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  1. It looks like Jin might be a.. clairvoyant? That was a cute & sweet wish of Gil Yong's. He just wants his noona to be happy~ Was surprised they didn't blur out Yoon Gi's chopped off fingers yikes.
  2. Aish they're really adamant on gettin' rid of Ban Seok aren't they? Bein' a whistleblower or tellin' the truth doesn't pay tsk. And to think religion preaches on bein' honest. And it look like Ms. Dang is comin' to his rescue. His friendship with Mr. Shin is a hoot. Didn't know he's related to Ms. Dang's roommate, btw she joins HR from accounting.
  3. WooHoo~it's happening for Sang Soon/Ui Joo LoL. Although I don't really encourage office romances.. I should hire Ja Sung to clean my house ha-ha. He's back to bein' the cold jerk boss again aish. I'm glad Ui Joo is by Young Won's side & tries to cheer her up with Gyeom's help. Damn that Sang Soon dude is hella flexible LoL. Time may heal all wounds but it doesn't make it hurt less. It just lingers. My heart breaks for Young Won, her drunken tantrum was cute though I don't know how Ja Sung could ignore that LoL. It bothers me that intern keep having
  4. Hm can't blame Ms. Dang she's also in a catch 22 situation. She can stand to lose not just her job but reputation so she's at the mercy of the higher ups. How is Se Gwon able to sleep at night huh LoL? Obviously not well, judging by his bloodshot eyes eheh. Sang Yeob the actor had mentioned on "The Sixth Sense", that filming staff notice he appears more hunched over than before ha-ha. Why is Na Ri still clinging onto Se Gwon? Is he that great in bed LoL? Not surprised how they promoted Mr. Gong. It's how most politicians get away with murder. Also how the rich keep getting
  5. That was a fun cameo by Seok Jin ha-ha. Coincidentally, he's besties with the actor who plays Ja Sung in real life as well~ Aish. It looks like So Min is rehashing her role from "Naughty Kiss" all over again. One moment he's hot.. next moment he's cold sighs. Aigoo~ Gyeom should've told Young Won sooner if he liked her for goodness sakes! Why for the love of God did he wait LoL!? Whatever for..?? Now Ja Sung is playin' the noble idiot card & ending it with Young Won WTH LoL. Gyeom ah open your damn eyes, Mi Ra the intern is nuts for you LoL. Get her be
  6. In the end it really was more a Joon/Soo Hyun love story than Joon/So Bin ha-ha! It really seemed like Joon was in a love triangle between Soo Hyun, So Bin. I am havin' mixed feelings over this LoL. It had good parts and some really crazy nonsensical ones too. Overall I still don't know what the drama is trying to do(?) The message of youth, friendship, growing pains, family etc is there but just all over the place. I think there's better dramas that convey these themes & better executed. I guess it's a good showcase for Park Ji Hoon, who show that i
  7. I am SO proud of Han Sol! She held her own very well. Her and Yoon Dam are cute too eheh. The whole village folks comin' to cheer on the team was awesome. So that good-for-nothing city punk with white hair is goin' to turn the village into a golf course?! Oh no.. The kids in the cast are great, especially Hae In; adorable. Uh-oh Hae Kang's eye injury might force him to drop out of badminton for good. The coach had a point not all hard work guarantee success. Sometimes it's luck.
  8. Seol Ah seem to be clinging onto Jae Eon. I think he's obliging her out of guilt(?) which just leads her on. Not the best thing to do. He should pick between the 2 & stick with it damn it. I like how Na Bi told her off LoL. She's flip floppy too geez. It's like she get easily sidetracked. No wonder her art pieces get nowhere. Speaking of, the entire sculpture department seem too preoccupied in either sleeping with each other, getting drunk or gossiping. No wonder their professor is pissed LoL. I knew the 2 that work at that school office(?) would be a couple.
  9. Interesting eheh. It feels like a Halloween special though LoL. The Witch is quite sassy ain't she? Be careful what you wish for~ The actor from "Nevertheless" is here too. He has such a charming smile & an interest for butterflies eheh. Can't believe he's 28y.o. He's 3 years senior to the fl. I was shocked 'cause he looks so young LoL. Will there be romance for these 2?
  10. Don't know what to make of Ms. Dang tbvh. I find myself cheering her on but also side-eyeing her on other times. She's a conflicting person; an antagonist I guess. She's really between a rock & a hard place, she has her own selfish reasons but on the other she's a puppet from the higher ups to do their bidding.. The friend is hilarious! "Don't kiss him as a thank you!" - the actress was a hoot on "Mr. Queen" too. The world need more of Ban Seok LoL. He's got the best lines & he tells it like it is, no BS. Love him! Han Se Gwon sighs. He just keep
  11. @africandramalover Uh-huh. He even looked proud of himself sayin' he's still "GOT IT" MWAHAHAHAH!!!! Yup that loser Se Gwon sure did. His pride got knocked down even more when that nerdy guy asks how much was his performance evaluation score LMFAo?!!?
  12. Ahahahah nice to see Ban Seok back in his natural habitat! After that unexpected kiss he took more care with his appearance LoL. Using lip balm, cologne & a different colored check shirt too. Na Ri was ridiculous! She was overreacting over what Ms. Dang said. No wonder Ms. Dang kissed Ban Seok, especially after hearing all that crap on what Se Gwon told to Na Ri. Geez he's truly a POS. I really liked Ban Seok took the trouble to record her dad's voice call.. that was really considerate.
