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40 minutes ago, Sleepy Owl said:

the last scene of cheating drama didn't really make sense to me. How can she have a perfect make up in the middle of night, didn't realize she was moving in the heels, but who, literally who has that thick make up in the middle of night.


You are talking about the recently finished Cheat me if you can drama? It seams a terrible scene only reading about it. I am glad I did not watch.




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hai everyone.. to a team add, lovely @larus  @Ameera Ali @joccu 

 @Sleepy Owl  @Catleya  @Jillia

 @4evrkdrama @MayanEcho 

   @Thong Thin @kokodus

 @Min2206 @sadthe1st   @corey@Lmangla  @partyon @cenching @pompyavi  @Ernie @Nodame

 @iksunijini to a team subtract, lovely @mirmz @forme26 fi .

the night wind whirls in the sky and never stops. :D

homes to be ready soon. :D







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35 minutes ago, larus said:

You are talking about the recently finished Cheat me if you can drama? It seams a terrible scene only reading about it. I am glad I did not watch.



No Chingu, it is about the new "Love (ft. marriage and divorce)" drama. The husband cheating on his wife, and when she came to know about it, there was madness, but the husband now sleeps on the couch while the wife in the bedroom. It so happens that the wife wakes up in the middle of the night, or it more like she could actually sleep. She in her perfect make up, pyjamas, and high heels go to see the husband and sees him sleeping so peacefully, which she cannot really digest. So pours some water in bowl (not sure cold or hot), and then episode ends just when she is about the throw the water on him :loolz:


@sadthe1st Chingu, I completed "Sweet Home" and no proper closure here. So we'll most probably be getting a second season. The webtoon is complete, but from the 10th or so chapter onward, I would need one day pass to read the remaining episodes. I was like WTH, since this never happened in the webtoon application. I think either this is not their original webtoon, since all other webtoons on that app is free to read, and this is the official "Webtoon Naver" app. Other popular webtoons like "Tower of God" or "True Beauty" are free to read. 


I liked the drama, but it seems to have taken inspiration from multiple places. The forms of many monsters, especially their abilities, like hand extending, or the ability of the ML was more like the "Kagune" of Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul. The ML's one looked something like this 





The other idea was similar to the anime Parasite and Venom of Marvel. I think you have not completed the drama, so I am gonna put it in the spoiler. 



It is revealed that some other organism are the one which enter the body, and try to gain control over the humans by using their desires. Their form was more like the Symbiotes shown in the Venom, and the whole ability was like Parasite anime. But still I liked the overall survival part of it. 



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