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  1. guys do u know where can i find the original video of this? i went to their yt channel they didn’t upload it there. thanks in advance i love y’all
  2. i’m always unsure with my life but i’m 100% sure he was nervous during this scene . he kept fooling around not because he’s naturally like that but because he was nervous. why why why tho? GIF.1 GIF.2 (he said why are u so far away when she’s not? in fact as you can see he can reach her. he ‘moved’ her seat but nah nothing has changed, well obviously. hahahaha) inna’s face tho ‘im sorry pdnim my boyfriend is nervous rn he cant think straight’ hahaha just kidding GIF.3 (he kept saying this and that. yeah sure. haha) GIF.4 pdnim and inna were like ‘this guy, really’ hahaha hello from the other side of the world. everyone is welcome here except for the trolls . as long as you love our pichis, doesnt matter who or what you u are. btw i have a love-hate feelings for YG (their actors are managed by another person not the same with their idols right? correct me if i am wrong?) but i do think they treat inna well, she chooses her project, i dont think they are pressuring her to do this and that. but i wish they could promote her more? like fansigning and fanmeetings? her birthday is approaching i wish she will have a birthday fanmeet or something.
  3. but in reality its dongwook who is lowkey throws tantrums and inna handles it well. hahahha he is so cute haha i hope i will have time tomorrow im going to make something
  4. my pleasure! they make me happy and they are both beautiful human beings, its nice to create gifs of them especially together hehe shimkung* i’ll be back later. i think i havent posted this yet. inna was cracking up again wondering why lol
  5. i fell asleep last night waiting for these gifs to upload sorry she started shivering at this moment, and he noticed it. i already posted a gif before. my delulu eyes are saying dongwook tried moving closer lol but she kept moving haha again my delulu eyes are telling me, inna was the one who leaned to him. she was freezing u see. she needed some body heat haha
  6. my girlfriend is such a well spoken person hehe im going to take more selca because i dont take too much selca haha he was busy uploading selcas here, so cute haha
  7. normal selca couple selca hahaha mc-sshi my arms are long, stop ruining the moment haha hi friends! sorry i was busy, i hope y’all had a good relaxing day today.
  8. soft gaze + hand rubbing/caressing maybe this is better idk haha girl im going to faint if i were you + slightly hand rubbing/caressing? kinda? caress her hand again. omg ncjsndhjskejfjekek bye guys need some oxygen.
  9. this one? its my pleasure friends! anything for our pichis! hahaha u can make requests! sorry just got here, it was a long day today and ive just finished watching GoT haha ok im going to backread now!
  10. he did. welcome welcome aboard everyone! more delurkers coming out! its nice haha offtopic: why most of you are awake & active when im asleep? am i the only one who lives in europe? i love his soft gaze. he was so worried. he was like ‘are u ok honey?’ ayiieeee we know u want to hug her hahahha poor inna tho. she was freezing. saw her hands trembling.
  11. @zee1983 @DaebakYIN @michsg *tags everyone OMG I FEEL LIKE MY HEART IS GOING TO BURST kyaaaaaaaaa!!!! @zee1983 are u talking about this one ayieeeeeee
  12. thanks a lot! @louie_999 here’s your cookie hahaha i’ve seen others doing this too but why does my heart flutters so much when pichi does it ayiiieeeeee
  13. friends do u know where i can find the original video of our pichicouple during the presscon when they were going up together on stage. this one and this one i watched it on yt, someone made a fmv but i cant find the original video. please, if someone knows please let me know ill give u a cookie haha thanks in advance yoo inna saranghae *im making gifs and vid. hehe
  14. ive just checked yinldw’s ig account. it seems like she deleted it. we were dm-ing each other spazzing about pichicouple huhu like few days ago? maybe thats why she didnt reply.. i thought its because i got too hyper i sent her long msgs lmao please come back my friend. we miss you
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