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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

34 minutes ago, lollyminx said:

Also, YJG replied to the @fullmoon.long post. Aaaaaaaaaaah 


Man Wol's caption: "Good picture, good weather, good..."

YJG's comment: "Good...what?"


My answer: Good boyfriend. Correction: the best damn boyfriend you could find on this earth. :D

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How do the Hong Sisters continuously manage to make each episode an extravaganza, wow. Kudos as well to Oh-PD for putting the writer-duo's vision into a spooktacular reality. Anyhow, beautiful ending. My heart was in my mouth; there was a butterfly in my belly. That warm embrace was more lovely and titillating than that sudden kiss in episode 4 and the mystical moon tree seems to concur by making itself awash with blossoms. We've witnessed how their hearts pulsed with jealousy and above all, we've witnessed how fear rose in their blood as they worried for each other's well-being. Man-wol and Chan-seung have already become so much closer together. Their relationship is more defined now. The embrace was clearly a gesture of two people with strong affection for each other. Another equally beautiful part was the reappearance of Yeon-woo and the concomitant affirmation that Chan-seung is his own special person, not a reincarnation of the former or of Chung-myung. Consequently, Man-wol, it positively appears, is inching more and more towards her redemption. The mind may forget, but the heart, or in this case-the soul, always remembers---that was a very touching vignette in which Man-wol tearfully smiled at him. Kudos to IU for her astounding acting esp. on such a crucial scene. 

Anyway, I hope soompier chingus here are well. I hope you all enjoyed the most recent installments. I have reports due a few hours later in the morning, but I chose to watch HDL first instead. I simply can't get enough of this episode. :wub: I'm currently rewatching it raw most esp. the ending/hug scene while cram-writing. I do not recommend this highly stressful habit. Kidding aside, thank you for your fun and insightful comments which I'll be reading and liking when finally able. Thank you for making my HDL experience a fun and noteworthy one. I'll definitely miss you all/this thread when the end is finally here. 

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1 hour ago, lollyminx said:

Awwww when you put it that way, I agree. I hadn't seen the episode with English subs but it's good to know that MW did this for him and you're right, CS needs love as much as MW. Mago did a good job as matchmaker here. They complement each other despite the bickering and it's heartwarming to know that CS may be alone but MW is there for him and she protects him when he needs it. It's even more romantic when you think that he never really had that kind of protection growing up with his father being a careless thief who didn't think much about his father's wellbeing. MW changed that by helping CS's father. In a way, CS turned out the way he is because of MW. 


Also, hearing CS tell MW to trust him, with the kind of voice YJG used to tell her that... it was such a warm scene. I really hate it when these kinds of scenes make me want them to date IRL :lol:

I only watched the live stream and it was kind of laggy so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but this was the vibe I got from MW's words/actions


2 hours ago, jasminssiii said:

After that she still went to heaven with a limousine? hahaha she must've still lived a good life lol excluding the fact that she abandoned her son. 


I think the limo was MW pulling strings for CS's benefit... did not see a white lily 

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@juju84 Don't forget that time she told him she was totally okay with him having a sex dream about her. :lol:


I really like YJG in this show, but I do see in that wall-slamming scene that he needs to work his sexy more. I mean in that gif IU is giving it but he just looks like a deer in headlights instead of turned on. Well, he's just 22 (almost) so I'll give him a pass, but he'll def need to work on it.

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2 hours ago, zhangrain said:

The scene between MW and YW makes me feel :tears:, although current YW is clueless, for me his smile still says "MW ah, it's okay now........." :tears:

Hope MR and YW become a couple. That's cute!

