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  1. This year I watched 3 weekend dramas, Never Twice, Once Again amd Homemade Love Story. The last one is still airing so it wasn't included in the poll. Between Never Twice and Once Again, definitely the winner for me is Once Again. I laughed and cried with them for the whole 6 months. Yoon brothers are definitely my favorites brothers pairing.
  2. Set 1 Set 2 It's not easy... I thought I have watched many dramas but from the hints I guess I haven't watched that many... Or maybe because I have watched too much that the plot is mixed inside my mind and I can't think of any..
  3. Hospital Playlist throwback special ep 19 Official script reading - Finally, Wise Doctor Life is starting Summary with Rough translations Why is the story about hospital? Shin PD: I think I have to explain a little bit why we choose the drama with hospital background. Most of the dramas that Lee Woo Jung Writer and I made together are always a simple and capture normal things in life. But then we realized we always have hospital scenes in every projects. That's why there're also comments from the viewers 'they should have make a hospital drama story'
  4. Preview ep 15 Translations (not 100% correct) Secretary: What are you doing? Man: I bring the search and seizure warrant HR: You have made a great mistake by doing this Prosecutor: We will know the truth after the investigation HR: Ji Eun Soo. What you wish won't happen. Let's talk again after that child surgery MJ: What if something bad happen to you during the surgery? ES: I made promise with Ji Min-ssi. I will save Woo Joo and will stay alive. I have to stay alive no matter what Secretary: I have something to tell you about what happen
  5. Spoiler for ep 10 Preview ep 11 Quick translations (might contain some mistakes) ES: Ji Min, I can't leave. No, I won't leave. I have to protect Woo Joo JM: Please don't leave HR: We need something bigger Secretary: I'll find out everything about Kang Ji Min and his family HR: I've told you before. I'll do anything to have anything I want. I thought you too are the same like me SM: The one who can win against your previous daughter in law is only me YJ: Don't touch her. It is not something that concerns you SM: Then do you w
  6. Quick translations preview ep 9 (may contain some mistakes) JM: Actually Woo Joo is my adoptive daughter HR: What I worry about is when that man knew about why Ji Eun Soo is approaching him SM: I never imagined that you are Woo Joo's birth mother JM: Don't you dare to touch that woman SM: That woman is just using you! She lied to you when she's saying that she loves you! JM: Is that child your daughter, Eun Soo-ssi? JM: The child in this photo is Woo Joo JM: You didn't know about this, did you? JM: If you say that you didn't know, I'll believe you HR: What are yo
  7. Hospital Playlist Special throwback episode 12 Our Yong Seok Min & Our Heo Seon Bin Plus cookie clip of Kim Dae Myung practicing piano for Introduce Me to a Good Person
  8. I think the golfer, David, did come and find Eun Soo because he still has feelings for her... And now Kim Ho Ran starts to investigate more about Woo Joo... Please I don't want her to hurt Woo Joo. Enough for givng the child trauma in her first 10 years of life... Preview for ep 7. Rough translations ES: I have a trauma ES's former husband: Eun Soo ES: I was abused by my previous husband. No matter how hard I tried to erase it, it keeps appearing JM: It has left scars in our heart and it would never become easy whenever we remember
  9. Hospital Playlist Special Throwback Episode 11 The first meeting of 99z as known as Dinosaur Ridge (referring to the group chat name that they use in the drama) Summary of the scenes (while waiting for the sub to be uploaded) - We've seen that 99z are quite close in the making scenes, laughing together and have fun all the time. But... their first meeting isn't like that... - JMD arrived first and practicing alone while waiting for others. August 17 2019 was the first script reading between the main characters. YYS soon arrived and they talked about
  10. Happy Ending for every one We have 3 years of timeskip. Na Hee and Gyu Jin became the proud parents of fraternal twins. Gyu Jin loves his son too much that he can't be separated with them too long, especially now that the children are starting their day in the kindergarten. They still argue with each others but at the end of day, they keep their promise to talk with each other about what they upset and try to talk about it Da Hee and Jae Seok, the first day of their honeymoon trip didn't go according to what Da Hee wishes, but as long as they
  11. How Do You Play has several projects that have been done by Yoo Jae Seok as the main character. He got several persona. For last summer, he did a mixed group project with Lee Hyo Ri and Rain, bringing back the 90s feels of K-music. The reason I was excited of the project because I missed their interactions during the old days in variety show (Family Outing). Hmm several variety show did last for several episodes only or a seasonal project. For example is Three Meals A Day by Na Young Suk PD. It has several episodes and sometimes with a different casts for different season. I did wat
  12. The drama is getting interesting.. Eun Soo finally starts her project to be Woo Joo's mother, by gaining Ji Min's love. I wonder how about her revenge to Chairwoman Kim Ho Ran. While I understand that her prioritize is to be in Woo Joo's life, I think clearing her name is also important... I'm curious about the golfer, why is he looking for Eun Soo? Is she his first love? Or something more special reason? Preview ep 5 Rough trans ES: Today felt like a gift ES: It was warm ES: I won't ever forget it ES: For being able to reach it,
  13. My September is sure going to be busier than last month... Last month after finishing It's Okay to not be Okay, I only have one drama that I follow, Once Again which will air its last episode tomorrow... As it is a weekend drama, I have my up and downs for the last 6 months but it sure did make my weekend more colorful. Other than drama, I have to say goodbye to a summer project group SSAK3, which was a project group for variety show How do you play? I was really happy for the last 3 months and looked forward Saturday so much because of them (other than Saturday is a weekend,
  14. Last preview... The finale episode Rough translations DH: Behind you! Fire!! JS: Aaarghh what should we do?! JH: He is busy. It's quite hard to contact him (I persumed Ji Hoon is talking about Hyo Shin) GH: Maybe he's having a tight schedule Doctor: It looked ... (?) at first. Men: Hello! OJ: It looks like something good has been happening with you YS: No, I haven't eat yet OJ: Omo omo! YS: Oh Oppa! Ah the sweet bean bread YJ: You knew that I depend on you a lot, right? Because I have you by my side NH: Nurse Jung, I'm sorry please delay
  15. Hospital Playlist Throwback Special Episode 10 I've stayed by your side for a moment, Goodbye Ahn Chi Hong Summary with rough translations Video started with the making scenes when Chi Hong is talking with ER Nurse about the patient who wants to leave the hospital even when in bad condition. Kim Jun Han said his lines too serious. Shin PD: Wait! The drama will be in mess~ We will start again with a comic (comedic) version. Okay Cue! (and KJH executed his act with a more funny expression than before) Aug 16 2019, First meeting with Kim Jun Han. - Shin PD as
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