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  1. I have!! I just love ODO so much. I love how he can’t hide his emotions and he basically just acts the way he feels. You can tell he really wants to impress AJ and he can’t even hide his jealousy!! He’s just so adorbs!! Have you seen it yet? -2
  2. Okay good to know. It looks like an excellent drama. I might check it out when I have the time. Right now I am a bit preoccupied. Do you have any interest in moderating? -2
  3. Crushing on Son Ho Jun right now... @cenching is IONTBO depressing? I saw the trailer and am debating watching it but am worried it might be a bit heavy? I am also considering starting Story of Ming Lan.. 360 - corrected
  4. @cenching Oh I see.. I was just surprised you decided to change it since you have the previous one for a long time. I personally prefer the light them but yes, Dark Theme is definitely easier on the eyes during the evening especially when you're here before going to bed. What are you watching these days? -2
  5. @cenching you changed your DP! -2
  6. Looking at my Soompi points.. -2
  7. You are correct @Nodame, that in most Asian families, the GF/BF isn't introduced unless it was serious or heading for marriage. I am curious though if AJ's mom knows who HN's father is.. I mean, even if she never met the guy, you'd think AJ would have told her his name, no?
  8. This would explain why he might think Ha Nee is his! Perhaps he thought something had happened between him and AJ when in fact, nothing happened!
  9. UGH! Why did AJ lie again!!!! It's just making it so much worse for everyone!! I think AJ probably had a crush on RJ because she chose to kiss him during that drinking game in ep 1 but ODO liked AJ and threw up on purpose to stop the kiss. And then he swooped in for the chance to ask her out. SMOOTH MOVES! Hahaha! I think there was definitely attraction between AJ and RJ but I think for AJ, it was just a crush and she loved ODO.
  10. I think that everything ODO says/does is driven by the pain he felt in losing her. He felt that she just walked out on him without an explanation and I, too, honestly believe that he still loves her. Sometimes the line between love and hate gets blurred when the emotions are strong. I think to cope with the pain, he formulated all of these opinions of her in his head to make himself hate her. However, he is slowly beginning to realize that none of it is true (such as his assumptions about how she's lived her life). I also love that AJ spoke up for herself especially if it turns out that she made all those choices for his sake. You are right in that ODO would have stayed with her had he known about the pregnancy and he wouldn't be what he is today. He wouldn't have written his debut novel which made him famous. I wonder too if AJ knew ODO would've given up his dreams for her and maybe she wasn't comfortable with that? I don't know.. in any case, I am so interested in the coming revelations. I am sure there is some complexity around RJ, AJ and ODO's relationship with each other. I wonder if ODO knows that RJ liked AJ. Because from my impression so far, it looks like he doesn't. I haven't seen ep 5 yet (have to do some work first ) but I think that woman we keep seeing in the previews is part of their past and somehow involved with ODO and AJ's misunderstanding. I can't help but feel bad for Ha Nee who is in the middle of all these! Imagine how confusing it must be for her! She's going from no dad to 3 potential dads and 1 suitor (the mobster).
  11. How is this thread moving so very fast? I checked it 3 hours ago and already I missed 4 pages. @phikyl are you in North America? Ugh maybe you could Fedex me some of those red velvet cupcakes. Lol @sadthe1st Love Alarm and Hospital Playlist are also on my radar. I didn’t realize Love Alarm was supposed to be many seasons. I actually got to the end of it and was surprised that it didn’t actually end. @mirmz hi!!! -2
  12. those sound delicious! I love red velvet cupcakes! Hmmm... maybe I should try making some. now I’m craving sweets!! -2
  13. @mirmz @phikyl money, friendship, abs, ridiculously handsome men..... @phikyl what are you baking? I am just about to end the work day and spend time with the little ones before I go make dinner. -2
  14. @partyon Haha! Thanks to the battle, I was able to rack up some points due to the kindness of others "liking" posts. Then I saw the sale and I was like... And went on a "shopping spree"! -2
  15. NAJ could've kept it a secret not only to protect Ha Nee but it could also be to set ODO free if Aejong was under the impression that that is what ODO would have wanted. Perhaps Aejong thought that by not knowing about Ha Nee, ODO could be free to pursue whatever it was he wanted to do without being tied down. Who knows what really happened but at this point, by keeping it a secret from both dad and daughter, NAJ's actions could be interpreted as being selfish. A situation where I can see this being extremely tricky is if the mother was raped (which I doubt is the case here). In the case of rape, I can understand why a mother would want to keep it a secret from the child because imagine the impact on the child knowing that. LOL I know! I am also amazed by the lack of communication in dramas and had they just been open from the very beginning, they could have had their happy ending years ago! A part of me thinks that both ODO and NAJ were unaware of the depth of their feelings toward each other which is why they are both so bitter about it. ODO felt that NAJ did not love him as much as he did her while NAJ gives me the impression that she felt ODO didn't treasure her.
  16. I got a good chuckle out of the Update #10 specifically as it pertains to the battle and the roles that people play in group projects. And Candy Mode! All I can say is.. WOW. I need soompi points to take advantage of Vault Sale!!! -2
  17. @Nodame I totally agree with you here - that society is harsher on women. For example, when a man cheats and has multiple girlfriends - "he's just being a typical man" but when a woman does it, the woman is severely criticized. I also find RJ suspicious. I don't know if RJ was the source of the misunderstanding (meaning that he caused it) or if it was more that RJ knew it was a misunderstanding, he could have done something about it but just chose not to for selfish reasons. I also am curious to find out when Aejong found out she was pregnant... the timing of this knowledge is also crucial. Did she know of the pregnancy before the breakup or after? I also thought it wasn't fair for Aejong to have kept it from Ha Nee. I think she deserves to know. I suspect that the reason Aejong didn't tell Ha Nee was to protect her from disappointment/heartache. Perhaps Aejong was under the impression that ODO didn't care or wouldn't have wanted to have anything to do with Ha Nee and maybe Aejong felt that it would be best for Ha Nee to not know her father than to know him and know that he wants nothing to do with her. Personally, I think she should have at least told her his name and the circumstances that led up to their situation. I can understand her waiting until Ha Nee is of a certain age where she can understand but at this point in the drama, I think Ha Nee is of age.
  18. @Nodame I don't mean to offend anyone here. I actually used that word to emphasize my opinion that it is highly unlikely the drama would portray her as such. I do believe (from what I have seen of Aejong thus far) is that she is not one who would have slept around. I think she does know who the father is. I think the question here is why she hid it.
  19. A few of the badges that were sold out got restocked!! Hi @mirmz!! -2
  20. I think this is classic drama trying to confuse us but I still believe that it's ODO! Haha! I totally agree with you on this one @triplem! I am 100% Team ODO. IF and I say IF the drama ends up revealing that Aejong does not know who the real father is because she slept with all 3, then wouldn't that mean Aejong was a t.r.a.m.p.?! I still suspect Yeonwoo knew about the pregnancy and cared about Aejong so much that he was willing to be with her and be a father to her unborn child. Maybe the notebook that Oh Ha nee found belonged to Yeonwoo... As for Ryu Jin, I do believe he liked Aejong and may be knew what lead to the misunderstanding between ODO and Aejong but I don't think he knew of the pregnancy.
  21. I am! Same user name This thread moves to fast for me! -2
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