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  1. Yo! Good to see you here too! I gotta move on from the previous drama, though I am still having the withdrawal syndrome with that drama (u know which drama, haha!). Anyway, that's why I was wondering and curious if she is a double agent. I didn't point finger to her yet as the double agent. Too early to tell. Maybe for now she is on the good side, who knows what her character development will be. Hehe. But, it's interesting to see they show the process she tried to piece together the conversation from the video and from the black box.
  2. Ah! Yes yes! Now that you said it, I remember it now. Even the camera deliberately emphasize the nail on that wood. Lol! The episode is too packed with many details, I forgot some scenes. Haha! Thanks!
  3. Indeed...especially when insider like the crew is the accomplice. Sigh. BTW, can anyone who have watched ep. 2 tell me what did that black hoodie guy took out from the tattooed part of his chest? (how should we address him though? the terrorist? Spanish Honey? LOL ) Looks like a nail to me, or is it a cylindrical chip? Can't be a bullet right, because it shaped like a nail?
  4. Finished watching episode 2 on Netflix. No SSR appearance still.. The It's one of the many theories based on what they could gather from the flight path data. Till now, nobody can really tell what exactly happened to the plane conclusively. It's a mystery. Sigh. But, I also felt this choked sadness when I watched the plane crash scene which made me remember both MH planes, one being shot down, one went lost. Let us remember all the plane crash victims of any incident in silent prayer. May their soul rest in peace. BTW, I wonder if GHR is a double agent though. I thought she was the one who killed Michael since she reported to someone that autopsy report would definitely appear as suicide and told that person not to fret over it. But this episode, it turn out, another Chief told her to go to Lisbon to check on the crime scene where Michael was killed. And she seems wanted to confirm that the autopsy is indeed conclude as suicide with the PIS Chief. Hmmmm... I think I am going to have hard time to remember the face and the name of their position in NIS and the Blue House. There are more new characters introduced in this 2nd episode (and they are all awesome, seasoned actors/actresses at that) on top of all those many characters in episode 1. Anyway, I'm looking forward for next episode. But, I hope CDG could be more level-headed though. He is getting into trouble with the police due to his temper. But, I can't blame him for acting like that. Being the one who realize about the real truth must be driving him crazy questioning as to why his beloved nephew being sacrificed for this terror act. Sigh.
  5. I'd like to see one or both of them to go to the currently airing all-female-cast Three Meals A Day. It's a great show for them to escape for awhile in the mountain village.
  6. Yeah, we all still dreaming in our imagination about MW and CS being together again. That's why we all still lurking here as "ghost" who still can't fully let go of HDL. Hahahaha I actually wanted to point out about how MW finally vent her frustration to CS for not playing along with the romance vibe she's trying to create with CS on the rooftop. LOL! But, I totally forgotten about commenting that part because I am still grieving over MW departure. Hahaha. BTW, I may be also one of those minority who didn't one bit affected by KSH entrance and does not wish for second season, be it Blue Moon or Red Moon. I totally recommend that drama to you. I still re-watch that drama from time to time. It's a really heartwarming drama as its progress from episode to episode. That drama got IU finally recognized for her acting skill after being subjected to a lot of critics in her past works. But, as a long time follower of IU works, I found that she improved tremendously and that's why she's now able to express such diverse facial expressions and emotions in HDL. I'm glad she took in all the critics as a lesson for her to keep improving, rather than succumb to those malicious attack wanting her to stop acting completely and just focus on singing.
