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[Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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Hold on tight and bite her lips! Eat it as much as you can.  I can't see that damn tongue... It's on SHY mode!      * on -pervy mode *  When bein' HORNY hits you ... Can't re

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Omo! Omo! I haven't watched episode 14 yet, but I already spoiled myself with that finally-a-kiss-that-we-are-all-waiting-for kissing scene. I keep squealing here and all people in our house thinking I'm crazy :sweatingbullets: I just finished episode 13, but I already looked at the instagram and seen that kissing scene, now I have the reason to rewatch 12 (the only episode I didn't dare to repeat).


ANDDDDD that preview of Episode 15 made me more excited, but anxious at the same time :tears: Episode 15 means, the last 24 hours with uri Touch Your Heart team. Anyway, I don't know how to survive my working hours tomorrow without thinking and squealing again at the office.


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3 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

Exactly how do you know :mrgreen: but i got more important question to ask you. Where is my Dan x Choi today? Very important until i come out and de-lurking here!!! :naughty:


 poor mama boy not his week at all get dump by delivery guy and receive end of my CEO attitude  but sorry I like my CEO attitude today , wow he was sexy with blue suit & white sneaker 




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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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