Now waiting for the sub to understand our ManChan couple conversation :joy:

Lol, it indeed surprisingly cute. But first Mira-shi should receive a blessing from uri evil witch otherwise she is risking to become bald before the wedding.:joy:




Don't forget that time she told him she was totally okay with him having a sex dream about her. :lol:

Oh you mean this:tounge_wink::lol: How could I:joy:




cr: tumblr. author: lespenseesdepandee



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For Man-Weol's sake I hope that dead CEO's granddaughter be paired with Sanchez instead, come on he needs love too! And good on the deity for matchmaking Mi-Ra with Yeon-Woo eheheheh;) 

Aww~ Chan-Sung got to meet the spirit of his late mom...:tears: OMG when Man-Weol cried with relief to see her long lost friend Yeon-Woo, I felt for her... Well done IU. I still think Jin-Goo is lacking in certain scenes, or is it 'cause IU is outshining him? Anyways he's still young, there's room for improvement.  

WoW that end shot with the tree was gorgeous in full bloom with the blue flowers. I like how Man-Weol changes her nails to match her outfits - she's so high maintenance:rolleyes: ha-ha:P At the same time it is sort of sad as it could mean Man-Weol's time is drawing near...


On a lighter note, to be chauffeured to heaven in a Jaguar isn't bad at all!:w00t:  

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Damn. I cried in a few scenes. 


1. CS meeting his mom and finding out that she still wanted to hide him even as a ghost. :bawling:


2. MW and YW reunion: :bawling: how heartbreaking to see these two reunite! 


3. CS needing comfort and MW wanting to provide it :bawling:


4. Ending where CS wipes her tears and hugs her tight :bawling:


My tears just came down :bawling:


on a lighter note, Bartender playing matchmaker for late President :joy: he was so proud of himself despite MW’s expressions! :joy:

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omg. I'm on the Mi Ra-Yeon Woo scene and I'm squealing! I had to replay it. So cute, especially with the flashback. The drama gods must be smiling down on me because I randomly shipped him with Mi Ra upon seeing him yesterday. It was such a richardsimmons thought, I did not know this would actually happen here in the drama <3 <3 <3

That scene is so rom-comy, that should make up for the "lack" of sweet moments between MW and CS haha

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After watching the sub for episode 10, I must applause Hong Sisters for their new perspective of writing the plot.

I don't know is it just me or..... I just realize that the way Hong Sisters write the storyline and connect each story is to teach MW, for MW to learn the lesson from a viewers point of view. All this while, it was us, the viewers who keep "deciphering" the lesson and meaning behind each event that should have been noted by MW to learn to let go, more importantly to assess what did she failed to figure out all these years. MW should be watching this series out of the screen as viewers to take note of the lesson properly (well, she can teleport into the room in the phone, why not getting out from the screen and join us as spectator):joy:

Okay, on a serious note, MW by now should realize that the people from her past may have been reincarnated with the same face, but internally they are not the same person anymore (as stated by one of our chingu here in previous page). The only person who stays the same and didn't want to budge is herself. For more than 1000 years of punishment, she stays vicious, selfish, hot-tempered and keeps her grudge and resentment alive, causing her once kind, blossoming, full of life heart drying and dying just as the state of the Moon tree before it turned leafy, while the others have gone through multiple reincarnations. 

Episode 9 and 10 show the twists and turns of fate played out in this lifetime with a bit interference from the Pink Mago. In episode 9 they showed how would it looks like when MW vanish if she keeps being stubborn, not letting anyone open the door to her heart.

But, fate may be different and found other way once she let herself go and renew her inner self, just like YW and Mira who going through a turn of fate weave into their lives this lifetime.  

With the Moon Tree fully blooms with the flowers, there are already a lot of changes happening inside MW, and CS already took a lot more space than just one leaf inside her.  I hope the space that CS taking place in her would be enough to prevent her from going berserk  and doing things that she shouldn't be done if CM's human reincarnation ever show up in later episodes. 

Would she be able to ignore CS's life in danger for the sake of making sure she can exact her revenge? 

The fact that the "erase medicine" is still in her hands bother me.

Maybe around episode 15 she would make CS eat that medicine. 


