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  1. The preview for tomorrow. https://youtu.be/5l5NuSY3zLo She follows JH and probably will witness it .
  2. Raw is out https://www.ondemandkorea.com/suspicious-mother-in-law-e20.html So Jenny confronted her mom. Finally she is starting to get a grip of her life. ES better be careful and watch out because shady lady looks pissed off and is blaming him for everything going wrong.
  3. So she is six weeks pregnant. It can go either ways: JH or the other guy. Now how long has the affair been going on? Now the messy part will start. From the looks of the preview, GH goes to the clinic and will find out about the so-called rumor that is going around. Not to mention, her sister will see JH talking to the rumored director outside THEIR apartment. Poor GH is going to be devastated.
  4. So the two women are married. I'm sure the artist is not married. What about the biology teacher? This is another level of madness lol. I'm still tuning in.
  5. Dramabeans recap is up http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/one-spring-night-episodes-13-14/.
  6. @Real_noona Tell me about it lol. I replayed that scene like crazy Imao. Both JH and JI relationship with their friends are amazing. I love the fact that at the end of the day, they are on their side. Though I feel sorry for them for getting involved in this mess lol. Look at the way JI friend's night was ruined when she was only trying to pick up her precious flowers . I'm surprised she didn't get a heart attack lol. @Pmyonly True, YG was truly shocked lol. I want his relationship with JI to work out at the end.
  7. JH friends, especially YG, he is hilarious lol HS asks: what's making JH bold? YG: JI HS: what about JI? YG: JH HS: what are you talking about? YG: love, you idiot I'm glad I wasn't eating anything ROFL.
  8. @Ldy Gmerm GH will find out about SW relationship with SM because in the drama summary, it says he will help her keep her marriage and he falls in love along the way. Besides, he is not gonna allow SM and his mom to mistreat her especially when he is already behaving like this in today's episode. Not to mention, YR is involved in this mess. SM and her mom are in for surprise if they think SW is gonna take their side and allow the divorce to happen with a blessing. As for the dad, I think differently now. He is gonna find out along with everyone. But what he does later on with SW and GH relationship is a different story. As for JH, the douchebag, I have no words to say.
  9. I went to watch it and yep, he has some nerve. SW asks him what about YR and this guy has the nerve to look pissed off. And GH name comes from SW mouth and he has the nerve to punch him in the face. Good thing GH saw that scene. She will absolutely remember this. In the preview, GH asks him if he is cheating. Well it's about time she start questioning him. He leaves the house and is drinking with his brother. Seems like the brother will knows he is cheating. And that ending, OMG, did SM mom just asked JH to get divorce? Unbelievable.
  10. Ohh no. This is gonna get messy. @ck1Oz the scumbag refers to SI husband
  11. It's unlucky year for shady lady lol. She really provoked ES Imao and he is gonna make sure Jenny sees her for who she really is. How stupid could she have been to get caught in that camera at the stairs lol. And since when did those stairs ever have a camera? MS has become a punching bag for ES and Jenny lol. I can't wait for tonight's episode Imao.
  12. Funny how both sisters in the preview are kneeling on the floor lol. I have a feeling it was that scum-bag who snitched on her. Well, dad has no idea that it's unlucky year for him. All the women in his household are rebelling against his plans Imao. I just imagined JI mom getting fed up with him and throwing him out of the house lol.
  13. GS is at work and SW is trying to call him and he doesn't answer back. JH friend sees this. SW tells SI that he plans to get a loan from GS and SI tells him not to do it. She is not feeling well and walks away but what was that expression on his face? Is it because she told him off?. Little sister comes to JI work place and tells her something about SI. Oh God noooooooo, no pregnancy please. JI takes off from work and all three sister are in the car. SI is not sure whether she is pregnant or not but she is planning to do some tests ( I hope she is not, pretty please). All sisters make plans to go for dinner. GS goes to a bar and meets up with his old friends from his music band and they caught up. GS looks out of it though I can't blame him. JH friends also go out for dinner ( I swear I thought it's Subway again lol). The banker friend talks about the loan thing with SW and GS. The other friend finally finds out that SI is JI older sister lol and he looks shocked. Either way, JH is not liking this loan stuff too. GS sends a text message to the banker friend asking for JH address and Boy, the look on his face when GS found out where JH lives. Am I really mean to start laughing at this lol? JI friend sees GS outside and calls JI. JI calls JH and he tells her he will deal with GS and not to come. She goes back inside and she tells her little sister what's going on. SI finds out about JH now. EP ends with JH walking towards GS. Sh-it, I didn't realize I was holding my breath all this time. Preview looks amazing lol. A kiss, a kiss. Why is Wednesday so far?
  14. JI, little sister comes to SI company and the scum-bag husband sees her there. He is surprised to see her and invites her along JI and GS to come for dinner. SI tells him that she is gonna stay with her at the apartment. He makes up some excuse and walks away. Little sister wants to know why and SI tells her she is getting divorce. Guess the whole family minus Dad know that she is getting divorce. JI at work and it seems like she can't concentrate. She sees the dinosaur sticker that ES gave her. JH not in a good mood either and his colleagues notice this as usual. The older colleague talk to him and I guess that makes him call JI first. JI and her little sister are drinking tea and JI wants to call JH but is afraid. She goes down when JH calls her and they go to their favorite bench to talk lol. We need subs for their conversation but it seems like JH admits that he loves her and that's why he is not mad at her anymore. She comes close to him and shows him the back of her phone case and it has ES sticker on it. And that's her answer to his confession. Look at the way she goes down and is trying to see his face and smiling at the same time. This whole scene is beautiful.
