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  1. MW and CS farewell (it was a long scene actually but here is some cut scenes of it) https://tv.naver.com/v/9721175 (full version in naver tv site) MW: I just want to stay and be with you. I want to keep seeing you. I don't want to leave you. When I tried to act cold, I can't ask you to cling and ask me to not go. I'm sorry. CS: Back then when you told me that to not feel lonely when you left, were you lying? MW: At that time I wouldn't know that I will like you so much. I... I didn't know that I would fall in love again, like a fool. I have never think about something in the future, but the only thing that I can say to you is this. Let's meet again in another lifetime. We have to meet again. Okay? (CS nods) Gu Chan Sung, for taking care and protecting me, thank you CS: Goodbye. Goodbye Jang Man Wol. -------- This is my last translations for this drama. For the last 2 months, it was fun. I apologize for any wrong translations that I have wrote. Korean and English aren't my first language and I translate to the best of my knowledge of the language. I enjoy reading the discussions and theories in this thread while waiting for new episodes to come. It made the waiting time felt less longer and I found new things that I have missed when I watched the drama. Hope to meet you all in another drama~
  2. I'm back in time for the last episode of HDL. I tried to stream it live but internet wasn't kind enough so I had a lot buffering. I watched a glimpse of the farewell scenes and I cried. The bond between MW, SB, SH and HJ were so precious. Even if MW didn't show it, she cares for all her staff. She tried to act cold but inside, she was so sad to let them go. When she was sobbing after reading SB's letter for her and finally let her cold act went away and hugged SH when they're saying goodbye, I cried together with her Kim Sun Bi farewell scenes Ji Hyun Jung farewell scenes Choi Seo Hee farewell scenes:
  3. Here is my try of translating the new OST by IU (not 100% correct) I wish that our ending isn't a sad ending. When we remembered about this moment So that we won't cry Shouldn't we have all happy ending? If it can't, it will become a very painful wound To remember you, will it hurt me in the end? Will that killing me? Looking at you who is weak For a moment I forget about my long agony This way I want to hug you once more Rather than my growing fear I keep having a greed that I can't hold in In the sunny winter I will miss you If it can't, please remember me with this scene. Our sadly beautiful night too With falling flower petals All happy ending Hmm I'm just guessing but maybe IU write the lyrics of the song herself? Because she has the script, she can perfectly describe the ending of episode 12 in the song. PS :
  4. MW: When I met you for the first time, the flowers in this neighborhood had blossomed and it's so pretty, but now there is nothing. Back then, you were so scared when you met a ghost for the first time. Today I am like you (she is scared). The flowers are falling. CS: I see MW: There's no petal remaining on the ground. Before it landed, it has already disappeared. I guess there won't be any petals left behind CS: Perhaps, just like the first time, the flowers that fall from your tree is coming towards me. It will fill the ground, it will be heavy and painful. It will be my responsibility to bear and I accept it. That's why, don't feel afraid when you leave me. This is the only thing that I can give with all my might to you as a weak human. My love MW: To be left as flower petals that will disappear, it is too sad
  5. No preview at the ending of ep 12? But I heard that IU will be the next singer for the new OSTs? Yay! When I watched this scene at first I wanted to pull my hair. I mean why did Hong sisters write like this? They made CS died? There're 4 episodes left but he died? I was shocked, stunned and then I was laughing so hard I put the cut scene inside spoiler, the translation is right below HJ: Hello? YN: What should I do? HJ: What's wrong Yuna? YN: I think Manager Gu is hurt. What if he dies? *sobbing* HJ: What?! SB: What did you mean that 3rd choice (CS) have died? HJ: He went to catch the killer and I think he died trying *lift opens* SB: Ms Jang! Ms Jang! Something bad happened. He said Manager Gu has died. MW: What? SB *sigh* HJ: Yuna wanted to help the customers to catch the culprit so she followed the culprit's car. Manager Gu said that it was dangerous and he went to the place by himself and ... *at the same time CS enters the hotel and looks around the front desk but doesn't find HJ* MW: Tell me again clearly. What happened to him? Don't cry and say something!!! *lift opens and CS is inside* SB: Manager Gu? *MW carefully get closer to CS. She carefully check CS and touch his face. She moves to feel his heart. She turned around and face the trio* MW: Ji Hyun Joong you son of !!! Come here you! Get back here! SB: Ms Jang! MW: Where are you going? Get back here! SB: Ms Jang!! *HJ hugs CS* MW: You said he died! SB: Whoa whoa HJ: So you are still alive. What a relief *MW was speechless, embarassed and felt relief. She just left without words* SB: You are alive *SB hits him* SH: *hits him again* We thought you come here as a guest CS: Huh?
