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  1. They mean 4 episodes 30 min each. which is 2 full episodes for 60 min. If they extend for two more episodes (4 episodes for 30 min.) there will be an open space in the airing chart again so I really don't see the logic. Make it 1 or 3 episodes to even out the numbers why 2? Unless they plan on airing another special episode somewhere in between.
  2. @booha, thank you for sharing your thoughts, chingu) Seriously, it was very refreshing and pleasing for me to read your perspective and take on WB's character. And I agree with you on most parts but I guess I still feel sore about the fact that EVERYONE are using Sunni as a step ladder to achieve their goal. And even if I can understand that sometimes it's choosing lesser of two evils for WB, I still can't help feeling upset on behalf of Sunni. The last drop was WB's fake declaration of love. I still feel sore about it. 'Cause no matter how you look or interpret, it WAS fake at that moment. For all I see, WB's feelings for Sunni are still half-conscious for him. And at that time his intention was to irk LH. But it is a totally different matter for Sunni and she was swayed momentarily (you could clearly see it in her eyes) even though she knows she shouldn't be. In some respect it's similar to the situation with princess SJ, even though I don't particularly like her but WB's behaviour is cruel, tactless and immoral. Thus I want WB to suffer at least a little for his thoughtless confession. He never showed any signs of jealousy when it comes to Sunni. I think it's high time) @katakwasabi, about the extension, while it's reasonable for the production company to add one more full episode to even out the airing schedule, I feel like extending for 4 more episodes (2 full episodes) could be dangerous. 'Cause there is a high risk turning the story even more makjang as it is. It's wise to keep close to the golden middle without overdoing it in pursuit of ratings. On the contrary such a big extension could lead to even bigger drop of ratings. It's very important to know the right time when to stop. So I really hope they would not be adding more than one full episode if they decide to extend after all.
  3. Lol, looks like uri Woo Bin-shi is the one on the sidelines now and in dire need to be kicked into motion. He is dangerously close to seriously lose his chance with Sunni before even trying. And I am not talking about Hyuk here. (This one lost his chance long ago and no amount of apologizing can change that). But WB's crazy fixation on revenge and his indifference at times like this is inexcusable. So if he doesn't start showing any sings of jealousy and otherwise emotions towards LH's attempts at wooing his wife I will give up of him for good. In this case I really would deem WB as not deserving of such a precious little gem as uri Sunni-shi. She deserves a better man who would fight for her instead of constantly using her to gain a reaction out of LH. So this is your last chance WB, don't let it slip through your fingers.
  4. Frankly, Princess SJ is hardly a person who can be 100% trusted. After all, blood is thicker than water. Just like @triplem said, SJ is self-centered, egoistic, air-headed, silly and easily swayed which makes her dangerous. She is not as decent as her brother prince LY and if WB keeps leading her on there is a solid possibility of Bad Guy (2010) ending. Which I really hope will not be the case in this show. We have enough makjang as it is. So even if WB feels himself indebted to SJ after she covered up for him, he still should think hard about the way of letting her down as kindly as possible without hurting her pride and provoking. Even more so now after this accident, 'cause he should realize now that it's cruel. So It's in his best interest to do so.
  5. Seeing all the Sunny & Hyuk vids marathon. I would also like to participate and share some of my favs. All credit goes to the authors of the vids! P.s. LOL looks like Sunni & Hyuk ship gain a lot of popularity nowadays Woo Bin -shi you need to lay on the charm like ASAP! ('Cause even my heart occasionally skips a bit at the uri Emperor's cuteness). And I'm an avid WB & Sunni fan! Sooooo Woo Bin-shi, Fighting! P.p.s. On the other note, I really would like to see SSR and JN together as leads in another dorama. Their chemistry is awesome)
  6. Thanks for the answer! Well I don't mind if they take some time to improve the quality of filming/writing but that means there are probably gonna be another postponment in the upcoming weeks to even out the number of episodes and that is sad. Though I kind of hope they would add one more episode instead Don't want this show to end)
  7. Guys, does someone know the reason why episode 17 is postponed till Thursday? Is there some kind of holiday in Korea or event?
  8. Nope it wasn't shown. We only saw LH pushing his wife into the pond and leaving while she was still alive. So there is still a chance someone drowned her by force. We don''t know if SH could swim or not.
