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  1. this thread is moving slowly... nvm, i just love the episode with Nov 25th broadcast - Master Kim Soo Mi - everyone head got hit with a gourd. it was so hilarious - esp on what Sang Yoon's mom wish to hear from him https://www.soompi.com/article/1269103wpp/lee-sang-yoons-mom-reveals-words-wants-hear-master-house being an actor, its difficult for him to get married and indeed in the recent episode, he look so young lately... what did he do? hahaha... He is not only mathematically smart but also can memorised his lines in 5 minutes! Sang Yoon, you're a gem... good to see that he has loosen up in recent episodes.
  2. Havent been here for quite some times... like over 100 ish pages ago... Happy to read that PSJ is the most beloved brand in 2018, despite the minority in netizebuzz.com saying otherwise after news of them probably dating broke out after the end of WWWSK. IT shows PSJ is a brand to be reckon with. Both PSJ and PMY are still popular with Koreans and i look forward to both projects in the new year. Double Park fighting! Oh and happy belated birthday PSJ!.... seeing the photo, i miss seeing PHS too!
  3. @polydadmiac - difficult to move on... even i tried to watch cityhunter, but still havent watch ep2 - kill me heal me - havent watch though saw snippets of it.... not sure when this slump is gonna end
  4. Glad to see everyone is still active in this site.... hahha... good to see the fan meeting with PSJ. After all the drama after the end of WWSK, glad to see that they are resuming their activities and meeting fans. I cant seemed to watch a drama long enough that hold my interest since the end of WWSK. Comments on 100 Days Prince seemed nice but it is draggy.. im like, ok, come on, he needs to remember now...but nope, drag again.. and how is it the acting is considered good when he always look serious? I need to rewatch sec kim Need to have more positive and happy vibes!
  5. Hi both... great to see you back... yes, the LA episodes are funny. Sad to see Sang Yoon worrying being in the variety show. i wouldnt be surprised if he thought of quitting the show. I guess because he is serious and he doesnt know how to loosen up, as it might tweak his image. But happy to see In Pyo's daughter recognise him rather than the other three Urugh, i never really finish About Time or Lawless Lawyer... sigh... the drama finished in a long time is Why Secretary Kim.. .
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