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  1. Annyeong Sunnies, I hope you've all been well. Powerful earth tremors recently shook us to the core here in my home-country. It seems that negative reports have been rife of late. On a light-hearted note, thanks to sis cheerkoo for updating us about Koo. I heard that Jae-hyun-ssi has a new drama coming. Hopefully, we'll get to see Koo as well in another drama production soon. I hope that her seminar tomorrow will proceed smoothly and successfully as always. Her topic is most wonderful and interesting---''A life healed through art''. In psychology, art has two functions: diagnostic and therapeutic. In fact, psychology considers art as her soul-mate. Art encourages catharsis, externalization, validation of thoughts and feelings, empowerment, and development of self-worth, among other things. These are dangerous times we live in, whether the cause is natural or man-made. Therefore, let's take extra care and foster vigilance always. Blessings of protection to all!
  2. Annyeong to fellow fans of Bogummy! My home-country has been recently hit by powerful earth tremors. In connection therewith, I've just learned today that Bogummy's Philippine fan meet on April 27 was cancelled and rescheduled on the 22nd of June this year in light of the aforesaid force majeure. I just wanted to comment on Bogummy's tweets to his fan meet's mistress of ceremony. From his choice of words, one can easily glean his kind, gentle, solicitous, humble, and prayerful nature. God bless him more! I hope and pray that his fans from Philippines and elsewhere in the globe are always safe and in the pink of health. Blessings of protection to all of you!
  3. Greetings to all fans of Park Bo Gum! Every time I behold Bogummy's visage, I feel like a teen in love after which a sense of sheer joy, tranquility, and warmth envelopes me from within. It's a wonderful feeling. He's the first actor to make me feel this way. He's the epitome of what a woman wants in a man. He is warm-hearted, humble, hard-working, handsome, smart, talented, generous, etc.---what more can a woman ask for? He's close to perfection. His future love is very lucky! He's like a celestial being in the shell of an earthling. He's an angel, a dashing prince, a knight in shining armour. A couple of weeks ago, a dear chingu-eonnie from Kuala Lumpur saw him just inches away inside a mall. I call that sweet serendipity! Speaking of which, I'm ecstatic to learn that Bogummy is finally going to be here in my home-country on the 27th for a fan-meet. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend due to work exigencies. That said, I'm happy for fellow Filipino fans for their chance to meet the one and only beautiful Bogummy! May the Heavens continue to bless Bogummy! Thank you so much @autumnight for the warm welcome! Thanks for making this thread! What an adorable avatar @gumtaek! Thank you for the warm welcome as well! Pleased to meet you all, Love and Blessings!
  4. @jadecloud Pengyou, hi! Long time no see! First of all, I want to thank you for making this thread. I don't watch C-dramas that much, but I definitely loved watching this after Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace and The Story of Yanxi Palace. If you have time to spare, I hope you'll indulge my query. Otherwise, please know that it's alright if it's not possible. Thank you so much! It is in regard to episode 45, at its end part or when Zichu took Hao Lan for a birthday surprise with those lovely lanterns. I understand that he was romantically speaking to her through odes. But the translations at around 40.24 mark were cut off or untranslated from the site in which I was watching it. If you could just give me a general idea about their conversation without translating word for word what they said to each other would already make my heart full of gratefulness and glee. Thank you so much! Hugs and Blessings! Edited to add: To be more specific, the translations were cut off starting at the part after Hao Lan stated: ''There are mountains and mountains. Who thinks about the cloud? Western beauty.'' And then there were no translations afterwards on their conversation except for: ''Your Majesty is passionate.'' I am dying to know what were the missing parts from 4.24 up to 4.45. Apologies for being passionately fastidious. It is one of my most favourite scenes in the drama. Please reply only at your most convenient time. Duo xie!!! Post-script: It became more lucid and beautiful now that I understand the said scenes which I re-watched for several times with the detailed explanations you so graciously provided in mind. Thank you so much @bluehibiscus and @SailBeneteau for making my viewing experience more enriching.
  5. So proud of uri Goo Hye Sun! When higher powers are intent on keeping Jang Ja Yeon's case/name buried during this crucial moment in SK, uri Goo-nim valiantly posting a beautiful message in her memory. Justice for Jang Ja Yeon! God bless Goo Hye Sun! I hope Sunnies and AhnGoo Lovers are doing well! Love and Blessings!
  6. Chingu @cheerkoo-sis, wow, really? Koo-nim was in the Philippines? Super-wow! Despite the storms in my life, I feel happy knowing that one of my life's inspirations is in my dear home-country. I hope that she has enjoyed the dive. There are many wonderful pristine diving sites/beaches for her to have had explored here. I'm really glad that she is becoming more proactive with her health or in general, with what she really wants in life. Anyhow, dearest Sunnies, I hope that you've all been well. Hello everyone @eonnie Trang, robbo, swan, etc. And special hello to eonnie Keri. As always, thanks for all these delicious updates on Koo-nim. I wish you all an auspicious and awesome August. Looking forward to her return in the small screen no matter how long it will take so long as she's happy and content with her many endeavours. God bless. TCA!
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