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  1. oh my my his modeling instagram pictures that yall post here is!!!
  2. to know all of these bitter things we will go through next week, we are all like:
  3. can't hold to answer it even you ask to cenching.. LoTR and HP are masterpieces!!!! @Sejabin -2 what numbers?
  4. Perfect words representation of uri KJR burden.. !! I'm crying to imagine these words with the last minutes of epi 12.. to cheer up here I want to present to the thread.. Please enjoy it with me.. (I rofl-ed when this scene came, I just love the way their edit KJR reaction.. God LDW faces made my day.. It's nice to know he is still human)
  5. uh .. Finally watched this week episode till finished.. The second ship in Always office tho, I expect their kiss in episode 14 Dying laughing with this couple progress DanChoi Is it a sin despite with our otp hardships in epi 12, I laugh a lot with yall reaction to it (all those memes and gifs) I'm certain believe somehow it will be a silver lining and will wrapped beautifully BUT still ep 12 offer us a LOT of bitter fact that uri otp couple must have through, because they seem in this LaLaLand when OYS far from her original kingdom/castle, then.. She is back, bitter fact hits, KJR maximum effort to make her happy safe and sound anytime with full of logic terms is that noble idiocy.. I haaaate noble idiocy but if I think in KJR shoes, I will understand his choice, because it is really critical time for her, she should focus to choose what makes her happy (acting) despite than weighing about their couple status and KJR place.. It is very realistic. I swear the silence of the scene is sooo heartbreaking and it feels so sad to watch them going through those not sweet facts Or maybe there is a slight of hope that writer surprises us with opening of ep 13 that OJS/OYS will not agree with 'let's break up' thing and make the deal with KJR about their relationship (that maybe they are will pause it or something like that to be careful)
  6. too bad, we are busted subtract team 916 (<< so this is not the actual number @Dhakra??)
  7. bairama

    women in dramaland

    Kinda late again, before the poll is already closed still wanna write some in my newbie knowings here that I see haven't mentioned yet.. Young sin - Mother (2018) Beside the heroine (Soo jin like mentioned by Dhakra's before), she is also that ultimate image of being a mother is a choice, no matter what the genes. She is that sincere. She makes Soo jin have that braveness to choose to be a mother too. Ji Eun tak - Goblin (2017) Despite all the bitter fate, she still makes the most of her life and holding on. After all, she is so pure. A pure human that can be an angel anytime. Lee Ji an - My Mister (2018) Her responsibility is what I love first from her. Then her character that is being open up to the kindness of the hero and how it's changed her to see herself positively, with all the darks she is not giving up! already mentioned: Eun Bong hee - Suspicious Partner (2018)
  8. ohh I need this happen.. But she even haven't reply the kiss properly till now OMG he IS SO handsome here!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa @triplem thx for this I have to repost this save on my Soompi land lol OMOOOOOO.. 878~
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