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  1. 664 Second seasons are never as good as first seasons. #TrueStory The hype and expectations are just way too high.
  2. +2 @triplem @LawyerhWill also be my first time watching a sageuk drama. But I mean, when KSJ calls, I have to watch it. I also lack a bit on new KSJ gifs, so this will be a perfect opportunity to collect new material. Huuuuh ~ Probably the only time I will be swooling.
  3. 976 Who is Kenneth? I don't get that. True.....sadly. You are.
  4. 962 @sushiliciousOr you are just too innocent for this world. It's fine, story got a bit more interesting but it's the epidome of meh. I'm just too lazy to start something new.
  5. +2 So you are rice and raw fish making love? Well....okay. Let me summon the, kinda menly, but real Lady Gaga(s)
  6. +2 I honestly thought of something similiar. Everytime I checked a news site I couldn't see anything about the cause of the fire and I thought: "What if something set it ablaze? What if someone did it on purpose?" Maybe they want to hide it. It must have started somehow. But maybe I do watch too much drama/thriller dramas. Luckily the french firemen were able to control it, so it didn't burn down completely, they can save it, it will just need a lot of time, money and effort. Still, a lot of history is lost in the flames. Actually....no. The first half of Manhole was decent, the episode where he was dead and saw the people around him dealing with his death was one of the best and touching episodes I have ever seen. His desperation at the end and how much he learned through this experience was great. If the second half would have been like the first 5-6 episodes, I would have probably counted it as one of my fav dramas ever. But at one point the drama didn't just went downhill, it fell vertically with high speed and crashed into a wall. Some dramas get worse, Manhole decided to destriy itself. I mean, the wedding at the end, the alien stuff, so many dumb decisions, Uee's complete relationship with that second lead. Gosh.....the second half is on the same level as SWDBS and parts of CP.
  7. 782 Thoughts are with the french people and the people in Paris. If you don't know, this monday afternoon the Notre Dame Cathredral burned down completely. 700 years of history and architecture burned down to the ground in just a few hours. At least nobody died or was hurt.....but this amazing piece of architecture will probably be gone forever. Mother is the best example. I probably wrote more reviews here than on any other thread. Manhole probably also counts, if the last half of the drama wasn't as bad.
  8. No, well, depends how you ask him. He is your boyfriend, so it's just normal to know about his future, so just ask him freely and tell him that you just want to understand in detail. Don't mention your previous plans, because this could sound like you want to tie him down.
  9. Ohh, I agree! He was so hilarious!
  10. Park Sung Woon in Man to Man was hilarious. Everytime he had one of his brother talks or he cleaned these wooden things he had to buy from the Black Auctions. He was so funny all the time, but had also very serious moments. I bet @triplem thinks the same. Oh that reminds me of the scene where PHJ woke woke him up? You remember that scene? SO FUNNY!
  11. 852 Since in pretty much every category "My ahjussi" is nominated, did anyone of you watch it? I learned it's a melancholic kind of drama, so I I had the idea to give it a watch. But I would like to have some opinions first. Is it really that good?
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