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  1. Hi everyone I'm pretty new to this thread... I'm waiting for this drama to be completed before watching it... (haaaaaard !!) . But I like reading (a bit) of your posts, and following these news gorgeous OST in the meantine... Actually i have a question, I can see that this drama doesn't have clips showing up on top 100 of naver. Is that something to worry about? I don't know much about naver rules . Maybe because it's a 16+ rated drama?
  2. Bwaaaaaaaa I finished my marathon..... This is the eeeeeeend This last episode was beauuuuutiful , the wedding dress was amazing, the bride and groom were stunning.... actors were gorgeous to begin with, kisses were out of this world for k-drama, and my heart and stomach were "squeezing" every episode , I must have lost 10 years of my lifespan today!!!!! In short, I loooooved that drama !!! .... I don't know what more to say right now.... Gomowo recapers , lurkers (that's me too ^^), everyone ............ But it's finiiiiiished..... Ottokkeeeeee
  3. Hi everyone.... I'm still in the middle of my marathon to watch the whole drama again before ep 15 and 16, and I wanted to share a light note ! Episode 10 ! He warned us !! We should have been more prepared for that ep 13
  4. Siiiigh It's almost the eeeeenddd !!!! I'm sorry i did not and won't participate much before it's finished... I'm not gonna watch this episode yet. Tomorrow early morning I'll start again the whole drama, marathon it and finish by that ep 16 tomorrow night !! I want to have the whole feelings built up for these last 2 episodes See you tomorrow everyone <3
  5. I agree, our heartttts !!! You're welcome !! I'm enjoying making these sooo much Here is another one ! Bold PMY....Hummm looks like she's enjoying and taking advantage of that rehearsal a looot
  6. aaaah that was it???? You must be right!!!! I'm sorryyyy I guess my mind went too far, thank you for that explanation dear ! .... ......... .............. (but chinguya..... you're not trying to fool yourself right? ) ...I'm sorryyyyyyyyy....... But.... I'm glad I'm not alone :'D <3
  7. Aheum! Actually, i think that episode was waaaaaaaay sneakier than expected, at first sight ! Before explaining... uri chingu @jeijei , since you're a minor, please forgive me and skip that comment juseyo That my B self talking, so.... So ! Honestly , yesterday, I couuuuldn't wait watching that episode, so i watched first these YT videos that TvN posted, then I watched the raw episode (twice !), then riiiight after, the subbed one ! (that I'm deeeefininitely gonna re-watch today :'D ) And There is a scene that felt completely Off while i was watching it raw. The cake scene. To me that was like a wasting scene that they put up just to add a funny part. So while watching that subbed part I was reaaaally ready to skip that part (i knoooow , it's bad !!!) , but my connection was so off that I couldn't have any other option but watch it again ! AND , I'm glad I did ! Subbed made it all , and at the end of that scene i was like.... "what?????? What did I just watch !!!!"
  8. Well.... They actually spent an entire episode (maybe 2?^^ ) for a bed scene ! (...though the wait was deeefinitely worth of it ) , I think 3 episodes are fine ! Here is my guess ! : - next episode is dad's meeting , + maybe at the end of the episode, their colleagues discover their relationship (here i see the sudden ending of the episode, surprised in a "compromising" moment ... (okay my imagination is running wild :'D ) , or even better, same as webtoon, he s got fed up of hiding it , and holds her hand /kiss in front of them ! (awwww my heart). ah ! or maybeeee, he's asking her to get married, and she says yes! Of course ! - Following episode : her colleagues' reactions and how they work in these new conditions (hehehehehe i want to see that ! ) then meeting with her dad and his parents ! End of the episode : she discovered she's pregnant , and is just about to tell him , but something he said made her sad stopped her in her confession ! (following the webtoon :D) ....well, i dont like that last moment, but things are going too well, so there must be a lil bit of drama - Last episode, in the end she tells him about the pregnancy , and still decides to resign , as she was telling him at the very beginning of the drama ! Despite him not willing it ! (of course they reconciled pretty well, since he likes kissing her better than fighting if i remember that wardrobe kiss.... unless after that last episode they upgraded their "reconciliation ways"??? I wouldn't mind that at all either . (aheum !! that's just an idea of course !!! (...can someone tweet that idea to PD-nim juseyo? :'D ) Of course in the end they got married. why not extra scenes of life after wedding too... . . ...Though I'd love to see them keep working together... but I'm not sure that it's good for a couple to be together 24/7 :D... well.. who knows Anyway... I deeeeefinitely think there is enough material to make us thrill for 3 others episodes !
  9. Anneyong everyone!! First time I am writing in this ship Just a small point of view... and maybe people wouldnt like that But... True it feels that JA's character is portrayed with some flaws... more flaws than for JH. But... actually I like that ! I could have made her decisions... out of willing to protect my own family, or roots, and try to protect other's too... I agreeee, the way it was done was...full of mistakes. ..But I could have made these mistakes too ^^ That what makes that drama soooo lovable ! It's pretty rare that we can find dramas where main characters have flaws. And it's so real.. As a westerner, we tend to think that "whyyy don't you get out of your home and start living your life alone JA ?!!" But again... asian's culture is quite different, and JA does represent that, I think. I'm actually quite curious about what korean people think about her ! I wouldn't be surprised that she 'd have lots of supports in her decisions over there ^^. Making people "fight" between "love" and "family roots" or "morals".... Huge kuddos to the producer here. That is this generation's hardships with their own cultures over there.... having to deal with strong family's power, and their own dreams... And another thing. I don't think that JH is as perfect as it seems... (though i loooove him , don't get me wrong ) . But to me, he was protected his whole life, by his own sister, almost living in his own lies so he can forget or denie his hard past. His sister was the only one that was going through the hardships of family roots. She was the one calling their father, crying over it, not letting his brother getting involved with that. So..somehow, i kind of agree that yes, his character is a bit childish in some ways. To me, it's time that he faces his own things too, and stop being overprotected :)) As a conclusion... i could really say that these two are two faces of the same coin !! They both have flaws, both have their own things to fix , but they are sooo perfect together <3
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