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  1. Teaser for season 2 is here! It's finally here! rough trans SH: I'm going inside the OR now SHwa: If you have think deeply about it and passionate about your patients, then you should fiercely fight for them SH: Whether it's good or bad days, we always have variety happenings in our days JWan : Mother you've done really a great job. As long as you don't give up, we won't give up either SH: We'll do our best JWan: We'll do our best. I'll definitely save him/her
  2. This year I watched 3 weekend dramas, Never Twice, Once Again amd Homemade Love Story. The last one is still airing so it wasn't included in the poll. Between Never Twice and Once Again, definitely the winner for me is Once Again. I laughed and cried with them for the whole 6 months. Yoon brothers are definitely my favorites brothers pairing.
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