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  1. Oh no! Don't tell me that Mina and PO will be the one who gets the happy ending. This would mean uri ManChan will not have any. There is never two happy endings in one kdrama
  2. I know what you mean, I remember him as a child actor he was growing before my eyes so to speak and turn to be a fine young man and talented actor. Damn, I'm feel so old. Btw, I'm on CS team from day one but I want to see him jealous. I guess not in this lifetime since uri witch turned around and went back in) I hope she won't be punished by this. Can't the Gods just let her time flow in humans' pace. She paid for her crimes and let go of her past she should be forgiven and rewarded)
  3. Lol, I'm kind of think it was CM's intention to stay beside MW so they would leave this world together one day thus giving him the chance to reincarnate in the same life and try his hand at wooing her over again. Mr. Brightside uri frirefly. There is nothing surprising in MW giving CM a cold shoulder now. She can't just forgive and forget all that happened just because she knows the truth now. But I will give it to CM, this man is stubborn it won't be easy for MW in after life and I don't see him giving up for at least a couple of centuries. Hope they both would reincarnate and we will get the love triangle with CS))) No Gobling ending please!!!!!!
  4. I'm afraid this is as much as we would get in terms of sweet moments and skinship. Romance as a genre was never officially announced and romantic line probably would be subtle. And they are in the relationship this is as clear as a day. They made it official back then under the tree. They know it as well as everyone around them. They just don't need to articulate it to confirm they just know and feel)
  5. Yup, CM is a firefly but MW doesn't know that his soul never reincarnated so apearante;y now she would think that CS was CM's reincarnation all along. But after his walk in the tunnel he got his memories of his past life back or something like that.
  6. OMG! MW-aaa, you bought the wrong leopard But seriously ain't this one on the picture is diffenet from the one uri -witch bought for CS? This one looks more like uri CS-shi wants to richard simmons his director off. I mean its brown! BROWN! Even the tie is BROWN!!!! But then again it matches to this one MUCH better! Does our manager aiming for the couple leopard?
  7. Hi, guys! I'm not sure if someone mentioned it before but what if the thing that protects JW's evil spirit and channels all the negative energy from the Hello blog users is his ring. I mean every time we see his character the camera focuses on the ring on his finger. Remember Una's spirit was connected to the necklace, while MW's soul to the sword that was consumed by the tree. What I'm trying to say is that maybe first MW needs to destroy the ring or took it off JW's finger before she could vanish him? p.s. Well, if HDL has the kind of ending My Girlfiend is a Gumiho had, am ok with it. For me it wasn't a bad ending at all (after all Miho came back after 3 years). I mean we had worst k-drama endings right girls?
  8. Thank you for the preview translation! No worries guys, even If uri MW-shi, will be taken to Heaven I'm sure there be no time before they'd send her back. I mean it's too expensive to support this woman with all the champagne, caviar, swarovski and mood swings. But seriously I doubt MW will go voluntarily before the evil spirit is vanished. The preview is surely misleading as always. On the lighter not, I'm also as many of you here is of mind that CS is due to become the next del Luna's director. And it brought to mind this scene. What if the roles are reversed and this time CS will go recruiting MW's reincarnation as the new manager? Just imagine him in his tiger print suit and oxford shoes seductively cornering MW in an empty metro cabin. He is coming closer and closer, bends down to her face and.... she says *Ahjusshi, are you a perv?!* But than again if MW ever becomes the manager I'm afraid uri CS dies from overwork or goes bankrupt.
  9. I personally don't see how for CS realizing that he also has someone he would be devastated to lose is making him a bad friend. I disagree, because every time we see someone losing the person they love or going through some other painful experience we re-evaluate our own lives and the people around us. And it doesn't mean we don't feel their pain or sincerely sympathize with them at the moment. I mean, come on, CS saved Sanchez from suicide, he brought Sanchez to the hotel and did everything in his abilities to give his friend at least a short time to say his goodbyes and he is a bad friend? Just because looking at MW at that moment he could sympathize with his friends situation even more? I don't think so.
  10. Lol, it indeed surprisingly cute. But first Mira-shi should receive a blessing from uri evil witch otherwise she is risking to become bald before the wedding. @Ondine Oh you mean this How could I
  11. Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense I mean the girl hints and hints and HINTS and hints some more I mean EVERYONE around him hint when it still doesn't work she even tells it straight AAAAAND? He doesn't get it I never thought I would say this but CS take some lessons from Mira!
  12. Who knew SH and SB could be such cupids Keep it up guys! I feel so much UST in the air Oh my, just get a room already you are at the hotel after all!
  13. I was laughing my butt off when MW called CS a thief. It's like a pot calling the kettle black
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