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  1. Joining in the discussion as who should be king, I think the CP should be king, but make Dowon's son (if he has one) the next CP. That way the crown revert back to the rightful lineage. I am sure if the CP went the route the Queen Dowager would support it.
  2. I think the Queen Dowager was not pleased with one brother killing the other. She has affection for both the CP and Rim; however, Rim, being the dethroned king's son, is the true heir to the throne. The Queen Dowager told her son, if he did not keep Rim safe, she would commit suicide and; therefore, disgrace the king's reign. I would have thought that the king would have taken care of Rim, or at least given him special attention, because he killed his father and caused him to become an orphan. The hateful way the king treats Rim, makes me believe that he has no remorse for staging a coup, killing his brother and usurping the throne. I understand a new way of thinking was infiltrating their old customs and Catholicism was creeping in; however, wouldn't it have been better to find a compromise than to raise and army and kill your brother, who happens to be the king? I love how the CP always looks out for Rim and genuinely cares for him. Their relationship is so beautiful. I hope that even when Rim learns of his past, he will remember his brother's love for him and not turn against him. I do not think the CP knows that Rim in not the King's son because if Rim's mother was also killed on the day he was born, the CP would have been too young to know what was going on and probably only remember Rim being a part of the family from Rim's birth.
  3. If you have Instagram , there’s an announcement made, this is just season 1, season 2 starts in June 2020. Thats the schedule in Netflix I knew that there had to be a second season because as @Donatog pointed out, nothing has been resolved. I was hoping that it would be sooner, than later; however, I can wait until June. From previous comments, it might be a three season drama. I am okay with that also if I get a satisfying ending.
  4. I have not watched the Game of Thrones yet; however, I do not think there is an comparison. This drama hit it out the ballpark. All of the actors are amazing. This drama shows that human nature never change; some people are inherently good, like Eunseom, and some are inherently evil. The same political struggles existed then as now. What makes the show so fascinating to watch is that people, though primitive, still have the need for power, (to subdue others), worship the divine creator, and have the need to discriminate against others based on an arbitrary standard. I love this drama and what makes it more enjoyable is reading your comments, insights, and theories.
  5. I loved reading your comments and insights about the last two episodes. The last two episodes, while LOL funny, were important to the theme of the drama; the historians. I was happy they took a stand when HR was jailed for trying to preform her job; the the underlying story was very important and I think set the stage for the reminder of the drama. The historians have a critical job. Their job is to record historical events accurately and truthfully, and the king must not interfere with their ability to do so. The same as today, truthful reporting should not be blocked/interfered with by monarchies, prime ministers, presidents, or dictators. I loved the way the scholars came to stand with the historians in pleading with the king. But most of all, I loved how the writer wrote HR's and the king's interactions, they were very comical. We get to see a shrewd king, who recognized how cunning HR was in appealing to his pride of country, and not begging or pleading for him to do the right thing. So far I am enjoying this drama.
  6. @dramaninja I am happy that you are enjoying this drama...well, I guess I have to go back and watch the last five episodes again. I think in the original version, ( it has been years since I've watched it) the lead found out she was pregnant after they parted, but lost it. If that is the case, then, He actually did "eat her alive"
  7. I am so happy to see that viewers are still finding this drama and enjoying it. I have recommended this drama to others because I loved the fact that Romance is a Bonus Book did not have all the nonsense that many K-dramas are plagued with. The entire cast were great. They made me laugh, curse, and sigh. One of the funniest scene for me was when all of the stockholders came to work wearing their beige/tan trench coats...lol. As I am writing, I am smiling, thinking of other funny scenes... there are many; therefore, I am going to stop here.
  8. I was looking for something to watch while I wait for Arthdal to return and I found this gem. I loved this drama from the first episode. I loved the scene where both she and her husband to be bolted from the wedding. I can see him coming to love her the more he sees and interacts with her. However, am loving the chemistry between HR and LR. I think this is one of those drama's that I will watch and enjoy; however, I will comment much.