  6. I think the sub will be released soon, so this is my last translation.. It's the ending scene of ep 11. MW met with 4th MaGo and CS finally met with JW MW: The person I have been waiting for hasn't come. Instead the unwelcome MaGo is here MG: How was it? Didn't I the version of god that you wish MG: You aren't reincarnated or healed and ignoring your fate and yet you wished to see me be vanished MW: So? Are you coming here to do that? MG: I heard the flowers have bloomed. Now you finally have something to lose MW: Do you think I will be afraid to lose something? The person who bloomed the flower. What will you do if you lose him? JW: Nice to meet you Gu Chan Sung MG: Arrogant and foolish Man Wol, did you say you're not afraid for the flower to wither? You're wrong. The moment you have a fear, then the flower will fall
  7. CS is bragging because he has made the flowers bloomed. Did he know that if the flowers wither it won't be good for MW? MW: Ahh... I'm so tired. Ugh CS: *clears his throat* Today customers who want to use special call service is quite a lot, right? MW: Because there will be a human guests, everyone is so busy. So I as the owner have no choice but taking care our hotel guest. Geez, I still have 12 calls to be made. Aigoo it's so tiring CS: Then, to cheer you up *give a pink rose* This is a real life flower and it has a good scent MW: Flowers in the garden are flowers too CS: But there's no real flowers. Ah, there is one. Jang Man Wol's flowers. The flowers on your tree have bloomed. It's pretty MW: What's wrong with you? It's embarassing. Are you bragging now? CS: But what I said is true. The moment I hugged you the flowers bloomed. If I knew it, I shouldn't buy you a champange but give you a hug earlier. (open his hands) MW: What the hell are you saying? Who asked you to hug me? You are crazy CS: I just want to take the phone though CS: Here, let me give you a hug MW *speechless* Nevermind you shameless irritable ambitious Harvard con... (MW was stop by CS) CS: You look pretty. I have put some more documents on your desk. Have some rest and once you are good, get back to work LOL MW looks so annoyed in the end
  8. Short date of Man Wol and Chan Sung MW: Look here CS: No, thanks CS: Sanchez and I are 3 years apart. If I eat 3 rice cakes, then I will be the same as you and Sanchez, so I can talk informally to you, right? MW: What? CS: Sanchez can call you just by your name, Man Wol MW: Do you want to speak informally with me? MW: Tch. Fine. Then you can try eat 1300 gr of rice cake soup CS: Even Kim Joon Hyun won't be able to eat that MW: Don't underestimate Kim Joon Hyun. Ok I'll be more lenient. Every bites of rice cake, you gain 1 year. CS: Nope. Let's make it one bite for 100 years MW: Hey you Harvard con man. How dare you try to con me? CS: After I ate 10 pieces of rice cake, I will call you just by your name MW: Sure, try it. If a human turns 1000 years, he will die CS: I'll try it. First I will eat for 200 years (do you guys see a faint light that of the fireflies near the leaves of the plant?) CS: Now I have only 300 years left (before reaching 1300 years old). Are you nervous? MW: Then I can eat another for 500 years worth. Are you stupid? CS: I will eat faster than you MW: No, I will be more faster CS: Now, 100 years left MW: Add that to another 200 years CS: I was famous in Harvard as someone who eats very quickly MW: Now I am 3500 years old CS: 600 years left MW: 3600 years CS: You can't win from me. Get ready. Once I eat this, I will eat your earing (because its shape is like a rice cake LOL) MW burst out laughing XD (I think the earing comment is ad lib by YJG)
  9. preview for ep 12 MG: The price that Gu Chan Sung has to paid for the crime won't be fair and you can't be calm about it (?) CS: Please give me a pat on my head in your room so I can sleep MW: What's wrong with you? CS: You must be so shocked MW: Because I don't want you to pay for a crime like that, I'll take care of it to the best of my ability CS: Don't be afraid of leaving me. I am just a weak person and this is the only thing that I can give with all my might. I love you
  10. I have been listening to Hotel Del Luna OSTs these days. So far my favourites are sung by Taeyeon, Gummy and Paul Kim. I remembered someone said they are waiting for the song that is played when the room 13 ghost was vanished by Mago 4th and when CS fears of MW turned to dust. I search the song at YouTube and found this user who make a video cut of the song... I'm not an expert, but here is my try of translating the verse : I'll erase it The lingering memories of you And I hope There is no memory of you that will remain I can't approach you anymore I'm so afraid Take all my memories Please erase everything (It's) done for me I have to leave you
