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  1. Encounter 16 thoughts: I liked, though not completely loved, the final episode. What I loved: JH's 'you can break up with me if you must, but I'll keep on loving you regardless.' That SH made a conscious choice to put her own happiness above everything else. JH+SH talking in banmal to each other. Some bits felt emotionally off though... like JH's mum magically taking a 180 turn, or the execution of SH changing her mind; the neatness of it all... I suppose. Still, Encounter remains the first romance-centric drama I’ve finished in years. It may not be all that novel in terms of big narrative, but the execution made it feel fresh and shiny and new. The writing was both subtle and clever. They knew exactly the story they wanted to tell and they told it to the best of their ability. It wasn’t perfect, but it was consistent in characterization, heartfelt and true to its core. The pacing was very assured and the acting exceptional. SH is by far my favorite role of SHK's, and ep.15 was probably the best acting I've ever seen from PBG. And I have a new painting in my living room proving just how inspiring I found the art in this show. (hadn't painted in ages, so it felt really good to pick up a brush again). I will remember this show fondly for a long time.
  2. Ep15 thoughts Seeing JH break down in SH's office hurt a lot. Seeing SH's face going back to completely expressionless hurt even more. But the smile JH gave his parents the morning after finding out the truth, that one broke me. It is absolutely in character, they are falling back on tried and tested coping mechanisms. But it's also heart breaking. I think this separation actually helped their relationship in a twisted way. JH kept saying "let's live together forever", "we can conquer everything as long as we are together", while being kind of cavalier about her fears, her guilt or the implications for his family (to be brutally honest - he let his parents find out about their relationship via the tabloids so I don't see how he could have expected smooth sailing on that front).I think at this point he finally gets where SH is coming from. So now he can start acting on all those promises of protecting her and keeping her happy. I was very glad that JH got to hear exactly what mum did, from her own mouth, without any sugar coding. And no matter how good a son he is, it's also clear that he will never forgive her for it. Mum knows deep down that what she did is wrong but keeps insisting that they'll be better off in the long run... I don't even have the energy to hate her properly anymore. I just want her out of my sight (and I suspect JH and her husband feel at least a bit of the same; I wish mum to sleep on the sofa for a long and back-painfully awful time). It occurs to me that the entire mess happened because JH and mum could not recognize each other's fundamental nature. They are also awfully similar, in stubbornness and in insisting that time can heal it all (should anyone care for my opinion: time muffles hurt, it does not take it away. Any nontrivial wound will leave a scar. When a precious fragile thing breaks apart, no matter how carefully you put it back together, it's not going to be as good as new). Nothing will get fixed before they acknowledge the facts: mum is too small-minded to ever full-heartedly accept SH; JH is too single-minded to move on to someone new. And so the immovable object (mum) meets the unstoppable force (JH). Curious how the writer will find a way out of this conundrum. "해피엔딩 or 새드엔딩"? "Love is about two different people growing to resemble each other." but also "Habits of a lifetime don’t resolve easily, and you have to consciously decide, day after day, to live differently." "To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love."
  3. I stoped watching ep13 before the "meet JH's mum" end scene, because I was sad to begin with today, and did not think I could handle it. Loved the rest though: - the way they approach the conversation about marriage and ever after is the most realistic I've seen in a very long time. The fact that she is worried and ashamed about her history... and that it takes some convincing that all that does not matter as long as they are together... Even the fact that they talk about it properly...that marriage is not about grand-gesture proposals, but about a lifetime commitment that should not be taken lightly. - I love how her interaction with JH changes her in ways small (like inviting people to her house for dinner) and large (like choosing to forgive the minion's betrayal, and sending him to Cuba so that he learns to treasure what he was willing to destroy). They do make each other better - every moment of their day to day looks wonderful; eating together, preparing a meal together, or sitting on the couch ... it all feels meaningful and perfect - the board meeting reminded me that Sh is so cool; also proved to WS that she does not need protection or saving - from him or anyone - I also love how normal their relationship has become, that by now people talk about it as if it's a given; they can even kiss at the office like it's no big deal. Because of the last point, I got so angry about JH's mother's actions. I knew from the beginning that she would oppose and that it would take work to convince her. But the way she went about it was really despicable - the sneaking behind the scenes while avoiding direct confrontation... the manipulativeness of it all. And the fact that she cares more about what the neighbors say than her son explicitly stating that he can't live without SH. I am angry because that hits SH where it hurts the most. MiLfH and WME are bad, but at least they are upfront about it. After a first marriage into a family where she felt treated like an object to display while despised behind the scenes, the last thing in the world she needs is another disapproving mother in law... JH's mother's actions targeted her deepest insecurities and thus hurt the most. Why is it that in this show being a mother necessarily makes you a jerk? Overall, I'm even more sad now than I was at the start of the day. I trust and hope JiSoo will continue to be their amazing couple self, despite all the messiness. As long as they talk about it, it should be ok... Please be ok. PS: I've decided to wait until end of the series and binge the rest.