  9. Thank you for sharing your points of view. I do understand that everything does not have to be tied up in a neat bow. Many of my favorite k-dramas aren't tied up in neat bows, and have open endings. What I hate more than a neat bow, is the rush ending and I felt this ending was rushed and; therefore, left me feeling a little empty. However, the ending was not enough to take away from this excellent drama. I would recommend this drama to anyone looking for a mature drama to watch. @thistle, @polar15, @tok-soompi Since you liked Spring Night I would like to recommend "Romance is a Bonus Book". Great drama, no mother-in-law madness, the triangles aren't crazy and spiteful, the story line is timely, yet presented in a non preachy way, and the ending is open.
  10. @mel22 I watched the entire American series also, and I agree with you about the character Hana, was a bit standoffish and had a "I know more than you" attitude. I was hoping her attitude stemmed from the fact that she lost her lover in the bomb blast. I have loved Ji Jin Hee's acting since he acted in Dong Yi. I will watch this drama as a standalone and not compare it to the American version. To me, it is unfair to the writers, directors, and actors to make comparisons. Since I enjoyed the American version, even if they stick close to the script, I am sure I will enjoy this version also. I have applied the same principal as I did to the remake of other dramas, such as "Boys over Flowers," "Scarlet Heart," and "Fated to Love You".
  11. @dramaninjaThat is exactly how I felt...I did not like the last few episodes of Something in the Rain after loving the drama to that point. Good comparison.
  12. I finally completed Spring Night. It was a good drama; however, the last two episodes did not live up to the rest of the drama. I guess for the Korean audiences, the writer had to depict the character of JI having some misgivings and taking time to think about the relationship, because JI fell in love with JH too quickly. On the surface it appeared that she broke off a relationship with a decent guy (with money) for JH, a flawed man. However, KS was not a decent man and from snippets of conversations, I surmise, he cheated on JI; but, she always took him back because the relationship was never about marriage. KS is vindictive and petty, and the power he thought money gave him was all he was about. I don't believe KS can truly love anyone. It think JI pegged him correctly when she felt that all she was to him as a convenient "booty call." I loved this drama from episode one through episode 14. The time JI and JH spent apart in episode 15 should have been taking time to solidify their relationship and advancing her sisters' story line to a satisfactory conclusion. Episode 16 could shown a decent proposal, with maybe JH and his son taking JI out to dinner and both proposing to her, after dinner (dropping his son off first) they could have gone back to his place and celebrated the next step in their relationship. I also would have liked a better wrap-up of the divorce between SI and her husband. It would have been nice to see him in group for men who batter their wives. To me, that would have been an acknowledgement that he knew did something wrong and wanted to change his behavior. Although I felt let down at the end, this was a very good drama. The characters felt real and not over the top. The dialog was good and the chemistry between JI and JH was very good. I loved the playfulness and silliness when the two of them were together. The writer did a very good job depicting new love and a couple really in love. When you love someone, you are willing to go all the way with them and share their heartache and trials along with the good times. Great work writer, everyone should be proud of the job they did on this drama. Kudos to the actors, production staff and director.
  13. Has it been subbed yet? I have been waiting for the subs but got tired. That is how international audiences lose interest in a drama. What a pity!
  14. I watched the American version, and wonder how close the Korean version will stick to the original script. I understand that certain circumstances will be different based on Korea's government structure, culture, and adversaries. However, if it sticks to the original premise, then North Korea is not the blame for the terrorist attack.
  15. @thistle Thank you for your comments. I am loving this drama, and as you stated, it is so real. The characters actually engage in dialogues. I am at the point that I do not feel sorry for KS any longer. I am sure he likes JI, enough, but he is not in love with her. They had an intimate relationship for 4 years, JI is intelligent, nice looking, and convenient for his needs. I am sure he would have be happy married to JI; but JI wants and deserves more. KS even looks boring. Along comes JH, unexpectedly and he and JI make a connection at first encounter. He excites her as much as he excites him. All of a sudden, JI realizes that she is not happy in her relationship with KS and needs more. I like JH, his parents are small business owners. He worked hard in school and was first or second in his classes, he won a full scholarship to college and became a pharmacist. What a great accomplishment. What more, he is a single father who has taken responsibility for his child. Many look at him as flawed; however, I look at him with admiration. I think that he and JI would be happy together. He is the one that makes her heart thump. He is the one who makes her smile. I am know routing for their relationship and hope JI do not cave in and go back to KS. I am tempted to read the comments here; however, I would like to experience this drama without spoilers.