  7. The soul crosses the Sanzu River will not directly be reincarnated. They are going to the afterlife and facing judgement first of their deeds during their life. They need to face King Yeomra who will decide whether they are worthy to be reincarnated as human or as animals in their next life, or cannot be reincarnated at all. Therefore, those who received flowers from MaGo1 actually have like a "favour card" from MaGo so King Yeomra could know that they are recommended to be reincarnated as human. Like MW, she did sinned for killing so many in the past, but MaGo had already punished her for that by being tied down to the tree and serve so many departing souls for the span of 1300 years, hence she's done with her punishment apart from letting go of her own resentment, thus also able to get the flower from MaGo who advocate for her to be reincarnated as human in next life. On the contrary, soul like Seol Ji Won will not have an easy afterlife since he's not getting any favour from MaGo. The context of understanding the road of judgement they need to face afterlife is a mix of Korean mythology (known as King Yeomra) and Buddhism (known as Yama). I suggest you all to watch Along with the Gods this movie (there are 2 movies) to get the idea of what will happen to those souls after they passed the bridge (in a fun way). But of course, the movie didn't show the souls passing the bridge after they died, but only start showing them from the gate of afterlife and their story is mixed with fictions too. And the grim reaper trio also personally escort the soul they deem worth to be defend, with high chance being reincarnated because they need to achieve their own motive too (in the movie). But, it is the same context that shows those departed souls need to pass King Yeomra judgement first in the afterlife to be reincarnated. So, 1 day passed to get the judgement and decision by King Yeomra in the afterlife, I bet the time in the real world already passed like 100 years.
  8. Alright, I will search for it before I go to my dreamland later. I am sure I will sleep in big smile and have a good sweet dream after I see all their photos and videos.
  9. Now where is that cruise video? Come to Mama! I haven't got the time to scour social media today to get ahold of their photos or videos.
  10. Okay, I've seen them safely arrived. Gotta take my rest now. Anticipating for some photo to be updated the few days they are in BKK from them or any of the staffs.
  11. I don't see them in any of the video. You can click on the tag. All of those fans are making the hashtag trending.
  12. Look at all these fans waiting at the airport! Some perseverance we need there! Fighting everyone! Cr to owners Sanchez! Mina, Ms Choi (I forgot the actress name), Lee Do Hyun, P.O Yeo Jin Goo IU Who is that lucky fan!
  13. I bet fans are already full packed at the Suvarnabhumi Airport now. It's just next to my country. How I wish I have the privilege of time to fly there now.
  14. I am still here guys..reading all the final thought and further discussion on the writers' explanation. Still trying to let go slowly~~ Still getting puffy eyes watching all those send-off clips; still smiling and laughing like a fool to the BTS; still feel the stinging heartache for ManChan though I know it's the best ending for them since I already believed earlier that MW can no more be human, she's dead. I don't think I would be able to rewatch episode 16 any sooner, I will rewatch until episode 15. The episode evoked that painful feeling buried deep in my heart from 20+ years ago when I have to let go someone I loved the most in this world. I was so attached to MW character that I never care to choose either to be in Team CM or Team CS because I always look from MW's perspective; what's best for her, I would incline to that way. It felt like sending off a best friend or beloved someone, like i said in my post before, someone terminally ill whom we know the time is nearing to let go of her. But indeed, those who were left behind like CS and us viewers will have to bear the pain of having to send them off, left only with the memories and gotta live through the remaining life embracing the wish of those who left that want us to make the most out of our life ahead. Tears already welling up at this point while typing this comment. I never knew this drama would have that much effect to me personally. I know it's just a drama, but there were a lot of lessons regarding choice, fate, destiny, life and death that somehow change my perception about "the greater love". Btw, I am guessing that fullmoon.long IG will be deleted after 49 days from final episode as a sign that MW have fully crossed the bridge. But who knows, IU may decide to keep it forever as many wish for her to not delete the account. MW is gone. I don't think it will be updated anymore.
  15. No, it does not necessarily have to wait for 1300 years. May be in the next 50 years, or next 100 years, both will be reincarnated in the same lifetime, after CS also has gone to afterlife this lifetime, they may meet again. I'm thinking they will always find each other again because Pink Mago seems hesitant to answer about their ties. I bet they have always been the fated soul mate. The narration by MaGo when MW crossing the bridge seems to imply that they will always find each other again and love again. It was a fun ride chingu-deul. My heart still ache for our ManChan, that i still feel the sting, but i have to learn to let go too. "IT TAKES MORE COURAGE TO LET GO THAN TO HOLD ON" Till we meet again in another forum chingu-deul. ANNYEONG ~~~~
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