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  1. I dont even really know sulli, but this is really sad let us all love and be kind to one another <3 <3 <3
  2. Thanks Joseph. Could you translate what they are saying though? haha
  3. Instead of a straightforward vacation, they should have just filmed a vacation special, that would recoup the vacation costs haha
  4. Man Wol got a major fashion thing going, but I was not paying so much attention to it (unlike in other shows where I stare at the screen so long and just admire clothes) because I was more enthralled by Man Wol's expressions, from sadness to playfulness, she was incredibly portrayed. I see some of IU's stills in My Ahjussi and they already break my heart so I'm pretty curious about that too. Jin Goo holds his own (he reminded me so much of Gong Hyo Jin here - generous to their co-actors and are not afraid to be outshined because they have this talent to not lose presence on the screen no matter how strong or colorful the characters they are acting against are), but I've seen what he can do in Hwayi, and I dont want him in a romcom for a long while. I think he acts very well with his body, and he is young, so some intense action series (like Vagabond) should suit him next. I also want him to play really evil and deranged He has plenty of time to play romcom again when he gets to his thirties hehe @lollyminx I really wished javabeans went back to recap even just the finale of HDL. I haven't been to dramabeans lately because I feel the recappers don't capture the hong sisters' genius, but if the comments are good, I'll be going to check it out Woah, that theory in dramabeans about time flowing differently #6 Horizon. I like and believe that haha. I am hurt by the bashing on the Hong Sisters though. They love symbolisms but have to give more expositions because of the nature of the audience. A passing viewer wont dwell too much on meanings and the lines would come out flat and meaningless (wasted then superfluous) without explanation. But instead of saying them straight and commonly like most (all other?) shows, the writers push on their metaphorical route; but they dont just explain, they use the explanations as source of humor or poignancy. I really appreciate that they try to make 'poetry' accessible to the masses. I have seen old Chinese shows put a lot of flavor in their dialogues, but not in mainstream tv anymore. Not even western shows put metaphor in their dialogues the way the Hong Sisters do.
  5. Thank you guys for stopping this thread from getting delusional haha. I really ship them, but the Thailand pictures have sated me and now I am ready to see them with other partners (am I lying to myself now? I am not sure haha) For those still hungry for the insights on the ending, one is still ongoing here: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/09/05/hotel-del-luna-ep-16-the-finale-challenge/ I am Hong Sisters fangirling again, but I feel so proud of them for writing this series that got minds rolling and rolling with interpretations, not just with the ending, but throughout the meaning of the whole drama. From the first episode, I already felt it was different. Theirs don't need a big production to work, because their strength had always been in the dialogues. But the first 10 minutes of this drama hardly had any talking and were all production and acting (IU was incredible from the get-go, I was in love since how hopeless she looked when she poured wine on the coffin), and my impression was that the studio took them really seriously and gave them money. They have always been very metaphorical but they reached new heights with this. Thank you to PD Oh Choong Hwan too, the directing plays a lot in bringing in the mystery and making the audience pay attention to details that could be seen one way and another. I really felt his love for the drama because of how beautiful every shot is. For me, any piece of art speaks differently to each of us. We pick on different details because we have different values and experiences. The more varied the interpretations are, the richer the work proves to be, and rich MaGo poured a lot of her powers on this drama.
  6. I really hope he makes an effort to include her in the group so she enjoys and gets closer with everyone we are still here @innrukia for your emotional support <3
  7. Does video quality have an effect on looks? Coz Chan Seong looks more handsome in youtube clips than when I was watching him in the full drama. Should I have watched at the highest resolution? Hehe
  8. imagine the potential Soo Hyun-Chan Seong bromance here: in this one, Kim Min Jae reincarnates as Yeo Jin Goo? Hehe. Seriously, this drama would be so fun to discuss. The theories we can come up with this:
  9. Or Jin Goo could kidnap IU and drive her to the beach, if he still has that international driver's license. dream dream dream
  10. Jin Goo, turn around and entertain our shy IU please! Entertain her.
  11. @RiceGirl1212 4 wheeled (season 1) is a gem. I dont watch korean variety/reality, so I have to thank @lollyminx for introducing me to it. I will be starting Hyori's homestay after I post this
  12. this post got me loling; this is all of us shippers
  13. Going to Thailand! YJG can teach them Thai phrases... for selling food, and buying groceries... Tangmo Paaaaaaan!!!! And he can take them to rooftop bars, and he may finally get the girlfriend he has been dreaming of haha I hope they all hang out together. Age-wise, IU is closer to the boys (mostly in their 26s?) while YJG is closer to the girls. I'm so sad about @lollyminx calling it the final BTS. We really have to let go now.
  14. For image, yes. Lee Seung Gi has two Master's Degrees, not in acting, but in business, making him "Nation's umchina" (highly admired) and "Nation's Son-in-law" (all mom's want him for their daughters). Learning things on the go is great, but going to school also provides formal training for Jin Goo to hone his craft. He is taking theater? which is probably very different from acting in front of a camera? Also, I think, diligently going to classes and doing projects develops discipline, and will also allow Jin Goo to network with peers (hopefully, the good ones). And better for Jin Goo to not have free time, so he won't get involved with bad people and scandals plaguing SoKor now. I feel like his mom looking over his future now.
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