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  1. Too tired tonight to watch with subs. Will do so tomorrow. Glad to read people saying they liked it better with subs though. Hopefully I will feel the same. Honestly I think a lot of the problem was we all got our hopes up too high after the pajamas/bed pic and the child storybook pic. Lol. But also I really hate when the main couple mentions having children in a drama but then they don't follow through and show us the couple with children at the end. This is kind of off topic (but has to do with my thoughts on most kdramas). I will write something briefly about the movie Yesterday which is currently in theatres here. Read at your own risk as it contains a spoiler from the movie... So anyways one last question... Does anyone know if the OST will be available for purchase? I would love to have a hard copy of it to listen to in the car and such. Please please.
  2. Oh yay a happy ending! ..... But why the heck did the writer make me cry for an hour straight before giving it to me?!?
  3. Okay, I'm going to try and be happy. Even though I'm still annoyed by this literally last second happy ending. I would've liked them to reunite maybe on the beach where she did the rainbow dance for him. I mean the bench is a good spot too. I'm happy for Dan that he got his wish to be human. Really happy. Still want more time with him as human though. I suppose we are all gonna be feeling this way. If anyone wants to try and translate the final voice over from Dan, I'm curious what he said. Do we think JKW is going to be interested in Nina at all now? Sure looked like it. But that'd just be weird after everything. And poor Elena got completely dumped to the wayside lol. Oh well she was weird anyways. Is anyone still worried about RuNa in the future? That b**** is crazy. Hopefully she got a life sentence in prison!
  4. She starts crying. He reaches over to wipe her tears. For a minute she thinks she can feel him. Now she thinks she's really going crazy. Like she can really feel him. She's questioning if he's really there. She stands up and he does too. She reaches out. She can feel his heart beat. Omg!! His feather disappeared!!! His heart is beating. Did he finally become human?!?! Thank goodness!!!!! He seems shocked and she reaches up and hugs him. They embrace. Voiceover by Dan. He became human but not before the writer gave put us through complete HELL. Over a show about an Angel! No kiss or happy ending sequence with kids or anything grrr. Oh well we have to use our imaginations!
  5. This finale is angering me. YS is outside walking. Dan is walking with her. Or is he? We may never know at this point! Why couldn t he just become human and be with her?!?! Why was he sent to be her guardian angel again?!? Arghhh. She sits on their bench. He does too. A leaf falls. It doesn't have anything written on it. She writes a wish on it.
  6. YS seems to be starting fresh with JKW at fantasia. All the dancers run up and thank JKW. Oh he's leaving. They're saying goodbyes. Where is he going? He goes to visit Nina who is teaching young dancers. Why is he looking at Nina like he's in love with her? They are talking now. Time is running out and so is my hope. Sigh.
  7. Only about 10 minutes left. I dunno what they're doing. Is Angel Dan there? Is she really seeing him? We see him inside the house. Writing a report. With a sparkly handkerchief. I'm so confused ! They're making it seem like she really sees him! What the heck. Don't make this so confusing, writer! How would he become an angel again Anyways? This makes no senseeeee
  8. Ms Butler found the tin box and gives it to YS. Dan left a note inside the tin box for her. Looks like he left a bunch of notes. Love notes. She's going through them and crying. Now she's getting drunk. She misses him so much. She keeps seeing visions of him. Ms Butler is trying to calm her. She really believes she's seeing him. She's so sad. Why?!?!
  9. Back at her home, YS is going on rampages against the house staff again. She's back to her old ways. She seems desperate for Dan. She goes outside and sits on their favorite bench in the rain. Ms Butler comes and holds an umbrella over her head. She comes inside. Okay she's talking like Dan is still there. Oh these are flashbacks. She has been speaking to Dan who is not there. Ms Butler has brought a psychiatrist I think. YS has been given pills. But she's also drinking alcohol with Ms Butler.
  10. I guess time has passed. YS has returned to the ballet company, still working with JKW. They meet with reporters. Then go into an office and talk a little while. I guess about Dan. I still can't stop crying. Inside the rehearsal room. All the dancers are reading about the trials of the evil family I guess. RuNa sits in a prison cell. Not sure what happened to aunt. YS comes to see RuNa. I still can't stop crying. I guess the only way for them to be together now is if YS dies and they meet in heaven? I don't want this. Anyways YS leaves RuNa with harsh words, just angering her even more.
  11. I don't want to keep watching! His feather turned black!! I need another box of tissues.
  12. He holds her and says I love you and kisses her in her dream. Then we see he kisses her in real life. To wake her up it seems. A tear falls on her cheek. It glows. It's waking her up. But she wakes up and he's gone. His feather turned black on the handkerchief
  13. Noooo my heart is breaking!! Seems like he's saying goodbye in her dream now. Nooooo! they prob not watching the last episode at the wrap up party cuz they'll all be crying otherwise. I know with subs it's gonna be even more heart breaking.
  14. Suddenly YS reaches up. Feels for his heart beat. It's not there. This is when she realizes it's all a beautiful dream with him. Noooooooo! Get the tissues. It's just a dream. Think she asks him if it's real. And he says no. Think the scroll said he couldn't be with her. Nooooooo
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