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  1. Yeah, I am watching the final episode now, and apparently the episode kinda confirm my previous guess about the his rotten body hosting the evil spirit as quoted follow: Gosh, JinKyung must've been putting so much work over the years to preserve the body. LOL Edit: Okay I am done with the final episode. I think I am not gonna comment anything on this final episode. This is the most exhausting drama to analyse / interpret (because of the new terms, unfamiliar Japanese folklore and unexplored shamanism practice and belief concept/ system), but it had a good plot to engage me till the end. Particularly all the ritual showmanship by JinKyung and in the final episode, some ritual performance by all the shamans. Thank God everyone alive although there is that momentary freeze among the people being cursed. Gosh! The end of the show. It was a great journey and thank you to fellow friends here who shared their thought and analysis with me here... although this thread is really quiet. Well, it's not everyone's cup of tea kind of drama. See you guys again in another thread! Till then~
  2. Yeah, I discussed about this with other fellow commentors on the streaming site and someone also point out about taking the lead..thus the link between the Inugamis kinda broken. Besides, in the past, her mom performing the procedure as the third-party, thus both So-Jin and the Chairman were affected. I am watching final episode Gosh.. what a show in the beginning of the episode. Hahaha And I see Kwon Yul face again!
  3. Thought on Episode 11: Hmmm, as I wondered in episode 10 whether the Inugami was partially transferred or split, YES, this episode confirmed my guess. Though I never heard the same body evil spirit being split during transfer (from what I have learnt regarding supernatural in both animisme and religious context, black magic and folklore NOR did I ever heard from the practitioner / experts in this area); but I guess this may be can be applied to Inugami, whether just for the convenient of this drama’s plot or the split concept was created based on the source(s) about Japanese folklore that said “when new family members joins in, they will receive their own Inugami”. So, I guess, the writer may be interpret that, the original and first Inugami from the first person of the family’s ancestor that created it from the starving-the-dog-till-death can be split into as many as the family members’ number and the “personality” of each Inugami differ according to its host / master or their desire. Hence, the writer may used this inspiration as the plot basis that the Inugami split itself into two during the transfer to the Chairman, and at the same time another half still remains in So-Jin. HOWEVER, this still makes me question the scene where JinKyung had to explain about Inugami to the Chairman. 10 years ago (as shown in this episode), did JinKyung only knew that the Chairman was possessed by very powerful spirit without knowing exactly that it is an Inugami? If she knew it’s the powerful “dog-spirit”, then why did when she showed the Inugami drawing to the Chairman and the way she explained what is Inugami to him sounds like it’s the first encounter to such spirit??? It doesn’t make sense to me. Did the writer have an oversight at this part of the plot? Or did the director interpret the script wrongly? ANOTHER thing though, during flashbacks when So-Jin’s mom performed the procedure to the Chairman and also the strategy talk between So-Jin and Jin-Hee at the end of this episode, it seems both scenes are telling us that performing procedure on the Chairman will also equally affect So-Jin as their Inugami are linked to each other. THEN, what about the scene with the drum (tsukumogami) though??? So-Jin was performing procedure to the Chairman but she was not even affected back then, it was only because the curse boomerangs due to the spiritual fight that she hurts her eye. And now they are trying to say that she would be affected too if she do procedure on the Chairman? HUH??? So, from this episode, this is the chronology that I came up with after considering all the scenes of the back story. This is just my personal opinion and arrangement based on what have been shown to us so far. 1) When So-Jin was very young, she was not yet possessed by the Inugami. As told by JinKyung, many Japanese originated spirits cross over during the Japanese occupation and So-Jin’s hometown is a place that perfect for spirits to dwell in. Thus, there was scene showing she didn’t have the stigmata back then when her mother was excited about her starting school. 2) At one point, So-Jin experienced the “shamanic sickness” that caused her mother to do a ritual and accidentally causing an Inugami possessing her. Thus, it was indeed an acquired Inugami rather than passed down by bloodline. 3) She then became well-known as the child shaman that could perform the method with 3 things: the Chinese character of the name, the person’s belonging and picture. Her mom was reluctant and disheartened thinking that she’s exploiting her daughter for a living and with that spirit attached in her body; she couldn’t have a normal life. But yeah, eventually, the effectiveness of the procedure became the talk of the town and she earned money from that..but she felt guilty for the fate and future of her daughter’s life (knowing herself what had becoming a shaman done to her own life). 