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  1. I think this show was made for those who already know the historical background of the era this drama sets in. They didn't really bother to explain what BW went through for his father and how he felt betrayed that's why he looks evil for some of the audiences..
  2. Of all the drama that is airing right now I'm really anticipating this one even though I didn't much care about it before airing and during promotion but I already knew that it would be great. It seems like I'm not gonna see Seon Ho's gorgeous long hair for a while since it would be covered by a hat tsktsk. I want all episodes out but at the same time I'm happy I have something to look forward to every week. Everything is so good so far especially with the acting, directing, and cinematography I can't wait for more. I hope when the medic man said that Seon Ho has to "drink 5 cups of poison if he ever wishes to die" is not a foreshadowing of what's gonna happen in the end especially considering the historical context
  3. I just realized that the full moon drawing on the palm (which CS did to indicate that he belongs to MW) was done by MW first in their past lives. MW unknowingly marked CS to be hers and it transcended for thousand years and all the lifetimes CS had. It was not like the deities chose him but more like MW chose him herself
  4. I think it was really CS imagination and it seems like he was even reading the book Time and Existence and the voiceover talked about them having being together someday. Plus their clothing style still CS and MW lol. So yeah it is a sad ending in my opinion after all lmao he was still left all alone having them in his memory as he continue to live his life hoping for a chance that they will be together someday..
  5. Woah they really named a hotel like that but with the correct grammar of course I'll study hard to build a hotel and I'll named it Hotel Del Luna it's for the alive of course lol then Imma dress like JMW and I'll find my GCS hihi Am I seeing MW and CS in bed?! Is this that "they sleep together" thingy from the early synopsis?! OMO
  6. I can't still fathom the idea that Hotel Del Luna is gonna end tonight
  7. You just have to watch his movie Hwayi and his recent drama The Crowned Clown hihi
  8. Woaah the pages on this discussion are moving fast. I'm planning to stop reading here for awhile so that when Hotel Del Luna ends I have something to come back and look forward to here huhu CS crying end was me last night and will also be me next week. I didn't cry last night especially with CM part but when CS cried my goodness it was like I also had my emotions bottled up inside me and just waited for a time to let it out like him. Even though I know that MW will definitely return I still sobbed so hard because I was watching it in CS perspective. I can't imagine the pain of not being able to know whether your love will comeback even though she promised because he's a human after all and we get scared when something we hold dear is not around us and all we can do is wait. Since the last flower is still blooming in CS heart that would mean that MW will not go to the afterlife until his heart stops beating or when he forgets her (and this would never happen lol). I think the only way to end it happily with them being together is that MW time will start flowing again as a human (is she a ghost? did she really die? I doubt it.) but again as I was saying from the start if they can't be together in this life because MW has really to go then they just better send CS with her. I will be satisfied and I won't accept the reincarnation thingy I've had enough I want the real ManChan. But it would be sad tho to think that they will forget their memories one by one as they cross the bridge but I don't think it will happen because MW will get the snap out of CS and makes him remember everytime he forgets lol and MW will get mad because how dare him forget her and they will start bickering again until they reach the end of the bridge with their memories still intact lmao.
  9. Cutie Gu Chan Seong YJG looks so extra handsome with that post arghhh and I was the first like for the post what an achievement hahahaha
  10. Yeo Jin Goo spotted filming at a cinema I think..and lol the girl in the end is so funny her reaction after seeing YJG walking in front of her hahaha gurl same! Another one, one of HDL cinematographers posted a photo of their team filming in what seems like an old bridge in a forest with a caption "So much hard work to do" with an HDL hashtag IU and YJG spotted filming together
  11. This makes sense tho BUT THEY REALLY BETTER NOT DO IT JUST DON'T NO WAY! Imagine CS getting stucked in time and not being able to die there's no way MW will be able to move to the afterlife with that lol. One thing that I had in mind that I don't really want to happen is CS dying before MW idk I'm afraid Hong Sisters might put "you thought you already knew what will happen ha just wait!" plot device. Imma stop watching dramas for a while if they do that..
  12. It's 2 am here I just finished watching ep 12 with subs and I'll have a class later at 8 am urgh. All I can say is that I'm sure that the debt/punishment CS has to pay for MW to go in the afterlife is his life. There are many foreshadowing in tonight's episode especially with that lifeline story and Mago saying that MW will surely be sad and scared when she learns what CS has to pay. If the writers really want to send MW to the afterlife they just better send CS with her lol I'll consider that as a happy ending instead of the other one being reincarnated and meeting again like naah I've had enough of those haha. I can't believe we only have 2 weeks left huhu
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