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[Drama 2019] Hotel Del Luna, 호텔 델루나

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Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense   I mean the girl hints    and hints    and HINTS    and hints some more  I mean EVERY

Ohmygod they're going official!   And oh no! Im Si Wan sent YJG a food truck and YJG replied, asking should he book room 404 for him...  

Sorry If someone already had posted this topic before   The Cards In The Intro/Opening Goo ChanSeong's Card   Jang ManWol's Card   Number of Cards  

@Ondine i love watching their BTS! :wub:


2 hours ago, jen459 said:

I’ve been a silent lurker for so long and just recently joined. Welcome chingu! 


Welcome to the thread chingu! And @byeodol welcome to the thread too! It is not ever too late to join us in the fun of HDL ;)


2 hours ago, realistic2280a said:

Ok...im going to write first then read the comments....


1. Why didnt CS talk and ask his mom for her reasons leaving him/father when he was young?.... very dissapointing closure, if there was any... sigh


2. CS ah... both u and MW need to confess properly... i get that both actors are still probably shy, but writers, pls make sure they kiss properly in the next episode!



Hello chingu! Welcome to the thread!


I may be one of the few who is not disappointed by the scenes of CS and his mom. We get this point from CS that his mom never wanted him to be born so he always only had his dad. Now, his dad wasn’t too well off so we can imply that his mom wasn’t too happy and may have left to marry another man (hence why she is worried that her family will find out) i took it as she wanted to hide it from her present family since they probably didn’t even know she had a son out of another relationship/marriage. The saddest part about this is that even after death, CS finds out that he is still someone who is not wanted by his mom. I think he was contemplating on whether to come out and tell her that he is the boy in the pictures (conflicted on whether to get rid of the pictures like the ghost wanted or to let her know that he is the boy). However, i think he decided it was better to not know which is why he never mentioned it to her that he is the son. If when living she didn’t want him then knowing even after death wouldn’t change anything. But through MW, it is easy to see that she knew he was her son and can only apologize which is why she allowed him to keep the pictures. It is a really sad part we see of CS. Even after death, both still decided to be a nobody to each other. His closure was getting to say bye to her in the form of “goodbye Mom.” It is a simple closure but it means a lot to CS. It reminds me of when CS ask MW if she is going to talk to YW because he was like her family. She answers no because she is nobody to him. Going up and talking wouldn’t change the fact that they don’t know each other.


It is the same for CS. His mom is his family but he never knew her truly. He always had his dad and never his mom. It wouldn’t change anything even with a proper closure for him and her. Some things are better left unsaid because it may actually hurt more. Saying a simple goodbye to her was his way of letting a sadness of him go, too. 


Lol, i find that the way CS and MW talk is the way of their confession. That hug in the end was so beautifully sweet that i teared up a bit. It is a much needed hug for the both of them and their emotions. I believe we will get a kiss when we least expect it :P and then we will all be doing more than zombie dancing ;)


before i head to sleep for the night, a big welcome to our new chingus here on the HDL thread!






goodnight everyone! 


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56 minutes ago, Ondine said:

The making-of video is here!!! :w00t:




Ok, IU x YJG why are you being so cute?! IU cracking up at Daddy Shark YJG :lol: and even better, the kid on his back tapping his shoulder like he's a horse that she wants to go faster. :lol:

OMG OMG OMG OMG I cannot contain my giddiness OMG I'd be so happy for them if they date IRL HAHAHAHAHAHA


I hope IU posts more videos/photos, especially the Baby Shark on her IG account. 


Now I just want to know what they're saying in the Behind the Scenes video. I'll be watching out for translations. MY HEAAAAAAART 

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32 minutes ago, vangsweetie637 said:


Hello chingu! Welcome to the thread!



Hi Chingu aand good night there...  :)


Somehow i dont think CS was satisfied not knowing why the mom didnt want him.... he acknowledged her and said *goodbye mom* when she took the car, being a good boy/child/man that he is being respectful all the time....  I guess im more the type who wants to know why... what circumstances did she had that separate a mother and a child.. 


I wouldnt say she didnt care... she cared enough to keep his baby and child photos, hence she must have longed for him as well... (Que - WWW Search - Park Mogun, hehhee)... so i just wish we know why ...


The hug was sweet but we just wish the romance train between the two faster and  is on full speed :)

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26 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

Wanted to see the BTS of the latest video but unfortunately not available in my country...gotta wait for some kind soul to upload on IG or youtube :lol:


Can you view these uploads on Twitter?


