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  1. His role in the light in your eyes is also funny 160
  2. Yes they mentioned repeatedly that they want to bring back 90s or early 2000 feels to their soon to be released title song. They made this cover as close as possible with the same feeling of the original song. It's Kwang Hee. He debuted with ze:a idol. You didn't recognize him? About the greetings things, I don't know but maybe? Hahaha I think their junior would be the one who do the greetings since both Hyo Ri and Rain are like their ancestors in kpop world. @Lawyerh it's the opposite for me. Familiar wife feels like go back couple but without child lol. After all go back couple (2017) aired ealier than familiar wife (2018) If you need more son ho jun drama, I can recommend a few, but he's not the lead character if it's alright with you. About Was it Love 260 It's already Sunday?!!
  3. They will attend music core for their debut performance I think. 2 weeks left. I recommended Go Back Couple too. It will be a fast binge watching since it only 12 episodes. Do prepare some tissues beside you, just in case. I just starting to watch Was it Love too! How was the drama Ameera? I planned to check it out later because of the casts. 272
  4. Actor Lee Sang Yi participated for the drama ost part 5 and his song will be released tomorrow at 6 p.m KST. The title of the song is What's wrong with me? (Literal translation) Source info And at last GJ and NH tell and show to each other their honest feeling. Finally Quick summary about their scenes in today episode The kid was in critical state and the mother want to sue GJ. NH saw the patient's chart and say to the mom that GJ did tell the mother to bring the child when his condition is worsening. The mom said she never heard of that and keep threatening with loud voices to sue GJ and the hospital. GJ seemed to blame himself. NH who is worry about GJ did some investigation and found out that the mom did call ER and she show the recording to stop the mom. NH hurt her thumbs while helping GJ with the CPR and GJ sneak an ointment and band aid inside her pocket. She was touched and decided to not go with JR to his meeting with doctors from US but go to meet with GJ. The mother confessed to GJ that because of his fellow doctor (NH), she stopped her plan to blame GJ about her son being in critical condition. GJ who heard from JS that NH is invited and will have an interview, go to stop NH but they missed each other. In the end they meet in front of the hospital GJ : Na Hee ya... I don't think I can do it. Well it's alright for me if you kiss another man, but I can't let you go. Please don't go Na Hee ya..
  5. @angelangie hmm for about two weeks maybe? Hahaha Gotta run before the captain comes 298
  6. Is liking Aloha song means that I'm definitely an iksong shipper? ㅋㅋㅋ Even on the shipping thread I mainly shares fmv with old song in the background. The one that posting longer theories or finding crumbs to sail our ship is @snowlou . The current captain of the ship rarely visited too (poke @Lawyerh ) SSAK3, the name in Korean is similar to the word SsakSseulYi, which means to sweep. They decided on that name with a wish or represent that they would sweep out all the music charts. I haven't watch all episodes of the variety show, just couple of episodes. But for this project I've diligently followed every new episode. 302 @im0202 the choreo, the song recording are really fun! More teasing for poor Rain
  7. My first korean song is Aloha by Cool. I heard it because of an online game I played and fell in love with it. These days, the group that I and probably @im0202 has been rooting for is SSAK3 who soon will make their official debut on July 25. Today they've released their cover song of Deux. For abs lover, one of the member keep showing his abs in the mv 338 Edit It looks like mbc private the video, so I'll attach another one under spoiler
  8. It's hard to choose among dozens of drama that I've watched so far. T_T That's why I asked if it's alright if I recommended my top 3 drama per year If you are looking for drama with romantic comedy genre, I'll recommend you to watch this: - Go Back Couple - Because this is My First Live - The Beauty Inside (drama) What a tough choice I had to make Good morning from my timezone 370
  9. Huh? What is the reason they are fighting with each other? You're welcome for the summary. It's about 10 mins so not a very long one. GW or SHB fans fight with MD fans or who fight with whom? How comes? To me MD is really fit for SHwa. She did a good job in channeling GW during the audition part, when she did SHwa lines, the character felt more alive imo. I'm thankful that the fans that I follow are pretty chill and cool and just fans for HP in general, even though they have their own favorite couple or pairing. 412 Edit @partyon glad that you like ep 5. You finished it without FF button. Cookies for you I knew you'd love it that's why I suggested for you to watch at least until ep 5. About the writer, the story and plot mostly written and planned by one person (writer Lee). But for medical parts, I think she has some assistant writers who help her with that parts. It looks like you have started to enjoy the drama. No need to be pressure if in the upcoming episodes there are some parts that you don't like. Just share your honest opinion with us inside the club.
