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  1. wowwww!! really love this drama! its romantic comedy that I waiting for and tonight in ep 10 aaaaaaaahh why Kim Jae Wook can be HOT and CUTE at the same time ??!! i'm really loving it. ohmyheart please be still and prepare until eps 16! HAHAHAHA and I just want to say again that Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young chemistry is so damn much good on and off screen. neomuuuu chuaa
  2. wowwwww!!! thats happened !! from the moment they announced the cast PMY and KJW and its rom-com. I know they will nailed it i need the behind the scene HAHAHA and prepare tomorrow still will be on fire
  3. even in imagination, Deok Mi has a wild imagination HAHAHA seriously RYAN GOLD SO DAMN SWEET AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME WHEN HE KISS DEOK MI aaaaahhhh seriously finally I'm found the hype to watch the drama on going again! can't wait to next eps!
  4. don't know why watched this drama gave me butterfly feel when KJW and PMY stare each other HAHAHA and today's episode at that bathroom scene even no OST it's so damn good that feel. I can't deny that chemistry between them is the good one can't wait for eps 6.
  5. it's been a long time finally I'm back in soompi HEHEHE and 'her private life's drama drag me to watch drama on going again
  6. uwwwwoooowww the last scene !! hyun bin and shin hye never failed me. can't wait for next week
  7. until the end especially when after they wear a ring couple and ME while watching this scene saying "OK now , after this they will kiss kiss kiss but nope ! it's not happen but I like the ending. thanks to this drama I can watch my another ahjusshi So Ji Sub come back in dramaland. I'm really enjoyed watch this drama. thanks to all the casts for your hardwork. and thanks for all of you who share recaps , your thought , still cut , and OST. see you again in another drama.
  8. thanks to all the casts for your hardwork. writer-nim. pd-nim. thanks for pairing them as a couple. WonShim .. thanks for the best supporting actors behind this drama and for jihyunnie and kyungsoo i'm very impressed with your acting skill and chemistry on/off screen. this drama will be my fav list drama. and congrats for the great ratings. at least it's happy ending guys!
  9. Seo Kang Joon really good potraying the character as On Joon Young. and Esom too That feel. uuuuwwwh now I'm curious how they will meet again at their third meeting. and how about their feeling. can't wait next friday !
  10. MY CURRENT EMO hahaha ! i love the surprise kiss from TVN tonight ! but next week is the last eps
  11. woahh after a long time not in the thread. finally this drama hooked my weekend. after I watched their first meeting when they only 20 years old. and then they lost in contact for 6 or 7 years for a some reason from YJ. and like what we see JY feel like so depress when YJ left him. and until he decide to be police and he say it because of her. I feel like JY so much like her since the beggining. It's feel like first love for both of them. and accidentally they meet again for the second time when they 26 years old. they resolved the problem why YJ left him without reason. after that they decide to dating as soon as possible. hahahaha and at the end of Ep. 4 the next second breakup of problem will appear I think it's will lead them to be a next good relationship. story of this drama is all about love story. the one that make me want to know what will happen at the third meeting? how they will meet again? will they broken again? wooaahhh I'm really hooked with this drama since they release first trailer until their long teaser. I'm already attracted with their OST. and I love both of them pairing together in drama. SKJ and Esom
  12. I'm not the only one who is crying isn't it ? DAEBAK! and again.. it's one of the best kdrama I've watched eventhough almost all the casts died in the end expect AeShin. But this drama has the best in my favourite. Everything. From the strong story. the superb acting from all the cast. the Cinematography it's incredible beautifully. the OST too woahhh I LOVE ALL THE OST in this drama. they deliver the feeling with a best way. eventhough it's just talk, gaze, or hug even they shoot each other. woahh It's incredible best in every scene. thankyou all the cast..all crew..writer~nim..pd~nim... for your hardwork for make this drama so great. my favourite kim eun sook's drama after GOBLIN. SEE YOU AGAIN.
  13. yeahhh !!! finally tonight I'm so excited for this drama .
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