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  1. Three big things happen this episode. 1. SM mom is putting a freeze on JH work life 2.GH found out about the baby 3.GH telling off SM telling her what she really like
  2. Oh man JH made me angry using YR as a shield for his cheating like he cares about him.
  3. Preview looks really good http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/homeforsummer/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0043-01-436004,read,,42,794715
  4. Yep way too many people are against GH and her marriage now. Its going to be GH and SW vs everyone else. @calledtoteachLol yeah I can see that eh has been terrible had hiding stuff @nohamahamoud2002Hey! Yeah the OTP his is really good just for the fact they didn't hate each other at first sight and became good friends already.
  5. Oh she will try to work with though it for her sons sake and the adoption I cant fault her for that at all. SW gong to help her though this so she wont be by herself.
  6. SW is a real good guy he did try he first found out to make things right, He was pretty much the only one who took real action at both sources to keep the family together. Nah @GuimHuithat makes no sense JH and GH was together for 10 years maybe longer he never cheated until now that was obvious . It only makes sense if its SW kid since the setup is right.
  7. So it looks like she is about to find out she was at their apartment door in the preview
  8. Oh here is the preview forgot! http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/homeforsummer/pc/index.html
  9. I think the only reason she will try for a while is because of the adoption. @howaIts possible he may go back to being a doctor ,he might get GH to run his place or something
  10. Yep SW said JH is much worse then he expected ,even though he has something so precious he cant see its value.He is a foolish man Its a shame that SW knows her true value already when JH still cant see it after 10 years.
  11. I think it his son he broke up with his ex and left for 6 years thats about how old he is right? I have a horrible feeling that his mom knew she was pregnant or something.The way she went on about bloodline that time.
  12. Its a shame that a person GH dont really know is her biggest defender of her child and marriage. Also I was happy he was more worry about GH then his sister since she was the one that started all of this so she has no right expecting him to be on her side.
  13. So SW and JH got into an argument and JH punch him,GH seen when SW got punch. Yeah he really has some nerve.
  14. I love how GH talks to SW like he is the father of her child asking him about what should she do about daycare, Unlike JH of course who continues to be awful,he more scared about people finding out YS is adopted then about anything else it make me sick! Looks like SW knows what is going on now good thing this fools are so sloppy. GH also seen him with the watch on in the preview opps!
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