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  1. Another reason why we loved her so much... The down to earth and the kindness... This is our Jieuni the one and only IU. Have great Monday Uaenas
  2. Absolutely it's real Lee Jieun.. The lovely sweetest clumsy girl we loves Thanks to audiences who's soothe her...kwencana... Jieunaa..IG update please..
  3. Oh may Here she's appears. The owner of Uaena hearts Tada..our Birthday girl.. ctto
  4. How powerful IU is. The leejieundary alive rise and shines .
  5. Jieunaa Wishing you happy birthday, healthy and always in peace of minds as we getting older we tends to worried many things perhaps it's not weakness therefore anxiety is part of life, never let it control you, as long i knew you're strong girl, the list proved your will power always goes beyond the measures. Like old saying "only someone capable honouring each step she takes can comprehend her own worth " Eat well, sleep well have good times with families and the loves one. A months or year a go i never would have seen myself here with wonderful person like you.is such honor to meet Jian and knew who's Lee jie un. Be happy #Happyleejieunday
  6. d-1 tomorrow is#Jieunday
  7. In case you're forget D-2 uaenas Ctto.
  8. Psssst....spoiler Even though without any pictures wish you're satisfied thanks to update credit to accnt. The wise things the production decision is not relese any offcl spoilers yet, they're really don't want confusing the viewers within YJG two projects. Hotel del luna would be great project in pure concept and approaches i guess.
  9. Adorable humble kind singer actress human cutest girl uaenas lover The article so well write, how to describe Lee jieun persona and like the pictures they used the one when IU be singer, she is the centers of gravity (you see how almost all hoobae leaning toward IU) and when Jieun presence as actress She really knew where is her right places, such sensible person. does you watching tvn drama abouts fangirlies.. When that's drama remind you what's you now up too don't forget Sometimes you need landed in the real world But ...yeah with all your noisy outside when our IUnim/Jieuni didn't up date something in 3 weeks spand. I sure what's levels fans are you Have good weekend Uaenas.
  10. The dorky cute jieun grooves Who's not missing her? Ctto
  11. Congratulations Singer IU Next 100M streaming for Bibbib Uaenas, lets do it! Can we achieved before 16 May or at least in this Month? Go..go..Uaenas Fighting
  12. Rather nothing to post So i leave this post here For you know that's Lee jieun actor chair gift from actor Bae Dona. The anticipation waiting official stills seems so far despite all unsure about AC production issues and time release maybe affected HDL and like we know YJG has another drama on airing So it's be wise decision not to give even little spoilers make a viewers confusing wich drama he is been promoted on. Wish HDL shooting smoothly and prepare well till airing time not been rushed by others mess schedule.
  13. Agree, there some tense between them but despite what QSD says i rather felt, YJ relationship is a kind of healer with a patience,i guess the Japanese man loss her own daughter in tragic accidents but somehow they saved by Joseon native/or someone has relationship with YJ. As high officials military he should strict in values and discipline however he brought korean values to rise YJ it's means he don't want YJ forgotten to her roots, in other words YJ adoptive fathers have empathy towards Joseon and the independent movement.and respect or even he himself nurture the patriotic practice in YJ up bringing. (somehow i'm not surprised YJ is the real bluebird)
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