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@bedifferentBig spoiler, this is meant for her, don't read if you still plan to watch Children of Nobody


I'm honestly, honestly disappointed about janitor boy being the killer. Why? Okay probably better that I say it here, I would have gotten a lot of hate in the drama thread. Cha Hak-Yeon is an idol, idols are really not good actors. I wish it would be just a saying, but it all of them lack the ability of professional acting. Sorry, but not sorry. 


The villian, during the time he was unknown, was an interesting character,  a mystery that needs to be solved. The things he knew, the way he did stuff, hell even when Janitor boy talked about in in the car, it was quite interesting to hear his story.

But.....that's it?. 


Don't get me wrong, Janitor Boy did a great job in his role as innocent, but somehow shady character. He did a fantastic job in his sometimes not so one-sided role, they tried to give him a few layers, which he was able to manage, but giving him the role in the end as villain was too big.

And because they knew it was too big for him, they let him die right away and let others tell his story or continue it. That's plain lazy or bad story writing. His character gets more layers and gets interesting, without him doing anything for it. In his death he gets more interesting, by letting others talk about him. 

When he was alive, he was pretty one-sided most of the time, they needed to kill him to make him more interesting? 


Disapponting. Really. I'm just glad that it seems like he isn't Red Cry. If he would have been the main antagonist, my review of the drama would be way worse.


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@staygold Always thankful to see my favorite OWL:wub:  My apologies it wasn't flipped I was crying about it was Ever Night ending and knowing there is a part 2  that I will have to wait for.  :bawling:

  Haven't watched Flipped yet but I hope to watch it soon.  It sure does look good to me. I seem to be watching more Chinese Drama and less Korean these days.  Most likely because I feel as if the stories are rich with emotion and come across with such passion and deep in showing the weakness' s of people in how they live and why.   Mind you any drama I might share may not come across in the same way for someone else.   For I am pretty odd  as I am sure you well know:w00t:


Most dramas  that I have watched  I seem to find something good within them.  That is unless it is scary or cruel or steps on my faith then I would rather pass...


Another one that seems to be really good is The Story Of Ming Lan at least so far:tounge_wink:


@bairama  I will be praying with you and for you and am thankful you are by his side.  Everything you both have been through it's hard to understand and life often doesn't seem fair.  However it's when we don't have the strength and are often lost in the darkness of our own struggles.  That God moves within our lives the most and when we can no longer walk it is He that carries us through it...  Sending you a big hug and a reminder of how important you are to your brother and that your very presence will give him hope.  That your Big Brother who has always protected and cared for you will need your strength and shelter to help him through... :heart:-2



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Running to the supermarket two minutes before it closes. That's the reason why you go to the gym!

As I entered the employee said to me "We are closing in one minute" and I thought  "Bro...one minute? If I want I make this store empty in one minute".  When I paid and left I said "See? I didn't even need half a minute".



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20 hours ago, Dhakra said:

Why replacement? I do both.

No time. My workouts are strictly structured for 2 reasons;


One: I can basically work in with the others who are there at the same time as me so we're rotating through equipment and I'm not waiting for anything.


Two: Because I go so late, I have an extremely strict time limit I can go by in order to get in, get out and get home to bed. I already do multiple exercises per muscle group plus compound lifts. I am barely making it out of the gym on time right now, let alone if I add in another exercise. 


Yeah, 3 sets of 15 seconds isn't that bad but there's still rest time between sets plus cooldown and everything else. =p



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@phikylStructure is very important, is it very crowded at your gym? Do you work out with others as a team? Okay, I'm in the fortunate position that I can go during the time where it's really less crowded. Just a few old people and housewives. :ph34r:


Mhm, okay, that's an issue. I know that I take around 2hours, half an hour more if I take a massage afterwards. I only was training late once, it was horrible. So my sincere respect, I can only do it in the morning. 


Do you do multiple exercises for the legs aswell, besides cardio? I just do one, which is also for the pelvis I guess. Pretty sure you know leg press. I honestly don't care about legs, just back, upper body, shoulders, biceps and well....now abs. 


Yeah, that's true :P Normally I have around 10-15seconds as rest time also, random looking at housewives solving crossword puzzles. 



Did you try it though? The Twisted Russian? How was it? :D 


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