  10. What is the latest gossips from twitter about HP? The war between WG stan and YYS stan still on going? Or is there new problem arise? @triplem some fans that I follow on twitter are more excited to see the audition clips from the actors. They are making theories behind the decision of the casting LOL But yeah, hopefully the director cuts won't raise anymore reason to start the war. Most of the ship have their own thread by now, right? Except bidulgi? 428
  11. Any preference for the genre? Or if you are looking for finished drama, shall I suggest some per year? 438
  12. @Alice Wonderland from my last visit to HP main thread, it has become quieter than it used to be... @triplem can take a breath @snowlou no need to call me miss, I'm even younger than you ㅋㅋㅋ wish you to have a great weekend @wallflowersforjane BoA is included in 1st gen no? Or maybe transition period ? LoL from 1st gen, I like several old songs from g.o.d, fin.kl, Shinhwa for the groups and other soloist songs. Mostly due got influenced from variety show. @partyon I'll leave the oppa abs nomination to the experts from PAC members club. I will just grab some popcorn while peeking at the thread later @Lawyerh it's from his fan meeting I guess? You changed your dp to JJS again! Good evening or morning to everyone 438
  13. I pretty much listened to most of the songs that released during the golden era (2009 to 2012 ?) and I knew about almost every groups that were active during that time. For now, there's only several of them that still active promoting. So I just listened to their old songs. Other than groups, I also fans of several soloists. Just to mentioned several of the artists whose songs are quite a lot in my playlists BigBang, SNSD, CNBlue, SHINee, Infinite, 2ne1, Davichi, Epik High, Sistar, IU, 2pm, 2am, K.Will, Park Hyo Shin, AKMU, Apink, Ailee, Lee Hi, and many more I did a summary of the clips about what being said (other than the lines from the script). I posted it at the main thread. @triplem I guess it's getting quiet now in there. @angelangie From what I read during my fast back read, your sister have given birth to your newest nephew? Congratulations! I hope both the mother and the baby in good and healthy conditions. Too bad your wishes for a niece didn't come true, but as long as both the mother and the baby are healthy, it's alright I think 414
  14. @kokodus @Lawyerh @triplem @snowlou @wallflowersforjane @Alice Wonderland @im0202 @Ameera Ali @Lynne @superspace @larus @ktcjdrama and other members of add/sub who are also fan of hospital playlist that I forgot to tag (who have finished watching the series and wished to see more clips) The special cut part 1 has been released and it's no other than Jeon Mi Do! I've post quick summary of her clip at the main thread (because I'm still otw to home). Tag @partyon and @stroppyse if both of you also interested in watching the clips -2
  15. First special cut released by Shin PD. Jeon Mi Do audition clips (first and second audition) Summary of the video: - In her first audition (April 2 2019) she was asked about her basic informations: She mostly works in musical and theater but modestly say she's not as famous as Cha Ji Yeon (another musical actress who has appeared in TV) or like Ock Joo Hyun (Shin PD mentioned the actress name, who is also a popular musical actress and a member of popular girl group FIN.K.L) ; whether she plays any musical instruments (She learn to play piano for her performance in musical 'Once' and she only play the songs that were performed at the musical. She never learnt to play it before); she almost never appear in TV (she said it's because her schedule didn't match and she did a lot of theater or musical performance. She appeared for a short cameo in drama 'Mother' and in a movie. She thinks she didn't want to mix or clash between her work in theater or musical with her appearance in TV. She deliberately didn't take any work in 2019, because she thought she wanted to rest, but then she participated in the audition and she'd be glad to join if she got accepted); where her hometown is (She is from Busan and can speak the dialect); she moves to Seoul when she admitted to the university. Then she audition with scripts with dialect and short lines of Song Hwa role in the first episode (her meeting with SH in his basement and the light gone out). My opinion: She was so stable and really sound like a doctor while reading the lines. SHwa is really match with her. Even Shin PD she was quite stable. - Second meeting (June 4 2019) she said SHwa lines in ep 2 (parking lot scenes, doing rounds and outpatients, talking with the nurse about her 'ghost' nickname). Both Shin and Lee were impressed and praised her. Lee said JMD sound like a real doctor and she just smile shyly. She also auditioned for GW part (saying the lines where GW was a little bit cold with the patient's guardian asking about CPR etc). Shin and Lee praised her for getting into GW character quite quick and JMD reply it's because both explained about the character well. Both shares their concerned about their decision for what character they should give to her because she has done a great job. Lee said that SHwa character is not an easy character and JMD has really done a great job while auditioning for SHwa's part and they found SHwa's in her. Shin PD also said he did watch JMD's short cameo in 'Mother' and impressed with her because even if she only appeared for a short time, the lines she said really left something. JMD could only smile and hid her happiness for being praised. She then shares her mind, "When I work, there's this think that I always keep in my mind. I will work harder and give twice from what I got paid for (means she will go all out and show that she's worth the money), no matter what kind of roles I would play. Whether it's a small or big, it doesn't matter for me." Shin Lee shared to her that one of the actor who has confirmed (JJS) recommend her during his meeting with the duo (May 9 2019). Shin said that the actor has fallen for her acting and would like to recommend her to join HP. JMD was so thankful to hear that and say if she passed she wanted them to tell her who recommended her. JJS seen her at 'Once' performance and was amazed with her acting. The meeting ended and they said they will contact her soon. The video ended with this sentence 'That's how Mido become Song Hwa'