  13. Couldn't help but notice how bloodshot Ian's eyes looked. Was it intentional or is the actor Yoon Park havin' sleep problems LoL?? I mean the camera kept zooming in on his eyes too ha. So many questions.. Does Young Do's heart have something to do with the "twins" Chae Jun, Ian? Don't think I've ever seen Yoon Park this creepy yikes. Da Jung's mom seem way too relaxed post divorce. Especially after having survived domestic abuse. Geez it was Young Do the Dog not the person that got injured LoL! But at least we know for sure they like each other.
  14. Dear God I hope Joon's alright.. looks like he's goin' to leave in next ep.? Geez what the heck is Chun Gook doin' back in school? He should be suspended. I liked the way Mi Joo handled her feelings, very mature & graciously. I want Young Ran/Soo Hyun to work out. But gee can the dude lighten up LoL. He keep stressing on Joon's lifestyle habits etc. He should be thankful Joon still takes him in despite his scrooge, prickly demeanor. Joon's father is some piece of work! His Mom's a basket case. I'm real glad Jun Wan is lookin' out for 'im. I go deaf I swear whe
  15. Uh-oh Young Do's in "trouble" alright.. he's falling for Da Jung isn't he LoL? Their chat during the drive to Gangneung was fun heh. Just how strong was her mom yo?! Young Do practically flew into the sea LMFAo! The cafe twin siblings are a riot too. And what the heck? Is the stalker having amnesia? Or is that his twin?
  16. Hae Kang should get tips from Yoon Dam in how to win over a girl. The way he hugged Han Sol gave me such heart flutters eheh. It was so swoony. I'm tired with who Se Yoon will end up as well aish. The girls should learn to handle a game without Se Yoon. They can't depend on her forever. Looks like Coach Bae won't have to retire as he has a new player. The grandparents ppl scene was hilarious. Don't tell me there's romance for that lady with the village chief LoL? And aw~this drama is ending next week, I'll miss this wholesome cast.
  17. So Bin ah why did you go in the room alone with that jerk Chun Gook!? Thank goodness Young Ran gave a flying kick. So satisfying LoL. Oo~who's the mystery girl Soo Hyun likes eh? Hope it's Young Ran. I just think Mi Joo/Chan Gi have more in common. They both like pretty things. Prof. Park is adorable, so is the child actor who played the young Joon eheheh~ I just wanted to hug the cutie when he cried aw.. Soo Hyun & Joon are like newlyweds rather than roomies ha. I don't mind havin' truffles for b'fast. I'm really glad that Joon realizes his bro wasn't as evil
  18. Do Hyuk has such a pretty smile, it's melting me eheh. He sort of looks like Eun Han a bit I thought they were twins ha-ha. Unlike Jae Eon, Do Hyuk is sweet, attentive & sensitive. He even remembers her b'day. Na Bi ah you lucky thing. I'd go to him if I were you LoL. But what to do Jae Eon's power over her is too strong. I didn't like the outfit he got her though.. Bit Na is like a female version of Jae Eon isn't she? She has feelings for Kyu Hyun but just likes stringing him along aish. It was admirable that Na Bi stood up to her ex. He was trash. There's st
  19. Sang Yeob has a very punchable face Se Gwon is nothing but a bully and a loser with a capital "L". Just how did he get hired in the first place..?! He offers nothing to his team, most of his ideas suck. He steals ideas from others and pass them off as his own What does Na Ri and Ms. Dang see in him?! That next ep. preview - what the heck is that LMFAo? Is there really a loveline for Ms. Dang & Ban Seok?? His Mom's already super eager for their union to happen!
  20. YaY Ja Sung admits he likes Young Won! I was tired of the merry-go-round each week of will they or won't they? Though I hate to think what happens to all that furniture if they should break up?? Hopefully not LoL. That scrooge editor, Sang Soon is a damn fool for hanging onto his "cutie pie" He should move on to materialistic editor but how is he going to keep her happy when she likes luxury? Looks like photographer Shin has a new admirer in the intern at the office. This is the third drama of Jung So Min where she co-habitate with a tsundere LoL.
  21. Ban Seok gets the best lines on this drama & it cracks me up! His scenes with Ms. Dang are pure gold too LoL. Se Gwon ah why would you use the company tablet to store photos of your gf?! Like ew?!
  22. Seeing Xu Kai having a slight resemblance to Song Kang LoL. Eheheh Chessman is goin' weak for Smiling. He's already so possessive & jealous whenever another guy makes moves on her! Although she need no saving, she does it herself. A very fluffy, breezy drama to watch. I think this is my fave e-sports drama after Crossfire. Nothing else come close. Well maybe Love O20.
  23. Ja Sung may say Young Won is troublesome.. though he says it with a broad smile on his face LoL. Photographer Shin is annoying Young Won already said many times she didn't need a ride tsk. I feel another office romance between Editor Sang Soon and Ms. Yeo eheh Next ep. preview, Ja Sung/Young Won get much, much closer LoL
  24. @rocher22 Maybe for So Bin Chan Gi broke not just her heart, but her trust as well..? Because of her past, she's just not willing to put herself to go through the pain again. That's why she unfriends Chan Gi.. It'd probably take time like how Soo Hyun now accepts Joon who knows LoL. @ck1Oz A summary of Soo Hyun? He's the sole breadwinner after the passing of his dad, leaving behind him, his younger bro & mom. His mom need immediate back surgery & Soo Hyun is struggling in trying to juggle between school, personal & his family. As thin
  25. @ktcjdrama Yea I noticed that too but wasn't sure LoL. Why did In Sol give in though? I hope there's answers in next ep. Poor thing.. he just badly wants to play/compete more than anything.
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