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Add and Subtract Game

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@stroppyseNo, I really just meant the " It's never good to be stuck in the past."-  part I said in that post. You could probably say that I, sometimes, also live in the past and tend to deal with old stuff. 

So by giving that advice, I just wanted to prevent you from throwing these words back at me. :D  

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Well I loved DotS aswell. It's the only place I can say the following sentence without feeling bad. I wished they had never left the war.


@stroppyse "Touch your Heart"? Sounds pretty Rom-Com-ish! Is it a romcom?

OH GOD, I just read Chaebol, coldhearted and arrogant male lead. 



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9 hours ago, Sejabin said:

@bairama how if you do that spicy noodles challenge with abnoch? Xixixixi You will got many viewers :blush: like ria ricis and all those youtubers ^_* I really want to do that challenge but my ulcers now can not coordinate well with my tounge :blush: I am old now and so are my ulcers 

this is the last thing he would like to choose. Add from his actual comment: before doing that he will choose to be die first:joy:

and I prefer to stay with just fmvs and maybe some musics.. :cookie:


@mouse007 thanks for the kind words and support!! 




Btw for those who is not checking out yet, the second owner era already in it too, xbairama:kiss_closed:



950 (whatttt already in 900s:joy:)

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27 minutes ago, kokodus said:


Bahahahahaha @stroppyse Really?! I was anyways going to watch that show. I can't miss on Grim reaper and Sunny's second drama together, right?!? Haha. 


@kokodus I plan to watch it as well. They had such great chemistry in Goblin so I'm totally going to check their new drama together.



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