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  1. welcome! its so sad the webtoon ended abruptly....was looking fwd to the birth of their daughter too. welcome! yea lets see each other in soompi world later. hopefully PSY and PMY make another drama tgt.
  2. OMG its the final chapter!! #98 Webtoon (final chapter) Taeyang crying in his room, thinking his dad is idiot. His dad is trying to stop his mom from going so he is acting like this. TY thought about his grandparents said how come he looked just like YJ when he was a kid. So Taeyang will be a great person like this dad? Taeyang thought to himself that he have to be more great than his dad, so he could not cry. MS went to check out Taeyang and asked to speak with him for a while. MS asked Taeyang could he share with her why he fought with YS’s daughter. Taeyang said nth. MS said really? Even you cant share with mom? Taeyang should not keep secret from mom. MS promised she wont tell YJ so Taeyang could tell her. Taeyang asked MS that she really will keep secret? Taeyang then told MS the story and that’s why he cant tell them before. MS desperately holding back her laughter after hearing his son. Taeyang asked MS whether YJ not trusting her will make her feel sad or sorrow, if she is ok. MS hugged his son and said Taeyang is concerned for her why would she feel sad, of cos she is fine. MS said can she tell Taeyang one thing, that YJ action is not that he don’t trust her. When Taeyang grew up he will understand. When you fell in love with someone and you really love them, sometimes you will have some childish action. Then you will have to be the one to understand their action. MS found YJ jealousy cute. Taeyang asked MS so she already knew it previously? MS said of cos, she is the person in this world who knows YJ the best. Taeyang thought that MS said this with a soft smile, even though he doesn’t understand a word from his mom, there is one thing he is sure that is that YJ and MS loved each other. YJ asked MS did her conversation with their son went well. MS asked whether YS’s daughter left, YJ said they just left. MS told YJ that he needs to get up his score with his son for the time being. Their son has deeper thoughts then they expected. YJ asked what they talked about and MS said its their secret. YJ displeased. MS stepped up to whisper to YJ’s ears saying that “honey, this week is the last week I would let you stop me from going to the study group, from next week pls stop using non-sense excuses. YJ said alright and MS told YJ not to disregard that time they spent together. YJ hugged MS and said isn’t it time to give Taeyang a bro/ sis? He said before that its not good for the age gap between Taeyang and his bro too big. MS said well…..then suddenly Taeyang shouted outside their door asking whether they are asleep. Taeyang barched in their room and asked just today can he sleep with them, as an apology for what happened just now. Taeyang slept on their bed and asked his parents to join him. YJ said alright lets spent the long awaited time together. YJ asked Taeyang what does he think about having a sibling. MS tld YJ lets discuss this later when only two of them. Taeyang thought to himself, he is generously understanding his dad becos he is going to be a more generous person than his dad. The comic has ended now with completed 93 chapters and 5 prequels. welcome, I would love the drama to extend too! so sad even the comic ends...
  3. saw it~ ^^ #97 webtoon - prequel continues.. Miso and other mothers are having gathering. One mother said she is so envy of Miso. The other mother asked why. The mother explained she attended French study class with Miso and there is a new male student came. The other mother said is it president Kwon that she mentioned before. The mother continued to explain that he thought Miso is still single so really liked her. Miso tried to explain that Kwon is joking. The mother said Kwon was so disappointed when he heard Miso was already married. Taeyang listened and reasoned cos his mom is pretty. Taeyang saw his dad YJ heard overheard the conversation. From two weeks before, YJ insisted that MS attended a couple event with him, last week, he said he was sick but quickly recovered by evening, and suddenly today, his dad asked to go out as family. Taeyang recalled teacher said that father and mother believe and love each other so does it mean his parents doesn’t trust each other. Why his father keep lying? His father is really so so… YS, wife and daughter came visit Taeyang family suddenly. Miso was surprised. YS wife said they went pass and suddenly wanted to pop in visit and brought some Miso fav food for her so they can each together. Miso had to askYS family to come in. (YJ coughing so I think he planned it =P) Miso called French class to inform them that she will be absent and apologized for being absent 3 weeks in a row. YS daughter asked Taeyang why YJ is doing this. She explained that she finished Taekwondo class was going to have meal with her parents, YJ called YS and yelled at him to come to his house. She asked Taeyang did YJ also treat her dad like this in office? That’s bad. She continued to complain to Taeyang about how bad YJ is, doing this to her dad. Taeyang felt embarrassed of YJ behavior, couldn’t be upfront to Miso about it and using all sorts of excuses to stop her going. She screamed at Taeyang about YJ ill treat her dad. Taeyang also exploded. YS asked YJ that they are not newly weds, why he still jealous, he admired YJ’s idea so is helping him. YJ told him to shut up and keep secret. Miso and the two dads saw the kids fight. YJ scolded Taeyang and asked why they fight, and he wouldn’t forgive him if he wont explain to him. YJ and Miso keep asking Taeyang why and he thought to himself, YJ is idiot, how could he don’t know, but if he told the truth, Miso will be sad. Taeyang finally shouted that this is all his idiot dad’s fault. YJ wondered what happened to his son. TBC.
