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  1. Our gracious girl, a dutiful lady, a fine examples as a good country's man. Saw her walk in humbly yet elegant steps made Uaenas proud and falling for Lee Jieun again Jieunaa.. Miss you
  2. You, guys. Your post set memory back to MA era it almost 2 year yet still fresh and green, the sad, the hurt, the anguished and warmth flustered heart while watching each episode become one of precious feeling which never gone with the passes time. The solitude yet warmth and grateful nuance always solace me made me proud to witnesses the masterpiece been represented in such depth and artistic work.
  3. However I get goosebumps, while listening no doubt IU soft warmth and tickling voice still there, her signature chords never change. it's felt clear clean and rich. The Smartest Singer which could use different colors of voice with effective and impact full ,she has an amazing imagination to convert a themes becomes beautiful songs and a meaningful story. Excited for tomorrow release.
  4. Congratulations for When camellia bloom Team and crews to win Daesang at 56th Baeksang arts Awards well deserved.
  5. Our golden girl SIMPLE and Chic Her wholesome appearance is Golden. Today is Happy uaena day We got gorgeous Jieun red carpet and New IU tv update . Regardless whoever will win our Jieuni already the best contender among the senior actress in each of her projects.
  6. Yaassss Gosh...we(uaenas)almost fainting waiting this confirmation Many of us still overwhelmed because the gravity after the war in worst start up system which made some uaenas broken heart (yup the weirdest VOTING we could've witnessed /felt it!) because can't granted award with our own efforts however each of Uaenas must be praying hard for Jieuni to win the best actress like we knew Jieuni been nominations 2 year in rows it's mean She have charisma as winner and her acting skills is on awarded grades, she has deepest imagination to dig up a character in storyline made alive and real. Her character as Jang man wol shown her widened emotions and rages, whoever watching HDL could tell how amusing Jieun unearth the deepest emotions wich brought Us laughed, silly and cried along Jang Man wol story .Therefore Baeksang Awards body seems always weighed towards Seniority however since Lee Jieun is been nominated 2 year in row wish this time the panel judge could make a good decision to pick the best junior , when it will happen nevertheless LJE is the best candidate to win the Best actress . Happy waiting Red carpet Uaenas. Happy to quench Jieun drought Jieunaa all the best for today awards party. Good bless U
  7. Why to good to be true Seems uaenas agree and support this alliance . Yup..definitely i votes for the at 18 boy too Keep VOTING Uaenas we need to close the gap below 1000 to maintain the position and put the pressure to the opponents. While Waiting the right time to snatch number 1. Stay positive and persistent Uaenas. We can do it Give our golden girl Baeksang popularity award 2 years in row Fighting.
  8. For Uaenas around the world Does You cast your VOTING yet? We're need your help and let United to win the popular award for our dearest girl Lee Jieun likewise the competition in this category always tight undeniably all fandoms need their bias won. seems this year more hard then before because so many drama get praised in locally and internationally as well, therefore there case some of Uaena couldn't voted because the support system seems awkward and indifferent towards voting Lee Jieun made Us just by glance might feelings something fishy happening this year, what in some uaena head is the inquiry "does the votes system favour one actress then others"? well if that the case we should more decisive to shown our determination, believe and loves to Jieun, let's voting passionately Uaenas , we really missed Jieun red carpet presence, her appearance worth seeing, her grateful lovely speeches, her never-ending smiling, her proud eyesight aaah we really..really missed Our golden girl So even hard and senses been sabotaged by the start up provider never tired to try and give it your at most to cast your vote Uaenas. Your support will granted the award. Let's gives Our beloved girl Second awards. And praying She will win the best actress for her amazing performance as Jang Man Wol. Have healthy, happy and optimize days Uaenas. Keep voting
  9. So are you happy now? Absolutely Today is D-day does heart throbbing fully excited could summarize the anticipation for today? Therefore many Uaena's tried to read Eight, posting theory and guessing about behind the MV teaser in tiny details, it still can't describe the greatness we will listening later at 6 pm. the new Single is new start For IU , with new agency and new music genre , nevertheless likewise Jieun beautiful mind and her atmost, will bring Uaena's and the Music listeners to go to another level of her genIUs concept and the deepest musicality and experience after all She is IU the Leejieundary who's never fails to amazed the audience and the Fans wich loves her. Stay tuned at 6 pm Uaenas Enjoy the new Song and let's Conquer the Charts ,
