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  1. +2 Good day today, I like it. Now just the sun would need to make space for a few more dark clouds and the day would be perfect.
  2. +2 Designated Survivor is also on my list. The other two are Class of Lies and Justice. But I don't know which one I am going to watch
  3. Honestly I can't even really remember the story of Judge vs Judge. It was just a drama that passed by and when it was over....well..... it was over. Somehow nobody did, but now everyone is celebrating her. She really managed to do some masterpieces with her soundtrack. Gosh, I love the OST probably more than the drama itself. The sisterhood is really nice, so is the brotherly friendship between the guys without any bad blood, but I also love JH's father, his working colleague mom, and JI's mom. The drama has so many "real" strong personalities far from kdrama tropes. No, probably not. As much as I love Kyung Soo Jin, but her recent dramas were just awful. She doesn't have the drama quality like for example Lee Bo Young. Same goes for Park Se Wan, as much as I loved her during ROm but every role beyond that was just meh. And on top Joseon Survival has every drama genre I pretty much dislike, I hate Time Traveling, I don't like Sageuk and romantic comedy is something I avoid as much as I can. I think I never fully watched one til this day. It's not the first KSJ drama I skip, I also heard the story is not as good. But honestly so far One Spring Night has the same impact on me like Mother last year, it totally satisfies me drama wise, I feel saturated and not hungry to start another one anytime soon. Maybe just a good old crime drama, there are a few in July that sounded fine. I actually think OSN has a decent slice of life plot, much like SLA. Back then you told me that SLA shows you life with all the usual struggles and things that come with it. OSN is quite the same, it's just life. Unpleasant things happen and you need to deal with it. It's really not the most entertaining drama, honestly most problems are a bit bloated, the only one with real problems is the second lead Which story line actually is more interesting to me than the OTP. The OTP just have a change of heart, time will help them if they manage to stay together and be honest to each other. People will throw stuff at them, but they will get over it. JI neither cheated on anyone and JH didn't behave wrong aswell. SI is the only one with real, actual problems, she was forced by her dad into a marriage that she didn't want with a husband who is abusive and violent. She has a great job as an anchor news woman, gets a big job offer and needs to refuse because she plans to divorce her violent doctor husband. She has real problems and her scenes are so hard to endure, which is maybe why I like her so much. Good crime dramas like Signal, Tunnel or Children of Nobody are so hard to find, you know that. I really wish Kill it would have been better. I actually liked the actors. Mhm, Signal was so special, I don't want to touch it and probably destroy a dreamy bubble of mine. There were so many scenes that disturbed me and still haunt me til this day. Nothing can live up to my memory of Signal. Honestly I can't wait until Christmas and December, then I will finally watch Fairy again.
  4. +2 Ate at the chinese restaurant again, I am so weak. But why must every sauce be so goddamn good? I like it a lot, but it's the kind of drama I usually am attracted to besides crime dramas. I don't particular like where SI arc is going, since she's my SLS, but I see what they have in mind with her. There were a few beautiful scenes. I enjoy it a lot so far, also because I LOVE the OST. I mention it all the time on the thread, but it IS the best OST I have ever heard on any drama so far (Sorry Fairy & Mystery Queen). How could I spent 32 years of my life without ever listening to Rachael Yamagata. @LawyerhJudge vs Judge was decent. I liked the female lead and the beautiful second lead, but like @triplem said, the loveline was totally out of place and forced. The drama would have worked totally fine without it, but they forced it pretty hard. Just don't expect a masterpiece, it's a good watch and worth your time, but you won't remember it a few months afterwards. I do a lot actually, but you know I am digging these kind of dramas. It's totally my kind of drama. I learn, I can think and enjoy. We also had a decent kiss. Actually it surprises me a lot that you didn't like it, the soundtrack is a masterpiece and the whole drama reminds me so much of SLA. Especially in the early stages of the drama. The director is also the same who made SLA and you can see it on each and every end, every angle is well chosen, the music plays a big part and is always so on point. I can see why he chose three tracks of Rachael Yamagato. It fits perfectly. As soon as the OST hits my usual Kpop stores, I will buy it in a matter of seconds.
  5. @triplemMhm, pretty much died down during the last couple of months, due to multiple reasons. Probably also a victim of my inactivity here besides One Spring Night. (Best OST ever btw). No new recipes, no new entry in my cooking book. Also just talk to mostly koreans these days and the recipes are just out of my reach,
  6. Probably a mixture of both. I could just relate so much, I would have done the same thing to cover my insecurity.
  7. Baked duck with rice, fresh vegetables and a coconut, peanut sauce. I don't know whose idea it was to open up a chinese restaurant near to my home & gym, but that person should be blessed.