  4. Ep12 thoughts WS is a jerk and a coward. I love JH for calling him out on it: hurting the person you allegedly love for personal gain is no love at all. This time it was clear that WS did not protect SH from the machinations of his mother after the divorce simply because it suited him. He gets to control her comings and goings and still see himself as the good guy. WS pays lips service to the she should not be forced to attend the family event position, but then happily sits and waits for her to show up. Hypocritical to the max. And the fact that he used JH's help in Cuba as an excuse to get his way makes him a snake of the lowest order. I wonder how he convinced his uncle to vote for him. I bet it was nonsense about him protecting her from his mother. Must have pulled a fancy act there. Still the truth remains: WS's world revolves around exactly one person - WS. ('SH is what I need' says it all). I was initially kind of mad at JH too, for doing stuff behind SH's back. But then I thought more about it and got to understand it a little. His way of protecting her is lowering her burden, as much as he can. Instead of forcing her to chose, he lowered the stakes. His job is to make sure that she takes care of herself, eats and sleeps well. Beyond that, he trusts her to sort out her own issues. And that is kind of cool. As usual, I love the reciprocity of their relationship - last episode he said I love you and made one huge step in committing to their relationship. Now she does the same. He may be working behind the scenes trying to protect her other love, but she steps center stage and choses him over everything else. No wonder the poor boy is a goner. Really looking forward to SH + Kim family fun. Once they got past the initial awkward phase I hope they get to see how adorable she is, and how happy the two of them are together. Looks like dad is already fully on board, but mum will need some more convincing. I hope she gets to see SH - the lonely kid deprived of motherly affection, and that it proves enough to trigger her caring instincts. But for now, give the poor girl some proper homemade food! And some soju since I doubt any being in existence can resist the adorability of drunk SH. PS: if last episode SH was scared to face the odds and JH was the one 100% certain of their ever after, the balance shifted this time 'round. As WS's meddling chipped at JH's confidence, she finally threw away her fears. Losing full control of the hotel did not matter quite as much as she thought it would. She is now brave enough to follow her dreams, and to redefine what those are. She set herself free all by herself. And that is awesome. PPS: Another thing that I love: at the beginning of the episode they are both feeling uneasy after meeting their respective 'wolves'. Solution: see each other. So often troubles pull couples apart. Here they only serve to bring them even closer together. PPPS: I love how JH calls her SHssi when she is in his good graces but switches back to 대표님 when he is grumpy. PPPPS: for the first time ever, i find couple rings unexplainably sexy. P^5S: Since I saw some fundamentally different takes on the can I spend the night at yours scene, I'll try to articulate my view here: they shared the same hotel room and were intimate in Cuba (the body language is very clear; when they are driving around in the car, for instance). They withdrew within more socially acceptable/ less obvious personal space boundaries when they got back to Kr, to avoid another scandal. He was a gentleman and went home after dropping her at her place drunk. The second time, he just missed her too badly and wanted to spend the night and the hell with caution. I never got the sense that it was the intimacy per se that she was objecting to but rather him being in her bed. As a woman who has been living alone for a long time I totally get that sentiment, the slight reluctance to give up one's personal space. Also, when JH imagines a future together: that future is one where he wakes up every day to the sight of her face - it's all about wanting them to live together. P^6S: I love how SH gets nervous about visiting future inlaws and that she asks her bf what to wear. Also Mrs. Lee for orchestrating the meet the parents so cleverly.