@lollyminx Man Wol definitely needs to upload that Daddy Shark photo/video that she took! Too cute! (And omg I can't believe I'm calling Baby Oppa "Daddy" :lol:)

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It's like they released the BTS early as a reward for the high ratings. :lol:


EDIT: Yeo Jin Goo's IG update. HAHAHAHAHAHA The caption though. The line doesn't sound so good when he looks so UN-HOT lololol



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OMG Kim Sun-Bi cracks me up I love how he was telling IU about the CEO's granddaughter and making her jealous without even knowing it.


Yeo Jin Gu and IU looks great together. I love like how in the beginning of the ep he was giving her a taste of her own medicine. I really love how he is always standing by her side even if she's pushing him away. It's great that he is able to make her become a softer person.:)


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1 hour ago, angelbeast90 said:

So now Manweol is sure that Koo Chanseong is going to bring CM to her she is going to keep him. Is that why she said she will use him!!!I just hope at the end of it she let's go and love him!!! I mean Koo Chanseong!


But is that lone firefly ghost lost the hotel when it got relocated because  it went out to meet the other fireflies at the lake and when it came back the hotel was relocated. So  it needs to find Koo Chanseong now!!! :lol:

Hmmn i still can't understand the logic story about the firefly Captain .

He is person by all means who's saved MW not just one but second times or 3rd time since he let MW live to killed him(this another hole)get Chase away, get harsh remark,even never get a little smiles from young MW or get call his name properly , being kicked many time and another unfair  treatment by JMW but still Save YW for shake  of MW...

Why does such Gentleman suddenly becomes lowest cowards ? 

And why MW has such big grudges over him? Does she ever thanks him to save her and YW?(another incoherent plot)

talk about debts who's the one has a big debt here...


The writers still couldn't give a viewers the reason  behind CM action .or because the Writers simplify need a culprit to be bad person even incoherent with the characters traits as long audience accepted is not big deal?

Hmm yes Jealous and greed..:crazy: 

And seems even after 1300year's the Firefly still need redeem his mistakes since each post i read here wanna him to get more punishment.


God MG should take a gauge to measures again the law of appreciation and punishment!


Just sad to Firefly character person who does save others pushed by his duties as guards get killed by person who he save  and after 1300 stills face another doomed from Women's he loves...

:lol:why in the first place he save MW and YW when the ending He will forever being a big jerk and get a such punishment? Il fated......??

Just MG knew what the reasons :glasses:


Wished the Writers give very reasonable endings for all character's 




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About JiEun (Sulli)'s picture book which ChanSung  noticed : (Episode 10)

- which has a picture of JiEun with her late grandfather 

- parallels to "Being and Time" book which has picture of ChanSung with his late mom




The title of this picture book is BaekGu /PaekKu (백구). This picture book is  based from the 1993 song written by singer, composer and playwright Kim MinKi.


It's a lyrical story about the child's sorrow/sadness at the sudden death of white dog named BaekGu, who was close to her as a friend (companion).


Here's the song with the illustrations of this picture book:



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Could SC be CM?


Why the old lady decided to match make MR & YW? They were enemies in past life and she killed him.


The meeting between MW & YW is so sad. That scene was so touching.  She is happy for YW who is happy now yet sad because she cannot acknowledge him in person as he won't remember who she was. Did I detect some kind of recognition from YW from seeing MW? The way he looked at her, there seems to have a tint of sadness as if in his spirit, he somehow recognized her.

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9 hours ago, brielover said:

This is all in my head, but perhaps our bellhop, with that killing blow in his chest, returned home to die, but his sister loved him so much she signed away her eyes and part of his soul to keep him alive.  That's why there's a real guy, who is his physically older self, but also a ghost - always physically young because time stopped - contractually obliged to serve the Hotel until his sister dies?

Hhmm, you've got a point. I was wondering why the Head of the hospital who held onto the bellhop's sister's hand had the same name as the bellhop. It wasn't explained but now that you mention it, it does kinda make sense.


@lollyminx, I second you on this statement. "Only then will CM be able to move on and let MW go and have her time freely flow, but it is also up to MW to forgive him so the 4th Mago won't take her. She just simply needs to forgive." 


6 more episodes to go, am anticipating the ending but also feeling sad that it's all going to end in 3 weeks from now. Gonna miss Man-wol and her ways...

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20 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

Ive rewatch the episodes and i cant helped but noticed CS's tie... can someone tie it for him nicely and let it not be crooked :D

I'd let them be if it's only because MW kept on pulling CS's tie while they're doing hanky panky 

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