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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까


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What is wrong with Secretary Kim



What is wrong with Secretary Kim / 김비서가 왜 그럴까

Director: Park Joon Hwa

Writer: Jung Kyung Yoon

Network: TVN

Episodes: 16

Release Date: june 6, 2018 --

Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30


Lee Young-Joon's family runs a large company and he works as the vice-president of the company. He is smart, rich and handsome, but he is arrogant. His secretary is Kim Mi-So. She has worked for him for years and she is perfect for him, but Kim Mi-So decides to quit her job.


Park Seo Joon as Lee Young Joon

Park Min Young as Kim Mi So

Lee Tae Hwan as Lee Sung Yun

Pyo Ye Jin as Kim Ji Ah



source: asianwiki

official site: http://program.tving.com/tvn/secretarykim/

watch on viki: https://www.viki.com/tv/35835c-why-would-secretary-kim-do-that



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Park Seo-joon (Fight for My Way) has been cast for the lead role in Why Secretary Kim. He is set to play Lee Young-joon, the Vice President of Yoo Il Group, a second-generation chaebol graced with good looks and brains and on top it, extremely narcissistic.

Meanwhile, Park Min-young (Seven Day Queen) is positively considering the titular role Secretary Kim, who has stayed at Lee Young-joon’s side through thick and thin, doing everything to protect his boss.

Why Secretary Kim is set to air on tvN this late May.



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I have a mixed feeling about this drama. I love to see Park Seo Joon again but I don't know whether I can move on from Park seo Joon - Kim Ji Won couple.

But I love Park Min Young as well, so, if she decided to star in this, I am really looking forward for this drama :D

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Why Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까 - Park Seo Joon - Premiers in May
  • 2 weeks later...

We still do not have  any news about leading actress only this article



Korean Drama Why Secretary Kim: Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young to Start Work Together Soon?

Recently, talks about Korean drama Why Secretary Kim seem to hushed down. It has already been confirmed that Korean drama actor Park Seo Joon takes the male lead role of the series. Meanwhile, Park Min Young is still at the stage of considering the female lead role.

The Fight My Way actor will play the character Lee Young Joon. His family runs a huge company, where he works as the Vice-President. He is rich, smart and handsome — but arrogant. His secretary, Kim Mi So (role offered to Park Min Young), has worked for him for years, and she is so perfect for him. However, she suddenly wants to quit her job. Now, that is where this drama is going to revolve. He would not want her to quit.

The upcoming K-drama is based on Jung Kyung Yoon’s novel of the same title. It was first published in April 2013. On the other hand, the webcomic by Kim Young Mi based on the novel was first published in 2016, on page.kakao.com.

One of Korean top female stars, Park Min Young, is offered to take the female lead role, as the titular role, opposite the vibrant and dynamic actor. However, she is said to still be considering her part.


The production team currently composes Director Park Joon Hwa, Writer Jung Eun Young and the confirmed male lead, Hwarang actor Park Seo Joon.

The Korean drama Why Secretary Kim adaptation is scheduled to air in May. It will take over the current time slot of Korean drama My Mister that stars Kpop idol IU and Korean drama actor Lee Sun Gyun. That is every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

Hopefully, we will hear some good news about the actress’ decision soon.



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Lee Tae Hwan In Talks To Join Park Seo Joon In New tvN Drama



On March 28, a source from Lee Tae Hwan’s agency Fantagio told news outlet OSEN that the actor received an offer for the drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” (tentative title) and is positively considering it.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” is a drama based on a popular webtoon series of the same name. The plot follows the romance between a narcissistic second generation chaebol Lee Young Joon and his assistant Kim Mi So known as a “legend” in the world of secretaries.

Park Seo Joon has landed the role of Lee Young Joon, and Park Min Young is in talks to play Kim Mi So. “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” will air in May.


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Park Min Young Confirmed To Join Park Seo Joon In New Romantic Comedy Drama




Following Park Seo Joon’s confirmation for a new tvN drama, Park Min Young has also confirmed.


The Wednesday-Thursday drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” (tentative title) is based on a popular webtoon series of the same name and is a romantic story about the perfect but narcissistic second generation heir Lee Young Joon and his “Legend of the Secretary World” assistant Kim Mi So.


A source stated, “Park Min Young will play Kim Mi So and pull off sweet but feisty chemistry with Park Seo Joon, who previously confirmed his own casting in the drama.”


Kim Mi So is a flawless secretary with a bright smile who has worked for Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) for nine years. She is both talented and beautiful, but she has never been in a relationship before. In the drama, Kim Mi So submits a letter of resignation to Lee Young Joon with a smile on her face, presenting him with a massive headache.


Park Min Young appeared in many dramas of diverse genres, such as “City Hunter,” “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” and “Remember.” However, this will be her first time appearing in a romantic comedy drama. A source from “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” stated, “We felt that Park Min Young, who has gained the viewers’ trust through her solid acting skills in every single work, was fit for the role of Kim Mi So.”

“What’s Wong With Secretary Kim?” will air sometime in mid-June.



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Park Min-Young cast in tvN drama series “Why Secretary Kim”

Resultado de imagen para park min young

Park Min Young is now cast in upcoming tvN drama Why Secretary Kim, co-starring Park Seo Joon. For the drama series, Park Min-Young will play lead female character Kim Mi-So. Her character has worked as the secretary for company vice-president Lee Young-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) for the past 9 years, but she suddenly submits her resignation. The drama series is based on 2013 novel “Kimbiseoga Wae Geureolgga” by Jung Kyung-Yoon.

“Why Secretary Kim” will first air June, 2018 in South Korea. Source: asianwiki

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