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  1. I was looking forward to this scene but unfortunately it was omitted during the screening. I suppose it will be in the Director's cut. cr dc, as labelled
  2. Wow....I want if they include Dan's handkerchief too. Will it be sub in english for Director's cut?
  3. I made my confession after watching the last 2 eps with eng subs. The scene that made me cry non-stop in the finale was this scene...it was so heart breaking. I watched the drama because of myung soo and ended up being blown away by SHS's acting. Myung soo's acting has also improved alot compared to the last drama i have seen him back in 2017. How could I not love our Danyeon couple? For the last couple of months, they have made us laugh and cried so hard. YS and Dan's characters really make our otp shines brightly in this drama. I'll be looking forward to the KBS drama award at the end of this year. Hope that they will attend the award together and win Best couple award, Best Actress and Actor awards, Best OST and Best drama award and Daesang for SHS. KBS, is it possible? This is the best kdrama that i have seen so far in 2019 that lured me back into soompi once again. Hope that they will be able to reunite for another kdrama in future.
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