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  1. @Lmangla this is pretty good daily. I'm still couple episodes behind. summer holiday.. I don't like jenny. She's too gullible for my liking. Hope she improves. I like EUn seok and the former cop(never can't remember his name) and my favorite is still man soo. If he really is the shady mom real son I hope that he doesn't take her side.
  2. @ktcjdrama yeah in the original both women were married. and in the original the other man was not married in the drama. he was married in the movie. I actually like that this has only 12 episode. the original had 11 episode.
  3. this daily's start has been really good that I'm actually scared that long the way it goes haywire. In the old days( 2000-2012) they actually made good dailies and the dailys were like 150 episodes or more. There's been only couple good daily dramas in the past five years. MAnsoo is really intresting. What does he really want?
  4. It kind of suprised me but like good suprise. way to go eunseok. He's not shy and I like that he's so forward.
  5. My advice is watch with fresh eyes. That way everything is new. If you watch Jdrama or the movie you kind of know where there drama heads. Even thought this is korean version. SO something might be totally different but the premise is properly the same.
  6. I have watched the japanese version of this I have to say that even thought I really hate adultery dramas. Somewhow I watched the hole drama and the movie. So I hope this drama has the same effect. Amazing cast atleast.
  7. I'm also surprised that she kept jenny. Maybe she thought that people wouldn't think that she's the black rose if she has a kid.
  8. joccu

    drama tropes 2019

    #68 people always go to study to USA end of the drama but still can't talk english.
  9. Become a Person Who Produces HopeTranslated by Brother Anthony and Susan HwangAt times when everyone in the world is asleep, when even dreams are asleep, confined in darkness,become a person who walks regarding the stars,not afraid of the dawn that has risen alone;become a person who produces hope.Tonight, too, with snow falling, no way of returnas winter's night grows ever darker, in a dark room with a guttering candlenear a workplace where the day's work is done,become a person loving sorrow;become a person who produces hope.If you live life loving this world of despair, that lacks even despair,this world of sorrow, that lacks even sorrow, then spring snow falls.Out in the snow, on encountering long-expected expectancy,out in the snow, on encountering long-yearned-for yearning,exclaim aloud, embrace and laugh;exclaim aloud, rub cheeks and weep.On becoming a person who walks regarding the stars,on becoming a person who produces hope,you who walk along paths across barley fields where spring snow falls,everyone, come running, whole-heartedlywelcome dreams.Welcome dreams. The paradox in this poem is the way it combines sorrow with hope. The life we should be living is not one devoid of pain and problems, instead, the poem says, it is in the midst of sorrow and even despair that joy come, the ability to truly unite with others in the same difficulty and who refuse to give up, instead gazing up at the stars and dreaming.
  10. I agree with you with this. And sad true is that this happens too often in real life. So in the way I really liked it that they made it this way even though this is really horrifying. I was really glad that in the end Dahee wasn't lying about the assault. I mean what happened to her should never happen to anyone but Lying about something like that would be even worst. About OJP being to one who assaulted her. I didn't find it out of character. I mean yeah he was business oriented and his image was his everything. But most off people you only thing about their image or their business/making money has really awful secret. And then there was the reporter who was accused off sexual assault bc he was trying dig in the OJP business.
  11. really good and solid drama. really heavy subject but in the end I liked this. pretty good ending. I don't know maybe I wanted more but the evil was punished and the life goes on. In the way this is really realistic drama.
  12. this was really solid drama. I really liked it. SOmehow this is really different from thriller dramas I usually watch. But still I wasn't bored or fastforwarded any scenes. ANd the cast was really stellar.
  13. I have thinking about Dahee and were is was in the day/evening when sh was suppossedly sexually assaulted. One scene got me really baffled, Dahee was in the playground and sitting on the swing and some older man watch watching her. Who was he and why was he watching her.? Could he be the one who assaulted DH or really was everything just big lie. Your right about that its hard not believe the victim. Because who would really lie about something that awful. I mean it is really hard to even admit to someone or even to yourself that you are sexually assaulted or even worse raped. BUt the truth is that it actually happens more often than you could believe and problem with that is that once you have accused of something that awful and your innocent, your image and the worst case your life could be ruined. And the other thing is that other are afraid to report the crime bc their are afraid that no one is going to believe. I can somehow understand that SH didn't trust JS but there is difference in bullying someone than doing something so awful to a girl JS didn't even like. JS is this insecure boy who lost his true only friend and I think he was jealous that SH could be friends with someone else that he got mad/angry and lashed out. I hope that when this drama end there is little hope for JS. I totally hated him in the begin of this drama but now I feel sorry for him and hope he finds some peace.
  14. I think your right. And the thing is that this happens even in real life. I really hate that people lie about sexual assault. I get that maybe DH was angry and wanted to punish JS for playing with her. But this is the lowest lie people can make. I actually feel sorry for JS if DH really lied. JS had one true friend SH and SH believed DH when she told. Even JS mother douted him. JS parents really screwed their kid.
  15. not much happened in episode 13. I mean yeah they are finally getting the evidence but I don't know somehow I fast forwarded many scenes. I loved the b-day scene in the hospital and dong hee's scene in the school when she said what she wanted to say to one off her bullies. And I really loved SH letter to DH.
  16. think I'm been living somekind of bubble because I haven't notice that this already started.
  17. really good cast. OCN are really good at making thriller dramas. Hope that this is good.
  18. ep 11-12 were really good. What got me on this episodes was that Inha was like the other mothers. protect your son. bury the truth. but luckily she wised up. Joon Seok in finally falling apart. I don't know if it about guilt or bc things aren't going his way. I'm wondering why was SH reading a book about Eichmann. he was the one of major organizers of the holocaust. The book was about EIchmann trial in jeresalem. minor detail are they making a couple in SH aunt and the teacher? The truth is finally coming up. But we still have four episodes left.
  19. tragedy hit on my family so I haven't been in the forum lately bc this drama was too dark watch when the tragedy hit. Finally I have watched last weeks episodes. Still on watching this week episodes. I have to say that the actor who plays JS he is really doing great job. So this drama went with the sexual assault plot which I feared but really didn't want to happen. And it Isn't even a suprise to me if it JS dad who assaulted DH. I'm wondering why did EJ marry OJP? Was they marriage ever bliss and happiness? I been also thinking about the title. I mean there is no beautiful world because bad things happens everyday. But your own life can be beautiful and you can dream of beautiful world.
  20. FInally was able to watch latest episodes. Lot has happened. Why oh why lee was stapped? I hope No will now wake up and crash every bad guy/woman. Moon is really hiding something. Is he really spy or was he blackmailed?
  21. @bedifferent welcome. I really love this drama even though sometimes this is really hard to watch. If I had children it would be even hard. I like how all the parents are really different but still they all has the same mindset. My children welfare is the most important thing. I really liked in ep 8 Inha and Eun joo conversation. It really shows how much different they are. I'm really curious to how Eun Joo met her husband.
  22. father like son. Joon Seok father is very scary man. I mean no wonder Joon Seok believes he can do what ever he want and get away with it. I really liked episode 8 title. the Angel and the Devil. It can mean lot of people. The truths are coming out. But we have still long way. And Joon Seok dad is really powerful man so he is going to everything that his son doesn't get hurt or locked up. I'm really curious what the recorder holds. Highlight for me in episode 8 was Dong Soo and Dong Hee.
  23. I loved that SH dad realised that he's not perfect and that he missed really important things as a father and a teacher. I don't know who is worst joonseok or his mother. Why did the security guard lie? was it all about the money? Joon seok dad. One piece of a man. Still many questions not many answers.
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