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  1. Based on youtube clips, the progress of IS and MR to meet as mother and daughter is very fast. They even hugged each other dearly after they realize the truth. Sure it was a touching moment, but I don't really like they reconcile easily like that. MR should yell first at her why she abandoned her and work for HS group, IS begging for forgiveness and explain truthfully about the reason etc. After that, they can act as mother and daughter. That's what I feel is proper before they get together as mother and daughter.. But, that is just my opinion. Some hard sub for ep 14, especially between IS and SJ, SJ and the Kang Sisters (it is quite long so I put it under spoiler tag) IS who finally figured out who MR's real identity is, go to SJ's restaurant to confront her After the confrontation between SJ and IS, SJ called all of her three daughters especially MR for a talk
  2. I never thought that IS will realize that MR is her long lost daughter this fast.. Quick summary for ep 13 about MR and IS MR submitted her resignation and told IS the reason that she wants to study. IS feeling a little bit guilty (?) agreed because that what MR wants. Later on she asked MR to take on the golf event that she has taken from marketing before. She said that she will let her and marketing team to do the events. While the event is progressing MR keep glancing and looking at IS. At first IS didn't feel it but because MR keep looking at her longing expression, she became curious. After the event ended, the Chairman thanked MR for ger hardwork and mentioned about her resignation. He told her she couldn't resign whenever she wants and to have a meal with him one day. IS too asked MR for a dinner together. She cooked the meal by herself and called MR to her home. She said that because they have met privately for several times, they are getting closer and wanted to know more about MR. She asked what MR parents do for life. https://youtu.be/YtRlZ0PBvqw MR: My mother runs a restaurant IS: A restaurant? MR: She sells the ox bone soup IS: An ox bone soup? MR: Yes IS: Really? Your parents must be proud of you MR: Yes (and she finally let tears she has been holding on out) IS: What's wrong? Is the food not for your liking? (MR started to sob while looking at IS) What's wrong? Why are you crying? (MR keep sobbing) What did I do? Did I say something wrong? I can't believe what you are doing now (she suddenly stop and thinking) MR: Excuse me IS: Wait! You! Who are you? For the preview ep 14, here is the hard sub TJ: Are going to be okay? MR: Thank you for worrying about me TJ: There's nothing happened, right? TJ: When are you going down? MR: What do you want? TJ: I want to see you before I go SJ: That person must feel very tired MIL: What are you doing? (I forgot her name so for now I'm calling her mother in law) FIL/JS: Honey / Mom MIL: After all I am the one who is looking for your child MS: How much should I give you? MH: From now on, don't come here anymore JB: Why? MH: Get lost from my life WJ: Is everything resolved now? IS: I will ... Chairman : What a great woman you are (not in praising tone) MS: Does saying sorry will make anything different? MR: Mom, I'm sorry SJ: How could you do this to me? IS: Why didn't you listen what I have told you and made this happen? MS: Please don't come here anymore
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_azbCYDhUEw Hard sub for surprise kiss scene MR and TJ were going home together. When MR pushed thr button for 14th floor and 18th floor, TJ cancelled the 14th TJ: I'll walk you to your apartment MR: Do you think the reason I tell you first about it, for me to see your reaction like that? Enough of it, it's embarrassing (from my research, MR told TJ that in one month she will resign to study abroad) TJ: Then why do you choose me as the first persom to know? MR: I told you that you are a junior that I like and care.. *TJ suddenly kissed her* *MR pushed him after they reach her floor and stomped out* TJ: Senior! MR: *hit him with her bag* How dare you! TJ: Senior, I like you.. very much MR: Han Tae Ju. See you at the office tomorrow TJ: Why did you leave? I said that I like you. I keep seeing you as a woman. I think I have fallen in love with you
  4. I never thought that most of the truth of the accident will be revealed before we reach ep 10. We got hints here and there and if we arranged it, we might guess the result. The saying that you reap what you sow is really true in this week episodes. Putting ep 7 in spoiler in case some of you who read this post haven't watched ep 7 ep 8 Preview ep 9 IH confronted EJ after she found out that she were at the school at that terrible night. She asked EJ to tell the truth and not to hide it to protect JS. Does EJ even can sleep at night? Even the police started to investigate her because her car was captured in CCTV and there is a witness who seen her car. EJ told the truth to JP after they both knew what JS had done to SH. JP denied that the child must be lying and blame her for making the hellish situation. In return, EJ told him that even if she has to live in hell, she won't let anything happen to him
  5. What an ending for ep 6. Another dirty player was revealed.. The school security ex police who probably took the diary and the phone Preview for ep 7 Hoho's parents are talking at night and Soo Ho is eavesdropping on them. The mother said they have to be strong and happy so that their children will happy too. Every action that they did while Seon Ho is still in com will be talked by others. The security told JS's mother that he has wiped all her traces from CCTV. Shr asked if he has a copy of the real one In another scene it was seen he gave it to JS's.father (?) KC since being shunned by his other friends started to speak freely about what happened between them and Seon Ho. Soo Ho starts her own investigation and become suspicious about the ghost (the outcast girl). And Hoho's mother meets with the said girl..
