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  1. Where are all the bank points gone too.. I'm so sad after the forums crash, I want it back. Games & badges. It's so fun & refreshing for completing the spazzing & discussion experience.. *crying in corner
  2. We should have abs emoji to fit in the situation over hot oppas + melting emoji puhleasee!!! 442
  3. Lol we have thirsty reaction 490
  4. I just can answer this one even this im not really sure n00b of vs
  5. Dropping this 'fresh start' by someone over there lol 2 days more! Hold on everybodeeeeeee!!!
  6. I WANT TO TASTE ITT @phikyl sounds gooddddd if u dont mind please pap some of your home baked sweets? i'll! Probably when u sleep mirmzy hahahahah last before go -2 (482)
  7. 484 i have to prep going already see ya @mirmzyyyyyy
  8. @mirmz of coursee mirmzyyyyy 492
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