  5. Ep11 thoughts: My heart is so full of love that it's starting to overflow. I officially adore Encounter. SH+JH are so perfect together, it's not even funny. I was alternating between grinning like an idiot, squeeing, crying, and plain in awe: perfect kiss-while-laughing, the cutest drunken confession, the most adorable morning serenade and what will go in history as the most romantic kdrama proposal I have ever seen. And the parents being adorable, and the nicest mother-daughter evening as cherries on top. This is my favorite episode so far. I am losing even the minimum amount of patience that I had for WS. He really is his mother's son, and I loved his uncle for calling him out on it. By now it is perfectly clear that he does not love SH at all; he does not even understand the concept. His behavior is all about seeing JH having something that he could not possess and wanting to take it away. He clearly has no problem going behind his mother's back and doing whatever he damn pleases, so he could have protected SH back when, if he wanted to. I guess it was easier to just buy her some useless expensive trinket instead. And that's all you need to know, really. The hell with him and his stupid hotel. SH is smart and uber-competent. It took her a few years to build a crappy corporate hotel into a top class brand. Starting from scratch again would be hard, but still better than having to tolerate that ridiculous chaebol family. PS: don't know if this story has a happy ending or not, but it is for sure true love. (but really, if anything is fair in the world, they should never be more than 10cm apart) PPS: more highlights - drunk SH: 'Nobody ever notices, but I was always cute.' JH: 'I see you.' and you kind of know that that is the whole point of the story. When she is with him, SH can be her true self. And he sees her, all of her, and has ever since the beginning. - I loved that he is ten steps ahead in their relationship, as usual - giving her couple rings while committing to her forever in the same breath. It was also great how he told her that he is going to hang in there and do all the things he wants to do, slowly - telling her that no matter how long it takes he'll be waiting for her to reach the same level. - love cleaning lady, and how people see them together and just go 'oh, the joy of being young and in love' forgetting all the rest. Before this episode, I was 100% convinced that the story would end with them happily together. But we had to talk about the letter buried under the sequoia tree... and now I am a bit scared. The 'I'll be by your side until your last breath' started to sound like foreshadowing... Good thing SH complained and shut it off right away. PPPS: there is this one learning experiment from the 60s I keep thinking about: it includes a feeder and a chicken running around trying to get to the food; if the chicken approaches the feeder, it will go away faster than the chicken could catch it; if he moves in the opposite direction, the feeder would follow twice as fast. The only way to get fed is to walk away from the thing you want. The chicken, however, never learns it. WS reminds me a lot of that chicken: the only way he could get SH to look at him with something other than contempt would be to step away and let her be happy on a path of her own choosing. But - like the chick - I think he is incapable of ever figuring that out. PPPPS: I adore JH's thought processes: like the morning after SH getting drunk he knew that she would be embarrassed, so he came with a plan to embarrass himself just as much to even out the field. Choosing a song about a drunken confession to tease her and take out the sting, making sure that he gets to the 'I loved you from the very beginning' part before stopping. Bonus points for the fact that although his voice is lovely the singing is not perfect. Also for promising a continuation of the second verse at a later time. It's good that they are always together, so when one is drinking the other has to drive. They are so cute that the universe could not handle both of them together drunk at the same time. P^5S: When JH asks what she is so-so-so happy about, SH first list a long list of things she got to eat - a woman after my own heart. And a refreshing view of the love going through the stomach saying.
  6. Yes, I'm that Charlie. Thanks for reading and sharing. I don't mind people with different opinions. In fact, I put a lot of effort trying to explain my point of view and to link back to what they are saying. But it can get extremely frustrating when other parties do not extend the same minimal courtesy. Saying that PBG can't act while extensively discussing his past dramas does not help the original point. Nor does saying I wish this was the story of a poor older woman falling in love with a boy instead (I think that is called Pretty noona...). Or that My Ajusshi is a masterpiece and nothing else compares. I go to forums because I want to have a meaningful conversation about the drama I am currently watching (and loving). If that's not there, then there is no point. </rant> I'll stop here, lest I become one of those people who use forums to vent because therapy is too expensive.
