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  1. The 7th rule is that if the abyss light's disappear the owner will disappear as well so if they'll use the last chance for abyss cha min will disappear
  2. That's why I'm still a little bit mad to Rong Le yes I understood that she lost her memories but my point (or maybe I watched too much dramas lol) is that if her mind won't remember him why won't her heart recognize him huhu didn't she love him or she already recognize it's just her acting lol but yeah it's just that I have these little scenarios in my mind that would go well with the drama. And for ED if she really cares about him even .01% there's no return already that's pure bs of her but bruh the sad thing would be what if her mother found the antidote and want to treat RQ for real but he died o_o
  3. Agree with the chemistry part it wasn't that impactful for me too maybe because their story felt like a little bit rush it would have been better if they spent 3-4 eps for their story along so it would build a connection to the viewers and maybe the fact that we already know what will happen made it a little bit less exciting I guess. With the part that RQ isn't thad sad I've also settled that he already accepted his faith and just want to make the most of his time with RL and also maybe he doesn't want for RL to hurt more when she remembers everything because if he keeps on being sad RL will think he suffered all this time because of her and she didn't even notice (which he did lmao). He want to leave her a memory of him smiling. I'm curious about this bcos I didn't watch it with eng sub does the empress dowager really cares about RQ even a little bit or she was just acting but if she's really concerned about him bruh that's pure bs lol
  4. The cutting of scenes was fine with me maybe it was like that to be like a piece by piece of reveal. It's finw especially to those who don't have any idea of their story. So yeah my heart hurts for Rong Qi atleast he was able to spend time with her and do the things they did in the past and I love that smile he makes everytime Rong Le calls him by that name idk what it means lol I watched it without subs haha. At ep 56 when he collapsed his mother reacted so concerned like what was that? mother instincts? Does she really treats him like his son even a little? Anyway urgh can't wait for the last 2 eps I'm sure I'll be crying my eyes out for her reaction when she remembers everything...
  5. Woah I wanna watch it too did you watch it in the official site? Edit: Yaay found it on youtube I'lk watch it even without eng sub haha
  6. What episodes are you talking about because the latest episode is ep 54 and the next 4 eps will be aired next week right?
  7. May I know where you watch the trailer for the last 2 eps I wanna watch it and yeah true it was so petty for WY to do that like how can she be jealous of a dead Anyway I can't wait for RL to remember who RQ really is in her life bruh the regret must be overflowing but I can't blame her tho bcos she cant remember but yeah I just wished her heart was able to recognize him
  8. Hmmm I don't think it's only possession tho. If he won't follow his mother's commands man yao would definitely die. Actually Rong Qi is also suffering so much because of his plans. Sending your woman to marry another man and now she hates you, won't even recognize him and wants him to get him out of her sight that pain is unbearable more than the posion imo. And I think it is better to see your loveone suffer atleast she's alive than seeing her dead and it's not like she's going to suffer forever as RQ said she needs to suffer a little to experience happiness. For FC damn bruh someone help this man huhu if I was him I'll probably go crazy after I learned the truth but yeah atleast he won't die at the end and maybe he'll found someone who he'll love and will love him, someone that will make him forget about his pains and makes him happy... As for WY naah he's fine on his own lmao idk but sorry his character has no depth imo and I was so pissed when he got jealous about MY reaction to RQ death like bruh are you f+++ serious?! lol
  9. Yes I agree the worst thing Runyu ever did was to manipulate jinmi who was innocent af I also hated him for that such an evil and crazy thing to do but I think he really genuinly loved jinmi especially in the earlier episodes but after he snapped and went with his revenge plans his idea of love became more of like an ownership. I'm not siding with Runyu nor Xufeng here they're both flawed characters my point is just that Xufeng was not that perfect at all he also made some bad decisions and mistakes which also affected jinmi..
  10. I just finished watching the drama and I know I'm so late to this but I just want to voice out my opinion. I know why people hate Runyu but I don't think Xufeng was also a good character throughout the show. Yes Runyu's actions were bad but I understood it. He was actually a voice of justice and I'll tell you why below. I really liked Xufeng from the start but I somehow lost it along the way because of the reasons I will state later. The only wrong thing Runyu did was about his obsession with Jinmi it all started from that but I don't hate him for wanting revenge. If it wasn't for him those innocent people that were killed by the empress will never get justice as nobody would go against her. He just wanted a peaceful life but the empress kept pushing him to the edge. He didn't revolt just for his mom but because he was moved to do so after discovering the injustices the emperor & empress committed. In my opinion it was silly to keep evaluating Xufeng as the "true" good guy when xufeng very well KNEW the injustices done by his parents. He knew his mom was controlling Muci in the first 1/3 of the series and he just told his mom be careful not to get caught like come on he was already an accomplice at that point & didn't do anything just because she is his mom. People keep saying that it's not Xufeng's fault for being born to his parents but it's his fault in turning a blindeye to all the shitty & evil stuff his parents did unless jinmi is involved. Like Runyu literally announces all their evildoings during his wedding ceremony & Xufeng was like "ya but sorry bro they're our parents uwu :'( I apologize to you so please spare them from literally killing your grandpa, uncle, mom, jinmi's mom, aunt, & dad, wiping out the entire water tribe, diminishing jinmi's dad power, forcing water god and wind god into a sham marriage and etc. how about that my bro? Fist bump like the old times? lol" I'm watching this show and asking the writer..do you really want me to support Xufeng and see Runyu as the bad guy? like really?. That being said I really wished Runyu stopped obsessing over Jinmi when he knew very well she didn't love him. I really loved the saint girl and king yi relationship and love story but I wasn't into jinmi and xufeng's relationship in the later episodes. Xufeng could have prevented a lot of jinmi's richard simmons if he stoop up against his parents & suihe instead of turning a blindeye and actually Runyu saved jinmi much more than phoenix if you really analyze the show. So yeah I just really wanna say that you can hate runyu all you want but I want you to realize that Xufeng wasn't all that great and innocent of a man/god/character either.
  11. I hope they will finally make their relationship official in tonight's episode
  12. She said in earlier episodes that she will eventually tell her parents but not for now since her murderer is still out there. She doesn't want her parents to get involved too much. Because if her parents will know about her they may do something that might endanger all of them.
  13. I love how cha min is so clueless and dumb about going in to a relationship. Yes he knows so much about love but he doesn't know what to do with it lol. I love their romantic scenes in tonight's episode it is so cute and they're slowly working on it. Se yeon is so indenial about her feelings and cha min teasing her with that smile. When Hyoseop was shouting in the dream scene I suddenly remember Yoo Chan hahaha. I also noticed they used different songs in the car scene. In the tvn broadcast they used the song by lee seunggi "will you marry me" but in netflix it was different. I hope the balance like in this episode will continue.
  14. Before the filming of the kissing scene Park Bo Young said that Ahn Hyo Seop told her to "prepare yourself". Also the director asked why Ahn Hyo Seop was so ready to kiss because he placed the documents he was reading away earlier than he's supposed to when he was still clarifying with Park Bo Young lol. Ahn Hyo Seop is still shy but he's all grown up compared to the past..so aggressive hahaha anyway who can't resist Boyoung (c) parkboyoungzone & iwpictbhhs_07
  15. I see the old go seyeon in the new body now but not for cha min maybe because it wasn't really established well how he is in the past and he had little lines so it for me it feels like it all started with the new chamin unlike go seyeon where we saw her worked and how she acts with others.
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