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  1. @angelangie Thanks so much for your kindness and great effort in continuing to update people in this thread. You're an angel indeed !
  2. This is a public forum so we'll have to watch what we say here. Bottom line: 1) Lockdown is good. Social distancing. Don't know how bad the panic buying is where you all live but if you're allowed to still go out and buy food, then don't worry. Once all the panic buyers have stocked up, you can definitely get your food and you're not cramped up next to the panic buyer who's a stranger. 2) Good old soap and water works just fine for washing hands as long as you follow the 20 sec protocol for washing your hands thoroughly and remember washing the dirt in your finger nails. Can use an old toothbrush to scrub the finger nails. Surgeons have a small brush to scrub their finger nails while washing hands b4 surgery. Sing Happy Birthday 2x and time yourself if that lasts 20 sec. That's an average guide. 3) Take Vit D with Calcium. 4) Hydroxychloroquine (an anti malarial drug) taken with an anti viral now has been found to be quite effective in symptomatic patients. What that means is we are making strides medically compared to a couple of months ago. 5) For @Sejabin do you have the cloth diapers? That's just in case you run out of disposable diapers. When my sons were babies, they wore cloth diapers unless we were going out. Their bums got eczema easily from disposable diapers if they poo or pass a big load of urine Guess disposable diapers are better nowadays. I'd wash off all the poo/pee from the cloth diapers. Put the diapers in a big bucket and pour boiling water with a bit of dettol and soap liquid to thoroughly disinfect. 6) Eat home cooked food. Or if your favourite and "clean" restaurants do take away, collect them yourself. We don't know the health status of the delivery person. 7) Make sure your parents or grandparents have enough stock of their medicines. Feel free to add more suggestions, Ladies.
  3. @staygold May I know what country you're from? Thanks.
  4. Another Muslim gathering in Sulawesi despite the local authorities pleading with the organiser to stop. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/thousands-of-muslim-pilgrims-ignore-virus-risk-to-gather-in-indonesia
  5. @myden @smallwonder @pawla @Carmen T @Kimberly Amor @yueyyo @cenching @piowpiow How are all of you going in your countries with either lockdowns or state of emergency? Stay Healthy Ladies !
  6. I'm sure a lot of you already know this app cos I'm technologically challenged. Anyways there's this free App called Zoom Cloud Meeting which can allow up to 100 participants to talk to one another. Of course the participant's wifi must be good. Thought I'd share this App cos so many places are on lockdown so you can talk to relatives everywhere/ hold meetings/etc. My church is already webcasting and now we're going to use this app for our Bible classes and life groups.
  7. @angelangie I heard there was a mass meeting of 1000s of Hindus on a beach in Penang in early March. https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2020/03/15/penang-hindu-temples-urged-to-postpone-gatherings-services/ Can you shed some light on that re:new cases Covid in Penang ? Thanks. Well Malaysia now is in lockdown 18 March-31 March 2020. My friend this morning went to her nearest supermarket-Jaya Grocers For the locals info-at 9.30am. Lots of people already waiting outside for it to open. No trolleys left. And when it opened, the supermarket was 90% empty ! People had gone panic buying the night b4 and no more stock left in the supermarket. Lockdown doesn't mean can't get groceries. All this panic buying is crazy. The Malaysian government are going to deploy 1000 housemen/interns to triage all over the country.-only giving them 5 days of induction/learning. I'll be so angry if my child was one of the doctors ! Why can't the politicians triage-they are so highly intelligent I'm sure 5 days after 5 days of induction would be more than enough. Just point the infrared thermometer and shot to see if have fever. Trump wanted to cut a deal with a private lab in Germany that's quite progressive in developing the vaccine. He told them the US govt willl pay but must be given to Americans only. If you want to know more, google. Actually now is the time when the home gardeners who do veggie patching and have their own chickens, fruit trees etc don't have to worry. My philosophy has always been to turn a negative to a positive. Maybe I'll lose some weight from the lockdown or not. I better start my own vegetable container garden in Malaysia. Live more healthy. I've got a worm farm now in Malaysia and I've made my EM1 solution that can make Bokashi for composting in case the garbage men can't come. Stay healthy everyone !
  8. Yes that's true. I was trying to point out the fact of how bigoted and irresponsible mainstream newspapers can be and that was why a wave of racist attacks on the Chinese in the Western world happened bcos they blamed the Chinese for the Wuhan virus. In Italy in the earlier stages, some Italians attacked a man in a hoodie wearing a mask thinking he's Chinese.Turns out he was Italian. In the UK a Singaporean guy was attacked and has facial fractures-now that's a really hard beating-just for being Chinese. As an overseas Chinese who've experienced racist bigotry, that aspect of the Western world is despicable and so uncivilised.
  9. Credit to the rightful owner A very good one from my favourite talk show host. He had a funny one b4 which had accurate info but too many F# words so I dare not post it- scared of my Mods deleting it.
  10. @USAFarmgirl How are you and your family doing in your part of the States? Let me know if you're fine, ok?
