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  1. dear moderator, posted this an hour after my last post, so I hope it's not considered a double posting or posting consecutively
  2. @ktcjdrama yes....it has been too long, glad to be back ! @realistic2280a I am stripping another drama right now and hope to find time to strip WWW as well ! @stroppyse hello there ! Looking forward to reading your insights and translations !
  3. hi everyone, first time posting here, just dropping by to post my strip! Just finished binge watching the 12 eps, I simply love it, love Tammy and Morgan's dialogues, the older couple to finalise their divorce and start dating and my favourite couple Scarlett and JiHwan to confess and start giggling like kids !
  4. @dito initially i thought this was just another "cheating" drama but after reading the author's articles, i realised i have been underestimating this drama. It really has many layers...and i hope she writes more after each ep.
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