  6. The secret of that night has been revealed in ep 5 Preview for ep 6 Soo Ho posted an article in website telling about the incident of Seon Ho's assault. She told that it was unfair for her brother and family. The culprit got away with 3 days of punishment. Police and school ruled that it was finished but her family won't stay until they get the truth. She asked netizen to support them. And slowly the number of people who read the article grew from 5 to 153 Another problem to solve after the shoes. The diary and hand phone...
  7. Preview for ep 4 Hard sub translations DM: He is my boyfriend EG: Why does it have to be the director? When I am here RG: I have something that I need to return to Cha Shi An RG: Who are there? DM: This incident happened because of me Cindy: I want to look around and check something at Chaeum Fan: Does it means that ajumma is Shi An's fan too? RG: I think she is a special fan? SA: You will keep the secret, right? DM: It would be okay if I lie DM: I'm feeling embarrassed to tell you this, but... RG: You can bring me there because you're my girlfriend
  8. Hi @stroppyse I don't mind at all. Thank you for the corrections. I guess since I misunderstood for 모두 translations whether it means 'all' or 'everyone' for this context. Since tvn youtube channel has yet to upload other clips, this one is the translation in the beginning of ep 16, after the supposed 'unprotected' night https://tv.naver.com/v/5864516/list/330927 YS: Laywer Kwon? What are you doing? JR: Since you always make breakfast, today I want to try to make it. That's why I have prepared a toast YS: Oh, it's going to be tasty. Wait, how do you find the inggredients? JR: I open the fridge with my own choice and choose some. But don't worry, it's not illegal. According to Article 30 (... I don't have much understanding about korean law terms, sorry). But we are not strangers, are we? YS: You right, since we are a couple, there will be no problem JR: Ah, do you want to try one? YS: Sure YS: What a relief. If you are a good cook, I would feel burdened because you are too perfect JR: Then don't eat it. You don't have to eat YS: Just kidding. Kidding. This is very delicious. You too have a bite. Aah JR: Aah (and steal a kiss) YS: What's going on with you (saying this shyly) SW: Did you just arrive? Since I haven't seen you in the morning, I thought you are going somewhere. Are staying there all night? JR: Actually... Wait a minute. Yes? ... (he is saying things about work) SW: *sigh* Right, it must be hard. It is. I knew it very well SW: It hasn't been a month since he broke up with Yoon Seo ssi, he seems to have a hard time. If he stays still then he will think about it and it must be horrible. He has to work hard so that he can forget and I guess he spent all night at the law firm YR: Really? SW: Recently he is started to have an interest in football YR: Why? SW: Usually after broke up men would find anything to do. I guess Jung Rok wants to do physical activities, but I can't watch it any longer. I don't know if he still think that he has a partner, he made a food for two people and eat all of it alone. YR: Is it that bad? He has to move on as soon as possible. He's in trouble SW: Yeah, I'm worried about him
  9. The ending scene YS: I want to go public with our relationship. Is it okay with you? JR: Yes CEO Ent: Oh! Man: Hi CEO Ent: Long time no see Man: Yeah YH: This is the new laywer that just joined us, his name is Laywer Kim Kim: Nice to meet you YH: Cheers to our love MH: Cheers Reporter1: Oh it's Oh Yoon Seo Crowd: Yoon Seo ssi Crowd: Look at here please YS: My heart, my sincerity (playing a word on her name jin shim) you have known all of it, right? JR: Of course I have known all things about your heart. Your sincerity has touched my heart can they go public irl and have a wedding too please?