  11. Now Italy and Spain on lockdown. USA last night Trump FINALLY declared a state of emergency. Australia only making travellers arriving to be self quarantined for 2 weeks-not sure how that works in reality. I mean if the couple just came back from overseas, they'll have no food stock at home so they'll definitely drive to the supermarket to stock up. If they're infected and don't know or know it but not telling, they'll infect the others in the supermarket. What about the tourists? Check into a hotel and stay there for 2 weeks with only room service? Who has the $$ for that? Wish the governments will plan better than a quick knee jerk reaction. When China was affected badly, stupid main stream Aussie newspapers call it "the Chinese virus" !! A lot of racist attacks started. I dare them to call HIV-"the gay disease". That newspaper would be shut down b4 the end of the day. And the newspapers called China inhumane for burning the dead bodies en masse. Hello! That's standard medical procedure ! Now Italy on lockdown can't even have funerals-can you imagine the morgues with bodies piled up?? Just cremate. Italy is short of 1000 respirators for ICU. Respirators aren't something one can manufacture overnight. That's why so many are dying. Now they admire China who can build 3 new hospitals in a short span of time and relocating the resources like respirators to the most needy places. China learnt how to manufacture PROPER Covid kits in just over a month and started manufacturing them by the millions-even donating some to Iran. The Covid virus was thought to have an incubation period of 14 days. Now they found it can be up to 60 days. That's very scary. Assuming it's a 14 day incubation period, the person will show signs after 14 days, the next 2 weeks he'd have symptoms that will alert testing. It's the 3rd week of these symptoms that is more important. In the 3rd/4th week the patient will either get better or deteriorate. Deteriorate=critical condition=ICU if available. Smokers/underlying diseases like heart problems, lung problems (Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease=COAD) , diabetes, cancer=more likely to deteriorate. That's why it's more deadly in the older age group which probably have underlying diseases like Hypertension. China sent Italy 1000s of masks with a message on each box. I suck at computers and don't know how to upload pics. The message written in Italian and English reads - " We are waves of the same sea , leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden " . And the message has the Italian flag on one side and China flag on the other side. China's PR is superb. Ok, now to discuss with one another more pro-active things. It helps me too. To stock up for 21 days (just in case) what to buy? Suggestions? 1} rice 2} oil and the essentials-salt etc 3} eggs- lots of them 4) Pasta 5) pasta sauces 6) I bought packets of ready made organic chicken soup/broth. So can be chicken stock cubes, beef cubes etc 7) Chicken-cleaned and then frozen 8) Pork-including pork mince, pork shoulder 9) Bacon-can make fried rice etc 10) mushrooms-dried Chinese mushrooms, canned mushrooms 11) Cheese- @angelangie likes cheese and mushrooms 12) UHT milk/condensed milk etc 13) Chinese cabbage 14) frozen peas/frozen mixed peas,corn etc. Cans of corn 15) Biscuits 16) instant noodles of your choice. My husband and I like the Japanese Ramen-tonkatsu type. 17) any other suggestions ?? Helps us all make a shopping list. The non perishables like laundry detergent, etc up to you ladies.
  12. @Adotonly. hope you're keeping well. I know you and @Asohib are close friends in real life. She's signed out of Soompi so can you please tell her to keep safe and stay healthy. Please let me know how the both of you are doing. Praying for your good health.
  13. @Sejabin Please don't be scared. That's a very low figure. Just control your own environment. @angelangie has posted a lot of good reports on how to stay as safe as possible like that account from the Malaysian Chinese in Chongqing. Where do you work? Are you seeing new customers all the time or are you in the office kinda backroom support staff? If you're backroom support staff-then you're "safer". Whatever religion you are, consider not attending church/temple/mosque for the next few weeks. My church already started webcasting a couple of weeks ago and cancelled all group activities. If there are school kids in your house, seriously consider not letting them go to school. If my sons were still going to school, I would definitely have kept them home and write a letter to their teachers/principal saying they have measles and can't go to school for one month . But seriously please don't live in fear. Fear=stress=lower immunity. Be pro active and take control of your own environment and keep it as clean as possible. Oh-there was a case in ?HK?China where the husband and wife sprayed one another with alcohol. The wife then went to cook dinner. Somehow a spark from the stove leapt to her body setting her on fire cos she's covered with alcohol. She died and the kitchen exploded. So be careful when you use alcohol, ok?
  14. @angelangie Thanks-will try to stay safe. Don't know what the govt was thinking to allow this gathering to go on. Should have canceled it for the safety of the participants. @Sejabin Don't understand why your doctor gave you dexamethasone-it's a steroid. For the symptoms you're having-it's a bit of an overkill. Not to be a wet blanket but Iran can be hot, right? It had a lot of cases and about 15% death rate. Some think that it's bcos of bad medical facilities and it was under sanction. But that theory of the virus not doing as well in hot weather may be true. Dunno. Maybe it was winter and cold in Iran too. That one apparently started with ?a few Iranians travelling to China to buy wholesale stuff. I really feel for you cos you had so many bad things happen in your region. 1) Don't go out unless necessary. Means you go to work, buy groceries only. Create your own "clean" environment" in your house. I personally don't take visitors in my house any more 2) Sanitise Sanitise Sanitise. Create sprays with diluted Dettol etc to spray your work desk etc. When you come home, go straight to bathe and change your outside clothes. If you can get hold of Chlorhexidine-put some in your shower liquid and shampoo. Dettol shower liquid too drying on the skin. 3) I've been writing this in the private thread @angelangie and I are in. the Covid virus is 0.12 microns in size. The 3 ply mask pores are too big-useless as protection. Its main use is for a person who has the common flu to wear it so won't infect the surrounding people. N95 is 0.3 micron -a bit more than 2x the size the size of the Covid but it offers up to 75-80% protection. But once worn-must be thrown away. 3) Take Vit D3 with some calcium. The calcium increases the absorption of Vitamins D. Women can take more calcium cos we need more for our bones. Men discouraged from taking much cos can get higher risk of kidney stones. My respiratory physician said Vit D boosts lung immunity. @angelangie Well played ! I didn't want to post in any public Soompi thread after that bullying experience in +/- thread. I'm not scared. Just so p##sed !
  15. @Asohib @angelangie Congrats ! We did it !
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