  4. haha yes, still jealous after so many years! looking forward to find out who is the strange uncle.
  5. sorry, was busy. here you go. ________________ #96 Webtoon Prequel – my dad is so….(1) One kid at class said his father got promoted to director. The other kids envy him. Another kid said what to envy, my father was vice president from before. The other kids said, oh right, vice president is higher position than director. One kid slammed his school bag on his desk said if you guys are so picky, then Taeyang’s dad is president, who is the greatest Kid: right, Taeyang? Taeyang: yea, president is the highest position amongst the board of directors. [Taeyang ( 8 y.o.) even passersby recognised him as the president LYJ’s son who has his father’s appearance ] Kids: Wow, your dad is great Taeyang. Taeyang: well, nth to be envy of, he is president but…dad is so…. Kids: what Taeyang, your dad is so what? Taeyang: my dad is… YJ: Taeyang! Did you do well ? TY: Dad what are you doing at school? YJ: I came to take you home YJ: Say bye to your friends TY: see you tmr Kids: TY’s dad is very handsome right? YJ asked TY in the car: you have violin class today right? TY: yea YJ: how about postpone the class and play with me and mum? TY: why? YJ: Cos I barely squeezed some time TY: no, if I missed on class, I will be behind the other kids that much. [YJ thinks his son looks like who..] YJ: well, then there is no choice. [my dad is a president who is responsible of a big company, like my mother said, the employees are scared of him, but I don’t know, as I don’t see him like this. My dad who is always so busy and coming home late, today, of all things the true reason that he came early to pick me up is so….] TY: mum, I am home MS: TY, you are back? did you do well? TY: yes, today’s English exam only me got full marks MS: wow, really? TY will be as smart as your father later. TY: yes [I want to be a bit smarter and handsomer than my dad] YJ: honey, I have squeezed some time today, lets go out together as family [TY thinks I said no at the car…] MS: no, TY has violin class today and I have French study group gathering YJ: you can just skip it once MS: I cant, last week I didn’t go becos you said you were not feeling well. [TY thinks heard my mother met my father as his secretary at the company, my mother who seems to cant do other jobs besides secretary..] YJ: you can find a teacher to give you a private 1:1 class MS: practicing with different ppl can help a lot and is interesting. [TY continued thinking recently she found what she wanted to do and started learning French] YJ: you are so mean, I went too all that trouble to spare my time and came home early…its so difficult to have a family gathering. MS: I am sorry, how about postpone TY’s violin class and the two of you spent some time tgt? [TY thinks mum that’s not the main point] MS: ok? I am getting ready for my class [TY thinks although my mother does not know, but I know the reason my dad is acting like this, is becos there is some strange “uncle” at the French study group] [my dad is trying to use other means….to be continued…]
  6. https://toonkor.run/김-비서가-왜-그럴까 here it is ______________________________ #95 webtoon Prequel – Letter from Miso (2-end) Sis, holding YJ’s hand for the first time, its warmer than I thought (have I told you how surprised I was?). Becos of holding hand, my heart was beating, I tried not to show it by acting calm on red carpet and inside the glamourous crowd, I tried not to show my cold feet. Holding the arm of YJ gives me the strength that I was not aware to enter the door. Inside the party, like I said its another world. Even for a while, my heart flutters as I looked like a movie star of a movie. But may be I am not, that day I was in a foreign world, felt all alone. More than half of the things said I don’t understand, the only thing I can do was smile and stand there like an idiot. When would I be comfortable in this sort of world? YJ: Hard work today. YJ: you didn’t have fun? MS: no. no. MS: wearing this sort of dress going to this sort of party, not understanding a word, but its good experience. YJ: yes, you still have to be on time for work tmr. YJ: lets go MS: yes (slipped on the stairs and fell on the ground) YJ: its pass 12 midnight, so the magic unwinds like this? MS: not that.. YJ: u ok? MS: this is the first time I wore such high heels, in truth my feet hurts for a while. YJ: can you walk? MS: I twisted my ankle YJ: if you cant, don’t force yourself. MS: no, I can walk (MS slipped and tore the suit jacket of YJ) MS: sorry director! (MS stepped back but her heel tore her own dress) Sis, I dunno what got me, that party overlapping with my appearance right now, I cried. YJ laughed at MS MS: don’t laugh! YJ: you surely looked like when you are little. YJ: oh well, it seems difficult for you to walk. MS: yes? YJ: excuse me (take of his jacket and wrap it on MS lap and lift her up in his arms) YJ: there is my spare shoes in the car, wear it, get your ankle checked at hospital tmr and come to office later. MS’s 1st surprise: YJ lifting me up so easily, 2nd surprise: realisation of what happened just now. Why do I have to look like this in front of director? Moreover, how can he still remain calm and unaffected. (MS wearing YJ spare shoes) After this incidence, I have made up my mind to work harder to be that type of person. Let me also tell you the present I received later. YJ gave MS a pair of new high heels with a note, “at least dun fall when wearing heels, that’s why I gave you this”. and a Japanese study book “p.s. I will test you on this, memorise”. From that day onwards, I don’t why I feel closer to YJ. I will learn from YJ more before I return to Korea. MS from America. Today I still made many mistakes and get scolded by YJ…. Epilogue. YJ: Next prequel can we make sure we show “that”. MS: that? [I think next week will show the new born baby???]
