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  1. Where are all the bank points gone too.. I'm so sad after the forums crash, I want it back. Games & badges. It's so fun & refreshing for completing the spazzing & discussion experience.. *crying in corner
  2. We should have abs emoji to fit in the situation over hot oppas + melting emoji puhleasee!!! 442
  3. Lol we have thirsty reaction 490
  4. -2 (312) Whats the numbreeh??
  5. I just can answer this one even this im not really sure n00b of vs
  6. Dropping this 'fresh start' by someone over there lol 2 days more! Hold on everybodeeeeeee!!!
  7. 338 Yayyy ice creammmmmhhhhh
  8. I WANT TO TASTE ITT @phikyl sounds gooddddd if u dont mind please pap some of your home baked sweets? i'll! Probably when u sleep mirmzy hahahahah last before go -2 (482)
  9. 484 i have to prep going already see ya @mirmzyyyyyy
  10. @mirmz of coursee mirmzyyyyy 492
  11. ooooh long night sleep after taking pills annddd just know that we can find all badges available on shop its not disappearing yet until its 0 stock!! Hahahahhhhh slow mee good morninnn 494
  12. there you go, the make me wet title also overshadowing some 18+ content there... lol 628
  13. lmao if u need butterfly hug, sure you need it from MKT aka Kim Soo Hyun instead me oh God I'm having an idea that the scene where MY imagined herself hugged by KT will be for real happening in ep. 11 after Park Okran accident awwhhhhhhhh
  14. hello all! I'm maybe late to join how W3SK chemistry is amazing since I just watched them in my idle months from the forum but then when the badge event came, it was having fun to submit the slow burning romance badge for "premium quality starring contest with huge chemistry" with the icon of ParkPark Couple that look like this: if you're interested on this to complete your profile badge, now the badge is on member shop & can be accessed/buy on this link: https://forums.soompi.com/membersshop/view/133-premium-quality-season-1/ thank you before to allo
  15. exactleeeeyyy my favorite is sorbet on the cone but yup due to covid they stop using cone & mine buy with scoops on own box instead. Bought it bcs I already need to go out after all, BATHE LIKE CRAZY after that is such a hassle defff. 636
  16. @vangsweetie637 yeahhh its only tuesday, three days more to see them again OKK *butterfly hug myself hoping you can watch it asapppp dear!
  17. heyhooo @strongtower~ i ate my pear ice cream (sorbets actually), have one favorite place here they sell awesome ice cream & sorbets I'm into much lighter ice these days 626
  18. 564 Oh finallyyyy back to my room ahahahah
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