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  1. What are your best guesses about what the last scene of the show will be? Let's see who gets it right. My guess is that it will be a flash forward (fast forward?) scene showing their lives several months/years later, of the lead couple and their friends/family/colleagues, like a montage. Still somewhat related to the ending of the show, I hope PMY and KJW don't get caught up in dating rumors right after the show. If they actually want to date each other, that's their life; but I hope there won't be rumors. On one hand, it's because of what happened with PMY's last drama, and I would rather that she not get aggravated again and have netizens going "wow, she likes to date all of her co-stars, doesn't she." But on the other hand, f the haters and randos on the internet; just live your life girl! @mmac80 I'm not holding out for a preview video anymore. I think we'll just get preview photos on Wednesday and Thursday morning, like usual.
  2. English subbed behind the scenes video for ep 13 & 14 by BluKimchiKdrama Watching PMY expertly put up her hair, I suddenly remembered that KJW knows how to do drag queen makeup (on his own face at least, from when he worked part-time at a drag bar to research his Hedwig role). Hair stylist PMY and drag makeup artist KJW --- again the perfect team!
  3. I think I'd prefer just putting KJW and PMY on a reality show and letting them do silly things together. It will have the same effect as a rom com, but without the questionable "plots" and unnecessary drama.
  4. Laica from Dramabean's brief review of this week's HPL from their "What We're Watching" series:
  5. Apparently KJW has always had the tendency to be long-winded when talking about something. Here's Kim Dong Wook telling him to just send a text because he talks too long; these instances are ten years apart. Minyoung's preferred method is to tell him to just get to the selling point.
  6. PMYIfansUnited has subs of the behind the scenes video on their IG in 5 parts. Here's the first one (the rest you can find here).
  7. I like to think KJW would enjoy being a guest on Busted. It's like live role-playing improv, quite different from most of the productions on TV. (I know I would love to be a player/detective on it!) Come to think of it, he and PMY seem to do a lot of role-playing improv on HPL.
  8. Awww, I love them so much! There needs to be a season 3 at least so it can be a trilogy. "HPL fighting, Minyoung noona fighting!"
  9. Aww, they play and vibe (and laugh) so well together! I love the entire thing, but some notable bits: 1:36 Playing around with ad libs at the end of the breakfast scene so Ryan and Deokmi could make out sans coffee 2:16 Turning hand-holding into a "Fighting!" cheer 3:14 KJW looked so impressed when PMY did her hair up. I was very impressed too. 4:07 @mmac80 I agree, the kiss scene was a lot hotter in the bts. Seems to be the usual case with this couple. 4:00 KJW's habit of wiping her tears away 4:12 PMY's habit of wiping her lipstick from his face
  10. "It's glycerin." - KJW, probably I disagree...I think there's a way to do it that makes emotional sense, and I think this pair of actors can pull it off. Finally watched episode 14 with subs...and that didn't change my mind. I still found it mostly boring. It must be my cold pastel-black heart. But poor, poor Ryan. Confronting his long-lost mom and instant brother and seemingly having to come to terms with it pronto and his girlfriend won't even let him drink and getting unsolicited therapy for his chronic mental block, all within 72 hours or so? Poor, poor dude. I'm really amazed at how well he seemed to be doing, especially at work, even when he was going through all that. I would have promptly taken a leave and gone on a bender, maybe with some therapeutic plate-smashing thrown in. I guess having a therapy girlfriend really helps. Also, I love Hyojin! When she had to go without the affluent lifestyle she was used to, she immediately decided on a solution, adapted to a new lifestyle without whining or feeling sorry for herself, and got along well with the people who were helping her. Also I love her brazenness, calling out the lovebirds for "privatizing" the gallery and for the "TMI" at the company dinner. Now she just needs to convert from her stalker ways. And I also still love Eom. So. Hye. (Ohmygod!) Steals the show, every time. And the last scene...I still wasn't moved by it, but I can appreciate that PMY and KJW did great. I did keep on thinking during the scene that I hope they played Pictionary during the filming downtime. Can KJW draw well too? It seems like he does everything. And also yes, it did look like a hair commercial! Give this girl some endorsement coin! @luvcrabbieshinhwa Thanks for the Melohwa link! My fave ones were: (Me: The answer is hell yes.)
  11. I've only seen PMY in WWWSK and HPL (have only seen clips of her other dramas), and I think she's a good actress, certainly one of the better ones of her generation. She has a great screen presence. I wasn't a fan of the first two episodes of HPL, but what I did like in those was how she was able to establish Deokmi as distinct from Miso. I felt right away that Deokmi was an entirely different character, and not just because of the writing; it was the way she carried herself, the nuances in her expression, and the energy she exuded. And she seems to be the kind of actor who can elevate another actor who's in a scene with her; not too many can do that. I hope to see her in more adventurous roles (KJW's impact! ), but I do acknowledge that the roles written for women aren't as diverse or plentiful as those available for men. I'll definitely check out whatever her next project is, especially if it's a drama (those are easier to access). @tnl34 That was probably me. Hey, different strokes for different folks, right?
  12. I hope we get a super adorable and lovey-dovey morning after scene at least (probably featuring KJW's best cooked lobster impression again). Seems like the two Youtube videos from the last scene aren't racking up the views that an HPL upload usually gets. I also hope the last two episodes will be chock-full of Deokmi-Ryan happy goodness...it's the last we'll ever see of them.
  13. Why would she dump him in front of the orphanage though, instead of waiting for one of the staff to turn him over to? That's pretty cruel. Were there cops after her or something? I know, I know, we'll find out next week.
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