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  1. Episode 520 was terrific! Absolutely hilarious~! Kwang Soo's happy / joy / gratitude expressions makes me died laughing! And also, The Lion King ost also cracked me up! Literally rolling on the floor watching this episode! And not to forget, our beautiful ladies Omooo~~~ Ji Hyo so graceful with Hula dance and So Min dancing passionately hahahaha Ji Hyo Unnie, I love your new bangs, it suits you and makes you looks younger! Your hairstylist was right to cut your bangs, don't hate
  2. It's been so quiet here lately sNack! channel has uploaded funny clips from recent episode! Kwak Do Won laughter so contagious! hahahahaha I hope we can revive this page to be merrier. BTW, I wonder how would upcoming filming will be affected with the new SOP of Covid-19 not to have outdoor activities more than 10 in Seoul They are dealing with another wave now. I hope they can film freely indoors. Yeah, I end up unfollowed the official IG due to its depressing toxi
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