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    ACGHK 2020

    hey Usagi here, um... about the zoom meeting, idiot has to get a translator into the meeting, got lost after the ONLINE TICKET DRAW on their special APP that is also releasing special collection ticket designs. i'll come back with full details soon edited: this year there is a elephant art group design, as well as the normal cosplay competition and original comic design artwork competition as well. right now all i am aware is there is no line up for public ticket buying so people has to download the ACGHK APP to get the tickets and if you seriously can't make it to the event, please screen shot the ticket order and when you brought it for refunds if you can't make it.
  2. SO SORRY I'M BACK, LATE LATE VERY MONKEY LATE UPDATE, SOMETHING HAPPEN TO HIDDEN AGENDA, they are facing some incoming issues, and is about to shut down, please try and arrive to this event and support them. one of the even is cancel... and that is the H.J. Freak Bass Clinic. is cancelled. This Town Needs Freak - H.J.Freaks Live in Hong Kong 演出者Artist: H.J.Freaks(KR) 日期 Date: 27 Feb 2020 (THU) 時間 DOOR OPEN: 19:00/ START 20:00 演出時間Show Time: 120mins 地點 Venue: This Town Needs (Yau Tong, Hong Kong, 1F, Commercial Accommodation, Ocean One, 6 Shung Shun Street) 入場費Entrance Fee:  Advance $350 | Walk-in $450 網上購票 Online Ticketing: 門市購票 Ticket-in-Store: Zoo Records Tel : 2309 2911 旺角彌敦道608號Chic 之堡3樓325號鋪 Shop 325, Level 3, No.608 Nathan Road, Mong Kok 觸 Studio[先達店 sincere branch] Tel : 2395 3332 旺角亞皆老街83號先施大廈3樓311室 Room 311, 3/F, Sincere House, 83 Argyle street, Mongkok Drummer's Ark Tel: 2325 3528 九龍新蒲崗五芳街8號利嘉工業大廈4樓B室 Room B, 4/F, Lee Ka Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon 活動專頁 Event Page: 海報設計:Sariel Design H.J.Freaks youtube頻道: H.J.Freaks NicoNico作品連結: 更多相關介紹:
  3. H.J.Freak Bass Clinic / This Town Needs Freak - H.J.Freak Live in Hong Kong 2020. H.J.Freak is a very famous Bass Guitar player on youtube and niconico, he is from Korea, has twitter and here are some of his most famous works that he has collaborated in songs, which also i have included the video to those who are interested! Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka - Akatsuki Arrival (アカツキアライヴァル) - 2012 千本桜 WhiteFlame feat 初音ミク - 2012 H.J,Freak has done 11 music collaboration and now to the two concert information, which I have included the links from NEON LIT MUSIC HK - thank you to the staff for the information and all the concert information. the concert itself is a 2 hour show, please remember the tickets are only pay by credit card and paypal is not accepted, now in case some people are not sure of the venue i will be posting it all here. this is H.J.Freak's 1st live in Hong Kong, so please look forward to his show, p.s I have some issues on sharing the video so I have linked everything toward the concert staff's facebook page. Venus: ROOM B, 4/F LEE KA INDUSTRIAL BUILDING, 8 NG FONG STREET, SAN PO KONG Concert Name: H.J.Freak Bass Clinic Date: 26th February 2020 Venue: THIS TOWN NEEDS (YAU TONG, HONG KONG 1F, COMMERCIAL ACCOMMODATION, OCEAN ONE 6. SHUNG SHUN STREET) Concert Name: This Town Needs H.J.Freak Date: 27th February 2020 H.J.Freak Concert Information in Chinese Event Holder's Facebook Page: NEON LIT MUSIC HK - Thank you!