  16. I started to watch this drama on Netflix this past weekend and thought, after the first two episodes that the writing reminded me of "Pretty Noona That Buys Me Food." So far the writing and directing are superb. I started to read everyone's comments and then realized I did not want to spoil my viewing experience. I wish I could have watched this drama along with you and participated in the discussion. I am glad that Nexflix picked up this drama. At this point, I feel sorry for JI because she is caught between her obligation between KS, her boyfriend of 4 years and this incredible chemistry and pull between her and JH. So far the drama has accurately depicted the struggle to stay true to a relationship that has become stale and was never really going anywhere and the feelings of wanting to be with some one new. I will check back in to see if anyone has just watching this drama as I have. Again, I wished I could have participated in the discussion with you; however, the drama has ended and most of you have moved on to another drama.
  17. This drama is being shown on Viki; however, it has not been completely subbed yet.
  18. Hi chingu, Nothing amiss with your punctuation or even spelling and grammar. However, I think you must’ve lost your way looking for the shipper thread. This isn’t it. Good luck on your travels. Cheerio I am not shipping them, because I am not into shipping any couple. No, I do not think Song Joong Ki handle the situation correctly. I am only saying, since they were married, regardless of who started the process, or who is in the wrong, marriage is a serious commitment. Who the couple is doesn't matter to me. Regardless of the status, (celebrity or everyday people), it is not easy for a couple to come to the decision of getting a divorce. Personally, I detest the behavior of any spouse, (male or female), who cheats in the marriage which is a possibility if the rumors are to be believed. However, since we really do not know what actually happened in their marriage, I think instead of lambasting either party, we need to lend our support. Not because of who they are, but because dissolving a marriage is not easy on either party. I am not shipping them, but feel sorry for both of them. Sometimes the one who hollers the loudest is the most hurt. I think Song Hye Kyo is a beautiful person and a talented actress. I have been a following her since "Full House." I hope as Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki move forward in life, each will take this experience and grow from it. I look at both of them as fallible individuals, like the rest of us, and hope in the future both will find true happiness. This is where I am coming from not from a standpoint of shipping them but from the standpoint of having empathy for both of them because only they know exactly what happened in their marriage and what when wrong. We have to rely on speculation and rumor. Again I agree that Song Joon Ki should have kept quite about the divorce until it was final and I cannot and will not defend him. However, I do not know why he made the move he did. I agree with you wholeheartedly that it would have been nice if they had put out a joint statement once the divorce had been settled. That would have been the classy dignified way to handle the divorce.
  19. Thank you, well said. More importantly, it is sad for all involved when a marriage does not work out. I was hoping when I first heard the rumors that 1. They were not true and 2. If they were, they would be able to work it out. The first five years of marriage are in many cases the hardest. None of us can possibly know what the two of them are going through. I am sure they are both hurting. The only thing we can and should do is to lend our support to both of them. I hope all of my punctuation is correct.
  20. I did not think of it; however, I believe you are correct that Eun Seom, Tanya, and the twin represent the sword, bell, and mirror. These three will bring the world to an end as they know it. As you stated the entire cast is giving outstanding performances. I am in agreement with you, I think the drama is better than DOTS because it is a fantasy and everyone has to stretch their imagination when portraying the characters. So far, great story line. I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts this week. Your posts helped me to understand the story, especially since whenever, I am watching it, I am interrupted. Once this drama ends, I will go back and watch some of the earlier episodes to gain a better insight of the characters and story.
