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  1. as everyone knows I haven't wrote about CWHK for almost 2 to 3 years due to personal reasons with the event holders. but since the pandemic has taken a hold of a lot of events and small business i made the choice to go tomorrow, and show up and give them some support, although this post is late and sudden, i don't think i wouldn't make this on time to post it to those who are in HK already, although i'll be at the event i might not be showing publicly for people to find me, so please if you need me and have my discord message me beforehand and i'll come looking for you.
  2. congratulation to the following people who's gone into the finals of their original figure designs.
  3. 「2021ACGHK同人區」現已接受報名! 日期:2021年7月23-26日 (五~一) 地點:香港會議展覽中心--與動漫節同場舉行 申請截止日期:6月5日 (六) 23:00 早鳥優惠:5月28日或之前申請,可享$200折扣優惠! 申請表格及詳情:https://reurl.cc/XegybD 歡迎各ACG愛好者參加, 一連4日於廣大觀眾前展示你的創作! *名額有限,先到先得 *現階段無需繳付租金,待大會確實申請後才繳付 *如活動未能如期舉行,租金可退回或延至下一屆 如有任何查詢, 請whatsapp +852 9045 5451 或電郵至acghk.doujin@iesg.com.hk Right now Doujin booth are open of registration, the date of the ending registration shouold be on June 5th 11PM HKT. If there is anything you would like to know or understand please email or whatsapp the event holders or directly PM me and I'
  4. creative paradise is now opening register for original / doujin art designers to join the ACGHK 2021 convention. link: https://www.facebook.com/doujin.cp please feel free to email them or contact their FB page directly to get more information.
  5. although the line up to the event was long, a lot of misunderstanding and although the staff was trying their best, everyone who when to the 3rd floor to buy the tickets really didn't know the 6th floor also had a ticket booth, although the time setting and the ticket arrangement first come first serve was a little long and misunderstanding, i think everyone did their best. there was some misunderstanding for some press holders, but not a big deal so no worries.
  6. hello everyone, this years Rainbow Gala has a huge change due to the pandemic as some booth doesn’t allow people to do interviews or allow us to take pictures of the cosplayers. I respect the protection policies that the event holders have made, but the hall was still packed with prolonged line up and thank god for the separate section for ticket booth. media registration is on the 6th floor of the convention hall. also this year a few cosplay company became event supporters as some of the event from last year was cancelled so this year to increase more fandom, they allowed more co
  7. original comic storyline competition, currently for hong kong resident and resident outside mainland china. deadline to sending document is on 2021/5/31 - HK Time 6PM
  8. usagi is back with some fact that ACGHK 2021 is back in business, but due to the airport is still locked down, I am not sure if some of the international cosplayers who are coming this year will be able to enter as well as the 21 day quarantine is enabled so there are some problems here, on you have to arrive in china stay there for 21 days before travelling to hong kong for the event and get another 21 quarantine, so yeah we do have some problem there... without residences there is a problem to come directly in so yeah.
  9. hey everyone, Usagi is back with some wonderful coffees!! Panama Boquete Elida Anaerobic Slow Dry Flavour Profile: Red Wine, Red Berry and Ripe Mixed Fruits Scent Profile: Red Wine, Red Berry Acidity level: 3 A very delicate and light roast, with a very blonde flavour of red wine and red berry, this would be a very acidic flavour and it would go perfectly well with creamy based dessert, like cheesecake, chocolate or adding a little honey directly into the coffee itself. The sourness of this coffee is very light, but not powerful, good for starters who just
  10. 私が感じているのは、は恐怖ではありません。 I miss you, but I also said goodbye.... 私は泣くことができない。 What I'm protecting is our vow, 会いたいけど、もう会えないんだよね~ the starry sky you've become.... この余韻を残す悲しみ....
  11. HEY~~ everyone, I would like everyone to know that Inoran from Luna Sea will be streaming his first-ever livestream to the world on Mar 20th! INORAN - VISION 3 - "Los Cowboys" 20:00 on Saturday, March 20th (JST) Detail: http://inoran.org/en/show/18321/ INORAN's account twitter instagram facebook message from INORAN~ Hey, friends! To celebrate the release of my new album “Between The World And Me”, I will livestream my show via ZAIKO! This online live show is my first-ever livestream to the world which makes me really excited. I can’t wa
  12. hey everyone, Usagi is back with a new group, that is about to debut!! yay!!!! let me introduce you to the upcoming agency and entertainment company “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ first of all “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ that allows performers, creators and idols to express their individual emotions and styles, there are so many uncertainties around the global entertainment as well as climate changes that is going on around the world, “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ allows their team to have a healthy mind and body for a bright and prosperous future. “SG Global Entert
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