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  1. Credit to rightful owner. Well That's it, folks ! I'm going to become a submarine now ! Bye ! It's been fun while it lasted.
  2. @Kimberly Amor Good to hear you are doing fine. We are peaceful happy shippers here. No need to fight
  3. @Kimberly Amor Hi Hi ! Welcome back ! What have you been up to ? Haven't seen you for a while. Hope you are doing fine.
  4. @princressagents1 The traffic here suddenly is bcos a certain shipper may have gotten lost and wandered to our ship and started preaching her self righteous sermons. Caused a traffic jam Hope that certain shipper now has gotten the correct directions to her own ship and has shared it with her shippers so they won't get lost and wander into our ship like she did. I wonder how they steer their ship if she can't even find her own ship and jumped to our ship? Please be careful jumping back to your own ship, Ms self righteous shipper ! There are typhoons and tsunamis around recently. BYE ! BYE ! I'm still in this ship. Never left. We are a happy bunch here except for uninvited guests who don't know how to find their own ship
  5. @loveredrose Thanks for your big heartedness to apologise to @cenching and us shippers here. It is awfully nice of you. Can see you are a very fair minded person who just wanted the truth. Agree with my captain, no apologies necessary. We might be delulu but all the legit shippers here cross check the evidence a few times over. Our ship may have crashed on the largest rock we've ever encountered but this thread is still around. Drop by once in a while. We are a happy bunch, just very quiet now in view of recent developments. Take care
  6. Moon and stars everywhere on her accessories-How much more obvious can she get! Xinger and YWY- She looks healthy and radiant too.
  7. This forum is a SHIPPING forum like you are shipping KW/ZLY. The majority if not ALL of us here ARE ZLY fans. I am a huge ZLY fan ! Read the English properly- she was commenting on the chemistry of the couple, NOT on ZLY's acting abilities. You'd be well informed to know she is a fan of ZLY and hence will never think of putting down ZLY. It is the CHEMISTRY she was commenting about and she's fully entitled to express her opinion on the chemistry just as you are fully entitled to express your opinion about the chemistry of KW/ZLY. I actually think KW has good chemistry with WLK in their movie together. You may not agree with me but that's fine-we can agree to disagree just like you said. Btw why do you feel the need to check on our shipping thread ? First @thelonetraveller_18 a couple of pages ago, @frenchfan came to bash a while back and now you. Actually you @icyphoenix have come and bashed before with your other shipper landing the 2nd punch. As ZLY's fans we must remember we are ZLY's ambassadors and behave in a way that reflects well of her. You are right-this has better be the last time you come to our thread if you have ill intentions. Stop wasting our time!
  8. Maybe LGX is using Taiwan as a stopover to cover his tracks ! It'll definitely attract attention if he flew from China to Thailand. Ooooo...ZLY and staff there. LGX right hand spectacled short assistant reshuffled for wedding arrangements? ZLY gave one of her staff to LGX last year. Does that look like a couple who's broken up? Looks more like a couple who's consolidating and planning for the future. LGX bought a house/condo in Beijing last year. LGX opens a restaurant, not in Shanghai his home ground and not just anywhere in Beijing but NEAR ZLY's studio in Beijing. ZLY in OCT 2016 right towards the end of filming PA accepted an award and made the surprising announcement in her acceptance speech that she was going to take time off after her pre-signed commitments to concentrate on her personal life. Even the hosts gasped and asked LYF her co-award winner what ZLY's criteria for a bf were. After that we saw what we saw and this ship was started. Back to the present day, ZLY is taking time for her personal life like she said at the 2016 award. LGX hasn't done a movie/drama since PA despite a much increased salary and probably millions of scripts thrown at him. All his other PA co-stars are so busy due to the success of PA. LGX doing variety shows like looking after babies, entertaining house guests and learning to cook. He quit drinking too much, cut down on smoking. This sure looks like a guy preparing to settle down. I'm going delulu ! I'm going delulu ! Dear Lord, please don't disappoint me ! @pumpkinseed Great to see you back after so long !! #Jumpingwithjoy @vishali29 Where are you ? We miss you !
