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  1. doneFrom ep 1-15 seems like full of theory and when I watched ep.16 seem a puzzle is complete and make sense.. the Yoyo boy is the best hidden plot that KES did in TKEM overall it's a satisfying happy ending.. one of my fav drama in 2020 so far. TKEM has everything. the best story sci-fi fantasy romancecommelodrama genre?!? i guess haha.. from the best main lead even supporting actor has the great acting. the best cinematography. the best OSTs AND the best chemistry on off screen between lee min ho and kim go eun is no joke I hope they will meet again in another project Thanks to writernim.. pd~nim and all the cast in this drama for more 2 months.. i had a great time watch this drama a love that goes beyond universe between parallel world
  2. It's been a long time Finally I'm made a post in here.. I just wanna say OMG EP. 11 EXTRAORDINARY! EP. 11 woaahhh as expected KES's drama.. woahhh the best best!! LMH and KGE nailed every scene!! their acting woahhhhh the chemistry. the storyline. acting skill. the cinematography. the ost. the supporting actor. woahhhhh DAEBAK!
  3. finally finish up catching the previous episode! i like the vibes of this drama! can't wait to see next eps
  4. it's been a long time❤️! CLOY make me in here again and I'm count on you EPS 16!!