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  1. Just as I don't judge a dating couple when they break up, I don't judge the married couple when they break up. I'm sure either one or both of them are going thru a period of pain. I'll just wish them happiness in their life in future. 846
  2. I know definitely @cenching prefer growna@@ men without makeup but I love the K pop group EXO-their musicality is out of this world and they have their own individual different looks. All handsome. My fave is Do Kyungsoo bcos he's a really shy caring person and loves cooking. Men who loves cooking definitely gets sexy merit points from me-a working mum. My husband no sexy here-he no love cooking. Just loves eating. . Do Kyungsoo is close friends with JIS my cyber husband after they filmed "It's Ok That's Love" together. He also starred in 100 days my prince. I enjoyed that drama. Not many episodes. Short and sweet. Wish it'd rain every Friday. I'm relaxing at home now for once. @nrllee Thanks for the info My cyber husband JIS told me that last month You are a v v v kind person-do you know that? If you don't, you do now-Seriously -you are a really GOOD person ! 844
  3. Started watching C drama Love and Destiny starring Chang Cheh and NiNi more out of curiosity cos it's Chang Cheh first TV drama ever. V slow moving and too many Gods to remember.Just watched 7 episodes. A bit disappointed in Chang Cheh cos he had v few facial expressions-mainly poker faces. TYOPB was better. This one has 60 episodes so I'm going to slowly wade thru it. I'm feeling an oppa drought right now. Haven't had time to watch any dramas much. So I'm going to switch to The King starring my fave oppa JIS. The other main star also v handsome but I've only got eyes for my JIS. Read JIS wants to get married. Wish I could send him my credentials-. But seriously if I was his wife, I wouldn't be able to handle seeing him kiss another woman on the screen. And if our children watches TV and ask why Papa is kissing another woman besides mummy, I'm gonna ask my husband JIS to explain it to our children. I don't think I can be an actor's wife. My Friday Clinic is purposely short bcos I want to look forward to the weekend. It's raining somewhere in KL and my patients have called in to say they'll be late. My nurse sweetly told them no stress, we'll reschedule. So I'm off early. Yay! 846 @angelangie You go, Girl ! Great Leader of SUB Team !
  4. @Ameera Ali posts v racy sexy Gifs. We are too busy drooling to fight. 862
  5. I find it less stressful just to keep the middle ground in Soompi tho this is only my 2nd thread. I don't have time for more than one thread. In real life as I'm talking to the person, it's easy to gauge the mood and meander the conversation appropriately. E.g. if the person starts looking a bit annoyed/anything negative, then tone it down or switch topics to something funny-you all get what I mean. In Soompi/emails/WhatApp I word my thoughts more carefully cos cannot see the person's face. Unless it's a really good friend, then I'm totally unfiltered and my gutter mind goes full blown 882
  6. Actually it's still controversial scientifically if a person is born gay. Nowadays for most of the LGBT I think it's a lifestyle choice. But I really don't understand why a person will cut their breasts or genitals off and take hormones to change their physical gender. It's such a point of no return. Just live with their partner happily. 908
  7. Yes Charice goes by a male name now. She is going to have the full works to be a man. Whenever I say the word "man" Jo In Sung always comes to mind. #drooling .Pity he didn't have any shower scenes. I'll just have to settle for the drama which is almost like soft porn-the one he acted with Song Ji Hyo. @Ameera Ali @cenching I hope you both are happy-you've both made me into a gutter brain I feel like a prawn. Prawns supposed to store their sh&t in their brains and my brain is full of it. 892
  8. @Lawyerh Yeah I read about that. Hawick and YM was over a long time ago I think but the daughter kept them together. Won't be surprised HL is also seeing someone. Men aren't hermits-that's for sure. 892
  9. Love this song too. That's what I call real singing-her vocals are OTT. Credit to rightful owner. No copyright infringement intended. 888 Wah! V auspicious number !
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