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  1. ep 14 is really good! the library, the old woman I wonder if a new deity was born in the doomed world, that would mean someone is taking over Myul Mang's job, someone born out of DK's love, thus someone not bitter
  2. yeah, this is very sad. this was in the running to be my fave drama of all time up until ep 6, then, 7 - 11 had very slow developments. I appreciate that the writer was going through all the scenarios, but they would have been more interesting if there were actual things happening instead of just characters realizing things in their mind. more family interactions could have done it, or, more field trips with myul mang to see the end of things and learn lessons from there could have been the way to do it, heck, even more Dora scenes doing whatever it is that she actually does would have helped,
  3. super love this drama. awesome characters with no overacting. beautiful plot. great use of philosophical questions. very melancholic setting. it has been two weeks since I lost my dad and the grieving almost drove me mad. my dad hates my kdrama addiction, but where do I run to for comfort? this just seems to be the perfect story to pull me out of reality into the safety of fantasy.
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