  9. Yes, that's true! It was a very special little moment between them. Please writer-nim keep it up! My poor heart feels a little pacified) But you would be laughing, chingue. My heart starts fluttering at LH's vulnerability. These little moments at the end of the episode has left even bigger impression. What a bad fate binds him and Sunni. If only things could have been different, if only... I wonder is there at least a little chance for him to realize his sins and sincerely feel remorse? That would have been the gratest victory of hers if Sunni would be able to reach out his conscience and remnants of his sanity if by chance there are still any left. Not just punish LH but make him understand. Seriously though I know what a rotten person LH is but I feel pain and sadness. Another victim of his parents, another ruined life. This is just too sad. This whole episode had a lot of good meaningful scenes and some new revelations: WS and Sunni, Sunni and princess Ari and ofc Sunni and LH. p.s. I'm catching up on the posts and I would like to say, guys the writer doesn't try to make LH lovable. Rather she tries to explain why he turned out to be the way he is now. It's not redeeming of him but it's also much more deeper than simply dividing everything into black & white. No one is born evil. And I guess that's what the writer tries to show. That even love can create a monster if it's twisted.
  10. Yes, I agree there are definitely some feelings between WS and Sunni. But an admiration, respect, mutual understanding, warmth, care, empathy or even sympathy are quite different from love. And for now I don’t see an indication of any *love feelings* budding between the two. Of course there are more pressing matters at hand but there always will be. I also agree that they need to interact more to develop some romantic feelings but that is the main problem here. The number of scenes they have together is very limited or short. They don’t have much chance or opportunity to fall for each other if the writer won’t give them more scenes and time. You are probably right I should not have had my hopes up because I do start to feel a little disappointed. I guess I succumbed to the hints that were given at the sinopsis and the big red line (that indicates romance) in the relationship chart))) Don’t get me wrong I do love this show as it is but it starts to get a little repetitive without some lighter emotional outlet. It’s high time start adding something fresh to make the plot moving and the characters developing by something other than angst, in my opinion. Also it won’t be good if the writer suddenly remembers about their relationship at the end of the show and makes them fall in love with each other all of a sudden and without more solid grounding. Anyway I still want to hope for some more solid progression between WS and Sunni but I’m not so sure now…
  11. LOL, looks like DW thinks she is Korean Cleopatra I half expected that young lad to be beheaded not long after. Why do I have a feeling YR lied about the place where she buried WS's mother just to lure him out. I bet she won't be as quick to open WB's true identity. She can't rely on the Emperor anymore. So this time she would be smarter and wait for the right moment so the reveal would make a bigger impact. Also this would give her some time to find WS's weakness and prepare her own revenge.
  12. But the romantic line between WS and Sunni is not even at the back seat level here. For all I've seen I found no indication whatsoever that WS has any romantic feelings for Sunni. Sure he cares for her but I don't feel like he cares for her in *that* way. No one talks about fluffy romantic scenes here but a lot of revenge dramas and even war theamed ones had a very well written subttle *romantic* subplot that only adds to the story (Secret & Mr. Sunshine f.e.) Especially since the screenwriter is famous for her family dramas so she sure should be able to integrate some *romance* and make it look suitable and plausible. It would also help tone down all the cruelty around. Personally I think the constant tenseness of the plot is getting a tad bit exhausting. Everyone needs a little emotional outlet. And especially it's needed for WS's character development. He is totally focused on his revenge and has nothing to live/look for beyond it. Let's be frank, he doesn't plan to live nor he wants to and all prepared to die. Thus romantic feelings for Sunni would serve as a lifeline for him. He needs it for his own sanity. p.s.But also like a lot of others I'm starting to seriously doubt there would be any romantic line between these two. Which in my opinion is a let down and a minus to the integrality of the story. @booha, thank you very much for the translation!
  13. I think they were scratching it raw removing damaged skin. And yes, they were doing it without any anesthetic.
  14. I really doubt WB has some romantic feelings for Sunni at least not yet. Or even if he does he is not conscious of it. I'm sure this was all part of his plan in making LH loose everything. Learning from the best uri WB. And i really start wanting for this one to back fire on WB. @booha,thank you very much for the translations. Lol uri Sunni *easy woman*? LH is so typical in this respect. No one can touch what belongs to him even if he doesn't want it himself. The fact that she can shine so brightly in the arms of another man suddenly make his wife all the more desirable for him. Serves him right to lose her out of his own idiocy.
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