  4. hey everyone, I'm back and for the first time I want to talk about instant made and ready to go soup, now i know a lot of you seen me posting packaged ready to go soup packs on my instagram. now beside instant packaged one, I finally found a company that makes ready to go and already cooked soup which means, you really have to finish it fast. the company is called Compocordyceps, which has a licensed kitchen to make these traditional chinese dried seafood soup and desserts. the current picture your seeing right now is papaya with bird nests and milk, its their best seller, because bird nest has a lot of collagens and yes they are vegentain friendly and yes they are birds saliva. they do have good health benefits, as they are high in protein, they are one of the most loved expensive food that is loved by Malaysians and Singaporeans as well as Hong Kongers. the second most popular soup is their new zealand milk cooked in fish maw which is very high in collagens as well as proteins and here are some awesome reviews from one of their customers that really loves their product. this is one their most second best sellers, this is suitable for pregnant womens as well as kids that are slowly just started to enjoy drinking soup. right now their menus are chinese, but I am sure some of you who can read chinese wouldn't mind this matter, I have also left their facebook page and shop address below if anyone of you are interested on getting some wonderful dried seafood to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Lunar Year are welcome to pop them a visit. each of their soup is 500ml, which is single serving and you can choose 2 soups of choices as i have shared the menu below this! Shop: Shanghai St 494, Mong Kok, Hong Kong FB:
  5. first of all there will be a press release tomorrow where the following guest will talk about the event booth and the games that would be sold at the Expo, along the competition that held at ACGHK 2017 this year. first the design of the ticket. please note there is also a toy fair for children's under the age 5 and 12 years old, so feel welcome to bring your brothers or sisters to the event. warm reminder currently the information i am sharing are half public and half press release, as some of the event guide has no name on the Japan team beside knowing its Team Japan 2017 Yes I can promise you there is 3 well-known cosplay team from Hong Kong appearing too, Balance, Fruit Punch and 9 Rush Cosplay Competition 2017 Press Release Event Holders for 20/7/2017 香港動漫電玩節 行政總裁 香港動漫畫聯會 會長 兒童玩具節 項目顧問 3D自拍館 創作顧問 Sony Interactive Entertainment HK Limited 市場傳訊部 助理總經理 Microsoft香港有限公司 LEGO Hong Kong Ltd. 高級市場經理 羚邦動畫(國際)有限公司 高級節目發行經理 華夏動漫形象有限公司 CSL Mobile Limited 助理市務副總裁 同航藝術+創意玩具聯展 協辦、猿創作 創辦人 TVB 青年動漫電玩創【意 / 業】大賽主辦機構「樂言社」 總幹事 第一屆「兒童玩具節」強勢登陸動漫電玩節 為家長小童炮製難忘暑假 今年大會首次舉辦專為小朋友而設、超大型的兒童室內嘉年華 - 「第一屆兒童玩具節」(1 st Kids' Toy Fair),與 ACGHK 2017 同場舉行。會場內設有三個分別高達 6.5 至 8 米的巨型吹氣彈彈,加上一連串 趣味活動如兒童才藝大賽、卡通人物見面會、人氣遊戲卡機及立體場景自拍館等,相信定能令一眾 家長和小朋友樂而忘返。為鼓勵家長帶同小童入場感受歡樂氣氛,家長憑門票可帶最多兩名 12 歲或 以下小童經 1B 親子通道免費入場,隨門票更附送吹氣彈彈$10 優惠劵,而每日首 500 位經 1B 親子通 道入場的小朋友更可獲贈「第一屆兒童玩具節」汽球一個,希望帶給所有家長和小朋友一個繽紛難 忘的暑假。 首屆 will be back with translate Back, please forgive me I'm kind of moving around the place and I'm now going to translate and show the event hall map. This is the first generation Kids Toy Fair, which is held within ACGHK 2017 and we hope all the family members who loves going to anime and games expo and would like to bring their kids with them now they have a change as the event is for people at the age of 5 to 12 years old, like I have mention before and that this year everyone little kids would be given a chance to see pre-released toys that is going to be released in the anime and game expo, now to share the map.