  10. At this part, my face is getting hotter. I don't know how LDW manage to make a whisper soo smooth and dreamy When they pull apart for a seconds, I really like they stare for each others eyes like conversing how they love each other and won't never let go. *I'm melting*
  11. First bed scene of ep 15 YS: I can't fall asleep that easily JR: That's alright. I can see you for a long long time YS: You know, I didn't find my insomnia as a trouble, but after broke up with you it was giving me a hard time. For those long nights when I couldn't sleep I would always thinking about you. YS: When was the time that you find it is hard, Laywer Kwon?. Ah, nevermind. You wouldn't have any of it because you were too busy JR: Who says I didn't have a hard time? Every night and every morning, I always have a hard time. Even when I just stay still or when I am inside the court. Every time is always hard YS: Really? Are you really having a hard time? JR: Wait, why do you look so happy that I have a hard time? YS: Of course, that means that you are really like me. Strange, how it makes me relief *YS grabs JR hands* YS: Let's not break up again. Promise me that you won't ever let go of this hands of mine JR: Yes, I promise. I would never let your hands go. And, I will protect you JR: The reason I left you before because you are having the important time in your life and I didn't want to disturb it. Even thinking about it now, I wouldn't change my mind. That's why for your sake and to protect you, I'll be more careful for keeping our relationship a secret YS: You will be more becareful and will keep our situation a secret? JR: Yes. Since we couldn't get our pictures be taken again, let's minimize the time we meet outside and let's just meet at a quiet and empty space like your house or mine YS: An empty and quiet place? JR: Yes, a place where nobody but us are present and quiet JR: Can I sleep over at your place? JR: I promised I would never cross this line. I have told you that I would protect you YS: Uh, well *JR keeping his hand fold on his stomach as a sign he wouldn't do anything improper to YS* *YS was desperate for action but JR didn't do anything* YS: I should thank you for protecting me. Tch
  12. hard sub YS: Oh, are you just going to work now? JR: What brings you here? YS: I have packed you a lunch box. Here. Please enjoy it. Don't forget to eat JR: Oh Jin Shim ssi YS: Look at the time. I have a scheduled shooting so I'll be going now. Eat well and gather strength so that you can do the appeal well YS: You have to finished them all (her foods) (another day) YS: Lawyer Kwon! Do you want to eat dinner with me? I knew a restaurant over there that doesn't have many customers. Let's go together (JR drags her away to more empty place) JR: Why are you doing this, really? What if you keep appearing in front of me and got pictures taken and raised a scandal? What are you going to do? Please hear me out. You have to forget this (their relationship) as soon as possible and... YS: I don't want to forget it. I will be the one who decide to forget or not. Just as I want, I don't want to forget you, I am going to miss you, and if I'm getting worried then I will find you. And if I missed you, I am going to you. What make me impressed in here is the way both actors acting with their eyes. When I look at it closer, it looks they said another lines with their eyes, the opposite of what they were saying loudly. Like when YS brought a lunch box for JR, JR keep looking at YS face as if he's dreaming. If he wanted to be rough, he could just refused the lunch box, but he accepted it gladly. Even when YS left, he keep looked at her back longingly.