  7. Oh so they will start film after script reading? If this drama airs in Dec, so that means tvn will complete all film before it broadcast?
  8. @mrlyncrdn nope net yet...next week will also be a continuation of this prequel, as this letter from Miso is not finished yet....
  9. #94 webtoon Prequel (1) – Letter of Miso Miso is writing an email to eldest sis. I have already been in America for already 3 months. how’s things in Korea? Is dad ok? As always, I am buried in studying English and try to adapt to work. I am still making a lot of mistakes and getting scolded by the director (YJ) everyday. When I was at school, I received compliments from teachers all the time, why work is so difficult now. Oh right, there’s one thing recently. YJ: KMS have you brought any formal dress with you for formal occasions? MS: yes? YJ: Cocktail dress or evening dress. MS: I didn’t bring any dress, but I brought the one piece with me that I wore at my sister’s college orientation day. YJ:……. MS:…..? YJ: Good, will send a dress to home. YJ: Tomorrow night you will be my partner for a charity party. YJ: since I sent you the dress, please get ready by 7pm and I will take you there. Party…its like what you see in movie about a party, people in dresses gather, I am going to that setting. Moreover, when I looked at the dress that arrived the next day, its so pretty and amazingly, I started to feel fluffiness from that onwards. Whoever wearing that dress cannot help but feel special, just like the main actress in a movie. Why, in a movie that there is a handsome main actor waiting for the main actress right. Although this is not a person that I like (YJ) Like that day, even director (YJ) looks different. MS: did you wait too long? (YJ shocked at MS failed make up) I had to do my make up so it took some time. YJ thinks (totally not matching eye shadow; fluorescent pink lipstick that didn’t consider skin tone; make up, hairstyle, accessory 3 weird combo) MS: why? YJ: KMS, so you did the hair and make up by yourself? MS: yes yes, I don’t have too many cosmetics so I just make use with the available ones, is it strange? YJ thinks (she saying strange…don’t think she has any idea where should it start) MS: ? YJ: I have only prepared the dress up to that part and didn’t consider the rest, lets hurry, we should not be too late. MS: yes? Sister, you should know. The cosmetic palette I brought here, is the only one I got it from neighborhood store. Although I only have this at that time, I am trying my best. Makeup artist: looks gd on you, beautiful But when I saw the completed make up, I realized I was so unskillful in make up. One thing is strange, director (YJ) who saw the whole process, didn’t even say a word. MS: sorry to have bothered you, director (YJ). YJ: being unskillful cannot directly connect with making a mistake. YJ: learn from that experience and improve next time, should be like this YJ: just think it is all experience, no need to guilty and even no need to apologize YJ: this not just apply for today, it should apply to other things, think like this and its better for you. MS thinks (sister, even though I dislike most part of the director (YJ) YJ: when you became so experience in everything, you never know you might miss the “you” today. MS thinks she sometime envy the boldness and confidence oozed by the director (YJ), she wants to learn this point from him. MS: yes, director (YJ) YJ: (offer his hand to MS) come on MS thinks I have never grabbed a man’s hand until now, even though I know it’s a social courtesy for this kind of escort, my heart beat raised stupidly. When I grabbed the hand what happened afterwards I think sister you cant imagine. @mrlyncrdn yes, I read it when it came out~ ^^ here you go. I didnt expect will be a flashback scene tho...
  10. Let me leave my mark here. Not sure how the chemistry will turn out between the two leads....cos the age gap too huge
  11. oh, thanks for the clarifications~ Looking forward to more stills being released. the synopsis sounds pretty interesting.
  12. its interesting to find out that they do the drama posters after all the drama completed the filiming...usually is the other way around.
  13. finally see Min Young too...wow, thats so close...how can fans took it at that distance? Hope they enjoy their vacation. PSJ sure looks a bit tired with his hectic schedule now
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