  7. Spent some time on DB today and it completely spoiled my morning. Makes me wonder why do I even bother.
  8. I don't have anything terribly interesting to say, but wrote this up so might as well share. The writer set JH and WS up as polar opposites of one another: One is the socially-accepted choice, the one with all the money and the power, but also the one who was a complete failure at protecting her and making her happy; someone who, despite the 'SH is not a piece of property' comment to his mother early on, sure treats her like one, completely ignoring her wishes and disregarding her feelings; he does not think her capable of making her own choices and sees her career as a cute hobby. The same patronizing view goes also for her love of art. He thinks everything is fine as long as he buys her another dark and kind of ugly expensive dress. He does not understand her, nor is he willing to listen and learn from what she is telling him. Finally, he is an absolute catastrophe when it comes to communicating his feelings. In contrast, JH is, on paper at least, completely unsuitable -much younger, poorer, and her employee. He has nothing but his brain and determination to fight with, yet he gives his all to protect her. The highlight of his day is seeing her smile. He always treats her with utmost respect - even when he challenges her to expand her boundaries, it would take the slightest hesitation on her side to back off. He greatly admires her as a self-made woman and a success story and hopes he can contribute in his own small way to making her vision reality. He loves art just as much as she does, and encourages her to expand her artistic horizons (his presents: a poetry book, the camera). He just gets her, at a fundamental level; sometimes without needing any words. And although he’s prone to pretending to be fine when he isn’t, he’s always encouraging open communication, asking questions, listening closely to what she is saying. He tells her she is cute, and beautiful and amazing every chance he gets, until she starts believing it too. Now matter how obtuse a viewer may be, JH is obviously the right choice for her. Which was probably the whole point.
  9. That ending seems to have everyone squealing already so I won't talk about it further; I'd rather go through all the other things I loved in ep.10. 0. I'm really happy that they are happy. 1. SH+JH as a couple work because they are a pair of adults that communicate exceptionally well (this is particularly important when contrasting it to SH's marriage that failed largely because of poor communication). I love how they talk about everything, from the extra silly ("JH is the most handsome man in the world, so handsome that he makes my breath stop!!!!", by the way ditto) to the most serious ('I was sad because you asking for a break felt like you thought I was too weak to fight for you.'). They are so sane and healthy and adorable together. 2. I love how many of the hotel employees silently support them, from Mrs Kim in PR, to the Sokcho manager. (his matter of fact 'I get why our CEO is so fond of you' was hilarious. ) JH really is working his way back to her in his own way, and gaining everyone's respect in the process. 3. Mr. Nam+JH as co-conspirators in taking care of SH are extra cute. 4. SH started dressing more casually and comfortably at work, warmer colors too, and she picked red for the video call. ❤️ 5. Cutest video call ever! Also, as another chronic insomniac, I could totally use a human sleeping pill. (Any chance we can clone him?) 6. JH takes the job of protecting her very seriously. He was really the only person who could convince the owner. While WS knew about it and just chose to 'monitor the situation further', JH -who has none of his power or resources- flew over and got the job done. Now that's a manly man. 7. The look on JH's face seeing her smoothly passing through the gate instead of jumping over was priceless. That is rather characteristic of their personalities: he completely disregards the social norms and just goes for it; she assesses the situation and finds a way to make it work with minimal trouble. No wonder the boy was impressed. 8. Coming after his recent complaint that feelings are not there to be hidden, so one should express them, that 'I love you' was simply perfect. Also love how he waited to tell her first. (And I think Mr. Samuel sensed it - that he is the same brand of hopeless romantic as himself.) 9. Ha! I knew that he wanted to ask her out that first evening! That was nicely done. Also loved the epilogue. Trust Cuba to protect the magic of romance all the way. 10. I am happy for me too, because I get to experience all this. It's a wonderful way to start the new year. PS: is it too much to ask that she gifts him the playground as i love you back? [I can see her buying the land and donating it to the community under the clause that is should stay a playground.] PPS: I loved how they went back to the Omara Portundo song she listened on their first meeting and inserted the Kr translation of the lyrics in the video the same way they usually do with the poems. It's so fitting - this all or nothing kind of love, where you put your life on the line, the kind of love that is impossible to forget. I love also how it went full cycle: if the first time round the song was there to remind her of the emptiness of her past, now it symbolizes her courage to live a life of her choosing. bonus points since Si llego a besarte also happens to be my favorite Omara piece. Whoever did the music selection for the OST deserves a big hug. PPPS: There's another way of interpreting JH's answer 'I miss her' to Samuel's question. It's because he completely gets what the garden means for him: a space to connect with someone dearly missed. After all, JH spends all his lunch breaks in Sokcho revisiting the places he visited with SH. Who else could better understand what that feels like? PPPPS: I keep hearing people saying that JH should still quit his job and go work somewhere else. And at first glance it seems like the obvious and rational solution to their problems; only it isn't. If he did quit, CSH would still be a divorced older woman CEO who picked a boy toy among the new employees and then sent him away to avoid public criticism. Though he admits that he hasn't found the way just yet, his is actually the right path. Hiding away and dating in the shadows is not the solution; proving to everyone that he is worthy of her and that their relationship makes sense - that's how he can preserve her reputation and keep them happy on the long run. That needs to start by gaining the respect of her employees (he is already doing an awesome job with it). I love his way of thinking because even when he seems to not make sense, it later turns out that he was just playing a deeper game. He has his eyes on the prize at all times: the together happily ever after kind. PPPPPS: Both still have room to grow in terms of openly expressing their feelings: JH needs to learn to stop concealing all his struggles from the people he loves - that it's ok to vent and curse a little and that a trouble shared is a trouble halved; SH is still not quite there yet in terms of telling him how much he means to her. They're both making baby steps in the right direction though and I'm sure they'll get there eventually.