4) One day, came an opportunity for So-Jin’s mom to transfer the evil spirit to save So-Jin under the pretense of doing the ritual to ward off bad luck to the Chairman. But, things went awry when So-Jin who was supposed to stay in the closet came out and cross the boundary and talisman her mom put there. I guess, that maybe the cause why the spirit was split as the talisman that suppose to contain the spirit wholly broken by So-Jin. And thus, the mountain highway scene – the Chairman possessed by the spirit. 5) The way the spirit manifests in the Chairman intriguingly different from So-Jin’s – so, I guess the Chairman inner side actually full of resent, anger and dark desire that the spirit took over his humane side entirely. He became a bad father that didn’t came to visit his children. For several months, he mom can’t get in touch with him, and when she went to find him, he told her off that her son already died. Well, figuratively, the former goody JJH “died” and the evil spirit fully took over his soul. 6) Not sure what happened within that several months after the ritual (maybe realizing that the Inugami split into two and both So-Jin and the Chairman has the same spirit), So-Jin’s mom went to find the Chairman’s mom and confess about the Inugami transfer. So, she did the procedure to him in the hope that the spirit will be ward off from the Chairman body. The chairman who was in the meeting at the time, suffered and collapsed from the procedure and being sent to the hospital. 7) However, So-Jin’s mom stopped the procedure half-way because the curse also inflicted pain / curse to So-Jin on the basis that they had the same Inugami. The half-done procedure cause the wrath of the spirit inside the Chairman and his physical reaction became uncontrollably psychotic. This was where JinKyung came into the picture, where she was initially acquainted with the Department Chief’s wife. She did the hours of ritual to sooth the enraged spirit, and she even did the fortune reading that the Chairman will do something big in the future changing the world, but there is one person who will block his path. So, that person needs to be eliminated (Pffftttt for that world-changing part). 8) After the ritual, So-Jin was not well due to the effect of the procedure her mom did. But, two women came to find her mom for the procedure (beginning of episode 1). Already distressed with the situation, her mom reluctantly accepted and went in the room to ask So-Jin to do the procedure one more time (maybe she needs money after given $4000 back to Chairman’s mom). At this time, JinKyung is on the way with the Chairman, after persuading him to kill So-Jin’s mom. And thus, the rest is history. I had hard time to wrap my head around on the supernatural concept and rules of the possession from the shamanism context. This is harder to digest and understand compared to Sohn: The Guest and Priest. After learning that shamanism doesn’t have the concept of devil / Satan, but instead viewed those spirits as whom they serve or use at disposal (the stronger it is the more the shaman submit themselves), I can finally understand the plot and storyline. Phewhh! Final episode is coming. I hope So-Jin stays alive though. And Jin Hee too.
  4. Why and how did JinKyung get acquainted with the Chairman, maybe we will get the answer in the final 2 episodes. But, it is for sure that these shamans take pride of themselves serving so-called spirits / gods, and therefore agreed to do the ritual as it can be considered something big in their arena / field... some big achievement for them maybe... well under the pretext to serve world good for example. Pffttt! I watched a lot of kdrama and the same dialogue that these shamans keep repeating is that, they are serving the spirits or the gods, so they really prideful of their work as shaman. Evil spirit? Nahhh, if it is powerful, I think they will be submissive to it and be the servant. Shamanism believed and used these spirits, they don't have the concept of devil / Satan as in Christianity or Islam.
  5. Nope, that one JinKyung wears black shaman outfit. This one am talking about clearly shown as "10 years ago" in the episode. Check the episode back, it clearly showed "10 years ago" before that doctor came out from the doctor's rest room. Yeah, I have been suspecting that he had rotten body since the whistleblower mentioned about the strong incense smell to JinHee. And then another rotten smell when he was with the 3rd generation chaebol and the hostesses. I am putting out this idea because it doesn't make sense the Inugami being split, I have never heard such theory nor learnt existence of partial transfer. So, the only theory (at least known to me) that matched the situation is he's the evil spirit himself and he's dead already and the Chairman we saw from episode 1 is of the dead body possessed by his own evil spirit.