  10. Soo Today's the D-day Uaena's meet The loves of their idol life our the one and only, the korean treasure the artistically genIUs ,the cutest leejieundary dork, Lee Jieun aka IUnim Does U all ready with a bunch of questions Uaenas? Has she will granted your wishes to meet her in a sweet romcom drama? Since movies we assure get one(I really hope Jieun take a drama tho, since like we knew the gravity of world situation is in agony and unpredictable, what the world wishes is this year will passes quicker , safely and no more people's get hurts or in edges of the live and dies in each days we've take activities).some of us maybe think "if just we could skipped 2020 from our agenda?" however when we see deeper there's always meaning and lessons for all situations we all caught in it. Thats way Uaenas need meet Lee Jieun the actress more than before since the chances meet IU concert getting low and lowest (Sorry can help throwing one or two concernt about this and that, bear with my post) Ok back to topic. Excited waiting Homebody Jieun activities. Ultimate list and wishes Mini concert live Cooking lessons? Random advices to Sad (Unproperly )graduate Uaena year 2020(around the world)? Readings books/poetry for Uaenas? Let's wait what we will get Stay tune at 6 pm. Have happy excited day Uaena
  11. Dunno to laughed or to frowned after Jieuni April fools prank She the ones whose made Uaena's felt gracious seeing her finally get driving licence and drove like Eun . And...bammm UInim pop the bubbles of excitement She just fooled Us Even she got flowers from SHK She the master of pranksters She robbed my proud smiles then gives me fooled laughed all day long Jieunaa missed listen the guitarists IU. Have healthy and safely days Uaena. Happy clowns day
  12. I have so many in my bucket list, some more episode more interesting some just can helped dropping by its reach episode 6 or 7. But at least still excited and eager to wait 4 drama titles , each of new episodes to comes . 1.Hyena- the rivalry between the lovers is just cute and hilarious,the plots flows smoothly and in the steady paces like always laws and political dramas is about white decent heroes beat the high up riches oligarchs power however our Jung Geum Ja is not ordinary decent,she is women who know how to play(dirty tricks) when she need is just everyone get their shares "fair and square " for all injustice might serves. 2. I go to you when whether is fine, surely the title itself made me lest interested at first, however after 1 episodes this drama could drawn me inside out, all is presented warm when actually the setting is cold and weird, the warmth neighborhood could dissolve the icy egos and the solitude life ,all the books talks is inspiring made you realize readings is best way to understand life and to knows the world. 3.Hi,bye Mama, It's so simple it so plain why should we need lives to 100 years when God on your sides Just lives treasures each moments before it gone. 4.Hospital playlists No reason needed ! It's like how you treasures a friendships and the old days. The more you knew your friends the more you don't know him/her, it's like finding your another self . get tied and lives in the glorious and darkness moments with it for the rest of your life.
  13. Felt lift it up and grateful watching Jieunie new advertising It's refreshing tho, she really knew how to balance her images as two opposite brands A healthy lifestyle With Minerals water And new cutest and sparkling Chamisul, like we knew some of Uaena's can't consume such products however as korean Jieuni should proud been appointed as one of traditional korea beverage it's meant she has duty to promote Korea whereas a kind of responsibility as citizens and the weights of her popularity as Hallyu stars. Talked About the Minerals water, don't forget to drinking more water Uaena, the world situation getting more sad and despair the pandemic battles is far from it ends, take care yourself well it'll counting one best contributions to ease the Medical staff burden. Keep healthy, stay indoors and positive Uaena's Happy weekend .
  14. Nevertheless her voices comes out to heal awww goosebumps. ctto. Jieunaaa can we get guitarists IU ig up date healing Uaenas with warmth Song please Heal Uaena healing the world as well Stay healthy everyone even little bit hard since many of Us concerned about the pandemic still be happy and positive. It'll be passed. Happy weekend
  15. https://instagram.com/stories/dlwlrma/2269059799855528008?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=1t9g5zcty2bcs What she was doin... Warmth up her throat...sound like turkey when flocking it feathers Jieunaa, thank you for flooding update. Once for a while we needed these, lately the world in depth sorrow,the news full of heavy stuff which might us felt defeat by the haunted dark clouds called Covids 19.however even seems not sure when the world get heal it, we should confident we will win this battle. Stay healthy Uaenas around the world . Thanks IUshii Have goodnight
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