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  1. Yes, I'm missing them too. Suffering from withdrawal now. What to look forward. Have considered watching Goblin again.
  2. I totally agree with @fitzsimmons .. I don't care to know nor interested about haters comments on a cast acting performances. I sincerely believe they did their best and I love the show. Very much. LDW portraited KJR perfectly and don't want him to change anything. Let's move on. Spread positivity. Ignore Haters..and it will STOP. On a Positive note .. Yes, I have signed the Partition. Thank you to the person that started it. Bless you, such a sweet heart. I must admit. I'm missing TYH. I have watched all the Episode till Ep 16..twice. And absolutely love it. Definitely missing YIN and LDW. Not sure, they will ever be in a drama together again. Let's hope. Thank you, ALL for still being in this thread.
  3. I agree .. I finally watch Ep 16 with subs. I actually love it, and really appreciate the sweet and gentle loving portrayed by our OTP. sVery fitting end per the title. All the others got their love accepted and some got rejected yet so tenderly..it's almost beautiful. Thanks Director-nim, PD-nim, Writer-nim. I feel no lack of love for the show, and toward our Cute Couple. And all cast. Plus I admit am grateful to all at this forum too. Thanks Everyone! Hope to meet again, in other Kdrama.
  4. True, true. I totally agree. I'm not expecting weddings, proposal.. but I was waiting for a kiss when she returned from aboard. He presented her with flowers, champagne, candle. All sweet expressions of love, missing and longing. But NO KISSES to each other. Such a dry spell! The charm and softness of 'Touch My Heart' from the beginning so beautifully captured, yet fizzed out at the most important climatic end for the lead couple. Like I mentioned, need the subs. To appreciate this Ep 16 ending.
  5. OMG !! The ending left us shocked and dumb-founded. Sure, sweet and a happy union for them. But totally lackluster and passionless unlike EP 15. Mainly Ep 16 is full of product placement ads: Red Ginseng, Chanel, Subway, Samsung, Beer,.. so many and so deliberate. Director totally misses the plot at Ep 16. Cave into sponsors. I find it so weird. Need to see with subs, maybe it makes more sense. Mixed up feelings now!
  6. @turtlegirl and @jeonghyang Thank you, thank you . Very grateful ..you made ME / US soooo HAPPY!!
  7. @turtlegirl and @jeonghyang Thank you, Gracias, for the live recaps. Love, love, love the kiss scene. Make my night .. I'm soo happy now! Thank you all chingu here! Excited to see raw soon. And most definitely deliriously HAPPY to watch with subs tomorrow.
  8. Thank you, thank you @turtlegirl and @jeonghyang for the live recaps. Appreciate lots.
  9. @cenching Me too. absolutely loving it more, when he does that!! Soo yummy, makes me drool!! So loving it.
  10. OMG .. I'm totally smiling, laughing & feeling giddy reading and watching the screen grabs. So exciting. Can't wait to see ep 7. Thank you for uploading chingu!!
  11. I ship them very much. Amazing chemistry, since way back. I saw them in the 2014 award too, noticed the chemistry already. Glad they work together and became friends. Would be nice, if they actually couple up for real. Love LDW and YIN. Thank you for making this thread.
  12. Thank you for your insights. Same here, I thought when the bear said 'I love you' out of the blue, was strange. Now, that you guys mentioned the stalker owns the building. Wow, that's creep me out. This is getting better and better. Not just romance between the two leads but quite a hero maker for our lawyer. Yeahhhh!!!
  13. Loving episode 1 & 2 so far. I'm glad JR is slowly warming up to YS. Yes, I too hope they get good ratings.
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