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  1. @mistymorning thank you so much for the translations and I hope you don't mind me using them for the strip above, I hope you have a wonderful Chuseok with your family and Happy Mid autumn festival to those who are celebrating!
  2. Aigoo.... please give me a break ! If you look at the picture of the boat ride , AS certainly looked unfriendly to me and 'hostile' was the first word that came to mind, and I would have corrected the corresponding pic to 'romantic' instead of 'friendly'. My English is not good as many here and I tried to create strips that are funny, light hearted and easy to understand, if you look properly , there were many spelling and grammatical mistakes as well. And there are times when I might have picked the wrong adjective as well.
  3. @mistergenie thanks for writing what been said on my IG here, finally we understood the significance of that scene and it just goes to show, Writer Kim has put a lot of thoughts on each scene. Imagine if we could understand Korean, probably we could enjoy this drama even more !
  4. in case IG posts can't be seen again here.. @jomary4 you're welcome and welcome to the thread, do stay coz we're all nice here !
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