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  1. Can anyone recommend kdrama with cold, cruel, heartless, rebellious, shameless, stubborn, strong female lead like Jang Manwol? Been watching kdrama for the last 10 years only find The Innocent Man and Hotel Del Luna match this criteria. I'm not saying physically strong like Mr Sunshine or Strong Women Do Bong Soon, although those are good too, but I want the female lead that's CRAZY enough to go all the way to love or revenge and doesn't mind to die together, like Jang Man Wol at first, although she give up on revenge in the end after find out the truth.
  2. Thank you for reply, yes I just knew it only after watching ep 15, but what I don't understand is why is her time is limited until the next full month? Why she can't stay longer?
  3. The ending left me speechless, I don't necessarily feel sad, but I just felt so empty, I always thought it's happy ending, I misunderstand MW hasn't died thinking her time is only frozen and will continue after all. But is there any explanation why MW have to leave on full moon? Can't she just remain as a ghost and live with CS for a while? Also, if they are going to make reincarnation ending, why not just make it real instead of just an imagination
  4. CM became firefly after he died, but MW is still alive
  5. To be honest, I can see why people favoring CM, his love story with MW is more DRAMATIC (this is why people watch drama), heart breaking and the most heart fluttering moment is right before people start dating, People are curious how will they face obstacles such as status and duty, what happened in the past and what makes MW become evil. CS and MW love story is COMMON it happened in REAL LIFE, less drama, more REALISTIC, unconditional, comfortable, spending time with each other and fall in love. But I never knew when CS and MW acknowledge loved each other, they gave me impression they are going to deny they loved each other and still teasing each other then one day they just confessed their love without any hesitation, which is surprising and I honestly felt awkward and cringe a lot when they confessed their love. People already know they are going to date anyway. And I never worried it will have sad ending since the beginning, because they give off romcom vibe that's rarely have sad ending base on my experience I'm not saying CS and MW don't have chemistry, their story are made less dramatic and focus more on the ghost story instead of their love story, it's normal some people feel pity for CM because of their situation. And CS crying on ep 14 makes my heartache, I can really feel he is so lonely without MW.
  6. I think MW never killed anyone until her people died and she goes crazy to kill whoever, as for the thief part it's bad but considering the status in the past, people were never being treated fairly, some people were born as princess and have power and money, some are slave, and I think MW are few that is brave enough to lead a thief/rebels group. Like Hong Gil Dong, he is known as hero although he is a thief. But I do think the captain didn't actually do something bad, it's just his situation is really bad. He wanted to join MW as rebels, but he got busted so he has to choose between kill all of his followers (who never know anything) or YW's people (who really steal something) and promised won't die and live like a traitor until MW survive. I also believed he married the princess knowing MW will use this chance to revenge. And he is so happy when he saw MW on the wedding dress T.T I always wonder what will happen if MW agree to elope with him the night he asked, maybe all of this won't end so cruel. As for MW moving on with CS, I have always question, DOES OUR FEELING CHANGE? OR WE ACTUALLY NEVER LOVED THEM? Perhaps the bridge scene is necessary so MW can erase all CM memories so she can fully love CS.
  7. I'm kind of confuse CM to YW: I came to quell the rebels, I will try my best so you can survive as a slave, but for me to do so, all of your men must be killed as rebels YW to CM: forget about it, instead of saving me, just live as a traitor to save MW So did CM really killed all of YW's men? Or he just killed YW and lived as traitor but saved all YW's men?
  8. I'm sure she won't, she promised CS she will keep him in the last memory in previous ep, and it's not easy to erase all her memories since she has been living for 1300 years. But I didn't expect the closure is so simple, I thought it's supposed to be in ep 15, MW hold SO MUCH GRUDGES for 1300 years, and it just went like ..... JUST LIKE THIS???..... maybe I need to see full subtitle to understand it.
