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  1. Yes. Some people are saying he didn't even kneel for his father so why would he kneel for Yiseo. It's different. When he was asked to kneel before, he was young. He was in high school so you know how stubborn young people are. When his father died, he didn't have a good reason to kneel. Now, however, he can lose Yiseo that's why he did kneel and it's because as an older, mature person, he now understands that sometimes, there are greater things than pride and that because for those four years, Yiseo kept on telling him and showing him she loves him, Saeroyi learned that there's more to life than revenge. This is why he's willing to kneel. He wants to date her and have a good life... something that he can be proud of and can be the reason why he can say to himself, "This is life? Well done! Again!"
  2. Thank you! But was this taken today? They've only shot the final episode today?
  3. Oooh I agree with this. This also shows in his influence on Geunsoo. Geunsoo turned out that way because of Saeroyi. I remember in one episode, Geunsoo said something like everyone is pursuing their goals aggressively not caring about others, so he would too. This shows that while Saeroyi's determined nature can be a good influence to some, it can also negatively influence others.
  4. The Handmaiden is a given but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Little Forest." It's one of my fave Korean films. Someone mentioned earlier that there are 5 additional chapters to the webtoon. Is that like an epilogue? Where do we read it and does it have more Saeroyi and Yiseo?!
  5. YES! She's a natural born actor. You can really tell she's not there to act. She's there as Jo Yiseo. The moments that felt sooo natural to me include the moment she was internally screaming that she's Saeroyi's first kiss, when she cried at the table after hearing Saeroyi he never liked her, then when she was saying "I love you" multiple times, like her heart's about to burst, when she cried after hearing Saeroyi say "No" that it will never happen, and then when she was crying at the crosswalk. Her eyes are very expressive but at the same time, she doesn't try that hard. Or maybe she does, I don't know, but for some reason, I just feel like, she doesn't try too hard and just acts naturally. She understands her character really well. She controls her emotions and responses too, making her look like just everybody else, like you know, "Oh, if I were in her situation, I'd react that way too," or "I can see her responses would be the average response of real people in that situation." She isn't going overboard with her acting. I'll be following her future projects from now on, that remake of SoulMate included Hahahaha because there are two main actors in that movie. One is reserved, one is a rebel. Based on her range, I think she'll be the rebel in the remake, and I'm so darn excited to see her play that role.
  6. I've never been more excited to see how they'll build everything back up after last night's heartbreak and the next episode's heartbreak too (based on the preview). I like this stormy, chaotic part and I'm looking forward to seeing how they will tie everything up towards the webtoon's ending. Kim Dami as always. Her scenes are really awesome for a rookie actor. I'm looking forward to her upcoming film remake of SoulMate, the Chinese movie. I watched it just to see what the story is like and daaaaaaang, I'm pumped up. Hang in their Yiseo!
  7. I SEE! OMG thanks for this. I missed this part. Now I know. This is why I've wondered if there's something off in the translation on Netflix, because why would she react that way. I get it now. Thanks for this!
  8. The point and difference is that Saeroyi and everyone on his side wanted a different outcome. Saeroyi knew JDH will likely choose Jangga, but that does not mean that's what he wanted. They were hoping JDH would choose his son. Sooah, on the other hand, wanted exactly what JDH did, which is why her expression is a little bit off. It's like waiting for the results of a test. Saeroyi and his allies want to pass the test, but they know they will likely fail. However, they still wait with fingers crossed until the test results are revealed. On the contrary, Sooah wants other students to fail. She tells JDH that. JDH then came out with the results of the test and tells Saeroyi and his allies that they failed. Saeroyi and allies naturally feel dejected and angry because they were hoping they will pass. Sooah, on the other hand, wanted this test results, so it is a bit off to see her shocked when that's what she wanted. Aside from that, I also agree with @ari_bian that perhaps it has something to do with Kwon Nara. I'm not one to richard simmons on people doing their jobs. Kwon Nara is an actress and after Itaewon Class, she will likely get more projects, but I agree with what others are saying here. After carefully watching her performance, my indifference towards Sooah may be because of her. She just stares in this way that seems like she has so many things to say, so many thoughts, but then she doesn't say anything. Or she just looks blank most of the time. I don't know. What I do know is if someone else was cast as Sooah, perhaps people's responses toward her may be different. Another factor is the writing. I don't know if it's just me but Sooah seems underutilized in this drama. I was laughing my richard simmons off when in Episode 9, Sooah goes to Danbam and tells Yiseo she was there to see her. So they go inside the pub and then Sooah just stands there, just so it's visible that she was there to see what's going on in DanBam. The writer could at least have written her consistently in the drama. Sooah is ambitious and she's out to protect herself, so why not just have her ally with Kang Min-jeong in taking over Jangga? Scheming to get what she wants is in-character so why not just have a different plot for her that's consistent with what she wants instead of just have her hanging out in DanBam but not really doing anything? Maybe it's just me but I have to say, people have basis when they criticize Sooah or other characters for that matter. Let's not dismiss these criticisms.
  9. Same. I was just about to ask. Is there something wrong with the Netflix subs because it seems like before the press conference, Sooah asked JDH to cut off his son to save Jangga right? And that's exactly what JDH did during the press conference so why was Sooah shocked? Why did she cry?
  10. YES! I'm a woman but I'd want to be as comfortable as Saeroyi. I also like the boots and baggy pants combo, comfy hoody. I also like Yiseo's fashion as well (sometimes). I like her "don't mess with me" look but then she'd shift into feminine clothing, like the scene where she and Saeroyi are at the bar. Her hair is tied (Kim Dami, so cute) and she's wearing a cream coat. Their style complements one another.
  11. Hahaha true! I agree with this. Personally, I neither hate nor love Sooah. She's just hustling, and I respect that because she's an orphan and that's the reason why she's a coward. Her priority should be to look out for herself, and she's doing a good job. Saeroyi respects that too that's why he always tells her that she can do whatever she needs to do even if it means crushing DanBam because Saeroyi knows he'll be fine. And yes, I'm rooting for Yiseo but I'm not excusing some of her behaviors. I'm excited to see her grow, and I have to say that perhaps 50% of my interest in Yiseo is because I like Kim Dami. With that said, I'm not interested in debating about Sooah vs. Yiseo. The major reason why I don't focus on Team Sooah vs. Team Yiseo is because the webtoon is complete. We already know how it ends, well, some of us who read the webtoon so I think it's useless to argue about this in a divisive manner. Also, all the plot lines - non-romantic or romantic - are interesting so I'll just let everything play out.
  12. Also, she already revealed who she is from the get go. She told Saeroyi herself, she's a coward, which means she won't risk her good relationship with Jangga for him. She's looking out for herself. But I don't hate her though I also don't like her. I quite understand where she is coming from that's it and she's also redeeming herself a bit by giving Yiseo advice on how to handle Saeroyi. Anyway, I've been just lurking but also writing my two cents. P.S. I love the ending of the webtoon, especially whom Saeroyi ends up with. I love the story. I love watching Yiseo grow, and just everything Kim Dami does haha. I browsed the webtoon and I'm excited to see how they would do the time jump. Overall, this is some good quality kdrama JTBC and the production blessed us with. Also, can I just say, that Saeroyi/Yiseo scene where she rests her head on his lap and cries about his scars... it's perfection. I think it may be THE MOST ROMANTIC kdrama scene I've seen. #notexaggerrating