It's almost 4am here. Ugh, I can't comprehend what did I ramble about. LOL! :lol::crazy:

Just a comment passing by chingu-deul.

See you guys next week!


p/s: let's pray hard for the whole week for passionate, fiery, deep KISSSSSS next weekend! :innocent:

(or sleeping-together scene where they stare at each other deeply... gah! Just please give it to us already! :phew:)

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wow. that was another great episode.

that final scene. it just reminded me of my first love. first loves are so high and so sweet... but the heartbreaks also feel like the end of the world. then the final great love comes along, and you just know the difference. how do I explain it? Man Weol knows Chan Seung has a good heart, she trusts that he would stay by her side. it is more than just the teenage raging hormones of her past love. this one is of trust and an expectation of being able to rely on someone, to know that you will be caught when you fall. it is beautiful, just like the flowers blooming


why does it have to wilt though? I wonder how the show will translate the wilting...


1 hour ago, Ellander88 said:

p/s: let's pray hard for the whole week for passionate, fiery, deep KISSSSSS next weekend! :innocent:

(or sleeping-together scene where they stare at each other deeply... gah! Just please give it to us already! :phew:)


I prefer the staring at each other deeply, cherishing all the seconds together all night long. The circumstances between them are so gloomy, erotic kisses just doesn't fit the mood, hehe, but of course I'd love to see them do it, if it could be incorporated well


6 hours ago, kaxx said:

Just an observation (not sure if anyone thought of this) - the Well Deity's situation - that part about "even if the makgeolli changes its water source, no one will really know the difference as long as the branding is the same."


Like reincarnation - the exterior doesn't change (in this drama at least, till now they return with the same faces) but internally they are no longer the same people.

wow, good catch.

this show is so full of meta <3 <3 <3 I guess this is a mark of good writing and directing, whether intentional or not, you get your audience's imagination moving that they see a ton of insights in your mundane scenes, and various interpretations in the overt symbolisms. 


6 hours ago, lollyminx said:

Also agree with you about CS's mom. Everything was soooo... abrupt? Or rushed. We didn't even see him before longing for his mom, or feeling sad because he grew up without a mom, and then she just appeared. At the library, out of the blue. Although I understand that the lack of depth may just be because he didn't really know her.


Yes. they did not know each other well, so their meeting does not carry so much emotional weight.

I guess this plays into the theme of the episode, about being nobody in the other person's life. Man Wol and Yeon Woo might have been best buds, but it was a thousand years ago, they are nothing to each other now. Chan Sung and his mom supposedly share an important relationship in this lifetime, but in their own personal hearts, they are just mother and son in name, no more than that. (Yeon Woo and Mi Ra are not soulmates, enemies in one of their past lives, probably nobodies to each other in their subsequent lives, but could actually be special to each other in this lifetime, and maybe back to being enemies in the next... the cycle of of life and reincarnation holds nothing constant).


It is curious though that Man Weol still cannot learn this lesson staring her in the face in terms of Captain, like she knows and recognizes this fact, but she actively chooses to still be vengeful, and she knows she shouldn't be, that is why I think she begs Chan Seung to stay with her even if she becomes evil, she is actually telling him to stop her, to save her... and the best thing is that he is willing, he promises to protect her at any cost <3


3 hours ago, charlieblue17 said:

I think the limo was MW pulling strings for CS's benefit... did not see a white lily 


I got that feeling too. which is unfair! but the greedy human in me feels happy thinking that heaven favors CS enough to bend over the rules to give peace in his heart for his mom

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6 hours ago, Linwe said:


Noooo!! I need his smirkaliciousness! :tears: What if he's hiding a not-dead YW somewhere like he originally promised MW once before?! Squishy can't be evil! Besides, I want to see two badasses go at it! Gah, next week show... next week you better have some answers...