  10. 바다가 바다의 일이라면 너를 사랑하는 것은 나의 일이니가. The job of the sea is making waves... loving every minute of Encounter is mine. Ep.9 thoughts: Their new year eve date was kind of perfect. Every time I think of the bus terminal scene I can't wipe the stupid grin off my face. And he spoke in banmal to her! As said... perfect The forced separation was sad but there were some silver linings too: 1. no noble idiocy - they talked and decided on it together 2. I love how much they miss each other 3. I already talked about how in ep.7 JH was forced to seriously think about what this relationship means to him and consciously chose her with all the baggage. This time it was SH's turn. She thought about all the damage their love would cause (him in particular) and made the conscious choice to trust that they can handle it. 4. She did the running to him this time round. I love that it was Mrs Lee who finally pushed her to go. It took exactly one look at SH staring at JH's picture to know that SH loves him too and that they belong together. (I love her wisdom and her lack of judgement. She continues to be my favorite secondary character.) Except for CH's mum who is still her usual horrid self I love that everyone else acts like normal sensible adults. I like CH's dad and how he objectively lays out the pros and cons. I thought he would be straight team JH but he is really team CH - what he wants is her happy and he'll have no problem with the relationship as long as she is happy. Actually I imagine JH's mum will have a very similar position. They'll both take convincing that this relationship will make their respective kid happy on the long run, but once convinced they'll support them all the way. Saving a soft spot for JM, the way he cares about his older brother and their parents is sweet. I finally feel a sliver of pity for WS: in his meeting with SH he behaved like a poor little alien who has no clue about love in general or SH in particular. He can't seem to understand what he did wrong and why things can't just go back to normal. More importantly he does not get that his normal is SH's idea of hell. Not sure what this will mean going forward. The good news is that his mum finally gave up on the idea of forcing them to reconcile. Yay! Lastly: I wonder why JH was so reluctant to go back to Seoul - is he avoiding his mother and the unavoidable explaining he has to do? Or is it that he is scared that if he gets to Seoul he won't be able to stop himself from running straight into her arms? Talked out for now, back to rewatching the car kiss and grinning like a fool. PS: forgot one very important thing : given how sweet JH was with the little girl, he will make an amazing father. PBG is not my type, by my heart swayed a little seeing JH in that one scene. PPS: JH can hide a world of hurt behind a smile, but when they are together and things are ok (e.g. after the kiss) he goes back to flashing those honest ginormous Cuba smiles, the smiles from when the world was simple and he had no real troubles. If she is there he is happy. And that's that. PPPS: Some character I can't really remember said once that if you live your life right then no malicious gossip can touch you. Any person who has actually spent more than 5min with JH would know the kind of person he is. Same goes for CSH. They are thoroughly decent people and I have hope that in this fictional world that will prove to be enough. PPPPS: I love that they now can joke about what used to be a serious barrier in their relationship; like when she asked him if she is a bad boss for making him work on Jan1st; by now him calling her 대표님 sounds like a term of endearment. They are just so cute together I can't even...
