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  1. +2 So is the JCW drama enjoyable or not?
  2. +2 @Sushimi From life, life creates more questions than you can ever find answers for. @LmanglaOmg you were so innocent. That's so cute! I love it! "Was there something on the road?" But yeah, you clearly gave him an answer. @kokodus Pathetic? Oh sis, you still need to learn a lot. I don't want to get started on this or drag this into another useless fight, but there is again so much wrong, Us fighting never leads to anything. Sometimes life is not black or white. Timing is a crucial part in life, especially in love. Sometimes silence is gold. It's not pathetic to value what you have, because once it is gone, you begin to miss it and rebuilding something is way harder. You have to take risks sometimes, that's correct, but destroying is always easier than rebuilding. You can never go back to the state where you didn't say anything. No, trust me. "Sexy" is being someone who looks out for others and is not only focussed on their own selfish feelings. "Sexy" is considering what your actions may or may not change in someone elses life. Yes, you should be honest withsome about your feelings, but sometimes it is simply not the right time or place to do. Actions have consequences. And sometimes people have very good reasons to rather wait or not say anything. I guess that only happens to girls. What? I'm a guy, we cannot read girls? We never know. We don't even know why you like us men in the first place. But to answer your question: I think I am in @Lmangla Territory. I would even go further and say 0. Why zero? Because according to my definition 1 is "when he/she proposes to you and you still doesn't realize". Well even if someone would do that, I would still ask "Why?" & "Really?". I question everything, I never take anything for granted. I either totally walk in the dark or read signs when there are none. Why do you think I created the "Council of Ladies"? Because I walk blindly into anything and never know if there is something or not. When I think there could be someone into me, I rather let others check if what I see is correct. On the other hand, I had so many cases where other girls came to me and asked me: "Don't you realize? She is always attacking/targeting you" or showing interest and I simply just though she is being nice and likes to talk. So yeah. High fiving with @Lmanglahere. I probably missed so many chances of already meeting Mrs.D. I miss the fine ones and only find the weirdos.
  3. +2 @LmanglaAh, finally someone. I bet there are a lot of comedy stories hidden there. Omg that's gold! I like it. Finally someone who doesn't rely on his mindreading superpowers. @kokodusSo you have this super power aswell? What's your take on it then? How often did you realize it? Wow, that sentence is so wrong in so many ways that I don't even know where to start. Fear doesn't mean they are not interested. These two things you mention don't have anything in common. Some are just to scared to be rejected or destroy something that cannot be rebuild. Once you ask her out, there is no turning back and it may end up like a dark cloud above you. Sometimes not saying anything is saving something precious before it's gone. Some value friendship more than losing someone due to a confession that gets rejected.
  4. +2 @nrllee Another 8. Wow, all of you see it quickly if a guy is interested in you. Oh that's interesting. I have to keep this in mind.
  5. 936 @triplemAnother 8, Sigh. @Lawyerh It seems like that. But that's what I was saying. Sure it's not based on facts, but my question implied asking yourself how much you think your ability of reading guys is "in shape". @ktcjdrama10 would have been overkill But all of your answers suddenly raise a question in my mind. Since you all are on 8 or 9. How long did it take to know your hubby was into you?
  6. +2 Gosh you all have so high numbers. Girls can read our minds so easily? I feel like I should start wearing a tin foil hat to protect my thoughts. @ktcjdramaNINE? What in the world are you? A trained AI who reads guys minds like a fairytale book? What is 9 then? After one hour of interaction you know what is on his mind? @Lawyerh EIght? Wow, you all have high numbers. @Sushimi7? So you say of yourself, that you are able to read a guys mind 7 out of 10 times? Sushi Sushi? My question wasn't on a scale of 1 to 10, how should you behave to be not too obvious. This isn't about me, I can handle myself and know to a certain degree how far I can push before it gets suspicious. But a guys pov is very different from a girls pov in this one. Guys ALL think we are freaking agents who can hide in the shadows and no one will ever know what we are thinking. But girls are much better at reading minds or intentions. than we are. So I evaluate where both pov's collabse.
  7. 926 Girls are so complicated. I asked one simple question. Sigh..... 1 is you don't even get it when he proposes 10 is when he just breathes and you know, he likes you. That is an answer.....I guess......but......I think have to study first to understand it. I need to read it a couple of times to fully get it. Sigh......
  8. +2 @triplem You, of course. @Lawyerh Okay you made my question into something way more complicated. @SejabinWell, she is fine I guess.
  9. No number since consecutive post, but I'm curious, so I have a question for all girls in here. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good do you think are you in reading if a guy is interested in you? Do you know instantly if a guy is interested in you or do you have absolutely no idea at all?
  10. +2 @staygoldWow, half of the stars? That puts it in quite a bad spot. I won't touch it. @SushimiHa! Emo!
  11. +2 @SushimiYou tagged me but it disappeared. Was it important?
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