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  1. woohoo! @mirmz you are in for legend/five star for now?? very want to back read but the slow load is killing me.. 496
  2. bairama

    Give me badges!

    im so so thankful thank youu @mirmz
  3. bairama

    Give me badges!

    omoooo im so thankful!! Never thought could be 2nd thanks for ALL THE LOVE soompiers shout out for the minoz @Heretorant @Nikaa94 @Min2206 @mademoisellesia @JC's Lingxi @syntyche omgg yall wonderful hope i didnt miss someone yess we can see this ramyeon go jun pyo soon and others that give the votes to my badge thank youuuuuu i cant say any other words + the art designing team idea.. Luv it :''') makes me exciteed @lyrically aesthetic omgggg hahahahahahah congrats lets shipppppppp yooooooo!!! and also congrats @gm4queen sweetie.. OF COURSE congrats to all! To soompi!! Cheersss
  4. 524 @mirmz oooh so many pages whoa!! What happened last night?
  5. @Nodame omgg thank youuuuu! Wish i had better render device.. So i can deliver better resoulution quality.. Hopefully And ysss!! so many out there right, the make you feel love that shared by other here is one of my fav fmv from others there. This show is just sooo stunning + meaningful..
  6. 412 im sleepyhead today gnight then all
  7. 422 lols that wfh/wfo comments tho relatable for many people statuses ahahahahah @triplem @Alice Wonderland ooooooh i get it now what you meant sorry seems i need to sleep lolols
  8. lols modesty, i remember the day sushi & i like a just new member to join here being dongsaeng and all if i remember it correctly lololols time changes @Alice Wonderland aah i see it just on the way to sunset time, thought you are in night time area. The info from this thread is mixing between in my head i guess the display pict, its like 2-3x times bigger than before 426
  9. thankss! @Alice Wonderland great.. Not sleepy?? That's a relieve for angie.. just realized the display picture is much bigger now ahahah i like the smaller display one tho, its too distracting? 434