  9. @cenching By "everything were deleted the next day" , did you mean LGX/WLK/FSF/ZLY posts or just ZLY's post ? If just ZLY's post, then not fair tho may have been deleted by ZLY/mutual friend themselves but still not fair. Why should they give in ? Agree ZLY oozes sensuality. She may be in a sponsored clothing shoot but her poses not just model poses. She's oozing happiness and sensuality. As if she's on a honeymoon or a pre- wedding honeymoon with her beau ! And I'm putting myself on the line by saying the beau is not FSF. Hmm..who else can it be ? Someone with bird's nest hair? @cenching has even said LGX now ninja himself here and there so what's to stop him from ninjaing himself into Thailand with those silly flowery shorts ? I'm still delulu having fun in this ship. This ship has gone a bit too serious lately. Seriously I don't go to other threads to bash. Please let us stick to our own corner of the world and let's live harmoniously. Can we all do that? Some of our English is not very good so we should just be a bit more understanding and read it in context with peace and love.
  10. HaHa ! The fans are so cute and funny-?CP fans or ?LGX fans ? LGX looked like he's wearing only underwear (like my sons' boxer shorts) and forgot to put his pants on ! We are all so sad so I'm going stir crazy delulu. What if our couple do get married in real life ? Our ship would have docked safely with us sending out fireworks to celebrate ! Or do we still sail happily on talking about their married life, their children ? We would be like their children's aunties or grandmothers !
  11. I'm a fan of ZLY and when I was looking at her Soompi forum and this ZLY/LGX CP Soompi forum, I was thinking which one to join. I only have time to join one forum, not both. ZLY's one would have been emotionally easier cos just support ZLY-no disappointments. I decided to join this ZLY/LGX forum cos of @cenching's word "delulu". When I relax, I like to go delulu and have a good laugh. But I knew there would be some emotional investment cos we are hoping this couple will end up together in real life. I've never regretted making that decision cos in this forum I've found good friends and had lots of laughter and I'm very grateful that you all put up with my silly jokes. I salute @cenching's responsible leadership by asking us to prepare our hearts for an unfavourable outcome. That avoids the shippers here from being devastated if the worst thing happens. I'm sure we all have friends in real life who've been dating each other for even some years and then we get the sad news that they've broken up. But we respect their decision cos we love them. The same for ZLY and LGX. IF the day should ever come that they announce they are with other people, I think bcos we love them, we should respect their decision and wish them all the best. Whatever happens, the friends and fun we've had from this ship is magical and something to be treasured. I'm still being cautiously optimistic about ZLY/LGX. For the record, I seriously don't believe in LGX/WLK and ZLY/FSF scandals. Especially WLK. Scandals are so easy to manufacture and usually false even in our real lives. Again I'm sure we've heard of this person with that person in our workplace or university and it's usually gossip. What more in the C ent world. For as long as this ship is sailing, I'll still go delulu and stay positive. Love you all ladies in this ship. Stay united and stay supportive of each other.
  12. @sdfr You can post as many as you want, dear. More research is good as long as we keep positive about it.
  13. Was curious about the diamond ring pendant on LGX's necklace. Saw this when I was away and too busy to post. Is it just an accessory chosen by the stylist or did LGX choose this himself ? #fingerscrossed LGX chose it himself - it gives me hope he's trying to tell us something-maybe even making an announcement ! ZLY and LGX seem to be communicating through their clothes nowadays with the fan wars gone crazy. ZLY with her XingYue caps, her Madam Tussaud dress she wore when LGX had his Madam Tussaud figure revealed. A diamond engagement ring type accessory is strange for a man. Really hope LGX is trying to tell us something but just telling myself not to get too excited. Was this photo taken a while back? Noticed LGX's hair doesn't look very curly. Taken before his perm. Then even better. The engagement was earlier. Still trying not to get excited or too happy.:(
  14. @cenching Thanks for the correction. I'm bored stupid so did not know how to count ! I meant get married while ZLY is still 30 years old. Boss, you can afford the red heart pendant and the robot backpack. They cost $$$$$$$$$. I , your underling, can only afford cheap plastic heart shape sunglasses and T shirts, All Mighty Boss !! My ones only cost $. Also I've been wondering how you can know @happyfanlgx is online even when you are asleep ??? By asleep, you are unconscious,right ? Ahhh ! I get it ! Your Eyes of God were spying for you ! I bow to your Greatness, Boss !!!
  15. LGX and ZLY are waiting to get married to each other before ZLY's 30th birthday ! Busy finalising wedding arrangements ! Yes, I'm crazy and delulu cos I'm so bored with all the scandal smokescreens. May even get a pair of heart shape sunglasses before WLK buys them all up . Already have a stripe T shirt from Japan like WLK. For all you know, it might be me even with LGX in Japan cos like @cenching said- they only have photos of the backsides . See, I've caused another LGX/WLK scandal-so easy. Add. I apologise profusely to everyone at ZLY's Soompi forum. #pleasedon'tbashme I fear you ladies a lot ! Now I'm gonna hide.
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