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  1. @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh it’s funny how Voice is so violent but yet in the midst of it, people still want romance, or at least a little romance which to me is like “?” Then I guess after the reveal trailer they are all like nowadays only one or two will still say that. ocn breaking their dreams haha 676
  2. @Lawyerh don't worry i won't he is still sexy to me hahaha 672
  3. trueee! You are gonna see me become more Japanese every time Voice talks about Japan. Imagine i start talking in japan haha 668
  4. what happened? BTW i love my new signature hahha so japanesish haha 664
  5. Definitely. But as an audience if i were to take out the context of it I love it haha. (KW looks so cool haha) I think kousuke is leaning on both ends at first as KW's personality is still there (Occasionally losing it), but soon, his true nature will lean to the other side. ('torture this person just because he enjoys the pain of others') as KW slowly loses it and disappears before he becomes a real psychopath. That is why KW stated in the trailer that he is willing to become a monster himself to catch other monster. I feel that they are setting up like a psychopath war haha. KW got to increase his powers in order to fight BJS. Only the monster can defeat the monster PS I cannot believe the fact that we are at EP 5-6 now wow. That's fast haha
  6. Nahhh Watching drama won't hurt hahah 662
  7. Same. Sometimes i enter parts of my house and forgot what i wanted. 658
  8. Lolll our next holiday like in a few weeks time haha sweeeeee! 654
  9. @ktcjdrama time is really going fast! It’s Wednesday which means...2 more days till Saturday! (Not counting today and Saturday ) just have to go through these few days! Me happy to see Kousuke! But not him being thrown of the cliff he will survive right? I mean, he is the lead...I’m honestly afraid that he will die at the end. Or get sent to psych ward or prison...he is a psychopath after all.. 650
  10. They will probably set it to 19+ at the last episode where stuff hits the fan? It’s like Guest which the last episode is the most juiciest one Actually same,I don’t mind looking at it. I am actually curious about the tattoo. I kinda feel as though, KW is hiding something regarding that tattoo. Getting a tattoo that talks about awaken is weird enough, but having the same as that wired San. That’s weird. Was he kidnapped and forced to do it or was it he/Kousuke is willing to do it? Am I sadistic to say that I really love Kousuke to send pain to those who hurt others? Wah I feel satisfied haha and I can’t wait for him to show his full potential hahaha Anyways on a side note, I feel that sometimes, Kousuke did come out even though they are not fighting. Just by his actions I think I know it’s Kousuke. one of them that I’ve spotted: Look closely, he is smiling in awe looking at those bright lights. Was thinking that Kousuke have been in the dark for years, so I wouldn’t be suprised if Kousuke finds these streets new and interesting haha. So now I guess Kousuke is awake and will take whatever chances to come out. Just a few more days! Another 2 episodes! Yayyyyyy!
  11. So..hm..erm..I cannot believe what I just read on the news. It’s hella disgusting and thus I have trust issues lol... A father is sentenced to 14 months in jail for sexually harassing his own child. HIS OWN CHILD. I really wow. The one that is supposed to protect is the one that instigates. What have the world become. @Lawyerh saw this article? 648
  12. Hahaha namgoong min is going as guest on I live alone! Gonna see his house I think! Woohoo! 642
  13. Alright, as I wait for my com to update...44 minutes remaining which...Er...*sigh* imma talk about mine! 1) Kim Nam Gil. I love him with his action moves. He looks so hot and handsome in it! Surprisingly enough, I never gif any action scenes, I’m such a KNG fan disgrace hahah. His voice strikes me in my heart hahah 2) Lee Jin Wook Gosh, I love him in voice. Voice only haha. I just take a lot at his past works...there aren’t really a lot of interesting ones, but I would say he is a versatile actor! I love him too! 3) My Chan, Kim Dong Wook Kimchi have been in my list for the longest out of the first 2. I never knew I like him until I watched Guest. To this day, Guest is a master piece to me! 4) Ju Ji Hoon Hoonie. Wah. For him, I watched 3 of his movies last year in the cinema. It’s awesome! He acts as a good guy role or as a bad guy role, he works real well with it! 5) Ji Sung I never talked about him for a while, but to me, he is really a likeable man. Especially in Kill Me Heal Me I love him in that hahaha he is so good playing as serval characters with different personalities. Hongkong 6) Ruco Chan He is one of those actor who could rock earrings and rings and look so badass with that (Ps. Bought my first ring and pieced my ears cause of him hahaha) I look like a gangster at one point going full emo mode with black nail polish haha Honorable mentions Kenneth Ma Ron Ng
  14. He is under Wookkimchi haha cause he is wook too! But jinchi sounds good too! Thanks! Hahaha Yes Jinchi looks real good too! Jinchi and Gilchi (Lol sounds like grilled cheese haha sorry Hae Mi!) Haha love them. (Lol, ocn, It’s too dark! Make it brighter! I can’t see!) this was what spark that “oh.” In me haha 638
  15. @Lawyerh I heard that Nam Kimchi pull extra ticket booking for meet and greet...I mean...it’s still useless to me. I can’t even go there and meet him. How I wish I could get some freebies from the meetup imagine seeing him in person! Man... 632
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