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  1. Oh right! You mentioned that too, about the writer being a first timer! ALSO, aside from the writer, one reason why I'm watching this show is because the director is female and she's doing well so far. I mean there are flaws, but I think she's adding sensitivies to the direction that works well. And he's thoughtful about his acting too. Sometimes he's like professional actors who've been at it for years when he does subtle changes in his reactions, his eyes, etc. that are appropriate for each scene. There's one scene when Gae-tong got mad at him because he's strict and she's hungry all the time training. I love Kim Min Jae's facial reaction after that. It's a mix of guilt and pity, I was like, awwwww...
  2. Same here! I understand why others are disappointed but it doesn't lessen my enjoyment of the show. I'm watching other dramas with better plot and execution but Flower Crew is the one that's making me giddy. For the other dramas, which are more enjoyable, I can wait for the next episode to air but for this one, I can't. I get excited.
  3. SEASON 2!!! SEASON 2!!! SEASON 2!!! Is there an online petition? Hahaha cause I'll vote.
  4. Awwww... And this is what's good about this drama, right? You often see your real life relationships in the characters' relationship with each other. The scenes are so relatable. Oh this is what I thought too! When Hyang-mi stopped on her tracks to talk to the guy refilling the cat food, she sealed her fate. I think the loan shark will prevent them from catching the joker. Since the loan shark has a motive to kill Hyang-mi, they will arrest him, case closed, instead of looking for the joker. But of course, Yong-sik knows better so he will continue to investigate and with more urgency since the murder is getting close to Dong-baek. I actually teared up several times while watching episode 10, and the one time was when Pil-gu was crying at the restaurant and while he was talking to Jong-ryeol by the ocean. And same! I also thought Gyu-tae was the cheap man, so I was OOOOOOH-ing last night when Pil-gu called Jong-ryeol cheap. As for uri future governor of Ongsan Hong Ja-yong (I can't stop calling her that ), I love that we're getting to see her growth as a character. Her life is like a mini drama in a drama. I love it. I just feel like there's something about that Yeong-sim case. Haha He/she gets mentioned often and I find it amusing that what if Yong-sik keeps on avoiding the case because it's soooo trivial, but it will be the one that will help him find new clues? I was also thinking early onset. I ran out of love for Hyang-mi when she started doing horrible things but I was cheering when Gyu-tae realized she's not stupid lol like, "Oh so you thought Hyang-mi is stupid? You jerk?! She's not!" And also, because he hasn't sorted out his family situation yet. It would have been better if he sorted out his marriage with Jessica first before coming in and barging into Pil-gu and Dong-baek's life, and planned how to deal with the media when word gets out that he has a love child. OH MY GOD! WHAT IF THE JOKER IS LURING ALL THE CATS WITH THE CAT FOOD SO HE CAN KILL THEM BECAUSE HE'S ALLERGIC TO IT! THAT'S WHY THE JOKER ISN'T COUGHING NOW BECAUSE THERE ARE NO CATS IN ONGSAN!!! (Cut to Strangers from Hell spinoff)
  5. Episode 10, favorite scenes: Yong-sik's thought (VO) before kissing Dong-baek: I no longer want to be the nice guy. Dong-baek and Yong-sik looking awkward at the dumpling place but holding hands under the table Yong-sik: I like you Dong-baek: I know. Everyone in Ongsan knows. Dong Baek in a short, red dress and red lipstick Hong Ja-yong (uri future governor of Ongsan) putting Gyu-tae's mom in her place Pil-gu spilling his guts to Jong-ryeol Dong-baek's mom pushing Yong-sik to be more aggressive in prusuing Dong-baek The ending scene! Thoughts: I just realized that Yong-sik keeps on avoiding Yeong-shim's complaints. I don't even know who he/she is but what if Yong-sik is missing puzzle pieces in the serial killer case and going to Yeong-shim will reveal clues he needs? Jong-ryeol is the cheap man lol according to Pil-gu. Hyang-mi knows Dong-baek's mom is acting. Good job to those who said so in the previous pages. I initially thought she really had dementia. Does this mean, a loanshark is coming to Ongsan?