  13. Hard sub for longer preview JR: I might just destroyed someone's life. How can I just ignore it? JR: This is my resignation letter CEO: Do whatever you want! I don't need a irresponsible person like you. Do whatever you want SW: Both of you aren't a junior high student so why don't you act as an adult? YS: Are you going off to the office now, Lawyer Kwon? YS: If I miss you, I'm going to see you YS: Lawyer Kwon, do you want to eat dinner with me? JR: Why are you doing this? CEO: It's a matter for saving someone's life. Who do you mean? Who else other than the most hateful person in the country other than Lawyer Kwon YS: My wish is that you won't have a hard time. Gather some strength and win the case in the cool way, I belive in you
  14. Hard sub YS: Let me borrow this jacket and a hat. Wearing this and covering my face with hat will do JR: Ok YS: Oh? Is it a lipstick? JR: No. It's a lipbalm. My lips are usually dry so I have to apply this YS: My lips is dry too JR: Really? Then you can put this (YS give him a kiss) YS: Oh you right. Now that I have apply it (by your lips) it has become moist Owner 1: Here you go YS: Thank you. We'll eat it well JR: It's delicious YS: You right (They are buying potatoes) YS: We'll buy this YS: Strawberry. Strawberry YS: It smells really good JR: It smells delicious (They are looking for utensils) YS: Should we buy this? JR: We've done a lot of shopping today YS: We did get a lot of things, right? It's been a long time since I visit traditional market, I'm really happy. JR: Then, shall we go home now? YS: No. We haven't buy the ingredients for dinner JR: We've eat some stir fried chicken, fish cake and eat this bread. What kind of food do you want to eat more? YS: All of these are snacks, we have to rice. Ah, do you like chicken stew? JR: Yes YS: Alright, let's buy a chicken. Hello. Please give us one chicken. We are going to cook chicken stew Owner 2: Okay. Wait. I think I have seen you before YS: I don't think so Owner 2: No, I'm sure I have seen you JR: Do you mean me? I have heard that I look alike an actor Owner 2: I don't understand what you are talking about but I have seen her before. Ah, that's right. Last time you have bought a chicken from my shop on credit right? YS: Absolutely not Owner 2 : *calling for her friends* Come here now quickly. Look at that young woman, we have seen her before, haven't we? Owner 3 : You are right. I think I have seen her JR: Here is you money for the chicken. Thank you and see you later And... there was an advertising of YS for chicken lol the kiss scene initiates by YS is very smooth. I really like how JR keeps shielding YS from public attention with his broad back. YS too naturally hides behind him. I love that gestures
  15. Hard sub for preview ep 12 Writer: I really wished that Oh Yoon Seo ssi can be the lead actress for my drama EJ: Will Yoon Seo ssi stop coming to the office today? JR: She came to work as a secretary in here because she is interested in law. Won't she keep work in law? HJ: The others and law firm must be surprised Reporters: Is she works because of her acting as a lawyer... HJ: Especially towards Lawyer Kwon Jung Rok... (?) SW: I don't need anything else. Being by your side is enough JH: Especially about today a woman who is like rose that I want to hug. What should I do about you? CEO: Both of them can't date each other YS: What should I do? CEO: You must know something right? Right? HJ: Who knows? HJ: I know it's not appropriate (?) but can you both break up? For Yoon Seo's sake? JR: Is it a problem that I like Oh Jin Shim ssi? tag @stroppyse for another translations of preview
  16. hard sub of wink scenes inside the office CJH: How does it taste? Receptionist: It's delicious CJH: It's delicious, isn't it? (OYS and KJR making playful eyes with each other. KJR suddenly winked at her.) CJH: The scent's is good (OYS surprised to receive a wink.) CEO: Its taste okay (OYS send wink back to KJR. KJR smiles. CEO saw that OYS close one of her eyes and shocked) CEO: Yoon Seo ssi. Why do you close your one of your eyes? OYS: Oh? CEO: Did something go inside your eyes? OYS: Uh, yes CEO: Something is inside her eyes CJH: Really? CEO: It is. Something is bothering her eyes. An eye drop CJH: I'll bring it CEO: We need an eye drop. It must be so uncomfortable CJH: I'll bring one from my office Receptionist: Do you want more? (she offers some food) OYS: No, thank you (OYS give winks with both her eyes to KJR. He smiles happily) OYS: Why are you doing that before? In front of those many people, how can you suddenly wink at me? KJR: You told me inside the elevator that office dating without anyone knows is thrilling and romantic. That's why OYS: Oh my.. But still... If you wink so sudden, it really surprised me (hitting his chest cutely). We can't do this anymore. We have to do anything in the remaining time that we have. So that we won't regret it KJR: I'll do my best to do it KJR is really a fast learner. And he doesn't hide his small smiles anymore. Oh my they are so cute together