  6. @mrsj3n @sadthe1st The comments I made in previous page... I was actually being inquisitive of the possible scenarios that may have happened in the back story 10 years ago regarding the spirit possessing So-Jin and the JJH respectively, right after I watched the live broadcast. The preview shows Jin-Hee’s voice over saying So-Jin and JJH had “the same evil spirit” makes me wonder the possible scenario that happened as a result of So-Jin’s mom ritual / procedure, and the questionable logic that entails each scenario. It was an inquisitive comment made because of the preview, not the analysis of the episode itself. Now that I just finished watching the subbed episode, this would be the analysis that I came up with. Actually this episode reveals crucial details on how the spirit transfer works, how to defeat the evil spirit and also solves the big question(s) involving JJH (or his evil spirit) main agenda and why the IPO so important. From the professor lecture about the spirit can also dwell in / possesses non-human, infinite beings and things, the LINK required for the transfer and the STIGMATA on So-Jin hand, Jin-Hee finally able to connect the dots and deduced that JJH is going to transfer the evil spirit into the Forest app itself – the NEW LOGO looks the same as STIGMATA on JJH hand, thus the NEW LOGO is the LINK for the spirit transfer into the app. YES, the evil spirit will forever be in the app, i.e. the app is the evil spirit. Hence, during and after the IPO, Forest will be considered as a miraculous app that really grant people’s curse to each other. This is confirmed by Chun Joon Bong’s statement in his delirious state. So, will people stop using Forest? NO. Contrarily it will be explosive in popularity as humans are prone to follow their dark side, even with just a small trigger to their negative emotions (anger, jealousy, greed etc), they would seek / install Forest and curse people knowing the app has such tag play. With explosive popularity, the IPO listing will be massive success and their share price will soar higher once people realize it really does the work --- the company will be bigger and richer. Does the Chairman trying to be a good person now for wanting people to stop sinning due to fear of being curse? I strongly say NO. That’s exactly the devilish, hideous agenda of the evil spirit to conquer human being and be submissive to “it”, under the pretense for the good of human being. In this drama context, the evil spirit is trying to conquer and manipulate the duality of human nature – of course by inciting the darker side, baiting people to believe cursing each other is alright and instil the belief on false miracle that the app could really grant their curse, but in reality they are consenting to the evil spirit to harm or kill their target. Hence, Forest will literally be a cult spreading like wildfire virtually. That’s all about Forest of Curses and what it had to do with the spirit transfer. Now, based on the professor lecture to Jin Hee on how to defeat the evil spirit (while drawing the fox-like spirit, LOL), he said they have to take the lead. Although the question is about the Buddha statue, but the professor’s answer can be applied generally to evil spirit. So, this reveals to me that Jin-Hee will ask So-Jin to curse and perform procedure on her first before JJH can curse her during the spirit transfer through the tag, so the curse tag directed to her on Forest won’t affect her anymore ( that would be really risky move though as her life could be compromised from So-Jin’s curse *worried*). Her husband might leave himself out (or she may be couldn’t convince him), because in the preview it looks like he is going to be affected by the curse tag. I am guessing that, next episode Jin-Hee’s going to seek out JJH’s mom to get his belonging for So-Jin to perform the method on him...and that’s where we will be shown the whole back story.. hopefully. So, it will clear out what exactly possessing the Chairman currently. However, I do have an idea though when I tried to connect the professor’s lecture about Zombie and the blood ritual that JinKyung did in the hospital ward (which may sounds ridiculous to many people but not impossible – because I have heard of such thing happened before in real life in different context). I think the Chairman died because of So-Jin’s mom and he became the evil spirit itself and JinKyung did the blood ritual to make his own dead body hosting his evil spirit. You guys remember the whistleblower mentioned that the Chairman has strong incense smell on him right? I think that the incense smell is to cover his rotten smell. Now it has been 10 years since, it’s time to move from the rotten body, maybe because they couldn’t preserve it anymore. This is just my guess because I thought they wouldn’t just show the professor talking about zombie without purpose. So far in this drama, every scene, every word serves its own purpose or clue to the reasoning. Thus, I found episode 10 is quite informative and helps to deduce the motive behind the forest of curse and JJH big agenda.