  9. I don't think CM is overrated, everyone is hating him here, but I'm ok with both CM and CS, each of them has different love story, with CS is more like romantic comedy and with CM it's more like bittersweet love story with some mysteries and unlike MW and CS which both have confirmed they loved each other we all just wait for room 404 scene and more skinship and what is the ending which I don't dare to hope too much. And the CM one, there are regrets and misunderstanding that hasn't been solved, like scarlet heart ending, everyone is still heartbroken, that's why I'm still curious what really happened, they haven't revealed the scene when CM was waiting for her in the lake. I think the writer is trying to portray CM is the first love, boyfriend material (someone you have crush on, but you are both probably still young and MAYBE it's not true love just romantic attraction), and CS is the last love that is mature, about understanding each other, comfortable that is like husband material.
  10. Ugh can't wait for tomorrow ep, I'm glad it's not next week ep. Finally I can see MR Firefly again!!
  11. I feel the princess doesn't know CM REALLY fell in love to MW, CM might lie to the princess in the lake scene saying he just used MW to capture all of the thieves, that's why she said MW help him score a big goal, hence she let her free. If that's what happened in the lake, CM must be really really smart to be able to make such an excuse in a short time. It can also explain why the princess and CM are smiling to each other on the wedding night, because the princess doesn't know he loved MW. They have no reason to look happy if she knew she is marrying a man who doesn't love her.
  12. I guess YW knew MW will give up her life because all of them died because of her, so he told CM to pretend to be the bad guy and CM choose to marry the princess to make it worse, so MW can stay alive in order to revenge for them. YW might think even MW know CM didn't betray her, she will never become happy because of guilt. So he told him to be the bad guy instead so at least MW can survive. Can someone explain why 4th MG said MW is wicked? and How the life line surgery work? Are they cutting the skin and sew it on the child palm?
  13. I forget where I saw in a teaser, she said "I just existed" I believe she is a human that her time stopped and she can't die even if she want to because she has some super power, and I believe 4th Mago was referring that she will become evil spirit after she died.
  14. I just saw the firefly shadow pic on ig, and and always thought the shadow is in front of the window, but is it possible that is actually CS's shadow?
  15. I don't understand why they release all the new ost but not the one punch-done for me, been waiting for it since last week
  16. I wonder will CM reincarnation appear, isn't the firefly CS see is him? I also believe he is not evil, hopefully there is another plot twist that even MW didn't know. Why they stop telling the past story in the halfway such a cliffhanger
  17. OMG I don't even recognize him, YW became so handsome with short hair hahahaha
  18. Waitttt, what if that friend is YW reincarnation? Similiar things happened like in the past which cause him killed his friend, does it make sense?
  19. Is there any explanation, why the princess said "thanks to you all your gang member is being killed" they can just capture all of them without luring MW to that lake right? And how CM said thank you for letting me buy some time, why he has to wait for so long to capture all of them? I keep replaying the scene when the captain said "should i go to you instead?", i feel like he is waiting for her to just say A WORD, like a word is enough, in which she said don't T.T. Is the captain already knew they are going to capture them, that's why he wanted to elope with MW? and told MW to go to palace so she doesn't get captured? I feel like CS is really CM, since MW told him to save Mira, it's your job (like captain), and if they are different person, why the writer give them the same surname? If Sanchez is YW, then all of this make sense, but why they use the same actor for the princess though?
  20. I think Mago symphatized her, and do not wish her become evil spirit and vanished, so she gave her a chance to meet princess again and hoping she will make difference here. And I think it's also because she want to comfort the dead one, so Mago made her a hotel to comfort dead soul?
  21. I think the princess said "I shouldn't have let you go" before MW kill her. I still believe CM is doing it to protect MW, another week to go...
  22. i wonder which website do you guys watch, why only mine is still raw:( are we not allowed to reveal the website name here?
  23. Nobody: Me: The new ost by punch - done for me is soooo goodddd
  24. I really hope so, it's just soooo weirddd, unless CM is acting so good in the drama, we still haven't see how she killed him, and the captain looks like he expected it and just let her killed him:(
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