  17. Hardsub for preview ep 11 KJR: I'll do it for sure. I'll make you happier than anyone else. Let's win this case/problem (?) (OYS making kissing sound as she is kissing KJR's hand) OYS: What should I do? HJ: Are you dating with that lawyer? EJ: You should dress as close as his ideal type. Make he falls for your charm CJH: Please go out of my office immediately HJ: I can't believe that the investor is Lee Kang Joon. Will the drama be canceled? KJR: Can you tell me everything that you know about Lee Kang Joon? LKJ: I came here because I missed you OYS: I don't want to be near him *LKJ is screaming of anger. OYS too screaming of fear* KJR: Don't worry KJR is sleeping at OYS house! In the same room! Their relationship is going steady and growing slowly @stroppyse I too have some difficulties posting today.. It is buffering for awhile. Do you want to translate any scene more? So we don't overlap, maybe? Please make a correction if I made a mistake
  18. Hard sub for the ending scene (?) of ep 9 OYS: Are you feeling okay, Lawyer Kwon? KJR: Yeah OYS: Here, drink some water KJR: Oh, thank you KJR: Thank you very much OYS: *giggle* How can you still be serious even though you are drunk? Even your intonation doesn't change at all KJR: Did I really do that? OYS: *copying his tone of voice* Did I really do that? But because of this, I now see how you act when you are drunk. Seeing you in new way, I feel good KJR: I too like it. These days, I'm getting know about your other sides. I now knew about your problem in the past, I have seen you acting that is cute and pretty. Because I'm getting to know you one by one, I like it OYS: However, there is still something that I have yet to tell you. There is something that I haven't told you. About that... It's not my intention to hid it, but... Uh well... OYS: Nevermind. It's cold outside, shall we get inside? OYS: Let's go (KJR grabs her hand) KJR: It's okay. You don't have to said it. It's okay for me to not know about what you are hiding. If it is something that regarding about yourself, even if you hide it for hundred or thousand times, it's alright (KJR hugs her) KJR: I like you. I like you, Oh Jin Shim. And there goes the stalker glaring his eyes towards the couple... I really like their relationship at this stage. They are getting know each other better. The way KJR hugged OYS to show his affection for her make me smile. Well kisses here and there is a bonus, but for KJR getting know about OYS's pasts and they way OYS getting know about KJR's other personality is very warm.
  19. Hard Sub translations for ep 10 OYS: It feels a little bit thriller but also romantic CEO: How nice it is... Getting closer without anyone know about it DMH: Why do I keep falling for him? Is it fate? What kind of nonsense is that... OYS: You can visit my home (KJR searching 'at my girlfriend's house') KJR: Why do I have an dirty thoughts? OYS: It's my first time to show myself to my boyfriend KJR: Let's spend the rest of your time at the office preciously. It less than one month until your last day Man: I heard that Lee Kwang Joon (?) has come back Man2: Yoon Seo ssi, how have you been? OYS: Ah! Who are you?
  20. I can't help but smiling while watching this clip. KJR was being himself and slowly opening his heart to OYS. OYS who already fallen for him, is going to fall harder because of his sweet and considerate comments. hard sub for the first kiss clip KJR: Oh Jin Shim-ssi? OYS: Oh? Lawyer Kwon KJR: What are you doing outside at this hour? I thought that you have gone sleep already OYS: I have an insomnia so it's hard for me to be asleep. That's why I go outside to enjoy the night air and to look for something. How about you? What are you doing at this hour? KJR: About that... (gave her the hand mirror) OYS: Omo! How do you find this? KJR: I heard the story from CEO that you lost it. Thinking it as your lucky charm, that's why I want to search for it OYS: Then, you were going outside at this hour because you want to search this? (KJR nods) OYS: Thank you, Laywer Kwon. KJR: And now, finally I can do something for you OYS: Pardon? KJR: Truthfully, I wanted to treat you well. Giving anything you wants, if you lacks something then I can cover it up. I really wanted to do that but every chance I got was taken away. I wish I could be the one who makes you happy, but everytime others have taken care of it. That's why today I'm not really