  7. I watched episode 10 live stream just now. This episode will be interesting for you guys as a lot of information gathered in this episode and the professor also explains about the theory behind moving the spirit – the link with the forest of curse. And at the end, in the preview for next week episode, there is voice over by Jin Hee saying that the evil spirit in the Chairman and So-Jin is of the same kind. I am sorry for this spoiler, but, the preview makes me wonder whether 1) So-Jin's mom was only able to ward off partial of the Inugami to So-Jin from the Chairman (Like it was split into Yin and Yang, or split like identical twin with different personality, as an analogy). Because, if it is from the same Inugami "body", then, JinKyung shouldn't have tried so hard to find what kind of evil spirit attached to So-Jin in the first place. She has known the Chairman is able to paralyze or kill a person just by looking at the person or by picture, hence, she should have known what kind of evil spirit is attached with the Chairman...hence if it is similar, she should have known it is an Inugami. But the way she told the Chairman about it in the past few episodes looks like it’s the first time she come across Inugami in person. Or, 2) So-Jin’s mom might have succeeded warding off the Inugami entirely from the Chairman body but had to transfer it to So-Jin because that’s the price she had to pay in exchange of forcing the Inugami out from the Chairman body – transfer to someone of her own bloodline. So, that makes So-Jin’s Inugami is an acquired Inugami instead of passed down by bloodline (as the theory should be). And because he had been possessed in the past by the same Inugami, thus the same stigmata appears on his hand. However, if the original Inugami has been fully transferred to So-Jin, then what the hell is possessing the Chairman currently though? Did JinKyung put another evil spirit in the Chairman body during the ritual in the hospital ward as witnessed by the doctor OR did she perform the ritual to transfer every evil energy to revive the remaining of what’s left by the Inugami in the Chairman body. Hmmmm The preview said it is of the same kind, which makes me wonder, what actually happened spiritually (what did So-Jin mom did) that makes the evil spirit attach to So-Jin and the Chairman respectively are considered of the same kind. Two more episodes left! Argh! I can’t wait how will the writer gonna conclude this drama. *pulling my hair*
  8. I watched live stream just now... and guys... But the Chairman's flashbacks had me racking my brain though... I need to catch up with the subbed episode later. Can't make sense what did the Chairman talked to So-Jin about during live stream.. Sung Dong Il always mumble his words and low voice at that.
  9. She looks like doing ritual with animal blood to me. I love that too! But, I am not sure if she did something first protecting her soul or something, so her soul stay intact and it was only her body was crumpled up by So-Jin. The voice over in Jin Hee's voice asking "is she alive?" bugs me, but still, I hope she's dead for good. Maybe Jin Hee asking about So-Jin. Let's see next week how this pan out. BTW, the new OST is Supernatural by Dong Woo Seok. At the end of the episode I saw it says the song will be released on 10th March. So, maybe only by that time u can find the full version.
  10. I still strongly think she's dead for sure. The human body of her cannot survive that kind of intense contortion which to even the smallest bone and that massive hemorrhage when So-Jin took one last look at her. So-Jin would have made sure she's gone for good. The preview may be for showing the past event or back story of Jin Kyung. We still haven't been shown how did she came across and became allied with the Chairman.
  11. OMG! The ending of episode 8 is EPIC! But the preview.... hmmmm... she seems still alive... hmmmm I hope it's just a flashback scene about how she became the shaman. Unless she is an immortal, impossible for her to survive that last scene though. Hmmmm
  12. Hey guys! I have been so busy with work I haven't been able to write here. I haven't even been able to write the thought about episode 5 & 6, and now episode 7 & 8 already catching up.. sigh But, I think the So Jin that Jin Hee mentioned in the voice over is her friend that committed suicide, not current Baek So-Jin. Just my guess. Let's see how it goes in episode 8. Meanwhile, I am now catching up with episode 7. I don't know if I have time to write my thought on both new episodes though. Works is killing me. Haaaa
  13. Hi everyone, I haven't been able to write my thought yet on the recent two episodes due to work matter. I will be back later (maybe weekend) to share my thought.. I need to rewatch. Great to see some posts by familiar names here! @mrsj3n and @Sushimi Yes the Inugami lived inside So-Jin, to be used at disposal performing the method and also acts as the bloodline guardian to her. Inugami is an evil spirit too, I never see nor praise the Inugami that So-Jin has as a good spirit just because we saw she performed the method to the supposedly bad person. It is human-created spirit full of revenge, it is evil in nature. It just that, the way how the human "master" use these spirits that's different. However, I still see the method as evil both in context and execution. What I am worried now is So-Jin is starting to show signs of being affected by the Inugami's nature --- we can see from how she felt threatened and unwelcoming of Jin Hee's husband. She is starting showing signs to be possessive of Jin Hee. A child with strong evil spirit like that, with no proper guidance on the effect of overusing "the method", will eventually get herself "eaten" from the inside by the spirit that "staying" inside her. She looks like a scarred and paranoid dog being wary of stranger and afraid of losing affection. Both So-Jin and the Chairman are possessed with spirits, but they respectively used it differently in context. That's why we can see both have red marks on their arm. Person that is possessed with spirit always shows sign of possession --- in this drama, the sign is the reddish artery-like mark. The meaning of the scene in episode 3 where the camera shows the mark on the Chairman hands similar to So-Jin has twofold: 1) Literally, it means the Chairman is actually also possessed with a spirit --- it's a sign this drama use to show someone is possessed with a spirit. Lee Hwan doesn't know this fact. 2) Figuratively, for that specific scene, showing the mark on the Chairman hand contradicts what Jin Kyung said about finding the evil spirit that doing the method (So-Jin's Inugami), and hiding the fact that the Chairman himself is also an evil spirit. The story Jin Kyung told Lee Hwan purposefully emphasizing that the opposite opponent as the one that is evil, while actually the Chairman himself is the evil one. I am not sure yet about this one. I haven't watch episode 6 with subtitles. I am afraid there is bigger twist behind all that we are being shown now. But I think, the writer might have dropped some clues that we don't realize yet. Need to further analyze the episodes. But I haven't had the chance to do so to the latest 2 episodes. Will come back later for more thought.
