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  1. @Lawyerh I Don’t likeeeeee 510
  2. Lol @ktcjdrama Watch a netflix movie called Memoir of a murderer. I don't have netflix so i can't watch. That is like the only KNG movie that im dying to watch but can't watch No subs outside only netflix... 506 @Lawyerh Because
  3. So I’m right lollllll hahahahaha. Phew! Filming ended for KNG. So it’s official. Done!. Now for the viewing part lol. @ktcjdrama going to have KFC? Lol Today couldn't think straight lols.
  4. @ktcjdrama scratching my head too. Anyone translate?! Lol #热血司祭[超话]# 演员李珠英别出演,与金南佶搭档演出。李珠英将在剧中饰演‘国际婚姻事务所’所长一角,介绍伪造护照。[傻眼] 最近在电视剧《Item》中饰演法医展现了扎实演技的李珠英演员,事实上也是戏剧界的资深演员。 i don’t get the 别 part. If she is not included, why did they even produced this lol.
  5. Why must the girl dieeeeeee 504
  6. Lol. Like this im a piece of egg sushi who doesn't know what is this either. LOL Getting married to get power? LOL
  7. hahaha lolll yeah! WOOHOOO *Cough COugh* Can't shout throat pain 504
  8. I don't like cheating drama TBH. Because it's kinda represent those bad moral ethics which i really do not like. I know that i watch action crime, it's already bad enough, but Cheating....Cheating hits me hard. Kinda disliked the idea of playing with the feelings type. 502
  9. @Lawyerh LOLLL I have to do my e-learning too! Because it's good friday, doesn't mean i have no school lol. I have to do it at home school. So much for good friday. (This is how your students are right? @triplem Complaining hahaha) 1000
  10. Her occupation right, it's quite big though. 国际婚姻事务所 所长。please translate for me lol. As i whip out my brains i see the word marriage like what? @triplem can help too? LOL Something about current affairs? maybe? My speculation that Hae Il got the gun from her. Because based on these words, she should be apart of a organisation. It should be NIS. Yeah..He does look a bit different.
  11. LOLLLLL At one point was afraid that people will call me Napa Cabbage. LOL. But I will just keep sushi Lol. KNG story twitter, actually took my High cut interview first. This is how i know we got eyes from the outside. Lollll 994
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