  15. GS sees JH and ES and they greet each other. GS asks questions and JH answers him back. GS gives ES some bucket money and you can see JH not liking it. Innocent ES wants to know if both of them can eat with the money and JH just smiles back and answers yes. GS walks in and sees JI standing in the middle and goes to her. She says "Sorry Oppa" and runs out of the library but JH drives away. GS runs after her too and realizes what is happening and he walks to his car looking shocked. I felt sorry for him in this moment. JI is left in the middle of the parking lot on her own. JI is crying and her friend is there. She says something about GS and JI is more worried about JH lol. The friend brings up JH and his nephew but this time, JI corrects her and the friend is truly shocked. God, is it this bad to be in love with a single mom or dad? They act like it's a major sin. JH is at his parents place and they are having dinner. JH asks his mom if she is still arranging that blind date. They wants to know what happened to that person he said he is interested in. And then mom asks a question that makes JH not answer her back. I don't know (whether the mom said married or single woman, we need subs) but she is completely against it.
  16. Sh-it hit the fan today lol. That ending. How are we gonna survive until next Wednesday? EP started with GS dad and JI still talking. We need subs to understand what they said. They went their own ways. JI went to the library while GS dad went near the river. Poor ES is looking for JH when JI walks in the library. ES kept hugging JI. JH walks in and sees his son crying. ES is back to playing with the other kids while JI is literally lecturing JH lol. JI meets up with her friend and she doesn't correct her when her friend says that JH is here with his nephew. GS dad meets up with GS and they talk. I don't know what they talked about but the fact that GS put away the ring says something. He drives to the library to see JI. First, JI gets a text message from JH that he is leaving and she goes to collect some books for ES. Then, she gets a call from GS that he is here and she runs off to stop JH and GS from meeting each other. JI calls out JH and tells him that GS is here and to use another route to go out and JH gets mad at her. It seems like the words from the preview was for her. She messed up big time. He takes ES with him but before they leave, ES gives her his dinosaur sticker and she starts to cry.
  17. Yep, unfortunately he will. Me too lol. I'm waiting for the subs like crazy Imao. The bad news is, I'm at work when the subs come out. @tok-soompi OMG, Indirect kiss. We are already like this with that move, imagine when the real deal happens @annamchoi hopefully it does. I want some cute moments between JI, JH and ES. @richelle Sh-it hit the fan lol and I love it. GS finds out and the war starts now. Indeed, JI chose JH and ES over GS and we are all happy lol. @INJINFAN bless you too @Phoenix26 I don't understand GS dad either. Seems like we need subs to understand their whole conversation. One thing is for sure though, dude didn't expect JI to be upfront and direct lol.
  18. JI gets ready for the meeting, GS goes for engagement ring hunting, JH brings ES to the library, JI dad as usual hovering over his wife and telling her to call their younger daughter. She looks fed up. At the library, JH and ES are eating and ES wants to meet his pretty teacher even though JH told him she is not working today. ES wants water and JH and JI friend meet. She tells him JI is not working today and he tells her he is here for something else. She sees ES and thinks it's his nephew and JH didn't correct her and just smiled. She is in for surprise lol. JI meets up with GS dad and they talk. They order food and they start to talk again. GS dad mentions marriage and JI says sorry. He is like what are you sorry for? And she tell him I won't get married to GS. The episode ended. Sorry for the long post lol. I tried to make it short.
  19. Seems like the hug happened in the beginning. I missed that part. This is a summary of whatever I watched from the raws. - JI talks to her friend in the library. She tells her she is gonna meet up with GS and break it off today. But GS doesn't show up and instead goes to a work dinner. GS and JI talk over the phone and GS seems to know what she wants to talk about but he is avoiding her. They plan to meet up the following morning. JI calls her friend and JI goes to her apartment to wait for her. - JI mom is in SI apartment and they are talking. SI finally tells her mom that she is getting divorce and mom asks why. Mom asks what happens to her job and SI tells her she is resigning and plans to study. SI asks her mom if she can send JI, little sister here and mom asks why. Then the door bell starts to ring and SW starts to bang on the door. Mom looks shocked and she sees SW calling SI phone as well. SI gets up to deal with it but mom goes out and locks the door to deal with him. GO MOM. We need subs for whatever she told him because dude looked pissed off when mom put him in the elevator lol. - JH meets up with his friends at his house and he pretty much admits what's going on. When they are leaving his place, they see JI and the other friend, YG literally has to drag HS lol. JH and JI start talking and JI says that she didn't eat dinner so they go to that restaurant. They order two bowls but JI takes them all because JH already ate dinner. They talk and OMG next thing you know, she is offering her own chopsticks to eat. She realizes what she did and tries to take them back but JH takes it and starts to eat the noodles with it. And she starts to use a new one. Cute. - GS and JI meet at a cafe and they talk. The break up topic is brought up again and GS tells her his dad wants to meet. Just like the preview, she tells him she wants to meet his dad on her own and he agrees. JH mom comes to the pharmacy along with ES and they go out for lunch. Mom as usual asks if he seeing someone and JH admits that he has someone in his heart and poor mom starts to cry and smile at the same time. She is still happy and crying when she goes back to her shop. JI, the little sister waits for YG and they talk. He break things up with her and they go their separate ways. JI finds out what happened and she calls JH and he assures her that this didn't happen because of them. He tells her what his mom's reaction was when he told her he had someone. And the scene from the long preview plays when JH says he can't believe me and you are "US" now.
  20. This is another link that @richelle gave. Today, it worked perfectly fine compared to last week.
  21. The hugs are indeed different. Looks like episode 7 will be about the break up and episode 8 will probably be the start of JH and JI relationship. Let's hang on Chingus. The waiting will be worth of it.
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