  8. Episode 10. Thoughts At this point, I really do wish that somebody would finally punch GS. Just for the things he says to JI about JH. It's time someone fixes his world....Aww....I wish JI wouldn't have stopped him. GS deserves it. But it was kinda JH fault, first punch, then grab. Not the other way around....Sigh......after JH grabbed him, she was aware and interfered. Young Jae in JI's apartment folding the paper of the flowers and not knowing where to put it and due to insecurity just trying to put it somewhere? 100% me! JI words in the laundry were so beautiful, her being so honest to JH to "prepare" him were really amazing. I liked the scene a lot. Guys need something like this, it's important for us to know. We will always remember this. I call it now, when the last episodes airs, I will crown the MVP of the drama and it will be either decided between JI's mom or JH's dad. His dad was so amazing when he saw them, he reacted perfectly. I was a bit worried when SI called her sis over and wanted to talk, since I somehow feared that she may try to get JI away from JH, but I should have had more trust into my girl SI. When she started to cry and you realize that the words that JI said went straight to her heart. She actually likes that JH is a single father and JI falls for him and his kid, since she is kinda in the same position. SI really is an angel, she is someone you want to marry as a guy and keep forever. She really is my angel. SI realized that she will never be alone with the baby, with her sisters and probably JH around, with Eun-U as kind of a big brother for the baby. Poor JH, he can only lose when talking to JI and SI. If JI's dad wouldn't make such a fuss about marriage, the drama would be over in probably two episodes. And now JH between his second mom, his girlfriend and his gf's best friend. Wow...almost sounds like a cheesy american rom-com movie. Phew, he can only lose here aswell. E-V-E-R-Y guy can relate to a moment like this, we all went through that. I experienced it myself multiple times. I can feel JH. Final scene was kinda obvious, but it seems next episode won't be as exciting, it's pretty clear that their plan is going to fail. JI would never do this.
  9. Finished ep 9. JH was so badass talking to GS. "I'm certain it won't be me" was quite powerful, so are pretty much every word he's saying after standing up. GS is such a selfish richard simmons. He "overlooks" her mistake? Dude, you are already sorted out, it's no mistake, YOU are the mistake. He really thinks JI pities JH? Nothing will change? Gosh, in retrospect JH should have punched him. He really doesn't understand anything, it's like he misses even the basics of how human relationships work. JI is talking against a wall, GS is so trapped in his own mindset and his world, JI needs to really shake him up. It's like he cannot accept defeat from someone who he thinks is below him. There is nothing to save, JI already left the relationship, she left the phone-call, she left the building so to speak, so no matter how hard you try, she is already gone. It's interesting that GS hears from two different people in a short matter of time that he looks down on people. Should make him thinking. JI apology towards GS was like a stab towards the heart with the sharpest dagger you can imagine. Ouch! That was a big hit. SI is pregnant? That honestly hurts a lot, I don't like where her arc is going. I wish the writers would have a better storyline for her, this will make it more complicated, especially since it's most likely that he forced himself on her. She may try to raise her kid on her own, but her husband won't give in so easily even more now. Since he is violent, who knows that he will do to her and the kid. It also means a divorce is even more unlikely. Hye-Jeong was so cute, she's my MVP for the episode just for her smiling and telling JI that she needs to tell her a lot about JH. Okay after the car scene, she really is the MVP of the episode. Well......her love confession in the cafe was so unexpected: JH's facial expression was on point. He was so happy. GS's ego will be his doom. He's more worried about his pride than everything else. When I see these dad scenes, I realize I really so miss my dad sometimes. I simply love how JI turns around without even saying a word to Jae-In when JH sends her a message Decent first kiss (6/10), close to perfect second kiss (9/10)
  10. @staygoldNot really my kind of music, but I can see where you come from. Good ol' german. But besides the first few words, @kokoduslanguage is really present. And for the sake of the thread. Best. OST. EVER!.
  11. Thank you so much. I hope so, but I think it will be a rocky road also, they need to be a team to survive, since there will be a lot of things thrown at them. But after all, we get our first kiss next week. I think I will enjoy their parts for the most time. What really concerns me is SI's storyline, especially if she is pregnant. That would probably destroy her whole storyline and add another level of problems. I really want to see her freeing herself from her husband, but being pregnant will add another dimension to her storyline.
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