  21. I have read several posts about what the critics and detractors think or have written about Arthdal Chronicles and frankly, I do not care. If a drama catches my attention, then I watch it. It does not matter if the actors are "famous" or unknown, if they act well and make me invested in the character they are playing, I will stick with the drama. If the drama changes direction and the becomes unbelievable, then I will stopping watching it. Arthdal Chronicles is a fantasy and; therefore, the norms can be stretched and bent. I can see some inconsistencies, if the story was following history as we know it; however, since it is not following history, but an era as a backdrop; then I do not have any problems. Fantasy genres are about, suspending what is logical and real and using our imagination to believe the other worldly. Therefore, I have a few sincere words for the detractors and critics... don't watch. I am sure there are other dramas that are airing that will appeal to you. It is my hope that we limit our comments about what others think and use this space to analyze, surmise, and summarize our thoughts and opinions about Arthdal Chronicles. I always enjoy, whether I am in agreement or not, everyone's insights, analyses, gifs, and banter. You are what makes me come to this post back again and again.
  22. I agree with you. I've watched the first few episodes and was drawn in immediately. The writing, so far is top notched and the cinematography is fantastic. The drama looks and feels as if much time and effort was put into the production. The fact that this drama is being featured on Netflix will draw a large audience.
  23. I agree with you. RG does talk about his adopted parents fondly; therefore, I would have hoped that since DM and RG went back to NYC, they would have spared 2 to 3 minutes of screen time showing DM meeting his adoptive parents or having dinner with them. That would have tied the story up with a nice bow.
  24. I watched the final episode last night but will watch again . This drama was wrapped up nicely. Everything was resolved as far as I am concerned. We didn't get a wedding; however, the last scene more then made up for that. Again I must express my thanks to the writer, director and production team. This drama did not have all the stereotypical plots that make me cringe when I am watching most K-dramas. The characters were written as mature adults who knew how to handle difficult situations, and communicate with each other. Once they became committed to each other, they decided to face all hardships together. In real life, that is what people who love each other do. Thank you to all the actors in the drama. Everyone stepped up to the plate and gave a great performance. I also loved the outfits, DM (Park Min Young) wore some very professional, fashion forward outfits. I loved it when the wardrobe department coordinated DM 's and RG's (Kim Jae Wook) outfits ... very stunning and effective in showing their chemistry. Speaking of chemistry, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook's chemistry was off the chains. They portrayed their characters flawlessly. I was impressed with all of the actors performances. The cast deserve a standing ovation. The icing on the cake was to be able to share this drama with all of you. You shared your thoughts and your insights. Sometimes I disagreed but I had fun reading your posts, sometimes I smiled other times I laughed. I hope to meet you all again on the Soompi Forum and I hope it is another mature adult drama, that makes us swoon. Until then, be well. If you find a great drama, please let me know. Thanks all
  25. I agree with you, I think the heartbreak of losing her own son and almost losing her daughter was too much to carry at that time. I only wish that they would have had her take him to the orphanage very early in the morning as opposed to late at night. Ryan is also not too upset because, had DM's mother kept him, DM would probably see him as a brother instead of a lover. As I was thinking about Ryan's personality and the way he handles situations. He behavior is not only shaped by his maturity, but by his loving adopted parents and by his adopted country. I love RG's gentle loving nature and his thoughtfulness and the respect he has for women. It is a reminder of how we, as women, should be treated by all men. Someone had stated earlier that they were happy to see that RG did not grab DM by the arm and pull her away when she was hiding behind EC. There are jerks in every country; however, most men do not pull on women in that way in America. Yes, there are abusive men in America, there are misogynistic men in America; however, it is not interwoven in our cultural for men to treat women in a disrespectful way and most women would not allow that behavior. I cannot wait until tonight; however, I am also sad that this is the final episode and wish this drama was 20 episodes instead of 16. Kudos to the writer, director, production crew, and of course, all of the actors. It was everyone's effort that made this drama such a joy to watch. I cannot believe it, this is the second K Rom-com drama this year without all the mother drama and asinine lets break-up without talking and getting an understanding first drama. The characters were mature, loving and believable. I loved the way they talked to each other and shared their feelings, and vulnerabilities. One of the great scenes was when DM was women enough to ask RG why he did not want to be in a fake relationship with her. She was a strong enough woman to put her heart out there to get an answer as opposed to us spending several episodes with her acting out... very mature behavior. I could go on and on about this drama and all the scenes I loved such as when RG cried on DM's shoulder. This drama has become one of my top 10 K rom-com of all times. I would recommend this drama to anyone looking to watch K Dramas for the first time.
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