  11. I miss them already… Started making a new MV with SH’s PoV but got distracted rewatching stuff… Random thoughts: 1. The ‘you look sleepy, you should eat my last piece of dried squid before driving home (because I’m uber-drunk and it seems like a good idea at the time)’ scene: She is obviously horrified, but eventually gives in because she cannot bear to disappoint him… It strikes me that one of the many things they have in common is that they are both people pleasers. For SH it usually took the form of placid acceptance though she is also considerate to everyone at work. For JH it’s hiding sadness or discomfort behind a smile. Precisely because of it, their choosing each other and their love, even at the cost of displeasing everyone, is huge. 2. Love really does change people. The JH who kisses her at the masquerade is not the JH who entered the company. The SH in his arms is no longer the SH who stared into the horizon wishing the days by. And it’s kind of wonderful. 3. Despite the fact that driver Nam is all sorts of awesome as number one shipper, my favorite secondary character remains tea lady. Her discussion with JH is one of the most memorable and moving scenes in the drama for me. I love the fact that she treats JH like an independent adult and a friend rather than a child, so she can worry for him while still respecting his choices. I think their obviously fond relationship has a lot to do with why JH is so open to the idea of dating SH, and why he views age as a measure of richness of experience rather than a social-hierarchy-heavy number. Anyways… I just love her. 4. Analyzing SH-WS interactions at his mother’s bday party: first I get a feeling of exasperation on SH's part at his glib ways. He hurt her and hence there's no point in trying to ingratiate himself to her further. But there's also a sense of camaraderie... SH's WS is a fellow inmate in that toxic environment. While she will never be able to love him the way she loves JH, I do think they’d make pretty good friends. First SH needs to know the full truth and WS needs to get over his feelings, but I do wish that for them. Hopefully by that point they will finally get to see each other as they truly are. 5. Also on WS: while he is doing a good thing helping her behind the scenes there’s also a certain sense of entitlement in his actions that prevents me from liking his character. I get this vibe of although I divorced her to get her away from my mother, SH is still mine (conveniently disregarding that she got hurt in the process). He still expects her to stay single and in line, never imagining that she would be able to find someone else. I also question the reason why he loves her in the first place; I have yet to see any evidence that there is more to it than wanting what he couldn't have. Still, I hope that he does not turn into a jerk as we go on. 6. The SH photographing JH before he goes away scene... there's a clear symbolism in the way it was all shot. The two of them separated by a glass wall, him outside in the cold, both hiding their tears... Also the act of giving her his camera in the first place: JH giving up on his precious camera because he was using it to get a glimpse at how people live and now he has started living himself. Giving it to SH because her house walls were too bare, wishing she makes lots of good memories even if they are apart. There's such exquisite attention to detail in everything. 7. the hug just after the kiss... the feeling of holding in your arms something so incredible, so precious that you're afraid to even breathe should the magic go away... JH's look breaks me 8. His constant insistence that his ice queen should be warmed up (with gloves, scarves and an extra coat) is not only symbolic but also cute. So is SH's petulant 'why do I always get to put extra clothes ON every time we meet'... [emphasis mine, and btw hugs work so much better ] Lastly (in case it wasn't obvious yet): I do miss them. A lot.
  12. I think this is the most serious challenge that they're likely to face going forward. On one side, I do understand JH's reluctance to talk about the relationship. Their love is fresh and fragile and new, too precious to expose to discussion. Then there's the comment his mother made after ramyeon-gate and the fact that he got demoted/sent away because of her. He's going up against some very powerful people and his parents will be rightfully worried that he'll get hurt. Moreover once their relationship becomes public knowledge the whole family will become gossip topic by extension. As said, I totally get why he is tight lipped about it. But I hope he gets to tell his parents himself instead of them hearing it from the news. He's so fearless about every other challenge coming their way so it would be sad if he messes up with the people that matter the most. That said, I think SH will fit right in as part of the Kim family. The way she and JH tease each other seems similar to the way his family teases him (like the hilarious "if JH drove it would take 4 days to get to the market" scene). Once they get to know her, I'm sure they will love her too. SH could really use spending time in such a warm environment.
  13. The note JH left on the cafe notice board for SH might make an appearance later in the story. I imagine she ends up back in Havana alone, misses him, goes back to the cafe and finds the message. I think that he wanted to say that he would like to keep in touch. Or he was grasping at any excuse just to see her again.
  14. I love this point. The way I see it: despite being a well-adjusted 29 year old with a lovely family and all, there's an undercurrent of loneliness in JH as well. Not sure how to put it exactly, like he is hiding behind the camera or in his books while watching other people live. A spectator rather than an actor... same with learning what love is by reading about it rather than experiencing it first hand... When the little girl asked him to dance his reaction was very similar to SH's later that evening. So when he drags her out to dance it's not only her world that is changing but his as well. PS: I think this is also the reason why he responds so strongly when seeing her walk by on the way to the ferry. When it comes to lonely hearts it takes one to know one.
  15. Soo... I heard this song today. And the lyrics seemed to magically match JH's feelings to a T. So well that I just dropped everything and made a video with it. You'll need the En translation (turn on cc; original in German) but do watch. I think it's kind of perfect. PS: I did not want to overdue the obscure German music theme so I did not make a vid, but there is another song that reminds me of JH: Roman by Philipp Poisel (lyrics below, translated in EN by charlie)
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