  14. Maybe you do some reading first and wait for the daybreak. Haha
  15. My thought on Episode 4: 1) The best shaman character I ever seen in my 20 years of watching kdrama! I have never been so excited and expectant to watch a shaman's character and anticipating to the ritual performance in any drama before. LOL! Big applause for Jo Min Soo! This drama definitely redeemed the prospective of a shaman being one of the lead role greatly in my perspective after it was destroyed by OCN's Possessed. The thorough research she conducted with her assistant definitely fruitful and highly effective, and she takes no richard simmons in dealing with the spirits and assertive to her solution. It was brilliant of the writer whom intricately woven the knowledge on best method to face off the opponent spirit obtained through scientific research and articles of the folklore study into the execution of shamanic ritual with the drum. Damn, that was so satisfying to watch although I know she is on the bad side. LOL! 2) That being said, I am worried that So-Jin is the opposite of what Jin Kyung made of. She has no reliable knowledge on how exactly the supernatural works, how to manipulate it, no resources, and clueless to what are the causes and effects of performing something using the spirit. Neither taught, learnt, nor passed down to her. She always do the method on impulse and that's worrying. Now we see the curse boomerang back to her, and she's just lucky that the Inugami which also acts as her guardian is very strong to protect her from further physical damage. Else, she would have been dead on the spot due to the evil curse energy bounced back to her. And now from the preview, it seems she may have to resort to touching him directly to do the method on him as using the lighter may not work anymore. Sigh. That can't be achieved easily, unless they knock him unconscious and kidnap him away from shaman Jin Kyung. I bet someone will be sacrificed in the process to provoke the Chairman to use his energy to kill someone, and they take advantage of his vulnerable state for So-Jin to perform the method --- seeing Jin Kyung's wrath when she realizes the Chairman used up his energy again kinda foretelling me that might be the cause of his own demise later. 3) I still think the forest of curses may serve as "a tank" for the Chairman to collect the evil energy from the curses. This may be just the small purpose the tag play serves. But the bigger purpose might be something unimaginable at a massive scale. Well, in the religious aspect of viewing evil spirit or demons, their main purpose is to incite chaos in the world and conquering the human being. What exactly he's been planning to do, we need to watch more episodes to come. With the IPO listing coming, he got all the resources on his side at disposal - Spiritually, Virtually and Power of Money. That explains how he was so excited and anticipating the IPO listing so much, great amount of money can be amassing in short time from the public offering. 4) Jin Hee's scheme in getting the name in Chinese characters and belonging was brilliant, the plan concocted well-suit with her image as an experienced journalist. The Captain kind of redeem himself for me in this episode, using his intuition properly to assess the abduction site and eventually found the phone. 5) I wonder how did Jin Kyung and the Chairman came into the partnership though. I think there will be back story on this. Plus, I think Jin Kyung will also further research on So-Jin's family, and maybe we will get to know how did the Inugami came into the family's possession in future episodes. And I also guessing that the kind of spirit possessing the Chairman will also be told or narrated by Jin Kyung in the future. I can't wait to watch how will these details being laid out in future episodes. No, it was the Chairman own order to eliminate So-Jin's mom as per phone conversation in episode 4 when Jin Kyung asks the Chairman about the village Asin-dong. In my opinion, he (or the evil spirit inside him) probably afraid that the only person that could obstruct him from doing everything that he planned to do was So-Jin's mom. It was her mom that "call out" the monstrous evil spirit anyway and facilitating the possession --- though she actually clueless what had she done.