  6. EP 10 is on Netflix! I'm watching it now. Gaaaah It's the mellow opening credits. So relaxing lol
  7. I think it's both. Prejudice because of cultural norms, jealousy because their husbands are frequenting Camellia AND also jealousy because Dong Baek is different and she doesn't put herself in a cage unlike the ahjummas. In my opinion, they're also secretly jealous that although Baek looks pitiful by their standards, she's in control of her life and doesn't feel the need to conform. Take Hong Ja Young, for instance. She used to take pride in having a husband even if her marriage is falling apart. Ongsan women take much pride in being part of the norm, but I think deep inside, they also feel jealous (and also amazed) that Dong Baek doesn't feel the pressure to conform. Maybe that's it?
  8. Oh I agree with you. The royal guard who raised Soo as his son could have at least prepared him for it right? Even if his main duty is to make sure Soo never becomes king. He could have at least sent him to school, taught him about politics, etc. But so far, I think he's doing well. I like that Soo has good sense when it comes to decision-making. He's a just king. It's just that he doesn't have full power or authority over the ministers. I understand why some feel frustrated about Gae Dong, whether it's because of the actress or the actions of the character itself, but I also understand where she is coming from. I don't feel as annoyed with Gae Dong as I do with Ji Hwa being mean and abusive to her slaves. I sympathize with Gae Dong because just as you said, it's difficult living in a society where you're a slave and worse, if you can't do anything because you're a runaway slave.
  9. She's a hoot. I didn't expect to like her, to be honest, but she's now one of my favorite characters. I hope to see her chill and have fun in future episodes with her girlfriends. Dong Baek, maybe even the market ahjummas, and Ms. Kwak. It also shows how culture sometimes molds us into human beings we don't want to be. The market ahjummas' response to Dong Baek leaving shows they care for her. Did they truly hate Dong Baek when now they're sad she's leaving? It's obvious they don't hate her. But what made them ostracize her in the first place? I think it's a society that taught them othering: (1) that being a single mom is just... weird, (2) that being a single mom is beneath married women, (3) that being a young, single woman who runs a bar is just wrong, or (4) that a young, single woman who runs a bar must be out to steal your husbands. If they lived in a society with a culture that is forgiving to... young, single mothers, for instance, they wouldn't have felt that way about Dong Baek and they would have been friends from the get go. I appreciate the fact that the show teaches us to police our own prejudices because it may be ruining our relationship with others.
  10. Same! I hope Hong Ja Young, future governor of Ongsan , will do something to put Hyang Mi in her place. Also, I hope Jung Ryeol doesn't give in to Hyang Mi's demands. Just let her expose everything. Pil Gu will be sad for a while, but I think it's for the best. The child needs to know who his father is, and it's better that Jung Ryeol doesn't lose to Hyang Mi. Also, Dong Baek needs to face everything head on as her future mother-in-law advised her lol, and I think she's ready so just bring it on Hyang Mi
  11. I feel weird not having new Little Forest episodes to watch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after the Monday-Tuesday broadcast in Korea.
  12. I'm done watching episode 10. So many people using the serial killer's favorite "Don't be a joke" line in this episode. My favorite scenes: The market ahjummas feeling sad that Dong Baek is leaving "Who could stop themselves from loving that person." Hong Ja Young and the blood spatter "Pilgu... with flowers" Dong Baek hearing the voices of the people who love and care for her - Ms. Kwak, her mom, and Yong Sik - while she was talking to Jong Ryeol. Of course, the kiss. Duh.
  13. I hope so but the way the episodes are going, it seems the story can be wrapped up in 16. I wonder why they had to extend it? Now I'm scared it's going to be dragging.
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