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  1. I really like that they showed him moving on with his life. Sure, he misses her, but life goes on for him (and for everyone). Also, he's guaranteed to become rich, so. Please visit me too, Rich Ma Go! Well, Rich Ma Go or not, I will move on. Thanks to all the members I met here for a fantastic time. See you in another drama thread, maybe.
  2. Oh no! So she actually liked Chansung (in some way) all along! That's brilliant! I'm fine with the show not showing/guaranteeing that they'll meet again in their reincarnated lives. I'm happy with their show endings: that Man Wol didn't get turned to dust and so can reincarnate, and that Chansung didn't die prematurely. Even if they reincarnate, they won't be the same people anymore. To me it's enough that they could meet in this lifetime and love each other that way (although a few more kisses wouldn't have hurt ), and have Man Wol leave the world without her resentment and guilt. I don't consider it a tragedy that they had to part ways; that's just life.
  3. I see. Boooo, Chansung has a boring imagination.
  4. Haha, that Dramabeans user was right! Chansung (and his dad) saved little Man Wol in the wilderness. Nice. I guess in the end scene everyone is a reincarnation? Why couldn't they have reincarnated as a PDA-enthusiastic couple instead of just a shoulder-leaning couple again? I mean, they didn't even kiss each other goodbye the first time around! Aside from the dire lack of kisses, I'm happy. The show stayed strong throughout, thank goodness.
  5. To me it was CS being human. He knows that he has to not stand in the way of Man Wol's freedom, but that doesn't mean he won't miss her, and that he won't always want to be beside her. The pull of his feelings are contradictory to what he knows he must do, and he struggles, but he is able to overcome them because his love for her is greater than his selfish feelings.
  6. Just finished watching with subs. Why does Yeo Jin Goo insist on making me cry? What did I ever do to him?! Chansung choosing Man Wol's freedom at great personal cost to himself, not just once but over and over again...when will your fave?
  7. Wikipedia says he's a Theater major at Chung-Ang University, seems like he hasn't graduated yet. "Cute guy with abs who writes poems" haha! He has many charms, indeed.
  8. YJG's poem translated: I really love how he's so into this whole thing. Madame Choi is top model material. I love her poses and her attitude. During the 3 Delvengers scene she was also the fiercest. And Yeo Jin Goo will be going to Singapore to promote HDL, date and other specifics to be announced. https://malaysiankpopfans.tumblr.com/post/187346836013/hoteldelluna
  9. Yeah, I feel like that wasn't a throwaway line. Or at least it would be cool if it wasn't. I read a comment on Dramabeans theorizing that Chansung might be the person who saved little Man Wol in the wilderness and turned her over to Yeon Woo's mom. That would work for me. How can she still look so pretty even when yawning so widely? Life is unfair.
  10. The full video on Naver: https://tv.naver.com/v/9667598 Translation of the clip; YJG was trying to cheer her up when she was making a lot of NGs. (Not sure what PYN was thinking as she was looking at YJG. )
  11. Haha, I wouldn't use the word uncool. My personal feeling about it is that I will never know these people personally/well enough to wish them on each other.
  12. Ahaha. I avoid shipping actors but I would be glad if they could be friends who send food trucks to each other. Well, LDH and Smirkalot are two different entities (I won't use person since only one of them is a person and the other is a character). I feel that most of the time off-cam chemistry influences on-cam chemistry, and when I saw the latest bts of IU and LDH I thought, maybe this is what some of the Man Wol x Smirkalot fans see. I can't say that I personally see it on cam, maybe because I'm not very interested in their story and I don't feel that LDH is very strong in terms of screen charisma and acting (yet at least). Re: YJG, I've seen a few interviews with senior actors that he worked with and apparently they love him partly because he tries to approach them warmly like a son or younger brother etc. (they apparently also love him for his excellent work ethic and acting skills). I feel like that's kind of what he's also doing with IU, and I feel like IU's treating him like a mostly-lovable-sometimes-annoying little brother.
  13. I'm so late to the party, just saw the making-of video. Oooh, IU has some verrrry nice chemistry with LDH off-cam. LDH seems like a naturally outgoing and flirty person. Compared to them, I feel like IU x YJG have more like a sibling vibe.
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