : Damn... i don't even remember how to post an emot or a gif --'
  8. Hi chingus !!! It's been a while since i last commented on a soompi forum!!! .... but I got hooked by this drama.... and here I am, non stop refreshing my streaming pages for that ep 4, while reading you See you around these next few weeks !!
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