happy. OYS: Lawyer Kwon, are you getting jealous? KJR: Yes, that's right. I am jealous. I used to think that being jealous is something unnecessary because if you like someone, then you have to be able to control your heart/emotion. (OYS stares at him) KJR: Why are you looking at me like that? Is it too childish? OYS: No, it's because I like it. You are saying that you are controlling your heart because you like me. I'm really happy (to hear it) OYS: Lawyer Kwon. Can I give you a quick kiss to you now? KJR: What? In here? But why would you ask me for... (quick peck from OYS) OYS: It's because you look very lovely right now. Later on, you can just do it. You don't have to ask me first. Just do it. It's getting cold, so I'm going inside first (KJR as the fast learner kissed her back immediately) KJR: You said I can do it without asking you first. OYS: Ah... (kiss again )
  21. @triplem thanks for the tweet links. It does have more conversations Hard sub for the longer preview KJR: Jin Shim-ssi. Jin Shim-a (JR is practicing the way he calls YS from formal way to informal way (because they are getting closer)) KJR: You. are. quite. pretty (loling at his awkard tone speaking informally) OYS: Who are you? The Lawyer Kwon that I know is someone who can't act sweetly KJR: Wouldn't our colleagues be suspicious about our relationship? We have to be careful LJH: What's going on today that you (JR) drive YS to home? OYS: What's wrong with you? KJR: What's the reason that you can't eat alone? KJR: I'll help you practice, so take it slowly KJR: I think it's less than a month until your time in our law firm is up CEO: IF you (YS) resign from our company, I'm not sure whether Lawyer Kwon would be upset or not YEJ: I think it's not right to have any secrets with the person that we are really close Man: Where did you say LKJ come from? OYS: Just what does he want for tailing us? KJR: From now on, Oh Jin Shim-ssi problem is my problem
  22. Hard sub for preview ep 9 KJR: Jin Shim-ssi? Jin Shim-a? Jin Shim-a. (JR is practicing the way he calls YS from formal way to informal way (because they are getting closer)) CEO: IF you (YS) resign from our company, I don't know whether Lawyer Kwon would be upset or not OYS: I have something that I haven't told you yet Man: Where did you say LKJ come from? KJR: From now on, Oh Jin Shim-ssi problem is my problem Congratulations for everyone who guess the first kiss at episode 8
  23. Hard sub for preview ep 8 Short preview Man: Because there will be many competitors who wants to work with OYS, you better do a good job KJR: Go back to work OYS: Perhaps, are you jealous? KJR: I wish I could be the only one who make Oh Jin Shim-ssi laugh OYS: Can I give you a quick kiss now? KJR: Eh? Now? Longer preview (thanks @triplem for the twitter link) Man: Because there will be many competitors who wants to work with OYS, you better do a good job KJR: Go back to work OYS: Perhaps, are you jealous? KJR: It's not happening at all SW : Don't you know how popular Oh Yoon Seo is.. You are lucky enough to know her CYH: As expected, she is a goddess CEO: I will accompany you CEO: What kind of man that Yoon Seo-ssi likes? I know Laywer Kwon isn't her type KJR: I wish I could be the only one who make Oh Jin Shim-ssi laugh OYS: Laywer Kwon, can I give you a quick kiss now? KJR: Eh? Now?
  24. Preview for ep 7 Hard Sub OYS: I'd like if you can do something that make happy (or touched) Man: To think I'm joining the MT that the goddess Oh Yoon Seo attends CEO: Everyone is worried that Yoon Seo ssi would feel so cold, how can you not care about her at all? Man: I really expect something will happen, but you as a man didn't do any action... OYS: Lawyer Kwon, you are really a bad person KJR: It's not as easy as you think KJR: Because I'm a slow person (late for giving reaction or doing an action) I'll slowly approach you with my own pace Oh at the beginning of the episode, JR is referring to pork belly. He guess that YS probably likes it too since many people like to eat pork belly. That's the food that they are eating afterwards.
  25. Preview for ep 6 Hard sub OYS: In this modern era, a person with your appearance is look very sexy Manager: Aren't you work our Yoon Seo too much? KJR: Our Yoon Seo? Manager: Don't you know that Oppa KJR: Oppa? OYS: You have never dated, haven't you? OYS: Well with a person like you, I don't have to undergo an introduction part (?) KJR: I have heard someone said it before... that I will definitely win the case. So please wait and trust me CEO: I think a new ... (?) KJR: Overr all, I believe that this case definitely had a witness, or there's a possibility of another culprit. A jealous JR
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