  11. Preview for ep 11 (ending from ep 10) CS: If I can't see you when I'm missing you, it's going to be hard MW: I will let this pass because you are a weak man MW: I'm sure you have seen the flower blooms, so why haven't you say anything? SB: Before Ms Jang leaves and if somehow we have to leave, we need to be prepared HJ: It's already so pretty in this state (the tree), so why should it happen? (the flower wither?) I'm sad SH: That's why we have to protect the flower (?) I'm agree with HJ. The tree looks so beautiful when the flowers finally bloom. But it is also sad, because we know when the flower wither and with the last petal, that is the signal for MW's long punishment will be ended. No more snarky comments from MW
  12. Apparently the bartender Kim Su Bin has become more modern. He has an IG accounts. Ji Hyun Joong and Kim Yuna made an IG. Scene between YN and HJ. YN told HJ that she likes her YN asked HJ about the grandma they saw in the hospital YN: You must knew her HJ: Yeah. She is my younger sister YN: She is your sister? That grandma? HJ: Even if she has grown old, she is my cute little sister YN: Orabeoni (Older brother). What is her name? HJ: Hyeon Mi. Ji Hyun Joong's younger sister Ji Hyeon Mi YN: I see. I guess I have to meet her someday. I want to ask 'Do you remember Hyung Jung Orabeoni?' HJ: No. You can't do that. Don't you ever meet Hyeon Mi. YN: Hey! Do you think I will say something bad to your sister? Even when I like you? YN: Aish... I'm screwed
  13. For the ending scene of ep 9 I think the place is familiar. Is it from the garden in hwayugi? Anyone who has seen hwayugi, is it the same garden? Or maybe I am wrong? Translations MW: What did you see when you are dragged to the bottom of that well? CS: My fear MW: Your fear? CS: Because I have seen his weakness, in turns he showed me the things that I fear, something that I wanted to run away from. It is very frightening *CS fear for MW to be disappeared as dust by 4th MaGo while CS can't do anything but watching it helplessly. CS: Just like me who has seen you in my dreams, you can see what I'm afraid of. You moved the hotel when I was unconcious, because you want to protect me. CS: You know what this is, right? MW: It's a medicine CS: I felt strange when MaGo suddenly gave this to me. You told her to give this to me, didn't you? MW: You can think whatever you want. Gu Chan Sung, I wish you to be safe. CS: I don't want it. I want to make you uncomfortable by doing dangerous things. MW: What? *CS throw away the medicine* MW: Gu Chan Sung! Do you know how precious that medicine is? Did you know how I beg MaGo to give that medicine? CS: Jang Man Wol! There is nothing like a safe place for me. I will keep engaging with dangerous things. And You! Please keep protecting me. Is that a love confession Gu Chan Sung?
  14. quick translations between MW and CS. MW slowly but sure show her true feelings. CS and MW are on the way to meet the well water god (cameo by Nam Da Reum) CS: The floor is flooded MW: This is the golden opportunity for you to stop and I want to give it to you. Gu Chan Sung, don't go inside and go back CS: Since you want to stop me, it makes me feel important MW: Enough. A scaredy cat like you. It's nonsense. Just run. I have given the chance for you to leave so why did you come back? CS: You have given it to me. One. Two. Three. 3 seconds *flashback to their previous conversation when CS was angry at MW for leaving him and disappeared with the hotel* CS: If you want, I can go there right now *MW paused for seconds and CS counting it secretly* *flashback ended* CS: It might be only a short time, but you wished for me to come back. It last for 3 seconds. CS: That's why I came back MW: Don't smile. You made me angry CS: You are not angry, but worried. (touch MW's shoulder) Don't worry. I was told that the gods like me. Maybe because I'm weak. CS bravely walk to meet with the god
  15. The actor name is David Lee. His character name is Seol Ji Won. That's what I head Sanchez mumbled when he saw him at their gathering. From the way Sanchez acted, he looks wary and afraid (?) of JW. JW also looking for CS and from the way he talked, he had a grudge against CS. With him as a serial murderer and YW as a detective, where will the story go?
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