I wonder will CM reincarnation appear, isn't the firefly CS see is him? I also believe he is not evil, hopefully there is another plot twist that even MW didn't know. Why they stop telling the past story in the halfway such a cliffhanger

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18 minutes ago, wenlhy said:

I wonder will CM reincarnation appear, isn't the firefly CS see is him? I also believe he is not evil, hopefully there is another plot twist that even MW didn't know. Why they stop telling the past story in the halfway such a cliffhanger

I'm with you regarding CM being the firefly. I don't think he moved on just like MW. Let's not forget the tree is originally made from MW sword that she eventually killed with CM. I originally thought that the tree was YW but unfortunately, it's not him. That leaves us with CM only. I hope there is a twist as well regarding CM betrayal. 

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17 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

@lu09 , @vangsweetie637 & @sadthe1st

From star to enemy in a second :mrgreen:




  Hide contents











ROFL:joy::mrgreen:. It was even funnier that she believed he would recommend anyone when she already stated he is always stuck in the bar lol:mrgreen:. She instantly regretted not sending him to the afterlife :joy:.

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48 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Not sure if there is already a preview translation posted, but here is another one for the preview for ep 11.



I'm not sure I entirely agree. MW clearly remembered him since her personal time has been frozen for a thousand years, even though she chooses to walk away with him rather than try to re-engage. However, YW stares at MW as if seeing her, there was a spark of recognition in him about her. So, while YW has lived his life without MW in this lifetime, it seems as if their paths are going to cross.


So, perhaps the lesson is more that fates will enable souls to cross each other in multiple lifetimes, even if one doesn't always recognize each other or are as close as they were in other lifetimes? I think the Hong Sisters really like to play with the concepts of fate and meeting according to fate.


However, with each reincarnation, each soul seems to choose their actions in that lifetime, so that they don't necessarily make the same choices. One has free will in each lifetime, rather than be stuck in the same role over and over.


Like how MR says that she feels that she has to back off CS once she sees that the other woman is MW, saying that she feels that MW is not someone that MR should act like that towards. Somewhere in her soul is an echo of the harm that MR has done MW in the past and that she doesn't want to repeat.


As for MR and YW getting together in this lifetime, even though she was responsible for his death in a previous lifetime. It could happen, and MR could be extra sweet to YW in this lifetime perhaps as atonement for the previous lifetime. Just speculating, since it's really up to the writers to determine where the story goes and what messages if any to put in the story. :)



Good post. My read is the same as yours re MR and YW.


I still think part of Yeon Woo's spirit is tied to Man Wol. A blogger at bitchesoverdramas said Yeon Woo's spirit not Captain's is the firefly, and it's a possibility. 


When Yeon Woo sees MW, he stops in his tracks.  It's not attraction, it's recognition.  Probably a very strong deja vu feeling with emotions attached.


Ma Go tells him he is doomed to bachelorhood, lovelessness, loneliness unless he takes that heart pen.  What if it's been the same in each of his reincarnated lives because part of his heart or spirit has remained with MW.


Also, to digress because of the book "Existence and Time": is it possible that the three ghost employees continued to exist in the real world but part of their essence became the ghosts at the Hotel?


Perhaps because of a contract?  People are always making contracts with Death or the devil.  Man Wol as a death entity made a contract with CS's dad.


This is all in my head, but perhaps our bellhop, with that killing blow in his chest, returned home to die, but his sister loved him so much she signed away her eyes and part of his soul to keep him alive.  That's why there's a real guy, who is his physically older self, but also a ghost - always physically young because time stopped - contractually obliged to serve the Hotel until his sister dies?


And something like this happened with Yeon Woo, who gets reincarnated but part of his spirit or soul is contractually obliged through promise or love to remain with Man Wol?


And maybe with the other employees too.  Contracts?


Every time the bellboy remembers his past, the song My Grandfather's Clock plays.  This is a song about existence and time stopping simultaneously (mirrored in the book title), and we've also got MW and her tree, for whom they more or less stopped too.

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